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1/72 WW-II AFV's

ACE injection plastic armor kits are manufactured using the Short Run Technology and come with decals. With the Short Run Technology there is the risk that not all parts are sharply casted. Sometimes there will be some flash or sinkholes etc. As a result some parts may not fit together smoothly and tightly. Ace advises that only basic modeling skills are required. However, I recommend at least some degree of modeling experience to be able to Finished these models with a satisfactory result.

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Russian WWII AFV's

Kit 72201 - Gaz-67 Jeep

Ace/72201/01.jpg Ace/72201/02.jpg Ace/72201/03.jpg Ace/72201/04.jpg Ace/72201/05.jpg Ace/72201/06.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

Ace/72201/1/01.jpg Ace/72201/1/02.jpg Ace/72201/1/03.jpg Ace/72201/1/04.jpg

Model / diorama by Martin Zimmermann

Ace/72201/2/01.jpg Ace/72201/2/02.jpg Ace/72201/2/03.jpg Ace/72201/2/04.jpg

Gaz-67B Jeep

This is a re-boxing of the Colibri - Fort kit with new decals and a set of photo etched details. You get the same finely moulded plastic parts, with good interior detail plus the extras provided on the etched fret...windscreen with wipers, radiator grill, brake pedal, clutch pedal and accellerator pedal, spare wheel bracket, etc. The new decal sheet has markings for five vehicles, 4 Soviet and 1 Polish.

Model built by Roman Skiba

EasternExpress/72059/04.jpg EasternExpress/72059/05.jpg EasternExpress/72059/06.jpg EasternExpress/72059/07.jpg EasternExpress/72059/08.jpg EasternExpress/72059/09.jpg

For Keith Goodman's impression of kit 72201 - Gaz-67 Jeep, visit:

logo 'KGWings' Website

Kit 72202 - Gaz-AA - 'Polutorka'

Ace/72202/01.jpg Ace/72202/02.jpg Ace/72202/03.jpg Ace/72202/04.jpg Ace/72202/06.jpg

Model built by Roman Skiba

Rtrucks/gaz-1.jpg Rtrucks/gaz-2.jpg Rtrucks/gaz-3.jpg Rtrucks/gaz-4.jpg Rtrucks/gaz-5.jpg

Kit 72203 - Gaz-AAA

Ace/72203/01.jpg Ace/72203/02.jpg Ace/72203/03.jpg Ace/72202/04.jpg Ace/72202/06.jpg

These kits of the Russian built Ford Model A trucks were originally produced by Komintern. However, they have not been available for the past couple of years and had become highly value collector's items. ACE has now re-issued them with the addition of decals and a small etched fret (containing a number of small details). Both kits are the same, having optional parts to build either version. There are 70 crisp, clean, 'long run' (metal mould) injection moulded parts including an 11 part rear tray. There is a one-piece chassis with separate axles, suspension and drive shaft. The engine is moulded as the bottom half only but with a separate radiator. The cabin is fully fitted out with a bench seat, steering wheel, instrument dash, gear stick, hand brake, foot brake and clutch. There are no clear windows or windscreen. The decal sheet has markings for three trucks.

Kit 72204 - Gaz-AA - PM3 Workshop - complete interior included

Ace/72204/01.jpg Ace/72204/02.jpg Ace/72204/03.jpg Ace/72202/04.jpg Ace/72202/05.jpg Ace/72202/06.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

Ace/72204/1/01.jpg Ace/72204/1/02.jpg Ace/72204/1/03.jpg

Model built by Christian Weber - (Beute)

Ace/72204/3/01.jpg Ace/72204/3/02.jpg Ace/72204/3/03.jpg Ace/72204/3/04.jpg Ace/72204/3/05.jpg Ace/72204/3/06.jpg

Converting into Zis Lap-7 Rocket Launcher, built by Udo Bauer

Rocket Launcher of the Red Army ("home made in Leningrad"). Only a few copies of the device existed

Ace/72204/2/01.jpg Ace/72204/2/02.jpg Ace/72204/2/03.jpg Ace/72204/2/04.jpg Ace/72204/2/05.jpg Ace/72204/2/06.jpg

Kit 72205 - Raupenschlepper Ost - RSO

Ace/72205/01.jpg Ace/72205/02.jpg Ace/72205/03.jpg Ace/72205/04.jpg Ace/72205/05.jpg Ace/72205/06.jpg Ace/72205/07.jpg Ace/72205/08.jpg

Model built by Thomas Hrdlicka

Ace/72205/1/01.jpg Ace/72205/1/02.jpg Ace/72205/1/03.jpg Ace/72205/1/04.jpg Ace/72205/1/05.jpg Ace/72205/1/06.jpg

For Doug Chaltry's impression of kit 72205 - Raupenschlepper Ost - RSO, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72206 - RSO type 3

Ace/72206/01.jpg Ace/72206/02.jpg Ace/72206/03.jpg Ace/72206/04.jpg Ace/72206/05.jpg Ace/72206/06.jpg Ace/72206/07.jpg Ace/72206/08.jpg Ace/72207/10.jpg

Kit 72207 - RSO ambulance

Ace/72207/01.jpg Ace/72207/02.jpg Ace/72207/03.jpg Ace/72207/04.jpg Ace/72207/05.jpg Ace/72207/06.jpg Ace/72207/07.jpg Ace/72207/08.jpg Ace/72207/09.jpg Ace/72207/10.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Ace/72207/1/01.jpg Ace/72207/1/02.jpg Ace/72207/1/03.jpg Ace/72207/1/04.jpg Ace/72207/1/05.jpg

For Neil Lyall' impression of kit 72207 - RSO ambulance, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72208 - Raupenschlepper Ost with 7.5cm Pak 40 - RSO

Ace/72208/01.jpg Ace/72208/02.jpg Ace/72208/03.jpg Ace/72208/04.jpg Ace/72208/05.jpg Ace/72208/06.jpg Ace/72208/07.jpg Ace/72208/08.jpg Ace/72208/09.jpg Ace/72208/10.jpg Ace/72208/11.jpg

Finished model by Zhenmin Han

Ace/72208/1/01.jpg Ace/72208/1/01.jpg Ace/72208/1/01.jpg Ace/72208/1/01.jpg Ace/72208/1/01.jpg

Kit 72209 - BA-20 armoured car

Ace/72209/01.jpg Ace/72209/02.jpg Ace/72209/03.jpg Ace/72209/04.jpg Ace/72209/05.jpg

finished model by Andrei Makarov

Ace/72209/1/01.jpg Ace/72209/1/02.jpg

Kit 72210 - BA-20 railway version

Ace/72210/02.jpg Ace/72210/03.jpg

Ace/72210/01.jpg Ace/72210/1/01.jpg Ace/72210/1/02.jpg Ace/72210/04.jpg Ace/72210/05.jpg Ace/72210/06.jpg Ace/72210/07.jpg Ace/72210/08.jpg Ace/72210/09.jpg Ace/72210/10.jpg Ace/72210/11.jpg

Finished model by Neil Lyall

Ace/72210/2/01.jpg Ace/72210/2/02.jpg Ace/72210/2/03.jpg Ace/72210/2/04.jpg Ace/72210/2/05.jpg Ace/72210/2/06.jpg Ace/72210/2/07.jpg

Comments by Neil Lyall
The model has been built out of the box, with only a few changes. I did throw away the antenna supports as they looked a bit thick, and made new ones from sewing needles. The antenna clothes line frame has to be scratch-made from wire for which I used 0.44 mm wire. I drilled out the back of the rubber tyred wheels before mounting them to the body as the rims were cast as one solid piece. I also drilled out the headlamps. It comes with a 15 cm (6 inches) long trackbase. I didnt use the plastic railway lines that come with the kit, on the base, I substituted metal ones.

