"5MHobby / Emewe 1/72"

Resin manufacturer from China (Chongqing)

April 2018 - It seems that the manufacturer is possible "Out of Production".
Warning: Don't use the link on the Facebook page to the official 5M Hobby website. It will lead you to a Porn website!!

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Kit M72001 - German heavy tank - prototype VK4502 (Porsche) - front turret

December 2012: kit has been reworked and contains possible the new correct hull - / - September 2016: looking to boxtop, the wrong hull is possible not replaced with the corrected one!!!

5mhobby/72001/01.jpg 5mhobby/72001/02.jpg 5mhobby/72001/03.jpg 5mhobby/72001/04.jpg 5mhobby/72001/05.jpg

5mhobby/72001/06.jpg 5mhobby/72001/07.jpg 5mhobby/72001/08.jpg 5mhobby/72001/09.jpg 5mhobby/72001/10.jpg 5mhobby/72001/11.jpg 5mhobby/72001/12.jpg 5mhobby/72001/13.jpg 5mhobby/72001/14.jpg 5mhobby/72001/15.jpg 5mhobby/72001/16.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby - (with old wrong hull and position of the turret is too high)

5mhobby/72001/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72001/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72001/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72001/1/04.jpg

For a "HenkofHolland" review of early kit 72001 - German heavy tank - prototype VK4502 (Porsche) - front turret, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For a "HenkofHolland" review of reworked kit 72001 - German heavy tank - prototype VK4502 (Porsche) - front turret, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit M72002 - German Sd.Kfz.251/17 Ausf.C mit 2cm Flak38

5mhobby/72002/01.jpg 5mhobby/72002/02.jpg 5mhobby/72002/03.jpg

Finished model

5mhobby/72002/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72002/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72002/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72002/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72002/2/05.jpg

5mhobby/72002/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72002/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72002/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72002/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72002/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72002/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72002/1/07.jpg

Kit M72003 - Soviet Panzerjagerwagen with T-34 Hull

5mhobby/72003/01.jpg 5mhobby/72003/02.jpg 5mhobby/72003/03.jpg 5mhobby/72003/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72003/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72003/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72003/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72003/1/05.jpg

Finished model

5mhobby/72003/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/05.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/06.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/07.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/08.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/09.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/10.jpg

Kit M72004 - German Panzerjagerwagen IV

5mhobby/72004/01.jpg 5mhobby/72004/02.jpg 5mhobby/72004/03.jpg 5mhobby/72004/04.jpg 5mhobby/72004/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72004/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72004/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72004/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72004/1/05.jpg

Finished model

5mhobby/72004/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/05.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/06.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/07.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/08.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/09.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/10.jpg

Kit M72005 - AT45 heavy truck based on T34 chassis


Finished model by Zhenmin Han

Han/AT45/07.jpg Han/AT45/08.jpg Han/AT45/09.jpg Han/AT45/10.jpg Han/AT45/11.jpg

Kit M72006 - French heavy tank FCM 2C

5mhobby/72006/01.jpg 5mhobby/72006/02.jpg 5mhobby/72006/03.jpg 5mhobby/72006/04.jpg 5mhobby/72006/05.jpg 5mhobby/72006/06.jpg 5mhobby/72006/07.jpg 5mhobby/72006/08.jpg 5mhobby/72006/09.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72006/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72006/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72006/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72006/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72006/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72006/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72006/1/07.jpg 5mhobby/72006/1/08.jpg 5mhobby/72006/1/09.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby - (reworked model)


Kit M72007 - Krupp Raumer "S" - Minenraumer [= mine clearing vehicle]

5mhobby/72007/01.jpg 5mhobby/72007/02.jpg 5mhobby/72007/03.jpg 5mhobby/72007/04.jpg 5mhobby/72007/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72007/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72007/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72007/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72007/1/05.jpg

Finished model by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72007/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72007/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72007/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72007/2/04.jpg

Kit M72008 - German T34 "Kurland" with 88mm AA gun


Kit M72009 - T34 with D11 howitzer

5mhobby/72009/01.jpg 5mhobby/72009/02.jpg 5mhobby/72009/03.jpg 5mhobby/72009/04.jpg

