ACE Models - Ukraine

Post War vehicles and decals in scale 1/72 from Russia and other countries. Ace kits under Siga label.

ACE injection plastic armor kits are manufactured using the Short Run Technology and come with decals. With the Short Run Technology there is the risk that not all parts are sharply casted. Sometimes there will be some flash or sinkholes etc. As a result some parts may not fit together smoothly and tightly. Ace advises that only basic modeling skills are required. However, I recommend at least some degree of modeling experience to be able to built these models with a satisfactory result.

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Russian post war armored fighting vehicles

Kit 72102 - BRDM-2 amphibious scout car

Ace/72102/01.jpg Ace/72102/02.jpg Ace/72102/03.jpg Ace/72102/04.jpg Ace/72102/05.jpg Ace/72102/06.jpg Ace/72102/07.jpg

Model assembled by Michael Kendix

Ace/72102/1/01.jpg Ace/72102/1/02.jpg Ace/72102/1/03.jpg

For a review of kit 72102 - BRDM-2 amphibious scout car, visit:

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For "Simon Barnes'/ OTW" BRDM comparison of ACE Models versus sModel, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72103 - BRDM-2 with Konkurs ATGWs

Ace/ACE72103.jpg Ace/ACE72103-1.jpg Ace/ACE72103-2.jpg

Model assembled by Mark Deliduka

For Keith Goodman's review of kit 72103 - BRDM-2 with Konkurs ATGWs, visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

For "Simon Barnes'/ OTW" BRDM comparison of ACE Models versus sModel, visit:

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Kit 72104 - SA-9 Gaskin

Ace/72104/01.jpg Ace/72104/02.jpg Ace/72104/03.jpg Ace/72104/04.jpg Ace/72104/05.jpg

Model assembled by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72104/1/01.jpg Ace/72104/1/02.jpg

Kit 72105 - BRDM-2U

early release with plastic wheels

Ace/72105/2/01.jpg Ace/72105/2/02.jpg Ace/72105/2/03.jpg Ace/72105/2/04.jpg Ace/72105/2/05.jpg Ace/72105/2/06.jpg Ace/72105/2/07.jpg Ace/72105/2/08.jpg

later release with rubber tires

Ace/72105/01.jpg Ace/72105/02.jpg Ace/72105/03.jpg Ace/72105/04.jpg Ace/72105/05.jpg Ace/72105/06.jpg Ace/72105/07.jpg

Model assembled by Pascal Fath

Ace/72105/1/01.jpg Ace/72105/1/02.jpg

Kit 72106 - BMP-1

Ace/ace-06.jpg Ace/ace-06-1.jpg Ace/ace-06-2.jpg Built model by Mark Deliduka

For "Simon Barnes'/ OTW" BMP comparison of ACE Models versus sModel, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72107 - BMP-1

first isseu

Ace/72107/01.jpg Ace/72107/02.jpg Ace/72107/03.jpg Ace/72107/04.jpg Ace/72107/05.jpg Ace/72107/06.jpg Ace/72107/07.jpg Ace/72107/08.jpg

second isseu

Ace/72107/1/01.jpg Ace/72107/1/02.jpg

Kit 72108 - BMP-1A1 (Ost)

Ace/ACE72108.jpg Ace/ACE72108-1.jpg Ace/ACE72108-2.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka<

For Keith Goodman's review of kit 72108 - BMP-1A1 (Ost), visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

Kit 72109 - BRM-1


Kit 72110 - PRP-3

Ace/ACE72110.jpg Ace/ACE72110-1.jpg Ace/ACE72110-2.jpg

Kit 72111 - BMP-KSh


Kit 72112 - BMP-2 - first issue

Ace/72112/old/01.jpg Ace/72112/old/02.jpg Ace/72112/old/03.jpg Ace/72112/old/04.jpg Ace/72112/old/05.jpg Ace/72112/old/06.jpg Ace/72112/old/07.jpg

Kit 72112 - BMP-2 - re-issued in August 2010

Ace/72112/old/01.jpg Ace/72112/02.jpg Ace/72112/03.jpg Ace/72112/04.jpg Ace/72112/05.jpg Ace/72112/06.jpg

Kit 72112 - BMP-2 - 2nd re-issue August 2013 - new tooling

Ace/72112/new/01.jpg Ace/72112/new/02.jpg Ace/72112/new/03.jpg Ace/72112/new/04.jpg Ace/72112/new/05.jpg

Ace/72112/new/06.jpg Ace/72112/new/07.jpg Ace/72112/new/08.jpg Ace/72112/new/09.jpg

Finished model by Ace

Ace/72112/new/1/01.jpg Ace/72112/new/1/02.jpg Ace/72112/new/1/03.jpg Ace/72112/new/1/04.jpg

Finished model by Paual Tian

Ace/72112/1/01.jpg Ace/72112/1/02.jpg Ace/72112/1/03.jpg Ace/72112/1/04.jpg Ace/72112/1/05.jpg

Ace/72112/1/06.jpg Ace/72112/1/07.jpg Ace/72112/1/08.jpg Ace/72112/1/09.jpg Ace/72112/1/10.jpg

For "Marko Makinen's / OTW" review of kit 72112 - BMP-2, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72113 - Nona 2S9

Ace/72113/01.jpg Ace/72113/09.jpg Ace/72113/10.jpg

Ace/72113/02.jpg Ace/72113/03.jpg Ace/72113/04.jpg Ace/72113/05.jpg Ace/72113/06.jpg Ace/72113/07.jpg Ace/72113/08.jpg

Finished model by Igor Delyanov

Ace/72113/1/01.jpg Ace/72113/1/02.jpg Ace/72113/1/03.jpg Ace/72113/1/04.jpg

For "Keith Goodman's / KGWings" pictures built model Kit 72113 - Nona 2S9 visit:

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Kit 72114 - BMD-1

Ace/72114/01.jpg Ace/72114/02.jpg Ace/72114/03.jpg

Kit 72115 - BMD-2

Ace/72115/01.jpg Ace/72115/02.jpg Ace/72115/03.jpg Ace/72115/04.jpg Ace/72115/05.jpg Ace/72115/06.jpg Ace/72115/07.jpg

Kit 72116 - BTR-D


Pictures built conversion - BTR-D into Startfahrzeug für die Drohne "Pchela 1T" (russ.: Biene) , by Udo Bauer

Ace/72116/1/01.jpg Ace/72116/1/02.jpg Ace/72116/1/03.jpg Ace/72116/1/04.jpg

Model built by Andrey Onishchuk

Ace/72116/2/01.jpg Ace/72116/2/02.jpg Ace/72116/2/03.jpg Ace/72116/2/04.jpg Ace/72116/2/05.jpg

Kit 72117 - BRDM-1

Ace/72117/01.jpg Ace/72117/02.jpg Ace/72117/03.jpg

For Keith Goodman's impression of kit 72117 - BRDM-1, visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

For "Doug Chaltry's/ OTW" impression of kit 72117 - BRDM-1, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72118 - AT-1 'Snapper'


Kit 72119 - T72 M1

Ace/72119/01.jpg Ace/72119/02.jpg Ace/72119/03.jpg Ace/72119/04.jpg Ace/72119/05.jpg Ace/72119/06.jpg Ace/72119/07.jpg Ace/72119/08.jpg Ace/72119/09.jpg Ace/72119/10.jpg

Model built by Philip Bonnet

Ace/72119/1/01.jpg Ace/72119/1/02.jpg Ace/72119/1/03.jpg

Model under construction by Udo Bauer

Bergepanzer T-72TK. The basis is the ACE kit 72119 of the T-72M1. From the original kit, only the chassis, some containers, Kommandantenkuppel and Fla-MG were taken over. The superstructures, crane, winches etc. are self-made.