Kit 72211 - GAZ-M1 'Emka'

Ace/72211/01.jpg Ace/72211/02.jpg Ace/72211/03.jpg Ace/72211/04.jpg Ace/72211/05.jpg Ace/72211/06.jpg Ace/72211/07.jpg

Model built by Paul Tian

Ace/72211/1/01.jpg Ace/72211/1/02.jpg Ace/72211/1/03.jpg Ace/72211/1/04.jpg Ace/72211/1/05.jpg

For internetmodeller - first look's impression of kit 72211 - GAZ-M1 'Emka', visit:

logo 'internetmodeller' Website

Kit 72212 - Fai-M armoured car

Ace/72212/01.jpg Ace/72212/02.jpg Ace/72212/03.jpg Ace/72212/04.jpg Ace/72212/05.jpg Ace/72212/06.jpg Ace/72212/07.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Ace/72212/1/01.jpg Ace/72212/1/02.jpg Ace/72212/1/03.jpg

Kit 72213 - GAZ-61-73 4x4 Soviet staff car

Ace/72213/01.jpg Ace/72213/02.jpg Ace/72213/03.jpg Ace/72213/04.jpg Ace/72213/05.jpg Ace/72213/06.jpg Ace/72213/07.jpg Ace/72213/08.jpg Ace/72213/09.jpg

Built model by Leonid Postny

Ace/72213/1/01.jpg Ace/72213/1/02.jpg Ace/72213/1/03.jpg Ace/72213/1/04.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

Ace/72213/2/01.jpg Ace/72213/2/02.jpg Ace/72213/2/03.jpg Ace/72213/2/04.jpg Ace/72213/2/05.jpg Ace/72213/2/06.jpg

For Leonid Postny's 1/72depot pictures of finished kit 72213 - GAZ-61-73 4x4 Soviet staff car visit:

logo '1/72 Depot' Website

Kit 72214 - GAZ-11-73 Soviet WW2 staff car (4x2)

Ace/72214/01.jpg Ace/72214/02.jpg Ace/72214/03.jpg Ace/72214/04.jpg Ace/72214/05.jpg Ace/72214/06.jpg

Built model by Igor Delanov

Ace/72214/1/01.jpg Ace/72214/1/02.jpg Ace/72214/1/03.jpg Ace/72214/1/04.jpg Ace/72214/1/05.jpg Ace/72214/1/06.jpg

World-War II guns

Kit 72215 - Scheunentor Pak.43/41 88mm AT gun

Ace/72215/01.jpg Ace/72215/02.jpg Ace/72215/03.jpg Ace/72215/04.jpg Ace/72215/05.jpg Ace/72215/06.jpg Ace/72215/08.jpg Ace/72215/09.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72215/1/01.jpg Ace/72215/1/02.jpg

Kit 72216 - le FH18 10,5 cm field howitzer

Ace/72216/01.jpg Ace/72216/02.jpg Ace/72216/03.jpg Ace/72216/04.jpg Ace/72216/05.jpg Ace/72216/06.jpg Ace/72216/07.jpg

October 2012 - new reworked sprues

Ace/72216/1/01.jpg Ace/72216/1/04.jpg Ace/72216/1/05.jpg Ace/72216/1/06.jpg Ace/72216/1/07.jpg Ace/72216/1/08.jpg

For Leonid Postny's 1/72depot pictures of finished kit 72216 - le FH18 10,5 cm field howitzer, visit:

logo '1/72 Depot' Website

Kit 72217 - 8.8cm Panzerabwehrkanone Pak.43

Ace/72217/01.jpg Ace/72217/02.jpg Ace/72217/03.jpg Ace/72217/04.jpg Ace/72217/05.jpg Ace/72217/06.jpg Ace/72217/07.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72217/1/01.jpg Ace/72217/1/02.jpg

Kit 72218 - s.F.H.18 -15cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18

Ace/72218.jpg Ace/ACE72218_1.jpg Ace/ACE72218_2.jpg Ace/72218-1.jpg Ace/72218-2.jpg Ace/72218-2.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

Ace/72218-01.jpg Ace/72218-02.jpg Ace/72218-03.jpg Ace/72218-04.jpg

Kit 72219 - s.10cm k18 - 10cm schwere Kanone 18

Ace/72219/01.jpg Ace/72219/02.jpg Ace/72219/03.jpg Ace/72219/04.jpg Ace/72219/05.jpg Ace/72219/06.jpg Ace/72219/07.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72219/1/01.jpg Ace/72219/1/02.jpg

For "Simon Barnes' / OTW" impression of kit 72219 - s.10cm k18 - 10cm schwere Kanone 18, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72219 - s.10cm k18 - 10cm Schwere Kanone 18, visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72220 - 15cm schweres Infanteriegeschutz 33 (15cm s IG 33)

Ace/72220/01.jpg Ace/72220/02.jpg Ace/72220/03.jpg Ace/72220/04.jpg Ace/72220/05.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72220/1/01.jpg Ace/72220/1/02.jpg

Model built by Alexandre Novellino

Ace/72220/2/01.jpg Ace/72220/2/02.jpg Ace/72220/2/03.jpg

Kit 72221 - Ardelt Waffentrager

Ace/72221/1/01.jpg Ace/72221/01.jpg Ace/72221/02.jpg Ace/72221/1/02.jpg Ace/72221/1/03.jpg Ace/72221/1/04.jpg Ace/72221/1/05.jpg Ace/72221/1/06.jpg

The two wheels and tracks' sprues in this kit are in convenant with UM - Ukraine.

Built model - owner unknown

Ace/72221/2/01.jpg Ace/72221/2/02.jpg Ace/72221/2/03.jpg Ace/72221/2/04.jpg Ace/72221/2/05.jpg Ace/72221/2/06.jpg

Built model by Alexandre Novellino - 1/72

Ace/72221/3/01.jpg Ace/72221/3/02.jpg Ace/72221/3/03.jpg Ace/72221/3/04.jpg Ace/72221/3/05.jpg Ace/72221/3/06.jpg Ace/72221/3/07.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Ace/72221/4/01.jpg Ace/72221/4/02.jpg Ace/72221/4/03.jpg Ace/72221/4/04.jpg Ace/72221/4/05.jpg Ace/72221/4/06.jpg Ace/72221/4/07.jpg Ace/72221/4/08.jpg

Kit 72222 - 5cm Panzerabwehrkanone 38 - Pak 38

Ace/72222/01.jpg Ace/72222/02.jpg Ace/72222/03.jpg Ace/72222/04.jpg Ace/72222/05.jpg Ace/72222/06.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Ace/72222/1/01.jpg Ace/72222/1/02.jpg

For Simon Barnes' impression of kit 72222 - 5cm Panzerabwehrkanone 38 - Pak 38, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72223 - 7.5 cm Pak 97/38

Ace/72223/01.jpg Ace/72223/02.jpg Ace/72223/03.jpg Ace/72223/04.jpg Ace/72223/05.jpg Ace/72223/06.jpg Ace/72223/07.jpg

Finished model by Alexandre Novellino

Ace/72223/1/01.jpg Ace/72223/1/02.jpg Ace/72223/1/03.jpg Ace/72223/2/01.jpg Ace/72223/2/02.jpg Ace/72223/2/03.jpg Ace/72223/2/04.jpg Ace/72223/2/05.jpg Ace/72223/2/06.jpg Ace/72223/2/07.jpg Ace/72223/2/08.jpg

Kit 72224 - 75mm light howitzer 1G18

Ace/72224.jpg Ace/72224-3.jpg Ace/72224-4.jpg Ace/72224-1.jpg Ace/72224-2.jpg

Finished model by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72224-5.jpg Ace/72224-6.jpg