5mhobby/72009/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72009/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72009/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72009/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72009/2/05.jpg 5mhobby/72009/2/06.jpg 5mhobby/72009/2/07.jpg 5mhobby/72009/2/08.jpg 5mhobby/72009/2/09.jpg

5mhobby/72009/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72009/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72009/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72009/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72009/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72009/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72009/1/07.jpg

Models built by 5MHobby


Kit M72010 - Panther prototype VK3002(MAN) D1 version

5mhobby/72010/01.jpg 5mhobby/72010/02.jpg 5mhobby/72010/03.jpg 5mhobby/72010/04.jpg 5mhobby/72010/05.jpg

5mhobby/72010/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72010/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72010/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72010/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72010/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72010/1/06.jpg

Kit M72011 - VK4502 - Tiger 2 Porsche - rear turret

December 2012: kit has been reworked and contains possible a new correct hull - / - September 2016: looking to boxtop, the wrong hull is possible not replaced with the corrected one!!!

5mhobby/72011/01.jpg 5mhobby/72011/02.jpg 5mhobby/72011/03.jpg 5mhobby/72011/04.jpg 5mhobby/72011/05.jpg

5mhobby/72011/06.jpg 5mhobby/72011/07.jpg 5mhobby/72011/08.jpg 5mhobby/72011/09.jpg 5mhobby/72011/10.jpg 5mhobby/72011/11.jpg 5mhobby/72011/12.jpg 5mhobby/72011/13.jpg 5mhobby/72011/14.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby - (with old wrong hull)

5mhobby/72011/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72011/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72011/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72011/1/04.jpg

For a "HenkofHolland" review of early kit 72011 - German heavy tank - prototype VK4502 (Porsche) - rear turret, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For a "HenkofHolland" review of reworked kit 72011 - German heavy tank - prototype VK4502 (Porsche) - rear turret, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit M72012 - German E-75 - prototype

5mhobby/72012/00.jpg 5mhobby/72012/01.jpg 5mhobby/72012/02.jpg 5mhobby/72012/03.jpg

5mhobby/72012/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72012/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72012/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72012/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72012/1/05.jpg

Kit M72013 - German Vk1602 Light Aufklarung Panzer

5mhobby/72013/01.jpg 5mhobby/72013/02.jpg 5mhobby/72013/03.jpg 5mhobby/72013/04.jpg 5mhobby/72013/05.jpg

Finished model

5mhobby/72013/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72013/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72013/1/10.jpg 5mhobby/72013/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72013/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72013/1/07.jpg 5mhobby/72013/1/08.jpg 5mhobby/72013/1/09.jpg

Kit M72014 - German Panther Raketenwerfer - (Skoda proposal)

5mhobby/72014/01.jpg 5mhobby/72014/02.jpg 5mhobby/72014/03.jpg 5mhobby/72014/04.jpg

5mhobby/72014/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72014/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72014/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72014/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72014/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72014/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72014/1/07.jpg

Kit M72015 - German Flakpanzer Panther Ausf. G with twin 55mm AA guns (Rheimetall-Borsig)


Kit M72016 - German Panzerjäger railway car with T34 hull and center turret

5mhobby/72016/01.jpg 5mhobby/72016/02.jpg 5mhobby/72016/03.jpg 5mhobby/72016/04.jpg

Finished model

5mhobby/72016/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/05.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/06.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/07.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/08.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/09.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/10.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/11.jpg

Kit M72017 - German VK1602 version "Heavy Leopard"

5mhobby/72017/01.jpg 5mhobby/72017/02.jpg 5mhobby/72017/03.jpg

5mhobby/72017/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72017/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72017/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72017/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72017/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72017/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72017/1/07.jpg

Kit M72018 - Soviet T44 tank

5mhobby/72018/01.jpg 5mhobby/72018/02.jpg 5mhobby/72018/03.jpg 5mhobby/72018/04.jpg

Finished model

5mhobby/72018/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72018/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72018/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72018/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72018/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72018/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72018/1/07.jpg

Kit M72019 - German Flakpanzer 3.7cm Flakzwilling 44 - (prototype)

