4DModel, manufacturer from China

4D-Models is a manufacturer from China. They released a line from military vehicles, airplanes, civil cars and ships.
- The military vehicles are announced as models in the 1/72 scale.
- The early releases are very poor and simplefied, the later released models a little better.
- A lot of the vehicles has the same trackunits and vinyl tracks.
- They also vary in scale, some are smaller right down to 1/87
- Some late releases has simplified more correct looking trackunits - as Sherman related, T-34 related, Pz.III, Pz. IV, Tiger I, etc.
- The kits are only playtools for young kids and possible usable for wargaming.
- You can found the models on Internet and E-Bay. - (prices around 2 US dollar each or 8 dollar for a box from 8 models)
- delivery: every box contains 8 different models

Conclusion: Warning!! - The first models are playtools and not acceptable for modellers.
But... The 4DModel kits are acceptable from kit 1088 and later - Scroll down

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Available kits - (possible there are more models)

Box 1

4dmodel/box/01.jpg 4dmodel/box/02.jpg 4dmodel/box/03.jpg 4dmodel/box/04.jpg 4dmodel/box/05.jpg 4dmodel/box/06.jpg

Box 2

4dmodel/box2/01.jpg 4dmodel/box2/02.jpg 4dmodel/box2/03.jpg 4dmodel/box2/04.jpg

Box 3

4dmodel/box3/01.jpg 4dmodel/box3/02.jpg 4dmodel/box3/03.jpg 4dmodel/box3/04.jpg

other boxes

4dmodel/box4/01.jpg 4dmodel/box5/01.jpg 4dmodel/box6/01.jpg 4dmodel/box7/01.jpg

How the models looks:

4dmodel/pics/01.jpg 4dmodel/pics/02.jpg 4dmodel/pics/03.jpg 4dmodel/pics/04.jpg 4dmodel/pics/05.jpg 4dmodel/pics/06.jpg 4dmodel/pics/07.jpg

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Kits from Box 1


4dmodel/1/01.jpg 4dmodel/1/02.jpg

Japanese Type 98

4dmodel/2/01.jpg 4dmodel/2/02.jpg 4dmodel/2/03.jpg 4dmodel/2/04.jpg

M42 "Duster"

4dmodel/3/01.jpg 4dmodel/3/02.jpg

Preview by Vojislav Jereb

4dmodel/3/1/01.jpg 4dmodel/3/1/02.jpg 4dmodel/3/1/03.jpg 4dmodel/3/1/04.jpg 4dmodel/3/1/05.jpg 4dmodel/3/1/06.jpg 4dmodel/3/1/07.jpg

Comments by Vojislav Jereb:

4D Model - M42 Duster in 1/72 scale
- Firt of all, the picture on the box does not depict the model inside at all. It has absolutely nothing to do with the model you get - it seems they have photographed a 1/35 model for the boxart.
- The dimensions of the model are length - 79 mm and width - 48 mm which roughly matches the 1/72 scale (80,81 mm and 44,79 mm)
- Alltogether there are eleven parts for assembling plus two PVC tracks. The parts are pre-painted with a simple brown over green overspray.
- The number of wheels are wrong - seven main wheels (instead of 5) and 6 return rollers (instead of 3).
- Black PVC tracks are available, none rapresenting the real tracks. In two different box I got two different kind of tracks.
- The details are oversimplified and crude.
- The model can be assembled without glue.
- The completed and finished model barely reasembles the M42 Duster.