Kit 72225 - SdKfz. 10 (Demag D7)

Ace/72225/01.jpg Ace/72225/02.jpg Ace/72225/03.jpg Ace/72225/04.jpg Ace/72225/05.jpg Ace/72225/06.jpg Ace/72225/07.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Ace/72225/1/01.jpg Ace/72225/1/02.jpg Ace/72225/1/03.jpg Ace/72225/1/04.jpg

Kit 72226 - 10.5 cm howitzer 18/40 'Drachenfels'

Ace/72226/01.jpg Ace/72226/02.jpg Ace/72226/03.jpg Ace/72226/04.jpg Ace/72226/05.jpg Ace/72226/06.jpg Ace/72226/07.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72226/1/01.jpg Ace/72226/1/02.jpg

For Simon Barnes' impression of kit 72226 - 10.5 cm howitzer 18/40 'Drachenfels', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72227 - ML-20 152mm Soviet howitzer

Ace/72227/01.jpg Ace/72227/02.jpg Ace/72227/03.jpg Ace/72227/04.jpg Ace/72227/05.jpg Ace/72227/06.jpg Ace/72227/07.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

Ace/72227/1/01.jpg Ace/72227/1/02.jpg Ace/72227/1/03.jpg

For Simon Barnes' impression of kit 72227 - ML-20 152mm Soviet howitzer, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72228 - A-19 Soviet WW2 122mm howitzer

Ace/72228/01.jpg Ace/72228/02.jpg Ace/72228/03.jpg Ace/72228/04.jpg Ace/72228/05.jpg Ace/72228/06.jpg Ace/72228/07.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72228/1/01.jpg Ace/72228/1/02.jpg

For Simon Barnes' impression of kit 72228 - A-19 Soviet WW2 122mm howitzer, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72229 - 17cm Kanone 18 in Morserlafette 'Matterhorn'

Ace/72229.jpg Ace/72229-1.jpg Ace/72229-2.jpg Ace/72229-3.jpg Ace/72229-4.jpg Ace/72229-5.jpg Ace/72229-6.jpg Ace/72229-7.jpg Ace/72229-8.jpg Ace/72229-9.jpg Ace/72229-10.jpg Ace/72229-11.jpg Ace/72229-12.jpg

Kit 72230 - 21cm Morser 'Brumbar'

Ace/72230/01.jpg Ace/72230/02.jpg Ace/72230/03.jpg Ace/72230/04.jpg Ace/72230/05.jpg Ace/72230/06.jpg Ace/72230/07.jpg Ace/72230/08.jpg Ace/72230/09.jpg Ace/72230/10.jpg Ace/72230/11.jpg Ace/72230/12.jpg

For Simon Barnes' impression of kit 72230 - 21cm Morser 'Brumbar', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72231 - BA-64B

Ace/72231/01.jpg Ace/72231/02.jpg Ace/72231/03.jpg Ace/72231/04.jpg Ace/72231/05.jpg Ace/72231/06.jpg Ace/72231/07.jpg

BA-64B - finished model by Peter Sisung - (kit is upgraded for more details)

Ace/72231/08.jpg Ace/72231/09.jpg Ace/72231/10.jpg Ace/72231/11.jpg Ace/72231/12.jpg

Kit 72232 - BA-64M

Ace/72232/01.jpg Ace/72232/02.jpg Ace/72232/03.jpg Ace/72232/04.jpg Ace/72232/05.jpg Ace/72232/06.jpg Ace/72232/07.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

Ace/72232/1/01.jpg Ace/72232/1/02.jpg Ace/72232/1/03.jpg Ace/72232/1/04.jpg

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72232 - BA-64M, visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72233 - F-22 Soviet 76mm field gun/German Pak.36(r)

Ace/72233/01.jpg Ace/72233/02.jpg Ace/72233/03.jpg Ace/72233/04.jpg Ace/72233/05.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka


For "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" compare ACE Models kit 72233 vs. OSTMODELS 76.2mm M36, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72234 - Soviet F-22 USV 76mm Field Gun / Pak.39(r)

Ace/72234/01.jpg Ace/72234/02.jpg Ace/72234/03.jpg Ace/72234/04.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72234/1/01.jpg Ace/72234/1/02.jpg

Kit 72235 - M-101 105mm US howitzer

Ace/72235/01.jpg Ace/72235/02.jpg Ace/72235/03.jpg Ace/72235/04.jpg Ace/72235/05.jpg Ace/72235/06.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka>

Ace/72235/1/01.jpg Ace/72235/1/02.jpg

Kit 72236 - Kfz. 13

Ace/72236/01.jpg Ace/72236/02.jpg Ace/72236/03.jpg Ace/72236/04.jpg Ace/72236/05.jpg Ace/72236/06.jpg Ace/72236/07.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72236/1/01.jpg Ace/72236/1/02.jpg

Kit 72237 - Kfz- 14

Ace/72237/01.jpg Ace/72237/02.jpg Ace/72237/03.jpg Ace/72237/04.jpg Ace/72237/05.jpg Ace/72237/06.jpg Ace/72237/07.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Ace/72237/1/01.jpg Ace/72237/1/02.jpg

Note Webmaster:
The Kfz.13 with the mg and the Kfz. 14 with radio entenna are the same kit. The radio entenna is of metal wire.

Kit 72238 - Sd.Kfz.252 armoured munitions carrier

Ace/72238/01.jpg Ace/72238/02.jpg Ace/72238/03.jpg Ace/72238/04.jpg Ace/72238/05.jpg Ace/72238/06.jpg

Finished model by Andrei Makarov

Ace/72238/1/01.jpg Ace/72238/1/02.jpg Ace/72238/1/03.jpg Ace/72238/1/04.jpg Ace/72238/1/05.jpg

For "Jacob Sterum's / Meditations on a Hobby" preview Kit 72238 - Sd.Kfz.252 armoured munitions carrier visit:

logo "Meditations on a Hobby" Blogspot

Kit 72239 - Sd.Kfz.253 armoured observation post

Ace/72239/01.jpg Ace/72239/02.jpg Ace/72239/03.jpg Ace/72239/04.jpg Ace/72239/05.jpg Ace/72239/06.jpg Ace/72239/07.jpg Ace/72239/08.jpg Ace/72239/09.jpg Ace/72239/10.jpg Ace/72239/11.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Ace/72239/1/01.jpg Ace/72239/1/02.jpg Ace/72239/1/03.jpg Ace/72239/1/04.jpg

Kit 72240 - Sd.Kfz.250/1 (old)

Ace/72240/01.jpg Ace/72240/02.jpg Ace/72240/03.jpg Ace/72240/04.jpg Ace/72240/05.jpg Ace/72240/06.jpg Ace/72240/07.jpg Ace/72240/08.jpg

Kit 72241 - 3.7cm Pak 35/36

Ace/72241/01.jpg Ace/72241/05.jpg Ace/72241/06.jpg Ace/72241/02.jpg Ace/72241/03.jpg Ace/72241/04.jpg

Model built by Alexandre Novellino

Ace/72241/1/01.jpg Ace/72241/1/02.jpg Ace/72241/1/03.jpg Ace/72241/1/04.jpg Ace/72241/1/05.jpg

Kit 72242 - Soviet 45mm AT gun model 1937

Ace/72242-0.jpg Ace/72242-1.jpg Ace/72242-2.jpg Ace/72242-3.jpg Ace/72242-4.jpg Ace/72242-5.jpg