5mhobby/72019/01.jpg 5mhobby/72019/02.jpg 5mhobby/72019/03.jpg 5mhobby/72019/04.jpg 5mhobby/72019/05.jpg

Finished model

5mhobby/72019/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72019/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72019/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72019/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72019/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72019/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72019/1/07.jpg

Kit M72020 - Panther Ausf. G with 5,5cm flakzwilling - (Rheinmetall-Borsig project) Vol. 1


Kit M72021 - Flakpanzer Bren Carrier(e) mit 2cm Flak 38

5mhobby/72021/00.jpg 5mhobby/72021/01.jpg 5mhobby/72021/02.jpg 5mhobby/72021/03.jpg 5mhobby/72021/04.jpg 5mhobby/72021/05.jpg 5mhobby/72021/06.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72021/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72021/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72021/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72021/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72021/1/05.jpg

Kit M72022 - Flak Panther Ausf. D with twin 37mm AA guns 341 - (prototype)

5mhobby/72022/00.jpg 5mhobby/72022/01.jpg 5mhobby/72022/02.jpg 5mhobby/72022/03.jpg 5mhobby/72022/04.jpg 5mhobby/72022/05.jpg

5mhobby/72022/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/05.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/06.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/07.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/08.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/09.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/10.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/11.jpg 5mhobby/72022/2/12.jpg

Finished model by webmaster

5mhobby/72022/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72022/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72022/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72022/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72022/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72022/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72022/1/07.jpg

For a "HenkofHolland" preview kit 72022 - Flak Panther Ausf. D with twin 37mm AA guns 341 - prototype, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit M72023 - Flakpanzer T34(r) mit 2cm Flakvierling 38 - (field conversion)

5mhobby/72023/00.jpg 5mhobby/72023/01.jpg 5mhobby/72023/02.jpg 5mhobby/72023/03.jpg 5mhobby/72023/04.jpg 5mhobby/72023/05.jpg 5mhobby/72023/06.jpg 5mhobby/72023/07.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72023/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72023/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72023/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72023/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72023/1/05.jpg

Kit M72024 - Flakpanzer Panther Ausf.D mit 2cm Flakvierling 38 - (field conversion)

5mhobby/72024/01.jpg 5mhobby/72024/02.jpg 5mhobby/72024/03.jpg 5mhobby/72024/04.jpg 5mhobby/72024/05.jpg 5mhobby/72024/06.jpg 5mhobby/72024/07.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72024/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72024/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72024/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72024/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72024/1/05.jpg

Kit M72025 - E100 with twin 88mm AA guns Flak 43 - (drawing board concept)

5mhobby/72025/01.jpg 5mhobby/72025/02.jpg 5mhobby/72025/03.jpg 5mhobby/72025/04.jpg 5mhobby/72025/05.jpg 5mhobby/72025/06.jpg

5mhobby/72025/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72025/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72025/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72025/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72025/2/05.jpg 5mhobby/72025/2/06.jpg 5mhobby/72025/2/07.jpg 5mhobby/72025/2/08.jpg 5mhobby/72025/2/09.jpg

Re-realese 2016 - kit contains metal barrels - but trackunits are as usable for this label one side casted

5mhobby/72025/3/01.jpg 5mhobby/72025/3/02.jpg 5mhobby/72025/3/03.jpg 5mhobby/72025/3/04.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72025/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/07.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/08.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/09.jpg 5mhobby/72025/1/10.jpg

Kit M72026 - Panther G with twin 55mm AA guns - (prototype)

5mhobby/72026/01.jpg 5mhobby/72026/02.jpg 5mhobby/72026/03.jpg 5mhobby/72026/04.jpg 5mhobby/72026/05.jpg 5mhobby/72026/06.jpg 5mhobby/72026/07.jpg 5mhobby/72026/08.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72026/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72026/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72026/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72026/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72026/1/05.jpg

Kit M72027 - Flakpanzer Panther mit 55mm Flakzwilling Gerat58 - (prototype)

5mhobby/72027/01.jpg 5mhobby/72027/02.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72027/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72027/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72027/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72027/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72027/1/05.jpg