Ace/72119/2/01.jpg Ace/72119/2/02.jpg Ace/72119/2/03.jpg Ace/72119/2/04.jpg Ace/72119/2/05.jpg Ace/72119/2/06.jpg Ace/72119/2/07.jpg Ace/72119/2/08.jpg

For "Simon Barnes' / OTW" impression of kit 72119 - T72 M1, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72120 - M84A (Yugoslavian main bttle tank)

Ace/72120/01.jpg Ace/72120/02.jpg Ace/72120/03.jpg

Ace/72120/1/01.jpg Ace/72120/1/02.jpg Ace/72120/1/03.jpg Ace/72120/1/04.jpg Ace/72120/1/05.jpg Ace/72120/1/06.jpg Ace/72120/1/07.jpg

Kit 72121 - 2S1 'Gvozdika'

Ace/ace72121.jpg Ace/ACE72121-1.jpg Ace/ACE72121-2.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

For Keith Goodman' impression of kit 72121 - 2S1 'Gvozdika', visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72121 - 2S1 'Gvozdika', , visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72122 - MTLB


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72122 - MTLB, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72123 - SA-13 'Gopher'

Ace/ACE72123.jpg Ace/ACE72123-1.jpg Ace/ACE72123-2.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

Kit 72124 - Ukrainian BMP-1U 'SHKVAL'


For On The Way's impression of kit 72124 - Ukrainian BMP-1U 'SHKVAL', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72125 - BMP-2D (Afghanistan)

Ace/72125/01.jpg Ace/72125/02.jpg Ace/72125/03.jpg

For "Burak Ozdil's / MiniAfv" impression of kit 72125 - BMP-2D (Afghanistan), visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72125 - BMP-2D (Afghanistan), visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72125 - BMP-2D (Afghanistan) - (release 3)

new parts- 3-D designed chassis parts; rubber tracks and updated PE

Ace/72125/rel3/01.jpg Ace/72125/rel3/02.jpg Ace/72125rel3//03.jpg Ace/72125rel3//04.jpg Ace/72125rel3//05.jpg Ace/72125rel3//06.jpg Ace/72125rel3//07.jpg Ace/72125rel3//08.jpg Ace/72125rel3//09.jpg Ace/72125rel3//10.jpg

Kit 72126 - ZU-23-2


Built model by Tomas Hrdlicka

Ace/72126/1/01.jpg Ace/72126/1/02.jpg Ace/72126/1/03.jpg Ace/72126/1/04.jpg Ace/72126/1/05.jpg Ace/72126/1/06.jpg Ace/72126/1/07.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer - Conversion kit 72126 with kit 72182 - (GAZ-66 with ZU-23-2 der Ukrainischen Army)

Ace/72126/2/01.jpg Ace/72126/2/02.jpg Ace/72126/2/03.jpg Ace/72126/2/04.jpg Ace/72126/2/05.jpg

For "Simon Barnes's / OTW" impression of kit 72126 - ZU-23-2, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72127 - BTR-D with Zu-23-2

Ace/72127/01.jpg Ace/72127/02.jpg Ace/72127/03.jpg Ace/72127/04.jpg Ace/72127/05.jpg Ace/72127/06.jpg Ace/72127/07.jpg Ace/72127/08.jpg Ace/72127/09.jpg Ace/72127/10.jpg Ace/72127/11.jpg

Kit 72128 - T72MBT

Ace/72128/01.jpg Ace/72128/02.jpg Ace/72128/03.jpg Ace/72128/04.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

Ace/72128/2/02.jpg Ace/72128/2/03.jpg Ace/72128/2/04.jpg Ace/72128/2/05.jpg Ace/72128/2/06.jpg

Very old version - Kit 72128 - T72MBT - (posted by Katsumi Otsuka)

Ace/72128/1/01.jpg Ace/72128/1/02.jpg Ace/72128/1/03.jpg Ace/72128/1/04.jpg Ace/72128/1/05.jpg Ace/72128/1/06.jpg Ace/72128/1/07.jpg Ace/72128/1/08.jpg

Kit 72129 - TOS-1 'Buratino'

Ace/72129/01.jpg Ace/72129/02.jpg Ace/72129/03.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72129/1/01.jpg Ace/72129/1/02.jpg Ace/72129/1/03.jpg

Kit 72130 - Brem2 recovery vehicle

Ace/ACE72130.jpg Ace/ACE72130-1.jpg Ace/ACE72130-2.jpg

For "Leonid Postny's / 1/72 Depo" finished Kit 72130 - Brem2 recovery vehicle visit:

logo "1-72 Depot" Website

Kit 72131 - Brem1 on T72
Kit 72132 - 1V14
Kit 72133 - UR77 mine clearing vehicle 'Meteorit'
Kit 72134 - RKhM 'Kashalot'

Ace/ace-131.jpg Ace/ACE72132.jpg Ace/ACE72133.jpg Ace/ACE72134.jpg

Kit 72135 - BMP-2 (late version)

Ace/ace-135.jpg Ace/72135-1.jpg Ace/72135-2.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka<

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" impression of kit 72135 and 72137 - BMP2/BMP1, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72136 - Snar-10


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72136 - 'Snar-10', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72137 - BMP-1


For Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" pimpression of kit 72135 and 72137 - BMP2 / BMP1, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72138 - AT-3 'Sagger'

Ace/ACE72138.jpg Ace/ACE72138-1.jpg Ace/ACE72138-2.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

For On The Way's impression of kit 72138 - AT-3 'Sagger', visit:

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Kit 72139 - AT-6 'Spiral'


Kit 72140 - T54

Ace/72140/01.jpg Ace/72140/02.jpg Ace/72140/03.jpg Ace/72140/04.jpg Ace/72140/05.jpg Ace/72140/06.jpg Ace/72140/07.jpg Ace/72140/08.jpg Ace/72140/09.jpg Ace/72140/10.jpg Ace/72140/11.jpg Ace/72140/12.jpg

Kit 72141 - T55


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72141 - T55, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72142 - OT-55


For "Zbigniew Perski's / Smallscale" impression of kit 72142 - OT-55, visit:

logo 'Zbigniew Perski' Website

Kit 72143 - Chinese main battle tank type 59


Model built by Mark Deliduka - (Iraqi version)

Ace/72143/1/01.jpg Ace/72143/1/02.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72143 - Chinese main battle tank type 59, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72144 - armored transport vehicle MT-LBM


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72144 - armored transport vehicle MT-LBM , visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72145 - PT-76 plavayushi tank [= amphibious tank]


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72145 - PT-76 amphibious tank, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72146 - BTR-50PK