Kit 72243 - Sd.Kfz 10 with PaK 38

Ace/72243/01.jpg Ace/72243/02.jpg Ace/72243/03.jpg Ace/72243/04.jpg Ace/72243/05.jpg Ace/72243/06.jpg Ace/72243/07.jpg Ace/72243/08.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Ace/72243/1/01.jpg Ace/72243/1/02.jpg Ace/72243/1/03.jpg Ace/72243/1/04.jpg Ace/72243/1/05.jpg Ace/72243/1/06.jpg

Kit 72244 - Soviet 76mm regimental gun Mod. 1943

Ace/72244.jpg Ace/72244-1.jpg Ace/72244-2.jpg Ace/72244-3.jpg Ace/72244-4.jpg

Kit 72245 - Soviet 45mm AT gun model 1942

Ace/72245.jpg Ace/72245-1.jpg Ace/72245-2.jpg Ace/72245-3.jpg Ace/72245-4.jpg

Ace/72245-5.jpg Ace/72245-6.jpg

Kit 72246 - 7.5cm Pak.50

Ace/72246/01.jpg Ace/72246/02.jpg Ace/72246/03.jpg Ace/72246/04.jpg Ace/72246/05.jpg Ace/72246/06.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72246/1/01.jpg Ace/72246/1/02.jpg

Kit 72247 - Sd.Kfz.250/9 Alt

Ace/72247/01.jpg Ace/72247/02.jpg Ace/72247/03.jpg Ace/72247/04.jpg Ace/72247/05.jpg Ace/72247/06.jpg Ace/72247/07.jpg Ace/72247/08.jpg Ace/72247/09.jpg Ace/72247/10.jpg Ace/72247/11.jpg Ace/72247/12.jpg Ace/72247/13.jpg

Kit 72248 - Dingo

Ace/72248/01.jpg Ace/72248/02.jpg Ace/72248/03.jpg Ace/72248/04.jpg Ace/72248/05.jpg Ace/72248/06.jpg Ace/72248/07.jpg Ace/72248/08.jpg Ace/72248/09.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Ace/72248/1/01.jpg Ace/72248/1/02.jpg Ace/72248/1/03.jpg Ace/72248/1/04.jpg Ace/72248/1/05.jpg

Kit 72249 - Lancia ('Lynx')

Ace/72249/01.jpg Ace/72249/1/01.jpg Ace/72249/1/02.jpg Ace/72249/02.jpg Ace/72249/03.jpg Ace/72249/04.jpg Ace/72249/05.jpg Ace/72249/06.jpg

Kit 72250 - Pionierwagen P-107 U.304(f)

Ace/72250/01.jpg Ace/72250/02.jpg Ace/72250/1/01.jpg Ace/72250/1/02.jpg Ace/72250/03.jpg Ace/72250/04.jpg Ace/72250/05.jpg Ace/72250/06.jpg Ace/72250/07.jpg Ace/72250/08.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Ace/72250/2/01.jpg Ace/72250/2/02.jpg Ace/72250/2/03.jpg Ace/72250/2/04.jpg Ace/72250/2/05.jpg Ace/72250/2/06.jpg

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72250 - Pionierwagen P-107 U.304(f), visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72251 - Pionierwagen P-107 U.304(f)

Ace/72251/01.jpg Ace/72251/1/01.jpg Ace/72251/1/02.jpg Ace/72251/02.jpg Ace/72251/03.jpg Ace/72251/04.jpg Ace/72251/05.jpg Ace/72251/06.jpg Ace/72251/07.jpg

For Neil Lyall's impression of kit 72251 - Pionierwagen P-107 U.304(f), visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72252 - 76.2mm (3 inch) Soviet gun model 1902/1930

Ace/72252/01.jpg Ace/72252/05.jpg Ace/72252/02.jpg Ace/72252/03.jpg Ace/72252/04.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's impression of kit 72252 - 76.2mm (3 inch) Soviet gun model 1902/1930, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72253 - Sd.Kfz.250/10 Leichter Schuetzenpanzerwagen (3.7cm)

Ace/72253/01.jpg Ace/72253/02.jpg Ace/72253/03.jpg Ace/72253/04.jpg Ace/72253/05.jpg Ace/72253/06.jpg Ace/72253/07.jpg Ace/72253/08.jpg Ace/72253/09.jpg Ace/72253/10.jpg Ace/72253/11.jpg Ace/72253/12.jpg

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72253 - Sd.Kfz.250/10 Leichter Schuetzenpanzerwagen (3.7cm), visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72254 - RSO/01 with 2cm FLAK38

Ace/72254/01.jpg Ace/72254/1/01.jpg Ace/72254/1/02.jpg Ace/72254/02.jpg Ace/72254/03.jpg Ace/72254/04.jpg Ace/72254/05.jpg Ace/72254/06.jpg Ace/72254/07.jpg Ace/72254/08.jpg

For "Tolga Ulgen's / MiniAfv" pictures built Kit 72254 - RSO/01 with 2cm FLAK38 visit:

logo "MiniAFV", blog

Kit 72255 - Sd.Kfz.250/11 - (announced)


Kit 72256 - BS-3 heavy anti-tank gun 100mm

Ace/72256/01.jpg Ace/72256/02.jpg Ace/72256/03.jpg Ace/72256/04.jpg Ace/72256/05.jpg

Built model by Yu Ke

Ace/72256/1/01.jpg Ace/72256/1/02.jpg Ace/72256/1/03.jpg Ace/72256/1/04.jpg Ace/72256/1/05.jpg Ace/72256/1/06.jpg Ace/72256/1/07.jpg Ace/72256/1/08.jpg

Kit 72257 - 3 inch (76.2mm) Russian gun model 1900/02

Ace/72257/01.jpg Ace/72257/02.jpg Ace/72257/03.jpg Ace/72257/04.jpg Ace/72257/05.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's impression of kit 72257 - 3 inch (76.2mm) Russian gun model 1900/02, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72258 - Kfz.15 universal chassis medium vehicle

Ace/72258/01.jpg Ace/72258/02.jpg Ace/72258/1/01.jpg Ace/72258/1/02.jpg

Ace/72258/03.jpg Ace/72258/04.jpg Ace/72258/05.jpg Ace/72258/06.jpg Ace/72258/07.jpg

Built model by Christian Weber

Ace/72258/2/01.jpg Ace/72258/2/02.jpg Ace/72258/2/03.jpg Ace/72258/2/04.jpg Ace/72258/2/05.jpg Ace/72258/2/06.jpg

For internetmodeller'S impression of kit 72258 - Kfz.15 universal chassis medium vehicle, visit:

logo 'internetmodeller' Website

Kit 72259 - Kfz.16 - universal chassis medium signals vehicle

Ace/72259/01.jpg Ace/72259/02.jpg Ace/72259/03.jpg Ace/72259/04.jpg Ace/72259/05.jpg Ace/72259/06.jpg Ace/72259/07.jpg Ace/72259/08.jpg

Kit 72260 - Kfz.17 - universal chassis medium radio vehicle

Ace/72260/01.jpg Ace/72260/1/01.jpg Ace/72260/1/02.jpg Ace/72260/02.jpg Ace/72260/03.jpg Ace/72260/04.jpg Ace/72260/05.jpg Ace/72260/06.jpg Ace/72260/07.jpg

Kit 72261 - Kfz.21 - universal chassis vehicle convertible

Ace/72261/01.jpg Ace/72261/2/01.jpg Ace/72261/2/02.jpg Ace/72261/02.jpg Ace/72261/03.jpg Ace/72261/04.jpg Ace/72261/05.jpg Ace/72261/06.jpg

Finished model by Augusto Versiani

Ace/72261/1/01.jpg Ace/72261/1/02.jpg Ace/72261/1/03.jpg Ace/72261/1/04.jpg Ace/72261/1/05.jpg Ace/72261/1/06.jpg Ace/72261/1/07.jpg Ace/72261/1/08.jpg Ace/72261/1/09.jpg