Kit M72028 - Soviet T-34 mit 2x45mm and 1x76mm gun - (prototype)

5mhobby/72028/01.jpg 5mhobby/72028/00.jpg 5mhobby/72028/02.jpg 5mhobby/72028/03.jpg 5mhobby/72028/04.jpg 5mhobby/72028/05.jpg 5mhobby/72028/06.jpg 5mhobby/72028/07.jpg 5mhobby/72028/08.jpg 5mhobby/72028/09.jpg 5mhobby/72028/10.jpg 5mhobby/72028/11.jpg 5mhobby/72028/12.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72028/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72028/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72028/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72028/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72028/1/05.jpg

Models built by 5MHobby


Kit M72029 - Panther with quadruple 20mm MG151/20 - (prototype)


Model built by 5MHobby

5mhobby/72029/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72029/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72029/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72029/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72029/1/05.jpg

Kit M72030 - German Jadgpanzer E25

5mhobby/72030/01.jpg 5mhobby/72030/02.jpg 5mhobby/72030/03.jpg

5mhobby/72030/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72030/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72030/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72030/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72030/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72030/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72030/1/07.jpg 5mhobby/72030/1/08.jpg 5mhobby/72030/1/09.jpg

Kit M72031 - German Lion Heavy Tank - Panzer VII "Lowe" - (drawing board concept)

5mhobby/72031/01.jpg 5mhobby/72031/02.jpg

5mhobby/72031/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/05.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/06.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/07.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/08.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/09.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/10.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/11.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/12.jpg 5mhobby/72031/2/13.jpg 5mhobby/72031/03.jpg 5mhobby/72031/05.jpg 5mhobby/72031/06.jpg 5mhobby/72031/07.jpg 5mhobby/72031/08.jpg

5mhobby/72031/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72031/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72031/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72031/1/04.jpg

For a "HenkofHolland" preview of early kit72031 - Panzer VII "Löwe", visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit M72032 - German - Lauster Wargel LW5 Minenraumer

5mhobby/72032/01.jpg 5mhobby/72032/02.jpg 5mhobby/72032/03.jpg

Kit M72033 - E-100 with Krupp designed turret (Cammet turret) - (drawing board concept)

5mhobby/72033/01.jpg 5mhobby/72033/02.jpg 5mhobby/72033/03.jpg

5mhobby/72033/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/06.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/07.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/08.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/09.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/10.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/11.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/12.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/13.jpg 5mhobby/72033/1/14.jpg

Kit M72034 - Soviet T-34 with U11 122mm howitzer turret - (prototype)

5mhobby/72034/01.jpg 5mhobby/72034/02.jpg 5mhobby/72034/03.jpg

Model built by John O'Reilly

t34/u11/02.jpg t34/u11/03.jpg

(showed pictures - not 5MHobby kit)

Kit M72035 - German Jadgpanzer E25b

5mhobby/72035/01.jpg 5mhobby/72035/02.jpg 5mhobby/72035/03.jpg

Kit M72036 - German kfz617 Alkett Minenraumer [= mine clearing vehicle]

5mhobby/72036/01.jpg 5mhobby/72036/02.jpg 5mhobby/72036/03.jpg

Kit M72037 - German Panzer I 40 gun motor carriage

5mhobby/72037/01.jpg 5mhobby/72037/02.jpg

Kit M72038 - German Jadgpanzer E10

5mhobby/72038/01.jpg 5mhobby/72038/02.jpg

Kit M72039 - American T28 heavy tank

5mhobby/72039/01.jpg 5mhobby/72039/02.jpg 5mhobby/72039/03.jpg

Kit M72040 - German E10 Leopard

5mhobby/72040/01.jpg 5mhobby/72040/02.jpg

Kit M72041 - German PanzerKampfwagen III/IV mit Einheitsfahrgestell - (prototype)

5mhobby/72041/01.jpg 5mhobby/72041/02.jpg 5mhobby/72041/03.jpg

Model built by 5MHobby


Kit M72042 - German Grille30 30.5cm(Grw) L16 Morser "Bear" - (drawing board concept)