Ace/72146/01.jpg Ace/72146/02.jpg Ace/72146/03.jpg Ace/72146/04.jpg Ace/72146/05.jpg Ace/72146/06.jpg Ace/72146/07.jpg Ace/72146/08.jpg Ace/72146/09.jpg Ace/72146/10.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72146 - BTR-50PK, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72147 - BTR-50 PU


Kit 72148 - T62 MBT

Ace/72148/01.jpg Ace/72148/02.jpg Ace/72148/03.jpg Ace/72148/04.jpg Ace/72148/05.jpg Ace/72148/06.jpg Ace/72148/07.jpg Ace/72148/08.jpg Ace/72148/09.jpg Ace/72148/10.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72148 - T62 MBT, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72149 - IT-1 Drakon (DRAGON) Rocket Tank

Ace/ACE72149.jpg Ace/ACE72149_1.jpg Ace/ACE72149_2.jpg

Kit 72150 - T72 AV

Built model by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72150/01.jpg Ace/72150/02.jpg Ace/72150/03.jpg Ace/72150/04.jpg Ace/72150/05.jpg Ace/72150/06.jpg

Kit 72151 - MT-LBM


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72151 - MT-LBM, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72152 - Iraqi T-55 'Enigma' up-armoured

Ace/72152/01.jpg Ace/72152/02.jpg Ace/72152/03.jpg

Finished model by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72152/1/01.jpg Ace/72152/1/02.jpg

Finished model by Erhan Atalay

Ace/72152/2/01.jpg Ace/72152/2/02.jpg Ace/72152/2/03.jpg Ace/72152/2/04.jpg Ace/72152/2/05.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72152 - Iraqi T-55 'Enigma', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72153 - BTS-2 armoured recovery vehicle
Kit 72154 - BTS4A armoured recovery vehicle
Kit 72155 - T62M

Ace/ACE72153.jpg Ace/ACE72154.jpg Ace/ACE72155.jpg

Kit 72156 - T55A MTB


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW"impression of kit 72156 - T55A MTB, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72157 - Israeli Ti-67 'Tiran'

Ace/ACE72157.jpg Ace/72157-1.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of kit 72157 - Israeli Ti-67 'Tiran', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72158 - Israeli main battle tank 'Tiran-6'

Ace/72158/01.jpg Ace/72158/02.jpg Ace/72158/03.jpg Ace/72158/04.jpg Ace/72158/05.jpg Ace/72158/06.jpg Ace/72158/07.jpg Ace/72158/08.jpg Ace/72158/09.jpg Ace/72158/10.jpg Ace/72158/11.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliluka

Ace/72158/1/01.jpg Ace/72158/1/02.jpg

Kit 72159 - urban assault vehicle - 'Skorpion'
Kit 72160 - BTR-60P

Ace/ACE72159.jpg Ace/ACE72160.jpg

Kit 72161 - BTR-60PA


For Keith Goodman's impression of kit 72161 - BTR-60PA, visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

Kit 72162 - BTR-60PB

Built model by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72162/01.jpg Ace/72162/02.jpg Ace/72162/03.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer - conversion into Führungsfahrzeug R-145BM "Tchaika" (deutsch: Möwe) in service by NVA

Das Führungsfahrzeug R-145 BM mit der Nummer 8032 war im Einsatz im Nachrichtenbattailon 1 im Raum Potsdam. Es war ein Fahrzeug zur Absicherung der Arbeit des Stabes der 1. MSD (Mot.-Schützen-Division)

Ace/72162/1/01.jpg Ace/72162/1/02.jpg Ace/72162/1/03.jpg Ace/72162/1/04.jpg Ace/72162/1/05.jpg Ace/72162/1/06.jpg Ace/72162/1/07.jpg Ace/72162/1/08.jpg Ace/72162/1/09.jpg Ace/72162/1/10.jpg

Kit 72163 - T-90

Ace/72163/01.jpg Ace/72163/02.jpg Ace/72163/03.jpg Ace/72163/04.jpg Ace/72163/05.jpg Ace/72163/06.jpg Ace/72163/07.jpg Ace/72163/08.jpg Ace/72163/09.jpg Ace/72163/10.jpg Ace/72163/11.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72163/1/02.jpg Ace/72163/1/03.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han

Ace/72163/1/04.jpg Ace/72163/1/05.jpg

For "MiniAfv/Burak Ozdil's" impression of kit 72163 - T-90, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot

For "Simon Barnes' / OTW" impression of kit 72163 - T-90, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

For "Peter van Kempen's / OTW" comparison between Ace kit 72163 - T-90 and Revell kit 03190 - T-90, visit:

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Kit 72164 - BTR-70 (early production series)

Ace/72164/01.jpg Ace/72164/02.jpg Ace/72164/03.jpg Ace/72164/04.jpg Ace/72164/05.jpg Ace/72164/06.jpg Ace/72164/07.jpg Ace/72164/08.jpg Ace/72164/09.jpg Ace/72164/10.jpg Ace/72164/11.jpg

Kit 72166 - BTR-70 APC (late production series)

Ace/72166/01.jpg Ace/72166/02.jpg Ace/72166/03.jpg Ace/72166/04.jpg Ace/72166/05.jpg Ace/72166/06.jpg Ace/72166/07.jpg Ace/72166/08.jpg Ace/72166/09.jpg Ace/72166/10.jpg Ace/72166/11.jpg Ace/72166/12.jpg Ace/72166/13.jpg

Model built by Velizar Velikov

Ace/72166/1/01.jpg Ace/72166/1/02.jpg Ace/72166/1/03.jpg Ace/72166/1/04.jpg Ace/72166/1/05.jpg Ace/72166/1/06.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72166/2/01.jpg Ace/72166/2/02.jpg Ace/72166/2/03.jpg Ace/72166/2/04.jpg Ace/72166/2/05.jpg

Kit 72168 - Russian Tank hunter 2S14 Zhalo-S (Sting)

Ace/72168/01.jpg Ace/72168/02.jpg Ace/72168/03.jpg Ace/72168/04.jpg Ace/72168/05.jpg Ace/72168/06.jpg Ace/72168/07.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

Ace/72168/1/01.jpg Ace/72168/1/02.jpg Ace/72168/1/03.jpg Ace/72168/1/04.jpg Ace/72168/1/05.jpg Ace/72168/1/06.jpg

For "Burak Ozdil's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 72168 - Russian Tank hunter 2S14 Zhalo-S (Sting) visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Kit 72169 - 120mm SP mortar 2S23 Nona-SVK

Ace/72169/01.jpg Ace/72169/02.jpg Ace/72169/03.jpg Ace/72169/04.jpg Ace/72169/05.jpg Ace/72169/06.jpg Ace/72169/07.jpg Ace/72169/08.jpg Ace/72169/09.jpg Ace/72169/10.jpg Ace/72169/11.jpg

3D Drawings

Ace/72169/1/01.jpg Ace/72169/1/02.jpg Ace/72169/1/03.jpg Ace/72169/1/04.jpg

Kit 72171 - BTR-80 - (early production series)

Ace/72171/01.jpg Ace/72171/02.jpg Ace/72171/03.jpg Ace/72171/04.jpg Ace/72171/05.jpg Ace/72171/06.jpg Ace/72171/07.jpg Ace/72171/08.jpg Ace/72171/09.jpg Ace/72171/10.jpg Ace/72171/11.jpg Ace/72171/12.jpg