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72261 - Kfz.21 - universal chassis vehicle convertible, visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72262 - ADGZ (Fu) - M 35 Mittleren Panzerwagen

Ace/72262/01.jpg Ace/72262/01.jpg Ace/72262/01.jpg Ace/72262/01.jpg Ace/72262/01.jpg Ace/72262/01.jpg Ace/72262/01.jpg Ace/72262/01.jpg Ace/72262/01.jpg

Finished model by Lo Baars

Ace/72262/1/01.jpg Ace/72262/1/02.jpg Ace/72262/1/03.jpg

Finished model by Al Magnus

Ace/72262/2/01.jpg Ace/72262/2/02.jpg Ace/72262/2/03.jpg

For Al Magnus' impression of kit 72262 - ADGZ (Fu) - M 35 Mittleren Panzerwagen, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72263 - ADGZ - M 35 Mittleren Panzerwagen

Ace/72263/01.jpg Ace/72263/02.jpg Ace/72263/03.jpg Ace/72263/04.jpg Ace/72263/05.jpg Ace/72263/06.jpg Ace/72263/07.jpg Ace/72263/08.jpg

For "Leonid Postny's / 1/72depot" pictures of fieldmodification Kit 72263 - ADGZ - M 35 Mittleren Panzerwagen visit:

logo '1/72 Depot' Website

Kit 72264 - railroad versions of Ba-64

Ace/72264/01.jpg Ace/72264/02.jpg Ace/72264/03.jpg Ace/72264/04.jpg Ace/72264/05.jpg Ace/72264/06.jpg Ace/72264/07.jpg Ace/72264/08.jpg

Finished model by Neil Lyall

Ace/72264/1/01.jpg Ace/72264/1/02.jpg Ace/72264/1/03.jpg

For BrailleBuilder / Neil Lyall's impression of kit 72264 - railroad versions of Ba-64, visit:

logo 'BrailleBuilder' Blogspot

Kit 72265 - 3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun

Ace/72265/01.jpg Ace/72265/02.jpg Ace/72265/03.jpg Ace/72265/04.jpg Ace/72265/05.jpg Ace/72265/06.jpg Ace/72265/07.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's impression of kit 72265 - 3-inch Russian WW1 AA gun, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72266 - UNIC P-107 'AFN' aviation tractor

Ace/72266/01.jpg Ace/72266/02.jpg Ace/72266/03.jpg Ace/72266/04.jpg Ace/72266/05.jpg Ace/72266/06.jpg Ace/72266/07.jpg Ace/72266/08.jpg

Kit 72267 - Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen (2.Ausf) auf UNIC P-107 U-304(f)

Ace/72267/01.jpg Ace/72267/1/01.jpg Ace/72267/1/02.jpg Ace/72267/02.jpg Ace/72267/03.jpg Ace/72267/04.jpg Ace/72267/05.jpg Ace/72267/07.jpg Ace/72267/06.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Ace/72267/2/01.jpg Ace/72267/2/02.jpg Ace/72267/2/03.jpg Ace/72267/2/04.jpg Ace/72267/2/05.jpg Ace/72267/2/06.jpg

Model built by Ivan Visek

Ace/72267/3/01.jpg Ace/72267/3/02.jpg Ace/72267/3/03.jpg Ace/72267/3/04.jpg

For impression of kit 72267 - Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen (2.Ausf) auf UNIC P-107 U-304(f), visit:

logo '1-72depot.com' Website

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72267 - Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen (2.Ausf) auf UNIC P-107 U-304(f), visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72268 - PzKpfw II Ausf.C

Ace/72268/01.jpg Ace/72268/02.jpg Ace/72268/03.jpg Ace/72268/04.jpg Ace/72268/05.jpg Ace/72268/06.jpg Ace/72268/07.jpg Ace/72268/08.jpg Ace/72268/09.jpg Ace/72268/10.jpg

Kit 72269 - PzKpfw II Sd Kfz.121 Ausf.F

Ace/72269/01.jpg Ace/72269/09.jpg Ace/72269/10.jpg Ace/72269/02.jpg Ace/72269/03.jpg Ace/72269/04.jpg Ace/72269/05.jpg Ace/72269/06.jpg Ace/72269/07.jpg Ace/72269/08.jpg

Kit 72270 - Pz.II Beob

Ace/72270/01.jpg Ace/72270/02.jpg Ace/72270/1/01.jpg Ace/72270/1/02.jpg

Ace/72270/03.jpg Ace/72270/04.jpg Ace/72270/05.jpg Ace/72270/06.jpg Ace/72270/07.jpg Ace/72270/08.jpg Ace/72270/09.jpg Ace/72270/10.jpg

Model built by Eyton Parker


For "Jacob Sterum's / Meditations on a Hobby" preview Kit 72270 - Pz.II Beob visit:

logo "Meditations on a Hobby" Blogspot

Kit 72271 - SdKfz.131 Marder II

Ace/72271/01.jpg Ace/72271/02.jpg Ace/72271/03.jpg Ace/72271/04.jpg Ace/72271/05.jpg Ace/72271/06.jpg Ace/72271/07.jpg Ace/72271/08.jpg Ace/72271/09.jpg Ace/72271/10.jpg Ace/72271/11.jpg

Model built by Andrey Onishchuk

Ace/72271/1/01.jpg Ace/72271/1/02.jpg Ace/72271/1/03.jpg Ace/72271/1/04.jpg Ace/72271/1/05.jpg Ace/72271/1/06.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's impression of kit 72271 - SdKfz.131 'Marder-II', visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72272- Pz.II Pionier version

Ace/72272/00.jpg Ace/72272/01.jpg Ace/72272/1/01.jpg Ace/72272/1/02.jpg Ace/72272/02.jpg Ace/72272/03.jpg Ace/72272/04.jpg Ace/72272/05.jpg Ace/72272/06.jpg Ace/72272/07.jpg Ace/72272/08.jpg

Model built by Eyton Parker

Ace/72272/2/01.jpg Ace/72272/2/02.jpg

For "Jacob Sterum's / Meditations on a Hobby" preview Kit 72272- Pz.II Pionier version visit:

logo "Meditations on a Hobby" Blogspot

Kit 72273 - staff car Citroen 'Avant Traction' 11CV

Ace/72273/01.jpg Ace/72273/02.jpg Ace/72273/1/01.jpg Ace/72273/1/02.jpg

Ace/72273/03.jpg Ace/72273/04.jpg Ace/72273/05.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72273/2/01.jpg Ace/72273/2/02.jpg

For John Kelly's impression of kit 72273 - staff car Citroen 'Avant Traction' 11CV, visit:

logo 'Cybermodeler Online' Website

Kit 72274 - 52-K 85mm Soviet heavy AA Gun (late version)

Ace/72274/01.jpg Ace/72274/2/01.jpg Ace/72274/2/02.jpg

Ace/72274/02.jpg Ace/72274/03.jpg Ace/72274/04.jpg Ace/72274/05.jpg

Pictures of original vehicle - (www.acemodels.com.ua)

Ace/72274/1/01.jpg Ace/72274/1/02.jpg Ace/72274/1/03.jpg Ace/72274/1/04.jpg Ace/72274/1/05.jpg Ace/72274/1/06.jpg

For an "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" preview kit 72274 - 72276 - 52-K 85mm Soviet geavy AA gun (early version), visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72275 - Sd.Kfz.250/1 (neu)