Abrams M1A2

4dmodel/4/01.jpg 4dmodel/4/02.jpg

T-72 M1

4dmodel/5/01.jpg 4dmodel/5/02.jpg

Leopard 2A5

4dmodel/6/01.jpg 4dmodel/6/02.jpg

T-55 A

4dmodel/7/01.jpg 4dmodel/7/02.jpg

M1 with Mineplow

4dmodel/8/01.jpg 4dmodel/8/02.jpg 4dmodel/8/03.jpg

Opel Blitz Kfz. 305 & HMMWV 1046

It seems that the trucks are simple/basic but better then the earlier released kits above

4dmodel/trucks/01.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/02.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/03.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/06.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/07.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/08.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/09.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/10.jpg

4dmodel/trucks/04.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/05.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/11.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/12.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/13.jpg 4dmodel/trucks/14.jpg

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Kits below are from higher quality and for some modellers acceptable

Kit 1088 - Willys Jeep

The box and instructions are very small, Box - 110 x 80 x 30 mm, Instructions - 100 x 123 mm, The detailing is quite primitive, and the casting is sloppy - note Alexander Terekhov

4dmodel/1088/01.jpg 4dmodel/1088/02.jpg 4dmodel/1088/03.jpg 4dmodel/1088/04.jpg 4dmodel/1088/05.jpg 4dmodel/1088/06.jpg 4dmodel/1088/07.jpg 4dmodel/1088/08.jpg 4dmodel/1088/09.jpg 4dmodel/1088/10.jpg 4dmodel/1088/11.jpg 4dmodel/1088/12.jpg

Kit 1092 - KRAZ-260B

4dmodel/1092/01.jpg 4dmodel/1092/02.jpg 4dmodel/1092/03.jpg 4dmodel/1092/04.jpg 4dmodel/1092/05.jpg

Truck Parts - Kit 1092

4dmodel/1093/1/01.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/02.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/03.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/04.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/05.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/06.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/07.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/08.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/09.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/10.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/12.jpg 4dmodel/1093/1/13.jpg

Model built by Matthias Muth

4dmodel/1092/1/01.jpg 4dmodel/1092/1/02.jpg 4dmodel/1092/1/03.jpg 4dmodel/1092/1/04.jpg 4dmodel/1092/1/05.jpg 4dmodel/1092/1/06.jpg

Kit 1093 - Russian KrAZ-260B Truck with MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G Trailer

(Comments Alan Selby) - The quality of the Truck version (Kit 1092) is pretty good, the plastic is quite hard and has only a few sink marks (on the front bumper) so 4D Models have improved a lot from their earlier models. I bought these from 4D model's store on Aliexpress (£4.04 each for the trucks and £8.83 each for the transporter) There was no outer box, they were just put in clear plastic bags, for shipment they were bundled up in a bubble wrap football for transport, luckily all the kits were undamaged... phew!!
The other kit (kit 1093) is made of the same hard plastic as the truck version. I have seen some people say that the transporter trailer bed was warped on their kits, I have two and both trailers are perfectly moulded with no distortion.

4dmodel/1093/00.jpg 4dmodel/1093/01.jpg 4dmodel/1093/02.jpg 4dmodel/1093/03.jpg 4dmodel/1093/04.jpg

Truck & Trailer Parts - Kit 1093

4dmodel/1093/2/08.jpg 4dmodel/1093/2/09.jpg 4dmodel/1093/2/10.jpg 4dmodel/1093/2/11.jpg 4dmodel/1093/2/12.jpg 4dmodel/1093/2/13.jpg 4dmodel/1093/2/14.jpg 4dmodel/1093/2/15.jpg

Built model by Matthias Muth

Comment Matthias Muth: In the last pictures the trailer from Takom in front and the 4D behind

4dmodel/1093/3/01.jpg 4dmodel/1093/3/02.jpg 4dmodel/1093/3/03.jpg 4dmodel/1093/3/04.jpg 4dmodel/1093/3/05.jpg 4dmodel/1093/3/06.jpg 4dmodel/1093/3/07.jpg

Kit 1094 - ZTD-05 Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle

4dmodel/1094/01.jpg 4dmodel/1094/02.jpg 4dmodel/1094/03.jpg 4dmodel/1094/04.jpg 4dmodel/1094/05.jpg 4dmodel/1094/06.jpg 4dmodel/1094/07.jpg

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