Model built by Igor Sazonov

Ace/72171/1/01.jpg Ace/72171/1/02.jpg Ace/72171/1/03.jpg Ace/72171/1/04.jpg

Kit 72172 - BTR-80A

Ace/72172/01.jpg Ace/72172/02.jpg Ace/72172/03.jpg Ace/72172/04.jpg Ace/72172/05.jpg Ace/72172/06.jpg Ace/72172/07.jpg Ace/72172/08.jpg Ace/72172/09.jpg Ace/72172/10.jpg Ace/72172/11.jpg Ace/72172/12.jpg Ace/72172/13.jpg

Kit 72175 - BTR-3E1 (Ukrainian APC)

Ace/72175/01.jpg Ace/72175/02.jpg Ace/72175/03.jpg Ace/72175/04.jpg Ace/72175/05.jpg Ace/72175/06.jpg Ace/72175/07.jpg Ace/72175/08.jpg Ace/72175/09.jpg Ace/72175/10.jpg Ace/72175/11.jpg Ace/72175/12.jpg Ace/72175/13.jpg Ace/72175/14.jpg Ace/72175/15.jpg Ace/72175/16.jpg Ace/72175/17.jpg Ace/72175/18.jpg Ace/72175/19.jpg Ace/72175/20.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Ace/72175/1/01.jpg Ace/72175/1/02.jpg Ace/72175/1/03.jpg Ace/72175/1/04.jpg Ace/72175/1/05.jpg Ace/72175/1/06.jpg Ace/72175/1/07.jpg Ace/72175/1/08.jpg Ace/72175/1/09.jpg Ace/72175/1/10.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" preview of Kit 72175 - BTR-3E1 (Ukrainian APC) visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72176 - BTR-3RK - (Anti-tank complex on BTR-3)

Ace/72176/01.jpg Ace/72176/02.jpg Ace/72176/03.jpg Ace/72176/04.jpg Ace/72176/05.jpg Ace/72176/06.jpg Ace/72176/07.jpg Ace/72176/08.jpg Ace/72176/09.jpg Ace/72176/10.jpg Ace/72176/11.jpg Ace/72176/12.jpg Ace/72176/13.jpg Ace/72176/14.jpg

Ace/72176/1/01.jpg Ace/72176/1/02.jpg Ace/72176/1/03.jpg Ace/72176/1/04.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Ace/72176/2/01.jpg Ace/72176/2/02.jpg Ace/72176/2/03.jpg Ace/72176/2/04.jpg Ace/72176/2/05.jpg Ace/72176/2/06.jpg Ace/72176/2/07.jpg Ace/72176/2/08.jpg Ace/72176/2/09.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" preview of Kit 72176 - BTR-3RK - (Anti-tank complex on BTR-3) visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

For "Volker Helm's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 72176 - BTR-3RK - (Anti-tank complex on BTR-3) visit:

logo "IPMSDeutschland" Website

Kit 72177 - STS "Tiger" special armoured vehicle 233014

Ace/72177/01.jpg Ace/72177/02.jpg Ace/72177/03.jpg Ace/72177/04.jpg Ace/72177/05.jpg Ace/72177/06.jpg Ace/72177/07.jpg Ace/72177/08.jpg Ace/72177/09.jpg Ace/72177/10.jpg Ace/72177/11.jpg Ace/72177/12.jpg Ace/72177/13.jpg Ace/72177/14.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Ace/72177/1/01.jpg Ace/72177/1/02.jpg Ace/72177/1/03.jpg Ace/72177/1/04.jpg Ace/72177/1/05.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72177/2/01.jpg Ace/72177/2/02.jpg Ace/72177/2/03.jpg Ace/72177/2/04.jpg Ace/72177/2/05.jpg Ace/72177/2/06.jpg Ace/72177/2/07.jpg

Kit 72182 - Soviet All-Road Military truck GAZ-66

Ace/72182/01.jpg Ace/72182/02.jpg Ace/72182/03.jpg Ace/72182/04.jpg Ace/72182/05.jpg Ace/72182/06.jpg Ace/72182/07.jpg Ace/72182/08.jpg Ace/72182/09.jpg Ace/72182/10.jpg Ace/72182/11.jpg Ace/72182/12.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer - Conversion kit 72126 with kit 72182 - (GAZ-66 with ZU-23-2 der Ukrainischen Army)

Ace/72182/1/01.jpg Ace/72182/1/02.jpg Ace/72182/1/03.jpg Ace/72182/1/04.jpg Ace/72182/1/05.jpg

For "Jürgen Willisch's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 72182 - Soviet All-Road Military truck GAZ-66 visit:

logo "IPMSDeutschland" Website

Kit 72186 - Soviet Air Portable truck GAZ-66B

Ace/72186/01.jpg Ace/72186/02.jpg Ace/72186/03.jpg Ace/72186/04.jpg Ace/72186/05.jpg Ace/72186/06.jpg Ace/72186/07.jpg Ace/72186/08.jpg Ace/72186/09.jpg Ace/72186/10.jpg Ace/72186/11.jpg Ace/72186/12.jpg Ace/72186/13.jpg

Kit 72188 - Tiger-M with heavy MG module Arbalet (Ukrainian Army)

Ace/72188/01.jpg Ace/72188/02.jpg Ace/72188/03.jpg Ace/72188/04.jpg Ace/72188/05.jpg Ace/72188/06.jpg Ace/72188/07.jpg Ace/72188/08.jpg Ace/72188/09.jpg Ace/72188/10.jpg Ace/72188/11.jpg Ace/72188/12.jpg

Kit 72189 - ASN 233115 Tiger-M SpN in Ukrainian service

Ace/72189/01.jpg Ace/72189/02.jpg Ace/72189/03.jpg Ace/72189/04.jpg Ace/72189/05.jpg Ace/72189/06.jpg Ace/72189/07.jpg Ace/72189/08.jpg Ace/72189/09.jpg Ace/72189/10.jpg Ace/72189/11.jpg Ace/72189/12.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72189/1/01.jpg Ace/72189/1/02.jpg Ace/72189/1/03.jpg Ace/72189/1/04.jpg Ace/72189/1/05.jpg Ace/72189/1/06.jpg

Scale 1/72 Decals

decal 72001 - Lend-Lease equipment in the Red Army


decal 72002 - war trophies, Russian


Post-war armored fighting vehicles - Other nations

Kit 72401 - LAV-25

Ace/72401/01.jpg Ace/72401/02.jpg Ace/72401/03.jpg Ace/72401/04.jpg Ace/72401/05.jpg Ace/72401/06.jpg Ace/72401/07.jpg Ace/72401/08.jpg Ace/72401/09.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72401/1/01.jpg Ace/72401/1/02.jpg

For Keith Goodman's impression of kit 72401 - LAV-25, visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

For "Doug Chaltry's /OTW" impression of kit 72401 - LAV-25, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72402 - LAV-R

Ace/72402/01.jpg Ace/72402/02.jpg Ace/72402/03.jpg Ace/72402/04.jpg Ace/72402/05.jpg Ace/72402/06.jpg Ace/72402/07.jpg Ace/72402/08.jpg