Ace/72275/01.jpg Ace/72275/02.jpg Ace/72275/03.jpg Ace/72275/04.jpg Ace/72275/05.jpg Ace/72275/06.jpg Ace/72275/07.jpg Ace/72275/08.jpg Ace/72275/09.jpg Ace/72275/10.jpg Ace/72275/11.jpg Ace/72275/12.jpg

Kit 72276 - 52-K 85mm Soviet heavy AA gun (early version)

Ace/72276/01.jpg Ace/72276/02.jpg Ace/72276/03.jpg Ace/72276/04.jpg Ace/72276/05.jpg Ace/72276/06.jpg Ace/72276/07.jpg

For an "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" preview kit 72274 - 72276 - 52-K 85mm Soviet geavy AA gun (early version), visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72277 - RSO type 01 with flotation kit

Ace/72277/01.jpg Ace/72277/02.jpg Ace/72277/1/01.jpg Ace/72277/1/02.jpg Ace/72277/03.jpg Ace/72277/04.jpg Ace/72277/05.jpg Ace/72277/06.jpg Ace/72277/07.jpg Ace/72277/08.jpg Ace/72277/09.jpg

Kit 72278 - SdKfz.10/4 with flak 30 and ammunition trailer - (Out of production)

Ace/72278/01.jpg Ace/72278/02.jpg Ace/72278/03.jpg Ace/72278/04.jpg Ace/72278/05.jpg Ace/72278/06.jpg Ace/72278/07.jpg Ace/72278/08.jpg Ace/72278/09.jpg Ace/72278/10.jpg Ace/72278/11.jpg Ace/72278/12.jpg Ace/72278/13.jpg Ace/72278/14.jpg Ace/72278/15.jpg

Kit 72279 - SdKfz.10/5 (Up-armored) - project


Kit 72280 - 7.5cm Panzerabwehrkanone 41 (Pak.41)

Ace/72280/01.jpg Ace/72280/02.jpg Ace/72280/1/01.jpg Ace/72280/1/02.jpg Ace/72280/03.jpg Ace/72280/04.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" preview of kit 72280 - 7.5cm Panzerabwehrkanone 41 (Pak.41), visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

For "Al Magnus' / OTW" review of kit 72280 - 7.5cm Panzerabwehrkanone 41 (Pak.41), visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72281 - Demag SdKfz. 10 with 37mm pak 35/36

Ace/72281/01.jpg Ace/72281/02.gif Ace/72281/03.gif Ace/72281/04.jpg Ace/72281/05.jpg Ace/72281/06.jpg Ace/72281/07.jpg Ace/72281/08.jpg Ace/72281/09.jpg Ace/72281/10.jpg Ace/72281/11.jpg Ace/72281/12.jpg Ace/72281/13.jpg Ace/72281/14.jpg

Kit 72282 - trattore leggero TL-37

Ace/72282/01.jpg Ace/72282/02.jpg Ace/72282/03.jpg Ace/72282/04.jpg Ace/72282/05.jpg Ace/72282/06.jpg Ace/72282/07.jpg Ace/72282/08.jpg Ace/72282/09.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's impression of kit Ace 72282 vs Doc Models 72400 - trattore leggero TL-37, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72282 - trattore leggero TL-37, visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72283 - trattore autocarro 'Sahariana' AS.37

Ace/72283/1/01.jpg Ace/72283/1/02.jpg

Ace/72283/01.jpg Ace/72283/02.jpg Ace/72283/03.jpg Ace/72283/04.jpg Ace/72283/05.jpg Ace/72283/06.jpg Ace/72283/07.jpg Ace/72283/08.jpg Ace/72283/09.jpg

Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi - (AS.37 completed with an AA gun Breda 20/65 - white metal Mirlinton kit)

Ace/72283/2/01.jpg Ace/72283/2/02.jpg Ace/72283/2/03.jpg Ace/72283/2/04.jpg Ace/72283/2/05.jpg

Model built by Igor leonov

Ace/72283/3/01.jpg Ace/72283/3/02.jpg Ace/72283/3/03.jpg Ace/72283/3/04.jpg Ace/72283/3/05.jpg

Kit 72284 - autoprotetto S.37 (armored car)

Ace/72284/01.jpg Ace/72284/02.jpg Ace/72284/03.jpg Ace/72284/04.jpg Ace/72284/05.jpg Ace/72284/06.jpg Ace/72284/07.jpg Ace/72284/08.jpg

Finished model by Andrei Makarov

Ace/72284/1/01.jpg Ace/72284/1/02.jpg Ace/72284/1/03.jpg Ace/72284/1/04.jpg

Kit 72285 - GAZ-11-415 Pickup

Ace/72285/01.jpg Ace/72285/02.jpg Ace/72285/03.jpg Ace/72285/04.jpg Ace/72285/05.jpg Ace/72285/06.jpg Ace/72285/07.jpg Ace/72285/08.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72285/1/01.jpg Ace/72285/1/02.jpg

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72285 - GAZ-11-415 pickup, visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72286 - SdKfz. 10/4 with 2cm Flak 38

Ace/72286/01.jpg Ace/72286/02.jpg Ace/72286/03.jpg Ace/72286/04.jpg Ace/72286/05.jpg Ace/72286/06.jpg Ace/72286/07.jpg Ace/72286/08.jpg Ace/72286/09.jpg Ace/72286/10.jpg Ace/72286/11.jpg Ace/72286/12.jpg

Kit 72287 - 2cm Flak 30 - (Out of Production)


If possible control the sprue in the box before you buy. Most of the sprue's are very bad casted and have a lot of flash

Ace/72287/01.jpg Ace/72287/1/01.jpg Ace/72287/1/02.jpg

Ace/72287/02.jpg Ace/72287/03.jpg Ace/72287/04.jpg

For Volker Helms' first look at kit 72287 - 2cm Flak 30, visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72288 - 2cm Flak 38


If possible control the sprue in the box before you buy. Most of the sprue's are very bad casted and have a lot of flash

Ace/72288/01.jpg Ace/72288/02.jpg Ace/72288/03.jpg Ace/72288/04.jpg

For "Scot van Aken's / Modelling Madness first look at kit 72288 - 2cm Flak 38 visit:

logo Modelling Madness, website

Kit 72289 - Kfz.21 with 'Desert Fox' Rommel

Ace/72289/01.jpg Ace/72289/07.jpg Ace/72289/08.jpg Ace/72289/02.jpg Ace/72289/03.jpg Ace/72289/04.jpg Ace/72289/05.jpg Ace/72289/06.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72289/1/01.jpg Ace/72289/1/02.jpg

Kit 72290 - 10,5cm leFH-16(Rh)

Ace/72290/1/01.jpg Ace/72290/1/02.jpg Ace/72290/1/03.jpg

Ace/72290/01.jpg Ace/72290/02.jpg Ace/72290/03.jpg Ace/72290/04.jpg Ace/72290/05.jpg Ace/72290/06.jpg

Kit 72291 - light tank mark.VI A/B

Ace/72291/01.jpg Ace/72291/02.jpg Ace/72291/03.jpg Ace/72291/04.jpg Ace/72291/05.jpg Ace/72291/06.jpg Ace/72291/07.jpg Ace/72291/08.jpg Ace/72291/09.jpg

Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

Ace/72291/1/01.jpg Ace/72291/1/02.jpg Ace/72291/1/03.jpg

Kit 72292 - British light tank mark.VI C

Ace/72292/01.jpg Ace/72292/02.jpg Ace/72292/03.jpg Ace/72292/04.jpg Ace/72292/05.jpg Ace/72292/06.jpg Ace/72292/07.jpg Ace/72292/08.jpg Ace/72292/09.jpg Ace/72292/10.jpg Ace/72292/11.jpg

Kit 72293 - 10,5cm leFH-16 Sfl. Auf Geschuetzpanzer Mark.VI(e)