5mhobby/72042/01.jpg 5mhobby/72042/02.jpg 5mhobby/72042/03.jpg

5mhobby/72042/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72042/1/02.jpg 5mhobby/72042/1/03.jpg 5mhobby/72042/1/04.jpg 5mhobby/72042/1/05.jpg 5mhobby/72042/1/06.jpg

Kit M72043 - German Donor AGM 155mm air transportable artillery system

5mhobby/72043/01.jpg 5mhobby/72043/02.jpg 5mhobby/72043/1/01.jpg

Kit M72044 - France FCM F1 heavy tank

5mhobby/72044/01.jpg 5mhobby/72044/02.jpg 5mhobby/72044/1/01.jpg

Kit M72045 - German Panzer 1F

5mhobby/72045/01.jpg 5mhobby/72045/02.jpg 5mhobby/72045/1/01.jpg

Kit M72046 - German VK3002db - DaimlerBenz proposal - (initial version)

5mhobby/72046/01.jpg 5mhobby/72046/02.jpg 5mhobby/72046/03.jpg

Kit M72047 - German VK3001(H)

5mhobby/72047/01.jpg 5mhobby/72047/02.jpg

Kit M72048 - Swedish CV90-40 IFV


Kit M72049 - German Jagdpanther II

5mhobby/72049/01.jpg 5mhobby/72049/02.jpg 5mhobby/72049/1/01.jpg

Kit M72052 - Soviet Object 704 - (experimental vehicle)

5mhobby/72052/01.jpg 5mhobby/72052/02.jpg 5mhobby/72052/1/01.jpg 5mhobby/72052/1/02.jpg

Kit M72056 - German Grosstraktor II

5mhobby/72056/01.jpg 5mhobby/72056/02.jpg

Kit M72058 - JGSDF Armored Reconnaissance vehicle, Type 87

5mhobby/72058/01.jpg 5mhobby/72058/02.jpg 5mhobby/72058/03.jpg

Kit M72059 - JGSDF Command & Communication vehicle, Type 82

5mhobby/72059/01.jpg 5mhobby/72059/02.jpg 5mhobby/72059/03.jpg

Kit M72061 - Soviet Su-14-2 Self Propelled Gun


Kit M72062 - Japanese Type 5 "Chi-Ri"

5mhobby/72062/01.jpg 5mhobby/72062/02.jpg 5mhobby/72062/03.jpg 5mhobby/72062/04.jpg

Kit M72063 - Japanese Type 5 Experimental Gun Tank "Ho-Ri"

5mhobby/72063/01.jpg 5mhobby/72063/02.jpg 5mhobby/72063/03.jpg

Assembled and painted models

70011 - German VK4502(P) front turret tank
70021 - German Sd.Kfz.251/17 Ausf.C with twin 20mm AA guns
70031 - Soviet Panzerjagerwagen with T-34 Hull
70041 - German Panzerjagerwagen IV
70061 - France FCM 2c tank
70071 - German Krupp Raumer S mine clearing vehicle
70091 - T34 mit D-11 howitzer turret
70101 - VK3002MAN - D1 version
70111 - German VK4502(P) rear turret tank
70121 - German E-75 tank
70131 - German Vk1602 light reconnaisance tank
70141 - German Panther with rocket launcher
70161 - German Panzerjäger railway car with T-34 hull
70171 - German Vk1602 Leopard
70181 - Soviet T44 tank
70191 - German Flakpanzer with quadruple 37mm AA guns
70211 - Flakpanzer Bren Carrier(e) with 20mm AA gun
70221 - Flakpanzer Panther Ausf.D with twin 37mm AA guns
70231 - Flakpanzer T34(r) with quadruple 20mm AA guns
70241 - Flakpanzer Panther Ausf.D with quadruple 20mm AA guns
70251 - Flakpanzer E100 with twin 88mm AA guns 43
70261 - Flakpanzer Panther Ausf.G with twin 55mm AA guns (Krupp project)
70271 - Flakpanzer Panther withquadruple 55mm AA guns
70281 - T34 mit two 45mm guns and one 76mm gun
70291 - Flakpanzer Panther with quadruple 20mm MG151/20





Assembled and painted models available from 5M Hobby on EBAY

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