Kit 72403 - LAV-C

Ace/72403/01.jpg Ace/72403/02.jpg Ace/72403/03.jpg Ace/72403/04.jpg Ace/72403/05.jpg Ace/72403/06.jpg Ace/72403/07.jpg Ace/72403/08.jpg

Kit 72404 - LAV-L

Ace/72404/01.jpg Ace/72404/02.jpg Ace/72404/03.jpg Ace/72404/04.jpg Ace/72404/05.jpg Ace/72404/06.jpg Ace/72404/07.jpg Ace/72404/08.jpg

Pictures built model by Mike du Toit

Ace/72404/1/01.jpg Ace/72404/1/02.jpg Ace/72404/1/03.jpg Ace/72404/1/04.jpg Ace/72404/1/05.jpg

Kit 72405 - LAV-AT

Ace/72405/01.jpg Ace/72405/02.jpg Ace/72405/03.jpg Ace/72405/04.jpg Ace/72405/05.jpg Ace/72405/06.jpg Ace/72405/07.jpg Ace/72405/08.jpg Ace/72405/09.jpg Ace/72405/10.jpg

Model built by Brent Watterson

Ace/72405/1/01.jpg Ace/72405/1/02.jpg Ace/72405/1/03.jpg Ace/72405/1/04.jpg Ace/72405/1/05.jpg

Model built by Jiri Bednar

Ace/72405/2/01.jpg Ace/72405/2/02.jpg Ace/72405/2/03.jpg Ace/72405/2/04.jpg Ace/72405/2/05.jpg

Kit 72406 - LAV-AD

Ace/72406/01.jpg Ace/72406/02.jpg Ace/72406/03.jpg Ace/72406/04.jpg Ace/72406/05.jpg Ace/72406/06.jpg Ace/72406/07.jpg Ace/72406/08.jpg Ace/72406/09.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72406/1/01.jpg Ace/72406/1/02.jpg

Kit 72407 - LAV-M

Ace/72407/01.jpg Ace/72407/02.jpg Ace/72407/03.jpg Ace/72407/04.jpg Ace/72407/05.jpg Ace/72407/06.jpg Ace/72407/07.jpg Ace/72407/08.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72407/1/01.jpg Ace/72407/1/02.jpg

Kit 72408 - 'Grizzly'

Ace/72408/01.jpg Ace/72408/02.jpg Ace/72408/03.jpg Ace/72408/04.jpg Ace/72408/05.jpg Ace/72408/06.jpg Ace/72408/07.jpg

Built model by Mike Durand

Ace/72408/1/01.jpg Ace/72408/1/02.jpg Ace/72408/1/03.jpg Ace/72408/1/04.jpg

Kit 72409 - 'Cougar'

Ace/72409/01.jpg Ace/72409/02.jpg Ace/72409/03.jpg Ace/72409/04.jpg Ace/72409/05.jpg Ace/72409/06.jpg Ace/72409/07.jpg Ace/72409/08.jpg

finished model by Mike Durand

Ace/72409/1/01.jpg Ace/72409/1/02.jpg Ace/72409/1/03.jpg

For "Simon Barnes' / OTW" impression of kit 72409 - 'Cougar', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72410 - 'Husky'

Ace/72410/01.jpg Ace/72410/02.jpg Ace/72410/03.jpg Ace/72410/04.jpg Ace/72410/05.jpg Ace/72410/06.jpg Ace/72410/07.jpg

Built model by Mike Durand

Ace/72410/1/01.jpg Ace/72410/1/02.jpg Ace/72410/1/03.jpg Ace/72410/1/04.jpg

Built model by Kau

Ace/72410/2/01.jpg Ace/72410/2/02.jpg Ace/72410/2/03.jpg

Kit 72411 - Panhard M3


Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72411/1/01.jpg Ace/72411/1/02.jpg Ace/72411/1/03.jpg

For Keith Goodman's impression of kit 72412 - Panhard M3, visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

Kit 72412 - Panhard AML-60

Ace/72412/01.jpg Ace/72412/02.jpg Ace/72412/03.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72412/1/01.jpg Ace/72412/1/02.jpg

For "Leonid Postny's / 1-72 depot" pictures built model kit 72412 - Panhard AML-60 , visit:

logo '1-72 Depot' Website

Kit 72413 - Panhard AML-90

Ace/72413/01.jpg Ace/72413/02.jpg Ace/72413/03.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72413/1/01.jpg Ace/72413/1/02.jpg

Kit 72414 - Panhard M3 with TL-2i Turret


Kit 72415 - ERC-90 'Sagaie'

Ace/72415/01.jpg Ace/72415/02.jpg Ace/72415/03.jpg Ace/72415/04.jpg Ace/72415/05.jpg Ace/72415/06.jpg Ace/72415/07.jpg Ace/72415/08.jpg Ace/72415/09.jpg

Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

Ace/72415/1/01.jpg Ace/72415/1/02.jpg Ace/72415/1/03.jpg Ace/72415/1/04.jpg Ace/72415/1/05.jpg

Kit 72416 - ERC-90 F1 'Lynx'

Ace/72416.jpg Ace/72416-0.jpg Ace/72415/02.jpg Ace/72416-2.jpg Ace/72416-3.jpg Ace/72416-4.jpg Ace/72416-6.jpg Ace/72416-5.jpg Ace/72416-7.jpg

For Keith Goodman's impression of kit 72416 - ERC-90 F1 'Lynx', visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

Kit 72417 - FV101 CVR(T) 'Scorpion'

Ace/72417/01.jpg Ace/72417/02.jpg Ace/72417/03.jpg Ace/72417/04.jpg Ace/72417/05.jpg Ace/72417/06.jpg Ace/72417/07.jpg Ace/72417/08.jpg Ace/72417/09.jpg

Model built by Andrey Onishchuk

Ace/72417/1/01.jpg Ace/72417/1/02.jpg Ace/72417/1/03.jpg Ace/72417/1/04.jpg Ace/72417/1/05.jpg

For "Simon Barnes / OTW" impression of kit 72417 and 72418 - FV101 CVR(T) 'Scorpion' and 'Scimitar', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

For "Leonid Postny / 1-72 depot" pictures built model kit 72417 - FV101 CVR(T) 'Scorpion', visit:

logo '1-72 Depot' Website

Kit 72418 - FV107 CVR(T) 'Scimitar'

Ace/72418/01.jpg Ace/72418/02.jpg Ace/72418/03.jpg Ace/72418/04.jpg Ace/72418/05.jpg Ace/72418/06.jpg Ace/72418/07.jpg Ace/72418/08.jpg Ace/72418/09.jpg Ace/72418/10.jpg

Kit 72419 - M-102 US 105mm howitzer

Ace/72419/01.jpg Ace/72419/02.jpg Ace/72419/03.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72419/1/01.jpg Ace/72419/1/02.jpg

Kit 72420 - VBL (Light Armored Vehicle) short chassie 7.62 MG

Ace/72420/01.jpg Ace/72420/02.jpg Ace/72420/03.jpg Ace/72420/04.jpg Ace/72420/05.jpg Ace/72420/06.jpg Ace/72420/07.jpg Ace/72420/08.jpg

Kit 72421 - VBL Milan AT missile carrier

Ace/72421/01.jpg Ace/72421/02.jpg Ace/72421/03.jpg Ace/72421/04.jpg Ace/72421/05.jpg Ace/72421/06.jpg Ace/72421/07.jpg Ace/72421/08.jpg Ace/72421/09.jpg