Ace/72293/01.jpg Ace/72293/02.jpg Ace/72293/03.jpg Ace/72292/04.jpg Ace/72293/05.jpg Ace/72293/06.jpg Ace/72293/07.jpg Ace/72293/08.jpg Ace/72293/09.jpg Ace/72293/10.jpg Ace/72293/11.jpg Ace/72293/12.jpg

Kit 72294 - 3cm Flak 103/38 'Jaboschrek'


If possible control the sprue in the box before you buy. Most of the sprue's are very bad casted and have a lot of flash

Ace/72294/00.jpg Ace/72294/01.jpg Ace/72294/02.jpg Ace/72294/03.jpg Ace/72294/04.jpg Ace/72294/05.jpg Ace/72294/06.jpg

For "Leonid Postny's 1/72depot" conversion Roden kit 715 with Ace Kit 72294 - 3cm Flak 103/38 'Jaboschrek' visit:

logo '1/72 Depot' Website

For "Al Magnus / OTW" Kitbashing a 3cm Flak103/38 using the Dragon & Ace kits, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72295 - 10,5cm LeFH-18/2 auf Fgst PzKpfw.II (Sf) SdKfz.124 'Wespe'

Ace/72295/01.jpg Ace/72295/02.jpg Ace/72295/03.jpg Ace/72295/04.jpg Ace/72295/05.jpg Ace/72295/06.jpg Ace/72295/07.jpg Ace/72295/08.jpg Ace/72295/09.jpg

Kit 72296 - Japanese Kurgane Type 95 field car

Ace/72296/01.jpg Ace/72296/02.jpg Ace/72296/03.jpg Ace/72296/04.jpg Ace/72296/05.jpg Ace/72296/06.jpg Ace/72296/07.jpg Ace/72296/08.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72296/1/01.jpg Ace/72296/1/02.jpg

Kit 72297 - Japanese Kurogane Type 95 model 5

Ace/72297/01.jpg Ace/72297/02.jpg Ace/72297/03.jpg Ace/72297/04.jpg Ace/72297/05.jpg Ace/72297/06.jpg Ace/72297/07.jpg

Kit 72298 - US army staff car Ford model 1942

Ace/72298/01.jpg Ace/72298/02.jpg Ace/72298/03.jpg Ace/72298/04.jpg Ace/72298/05.jpg Ace/72298/06.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill

Ace/72298/1/01.jpg Ace/72298/1/02.jpg Ace/72298/1/03.jpg Ace/72298/1/04.jpg Ace/72298/1/05.jpg Ace/72298/1/06.jpg Ace/72298/1/07.jpg


'The Mainstreet' - back to the 40's with Ace kit 72298 US staff car - by Paul Tian

For Britmodeller's impression of kit 72298 - US army staff car Ford model 1942:

logo 'Britmodeller' Website

Kit 72299 - imperial Japanese army type 95 pickup

Ace/72299/01.jpg Ace/72299/02.jpg Ace/72299/03.jpg Ace/72299/04.jpg Ace/72299/05.jpg Ace/72299/06.jpg Ace/72299/07.jpg

Kit 72500 - British light utility car 10HP (Tilly)

Ace/72500/01.jpg Ace/72500/02.jpg Ace/72500/03.jpg Ace/72500/04.jpg Ace/72500/05.jpg Ace/72500/06.jpg Ace/72500/07.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72500/1/01.jpg Ace/72500/1/02.jpg

Kit 72501 - British staff car 'Tourer' 8HP

Ace/72501/01.jpg Ace/72501/02.jpg Ace/72501/03.jpg Ace/72501/04.jpg Ace/72501/05.jpg Ace/72501/06.jpg Ace/72501/07.jpg Ace/72501/08.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72501/1/01.jpg Ace/72501/1/02.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill - with 'Waterloo 1815' wellbike

Ace/72501/2/01.jpg Ace/72501/2/02.jpg Ace/72501/2/03.jpg Ace/72501/2/04.jpg

Kit 72502 - Munitions Schlepper auf Wespe

Ace/72502/01.jpg Ace/72502/02.jpg Ace/72502/03.jpg Ace/72502/04.jpg Ace/72502/05.jpg Ace/72502/06.jpg Ace/72502/07.jpg Ace/72502/08.jpg Ace/72502/09.jpg Ace/72502/10.jpg

Kit 72503 - M1A1 US pack howitzer with M8 carriage (airborne)

Ace/72503/01.jpg Ace/72503/02.jpg Ace/72503/03.jpg Ace/72503/04.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72503/1/01.jpg Ace/72503/1/02.jpg

For "Will Alcott / OTW" preview Kit 72503 - M1A1 US pack howitzer with M8 carriage (airborne), visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72504 - ordnance QF 2 pounder - British 40mm AT gun

Ace/72504/01.jpg Ace/72504/02.jpg Ace/72504/03.jpg Ace/72504/04.jpg Ace/72504/05.jpg

Model built by Bazil Van Beeck - (Loyd Carrier from Gramodels)

Ace/72504/1/01.jpg Ace/72504/1/02.jpg Ace/72504/1/03.jpg Ace/72504/1/04.jpg Ace/72504/1/05.jpg Ace/72504/1/06.jpg

Kit 72505 - Model: 1937 Olympia staff car (cabriolet )

Ace/72505/01.jpg Ace/72505/02.jpg Ace/72505/03.jpg Ace/72505/04.jpg Ace/72505/05.jpg Ace/72505/06.jpg Ace/72505/07.jpg Ace/72505/08.jpg Ace/72505/09.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72505/1/01.jpg Ace/72505/1/02.jpg

Kit 72506 - Model 1937 Olympia staff car (2-door saloon)

Ace/72506/01.jpg Ace/72506/02.jpg Ace/72506/03.jpg Ace/72506/04.jpg Ace/72506/05.jpg Ace/72506/06.jpg Ace/72506/07.jpg

Kit 72507 - Model Olympia m.1938 Cabrio

Ace/72507/01.jpg Ace/72507/02.jpg Ace/72507/03.jpg Ace/72507/04.jpg Ace/72507/05.jpg Ace/72507/06.jpg Ace/72507/07.jpg Ace/72507/08.jpg

Kit 72509 - Personenkraftwagen Kfz.1

Ace/72509/01.jpg Ace/72509/02.jpg Ace/72509/03.jpg Ace/72509/04.jpg Ace/72509/05.jpg Ace/72509/06.jpg Ace/72509/07.jpg

Model built by Oleg Stozharov

Ace/72509/1/01.jpg Ace/72509/1/02.jpg Ace/72509/1/03.jpg

Kit 72510 - Five-horse horse drawn wagon (Type 36) with twin MG 36

Ace/72510/00.jpg Ace/72510/01.jpg Ace/72510/02.jpg Ace/72510/03.jpg Ace/72510/04.jpg Ace/72510/05.jpg Ace/72510/06.jpg Ace/72510/07.jpg Ace/72510/08.jpg Ace/72510/09.jpg Ace/72510/10.jpg

Finished model by Oleg Stozharov

Ace/72510/1/01.jpg Ace/72510/1/02.jpg Ace/72510/1/03.jpg

Finished model by Mark Deliduka

Ace/72510/2/01.jpg Ace/72510/2/02.jpg Ace/72510/2/03.jpg

Kit 72511 - Le.gl. Einheitz PKW Kfz.2

Ace/72511/01.jpg Ace/72511/02.jpg Ace/72511/03.jpg Ace/72511/04.jpg Ace/72511/05.jpg Ace/72511/06.jpg Ace/72511/07.jpg