Kit 72423 - VB2L Mistral (AA version) Long Chassis

Ace/72423/01.jpg Ace/72423/07.jpg Ace/72423/08.jpg Ace/72423/02.jpg Ace/72423/03.jpg Ace/72423/04.jpg Ace/72423/05.jpg Ace/72423/06.jpg Ace/72423/09.jpg

Kit 72424 - Centauro B1T Station Wagon

Ace/72424/01.jpg Ace/72424/02.jpg Ace/72424/03.jpg Ace/72424/04.jpg Ace/72424/05.jpg Ace/72424/06.jpg Ace/72424/07.jpg Ace/72424/08.jpg Ace/72424/09.jpg Ace/72424/10.jpg Ace/72424/11.jpg Ace/72424/12.jpg

Kit 72425 - British MBT Centurion Mk.3 - (Korean war)

Ace/72425/01.jpg Ace/72425/02.jpg Ace/72425/03.jpg Ace/72425/04.jpg Ace/72425/05.jpg Ace/72425/06.jpg Ace/72425/07.jpg Ace/72425/08.jpg Ace/72425/09.jpg Ace/72425/10.jpg Ace/72425/11.jpg Ace/72425/12.jpg Ace/72425/13.jpg Ace/72425/14.jpg Ace/72425/15.jpg Ace/72425/16.jpg Ace/72425/17.jpg Ace/72425/18.jpg Ace/72425/19.jpg Ace/72425/20.jpg Ace/72425/21.jpg Ace/72425/22.jpg

Model built by Viktor Krestinin

Ace/72425/1/01.jpg Ace/72425/1/02.jpg Ace/72425/1/03.jpg Ace/72425/1/04.jpg Ace/72425/1/05.jpg Ace/72425/1/06.jpg Ace/72425/1/07.jpg Ace/72425/1/08.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

Ace/72425/2/01.jpg Ace/72425/2/02.jpg Ace/72425/2/03.jpg Ace/72425/2/04.jpg Ace/72425/2/05.jpg Ace/72425/2/06.jpg

Kit 72426 - British MBT Centurion Mk.5 with 20pdr gun - (Vietnam war)

Ace/72426/01.jpg Ace/72426/02.jpg Ace/72426/03.jpg Ace/72426/04.jpg Ace/72426/05.jpg Ace/72426/06.jpg Ace/72426/07.jpg Ace/72426/08.jpg Ace/72426/09.jpg Ace/72426/10.jpg Ace/72426/11.jpg Ace/72426/12.jpg Ace/72426/13.jpg Ace/72426/14.jpg Ace/72426/15.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

Ace/72426/1/01.jpg Ace/72426/1/02.jpg Ace/72426/1/03.jpg Ace/72426/1/04.jpg Ace/72426/1/05.jpg

Kit 72427 - IDF Centurion Shot Meteor MK.3/5

Ace/72427/01.jpg Ace/72427/02.jpg Ace/72427/03.jpg Ace/72427/04.jpg Ace/72427/05.jpg Ace/72427/06.jpg Ace/72427/07.jpg Ace/72427/08.jpg Ace/72427/08.jpg Ace/72427/10.jpg Ace/72427/11.jpg Ace/72427/12.jpg Ace/72427/13.jpg Ace/72427/14.jpg Ace/72427/15.jpg Ace/72427/16.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72427/1/01.jpg Ace/72427/1/02.jpg Ace/72427/1/03.jpg Ace/72427/1/04.jpg Ace/72427/1/05.jpg

Kit 72428 - Centurion Mk.3/5 Long Range w/ External Fuel Tanks

Ace/72428/01.jpg Ace/72428/02.jpg Ace/72428/03.jpg Ace/72428/04.jpg Ace/72428/05.jpg Ace/72428/06.jpg Ace/72428/07.jpg Ace/72428/08.jpg Ace/72428/09.jpg Ace/72428/10.jpg Ace/72428/11.jpg Ace/72428/12.jpg Ace/72428/13.jpg Ace/72428/14.jpg Ace/72428/15.jpg Ace/72428/16.jpg Ace/72428/17.jpg Ace/72428/18.jpg

Ace/72428/1/01.jpg Ace/72428/1/02.jpg Ace/72428/1/03.jpg Ace/72428/1/04.jpg Ace/72428/1/05.jpg Ace/72428/1/06.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" review of Kit 72428 - Centurion Mk.3/5 Long Range w/ External Fuel Tanks visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72429 - FV-4005 Stage II (JS-Killer. 183mm gun on Centurion chassis)

Ace/72429/1/01.jpg Ace/72429/1/02.jpg

Ace/72429/01.jpg Ace/72429/02.jpg Ace/72429/03.jpg Ace/72429/04.jpg Ace/72429/05.jpg Ace/72429/06.jpg Ace/72429/07.jpg Ace/72429/08.jpg Ace/72429/09.jpg Ace/72429/10.jpg Ace/72429/11.jpg Ace/72429/12.jpg Ace/72429/13.jpg Ace/72429/14.jpg Ace/72429/15.jpg

Kit 72430 - LAV-150 APC with 20mm and 90mm Guns

Ace/72430/01.jpg Ace/72430/02.jpg Ace/72430/03.jpg Ace/72430/04.jpg Ace/72430/05.jpg Ace/72430/06.jpg Ace/72430/07.jpg Ace/72430/08.jpg Ace/72430/09.jpg Ace/72430/10.jpg Ace/72430/11.jpg Ace/72430/12.jpg

Built model by Jiri Bednar

Ace/72430/1/01.jpg Ace/72430/1/02.jpg Ace/72430/1/03.jpg Ace/72430/1/04.jpg

Kit 72431 - V-100 (XM-706 E1) Armored Patrol Car

Ace/72431/01.jpg Ace/72431/02.jpg Ace/72431/03.jpg Ace/72431/04.jpg Ace/72431/05.jpg Ace/72431/06.jpg Ace/72431/07.jpg Ace/72431/08.jpg Ace/72431/09.jpg Ace/72431/10.jpg Ace/72431/11.jpg Ace/72431/12.jpg Ace/72431/13.jpg Ace/72431/14.jpg

Built model by Christian Drojecki

Ace/72431/1/01.jpg Ace/72431/1/02.jpg Ace/72431/1/03.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" preview of Kit 72431 - V-100 (XM-706 E1) Armored Patrol Car visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72432 - FV-622 Stalwart Mk.2

Ace/72432/01.jpg Ace/72432/02.jpg Ace/72432/03.jpg Ace/72432/04.jpg Ace/72432/05.jpg Ace/72432/06.jpg Ace/72432/07.jpg Ace/72432/08.jpg Ace/72432/09.jpg Ace/72432/10.jpg Ace/72432/11.jpg Ace/72432/12.jpg Ace/72432/13.jpg Ace/72432/14.jpg

Built model by Christian Drojecki

Ace/72432/1/01.jpg Ace/72432/1/02.jpg Ace/72432/1/03.jpg Ace/72432/1/04.jpg

Kit 72433 - FV-603B Saracen Mk.II

Ace/72433/01.jpg Ace/72433/02.jpg Ace/72433/03.jpg Ace/72433/04.jpg Ace/72433/05.jpg Ace/72433/06.jpg Ace/72433/07.jpg Ace/72433/08.jpg Ace/72433/09.jpg Ace/72433/10.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Ace/72433/1/01.jpg Ace/72433/1/02.jpg Ace/72433/1/03.jpg Ace/72433/1/04.jpg Ace/72433/1/05.jpg Ace/72433/1/06.jpg Ace/72433/1/07.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

Ace/72433/2/01.jpg Ace/72433/2/02.jpg Ace/72433/2/03.jpg Ace/72433/2/04.jpg Ace/72433/2/05.jpg Ace/72433/2/06.jpg Ace/72433/2/07.jpg

Kit 72434 - FV-651 Salamander Mk.6 Crash Tender

Ace/72434/01.jpg Ace/72434/07.jpg Ace/72434/08.jpg Ace/72434/09.jpg Ace/72434/10.jpg Ace/72434/02.jpg Ace/72434/03.jpg Ace/72434/04.jpg Ace/72434/05.jpg Ace/72434/06.jpg Ace/72434/11.jpg Ace/72434/12.jpg

Kit 72435 - FV-601 Saladin Armoured car

Ace/72435/01.jpg Ace/72435/02.jpg Ace/72435/03.jpg Ace/72435/04.jpg Ace/72435/05.jpg Ace/72435/06.jpg Ace/72435/07.jpg Ace/72435/08.jpg Ace/72435/09.jpg Ace/72435/10.jpg

Model built by Matthias Muth

Ace/72435/1/01.jpg Ace/72435/1/02.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" preview of Kit 72435 - FV-601 Saladin Armoured car visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72436 - FV-623 Stalwart MK.2 Limber Vehicle

Ace/72436/01.jpg Ace/72436/02.jpg Ace/72436/03.jpg Ace/72436/04.jpg Ace/72436/05.jpg Ace/72436/06.jpg Ace/72436/07.jpg Ace/72436/08.jpg Ace/72436/09.jpg Ace/72436/10.jpg Ace/72436/11.jpg Ace/72436/12.jpg Ace/72436/13.jpg Ace/72436/14.jpg

Kit 72437 - B1 Centauro AFV (early series)

Ace/72437/01.jpg Ace/72437/02.jpg Ace/72437/03.jpg Ace/72437/04.jpg Ace/72437/05.jpg Ace/72437/06.jpg Ace/72437/07.jpg Ace/72437/08.jpg Ace/72437/09.jpg Ace/72437/10.jpg Ace/72437/11.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Ace/72437/1/01.jpg Ace/72437/1/02.jpg Ace/72437/1/03.jpg Ace/72437/1/04.jpg Ace/72437/1/05.jpg Ace/72437/1/06.jpg Ace/72437/1/07.jpg

For "Burak Ozdil's / MiniAfv" review Kit 72437 - B1 Centauro AFV (early series) visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot

Kit 72438 - V-100 (XM-706 E2) USAF Armoured Patrol Car

Ace/72438/01.jpg Ace/72438/02.jpg Ace/72438/03.jpg Ace/72438/04.jpg Ace/72438/05.jpg Ace/72438/06.jpg Ace/72438/07.jpg Ace/72438/08.jpg Ace/72438/09.jpg Ace/72438/10.jpg Ace/72438/11.jpg Ace/72438/12.jpg

Kit 72439 - IDF Centurion Shot Kal Alef 1973

Ace/72439/01.jpg Ace/72439/02.jpg Ace/72439/03.jpg Ace/72439/04.jpg Ace/72439/05.jpg Ace/72439/06.jpg Ace/72439/07.jpg Ace/72439/08.jpg Ace/72439/09.jpg Ace/72439/10.jpg Ace/72439/11.jpg Ace/72439/12.jpg Ace/72439/13.jpg Ace/72439/14.jpg Ace/72439/15.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72439/1/01.jpg Ace/72439/1/02.jpg Ace/72439/1/03.jpg Ace/72439/1/04.jpg Ace/72439/1/05.jpg Ace/72439/1/06.jpg Ace/72439/1/07.jpg

Kit 72440 - IDF Heavy APC Nagmashot - (soon)

Ace/72440/01.jpg Ace/72440/02.jpg Ace/72440/03.jpg Ace/72440/04.jpg Ace/72440/05.jpg Ace/72440/06.jpg Ace/72440/07.jpg Ace/72440/08.jpg Ace/72440/09.jpg Ace/72440/10.jpg Ace/72440/11.jpg Ace/72440/12.jpg Ace/72440/13.jpg

Kit 72441 - IDF Centurion Shot Kal Gimel (1972) with Era

Ace/72441/01.jpg Ace/72441/02.jpg Ace/72441/03.jpg Ace/72441/04.jpg Ace/72441/05.jpg Ace/72441/06.jpg Ace/72441/07.jpg Ace/72441/08.jpg Ace/72441/09.jpg Ace/72441/10.jpg Ace/72441/11.jpg Ace/72441/12.jpg Ace/72441/13.jpg Ace/72441/14.jpg Ace/72441/15.jpg Ace/72441/16.jpg Ace/72441/17.jpg Ace/72441/18.jpg

Kit 72444 - Hell Cannon

Hell Cannon - The howitzer that fires propane (butane) gas cylinders loaded with explosives and is the latest piece of homemade weaponry used by Syrian rebels (developed themselves). Weapon nicknamed the Hell Cannon and has a range of about a mile. Mortar-like weapons, first rigged up in the rural areas near Idlib by the Ahrar al-Shamal Brigade, then a member force of the Free Syrian Army, in 2013. These artifacts are produced with the materials and tools that can be obtained in a country besieged by war. The homegrown howitzer caught on and was soon produced in slightly different variants in and around Aleppo, and used for urban warfare

Ace/72444/00.jpg Ace/72444/01.jpg Ace/72444/02.jpg Ace/72444/03.jpg Ace/72444/04.jpg Ace/72444/05.jpg

For "Al Magnus'/ OTW" review of Kit 72444 - Hell Cannon, visit:

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Kit 72445 - AMX-13/75 light tank

Ace/72445/01.jpg Ace/72445/02.jpg Ace/72445/03.jpg Ace/72445/04.jpg Ace/72445/05.jpg Ace/72445/06.jpg Ace/72445/07.jpg Ace/72445/08.jpg Ace/72445/10.jpg Ace/72445/11.jpg Ace/72445/12.jpg

Kit 72446 - IDF Heavy APC Nagmachon

Ace/72446/00.jpg Ace/72446/01.jpg Ace/72446/02.jpg Ace/72446/03.jpg Ace/72446/04.jpg Ace/72446/05.jpg Ace/72446/06.jpg Ace/72446/07.jpg Ace/72446/08.jpg Ace/72446/09.jpg Ace/72446/10.jpg Ace/72446/11.jpg Ace/72446/12.jpg Ace/72446/13.jpg Ace/72446/14.jpg

Ace/72446/1/01.jpg Ace/72446/1/02.jpg Ace/72446/1/03.jpg Ace/72446/1/04.jpg

Kit 72447 - AMX-13 DCA twin 30mm AA version

Ace/72447/01.jpg Ace/72447/02.jpg Ace/72447/03.jpg Ace/72447/04.jpg Ace/72447/05.jpg Ace/72447/06.jpg Ace/72447/07.jpg Ace/72447/08.jpg Ace/72447/09.jpg Ace/72447/10.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Ace/72447/1/01.jpg Ace/72447/1/02.jpg Ace/72447/1/03.jpg

Kit 72448 - AMX VTT French APC

Ace/72448/01.jpg Ace/72448/02.jpg Ace/72448/03.jpg Ace/72448/04.jpg Ace/72448/05.jpg Ace/72448/06.jpg Ace/72448/07.jpg Ace/72448/08.jpg Ace/72448/09.jpg Ace/72448/10.jpg Ace/72448/11.jpg Ace/72448/12.jpg Ace/72448/13.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Ace/72448/1/01.jpg Ace/72448/1/02.jpg Ace/72448/1/03.jpg

Kit 72450 - UNIMOG U1300L military 2t truck (4x4)

Ace/72450/01.jpg Ace/72450/08.jpg Ace/72450/09.jpg Ace/72450/10.jpg Ace/72450/11.jpg Ace/72450/02.jpg Ace/72450/03.jpg Ace/72450/04.jpg Ace/72450/05.jpg Ace/72450/06.jpg Ace/72450/07.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72450/1/01.jpg Ace/72450/1/02.jpg Ace/72450/1/03.jpg Ace/72450/1/04.jpg Ace/72450/1/05.jpg Ace/72450/1/06.jpg

Kit 72451 - Unimog U1300L Ambulance

Ace/72451/01.jpg Ace/72451/02.jpg Ace/72451/03.jpg Ace/72451/04.jpg Ace/72451/05.jpg Ace/72451/06.jpg Ace/72451/07.jpg Ace/72451/08.jpg Ace/72451/09.jpg Ace/72451/10.jpg Ace/72451/11.jpg

Kit 72452 - Unimog U1300L FireFighter Kfz. TLF 1000

Ace/72452/01.jpg Ace/72452/02.jpg Ace/72452/03.jpg Ace/72452/04.jpg Ace/72452/05.jpg Ace/72452/06.jpg Ace/72452/07.jpg Ace/72452/08.jpg Ace/72452/09.jpg Ace/72452/10.jpg Ace/72452/11.jpg

Kit 72453 - AMX MK 61 105mm SPG

Ace/72453/01.jpg Ace/72453/02.jpg Ace/72453/03.jpg Ace/72453/04.jpg Ace/72453/05.jpg Ace/72453/06.jpg Ace/72453/07.jpg Ace/72453/08.jpg Ace/72453/09.jpg Ace/72453/10.jpg Ace/72453/11.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Ace/72453/1/01.jpg Ace/72453/1/02.jpg Ace/72453/1/03.jpg Ace/72453/1/04.jpg Ace/72453/1/05.jpg Ace/72453/1/06.jpg

Kit 72455 - AML-60 Mortar Carrier - (new tooling)

Ace/72455/01.jpg Ace/72455/02.jpg Ace/72455/03.jpg Ace/72455/04.jpg Ace/72455/05.jpg Ace/72455/06.jpg Ace/72455/07.jpg Ace/72455/08.jpg Ace/72455/09.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72455/1/01.jpg Ace/72455/1/02.jpg Ace/72455/1/03.jpg Ace/72455/1/04.jpg Ace/72455/1/05.jpg

Kit 72456 - AML-90 Armoured Car (new tooling)

Ace/72456/01.jpg Ace/72456/02.jpg Ace/72456/03.jpg Ace/72456/04.jpg Ace/72456/05.jpg Ace/72456/06.jpg Ace/72456/07.jpg Ace/72456/08.jpg Ace/72456/09.jpg Ace/72456/10.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72456/1/01.jpg Ace/72456/1/02.jpg Ace/72456/1/03.jpg Ace/72456/1/04.jpg Ace/72456/1/05.jpg

Kit 72457 - Eland-90 Light Armoured Car (4x4)

Ace/72457/01.jpg Ace/72457/02.jpg Ace/72457/03.jpg Ace/72457/04.jpg Ace/72457/05.jpg Ace/72457/06.jpg Ace/72457/07.jpg Ace/72457/08.jpg Ace/72457/09.jpg Ace/72457/10.jpg Ace/72457/11.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Ace/72457/1/01.jpg Ace/72457/1/02.jpg Ace/72457/1/03.jpg Ace/72457/1/04.jpg Ace/72457/1/05.jpg

Kit 72458 - JACAM 4x4 Unimog for long-range patrol missions - (new tooling)

Ace/72458/01.jpg Ace/72458/02.jpg Ace/72458/03.jpg Ace/72458/04.jpg Ace/72458/05.jpg Ace/72458/06.jpg Ace/72458/07.jpg Ace/72458/08.jpg Ace/72458/09.jpg Ace/72458/10.jpg Ace/72458/11jpg Ace/72458/12.jpg Ace/72458/13.jpg

Kit 72459 - EBR-75 Model 1951 w/ FL-11 turret

Ace/72459/01.jpg Ace/72459/02.jpg Ace/72459/03.jpg Ace/72459/04.jpg Ace/72459/05.jpg Ace/72459/06.jpg Ace/72459/07.jpg Ace/72459/08.jpg Ace/72459/09.jpg Ace/72459/10.jpg

Kit 72460 - EBR-ETT (Engin Transporteur de Troupes)

Ace/72460/01.jpg Ace/72460/02.jpg Ace/72460/03.jpg Ace/72460/04.jpg Ace/72460/05.jpg Ace/72460/06.jpg Ace/72460/07.jpg Ace/72460/08.jpg Ace/72460/09.jpg Ace/72460/10.jpg

Kit 72463 - M3 wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier (4x4)

Ace/72463/01.jpg Ace/72463/02.jpg Ace/72463/03.jpg Ace/72463/04.jpg Ace/72463/05.jpg Ace/72463/06.jpg Ace/72463/07.jpg Ace/72463/08.jpg Ace/72463/09.jpg

Kit 72465 - M3 VDA twin 20mm AA

Ace/72465/01.jpg Ace/72465/02.jpg Ace/72465/03.jpg Ace/72465/04.jpg Ace/72465/05.jpg Ace/72465/06.jpg Ace/72465/07.jpg Ace/72465/08.jpg Ace/72465/09.jpg Ace/72465/10.jpg

Out of Production Ace kits re-labeled under SIGA label

Ace/siga/5/01.jpg Ace/siga/5/02.jpg Ace/siga/5/03.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of Siga - BRDM-1, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of Siga - MT-LB, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Ace/siga/gvozdika.jpg Ace/siga/gvozdika-1.jpg Ace/siga/gvozdika-2.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW"impression of Siga - 'Gvozdika', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Ace/siga/snar10.jpg Ace/siga/snar10-1.jpg Ace/siga/snar10-2.jpg

For Keith Goodman's impression of kit 72M11 - 'Snar 10', visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" impression of Siga - 'Snar 10', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 52315 - T55

Ace/siga/t55.jpg Ace/siga/t55-1.jpg Ace/siga/t55-2.jpg

For "Andy Bannister's / OTW" impression of kit 52315 - T55, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Note Webmaster: It appears that the quality of casting of the SIGA kits is inferior to the original Ace kits!!

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