Kit 72512 - Kfz.4 Truppenluftschutzkraftwagen - A.A. motor vehicle

Ace/72512/01.jpg Ace/72512/02.jpg Ace/72512/03.jpg Ace/72512/04.jpg Ace/72512/05.jpg Ace/72512/06.jpg Ace/72512/07.jpg Ace/72512/08.jpg Ace/72512/09.jpg

Kit 72513 - British Staff Car Forlite Saloon 8HP mod.1939

Ace/72513/01.jpg Ace/72513/02.jpg Ace/72513/03.jpg Ace/72513/04.jpg Ace/72513/05.jpg Ace/72513/06.jpg Ace/72513/07.jpg

Kit 72514 - SdKfz. 250/8 "Stummel"

Ace/72514/01.jpg Ace/72514/02.jpg Ace/72514/03.jpg Ace/72514/04.jpg Ace/72514/05.jpg Ace/72514/06.jpg Ace/72514/07.jpg Ace/72514/08.jpg Ace/72514/09.jpg Ace/72514/10.jpg Ace/72514/11.jpg Ace/72514/12.jpg

Kit 72515 - armored Aerosan NKL-26

Ace/72515/01.jpg Ace/72515/07.jpg Ace/72515/08.jpg Ace/72515/02.jpg Ace/72515/03.jpg Ace/72515/04.jpg Ace/72515/05.jpg Ace/72515/06.jpg

Finished model by Ace

Ace/72515/1/01.jpg Ace/72515/1/02.jpg

Kit 72516 - armored Aerosan NKL-16/41

Ace/72516/01.jpg Ace/72516/02.jpg Ace/72516/03.jpg Ace/72516/04.jpg Ace/72516/05.jpg Ace/72516/06.jpg Ace/72516/07.jpg Ace/72516/08.jpg Ace/72516/09.jpg

Finished model by Stozharov


Kit 72517 - Aerosan RF-8 GAZ-98K

Ace/72517/01.jpg Ace/72517/02.jpg Ace/72517/03.jpg Ace/72517/04.jpg Ace/72517/05.jpg Ace/72517/06.jpg Ace/72517/07.jpg

Kit 72518 - Olympia staff car 1938

Ace/72518/01.jpg Ace/72518/02.jpg Ace/72518/03.jpg Ace/72518/04.jpg Ace/72518/05.jpg Ace/72518/06.jpg Ace/72518/07.jpg

Kit 72519 - Funk- und Beobachtungspanzer auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampwagen Mk.VI(e)

Ace/72519/01.jpg Ace/72519/02.jpg Ace/72519/03.jpg Ace/72519/04.jpg Ace/72519/05.jpg Ace/72519/06.jpg Ace/72519/07.jpg Ace/72519/08.jpg Ace/72519/09.jpg Ace/72519/10.jpg

Kit 72520 - German ammo carrier on Mk.VI 736(e) chassis

Ace/72520/01.jpg Ace/72520/02.jpg Ace/72520/03.jpg Ace/72520/04.jpg Ace/72520/05.jpg Ace/72520/06.jpg Ace/72520/07.jpg Ace/72520/08.jpg Ace/72520/09.jpg Ace/72520/10.jpg Ace/72520/11.jpg Ace/72520/12.jpg

Kit 72521 - Model: 12,8cm Pak 44 (K 81/2)

Ace/72521/01.jpg Ace/72521/02.jpg Ace/72521/03.jpg Ace/72521/04.jpg Ace/72521/05.jpg Ace/72521/06.jpg Ace/72521/07.jpg Ace/72521/08.jpg

Finished model by Oleg Stozharov

Ace/72521/1/01.jpg Ace/72521/1/02.jpg Ace/72521/1/03.jpg Ace/72521/1/04.jpg

For Leonid Postny's pictures of finished model kit 72521 - Model: 12,8cm Pak 44 (K 81/2), visit:

logo '1-72depot.com' Website

Kit 72522 - French 25mm Anti-tank gun S.A.L. Mle 1937

Ace/72522/00.jpg Ace/72522/01.jpg Ace/72522/02.jpg Ace/72522/03.jpg Ace/72522/04.jpg

Kit 72523 - French 25mm anti-tank gun S.A. Mle 1934

Ace/72523/01.jpg Ace/72523/02.jpg Ace/72523/03.jpg Ace/72523/04.jpg

Built model by Marcin Mizielinski

Ace/72523/1/01.jpg Ace/72523/1/02.jpg Ace/72523/1/03.jpg Ace/72523/1/04.jpg

For a "Dan Taylor / OTW" review of kit 72523 - French 25mm anti-tank gun S.A. Mle 1934 , visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

For "Stephen Brezinski's" review of kit 72523 - French 25mm anti-tank gun S.A. Mle 1934 , visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72524 - French 3,5t truck AHN (medical van)

Ace/72524/01.jpg Ace/72524/02.jpg Ace/72524/03.jpg Ace/72524/04.jpg Ace/72524/05.jpg Ace/72524/06.jpg Ace/72524/07.jpg Ace/72524/08.jpg Ace/72524/09.jpg Ace/72524/10.jpg

Kit 72525 - French 3,5t truck AHN

Ace/72525/1/01.jpg Ace/72525/1/02.jpg

Ace/72525/00.jpg Ace/72525/01.jpg Ace/72525/02.jpg Ace/72525/03.jpg Ace/72525/04.jpg Ace/72525/05.jpg Ace/72525/06.jpg Ace/72525/07.jpg Ace/72525/08.jpg Ace/72525/09.jpg

Finished model by W.L. Baars

Ace/72525/2/01.jpg Ace/72525/2/02.jpg Ace/72525/2/03.jpg

For a "Danilo Carli's / OTW" review of Kit 72525 - French 3,5t truck AHN , visit:

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Kit 72526 - French 5 ton truck AHR

Ace/72526/01.jpg Ace/72526/02.jpg Ace/72526/03.jpg Ace/72526/04.jpg Ace/72526/05.jpg Ace/72526/06.jpg Ace/72526/07.jpg Ace/72526/08.jpg Ace/72526/09.jpg

Kit 72527 - US 105mm howitzer M2A1 w/M2A2 gun carriage (WW2)

Ace/72527/01.jpg Ace/72527/02.jpg Ace/72527/03.jpg Ace/72527/04.jpg Ace/72527/05.jpg Ace/72527/06.jpg Ace/72527/07.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" preview , Kit 72527 - US 105mm howitzer M2A1 w/M2A2 gun carriage (WW2) visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72528 - 3 inch AT gun M5 (M1 carriage)

Ace/72528/00.jpg Ace/72528/01.jpg Ace/72528/02.jpg Ace/72528/03.jpg Ace/72528/04.jpg Ace/72528/05.jpg Ace/72528/06.jpg Ace/72528/07.jpg

Kit 72529 - French 47mm Anti-tank gun mod.1937

Ace/72529/00.jpg Ace/72529/01.jpg Ace/72529/02.jpg Ace/72529/03.jpg Ace/72529/04.jpg Ace/72529/05.jpg Ace/72529/06.jpg Ace/72529/07.jpg Ace/72529/08.jpg

Built model by Marcin Mizielinski

Ace/72529/1/01.jpg Ace/72529/1/02.jpg Ace/72529/1/03.jpg Ace/72529/1/04.jpg

For a "Stephen Brezinski's" comparison of kit 72529 - French 47mm Anti-tank gun mod.1937 vs. NRC kit 7244 - French 47mm Anti-tank gun, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72530 - US 105mm Howitzer M2A1 (early production series)

Ace/72530/01.jpg Ace/72530/02.jpg Ace/72530/03.jpg Ace/72530/04.jpg Ace/72530/05.jpg

For "Jan Willisch's / IPMS.de" first look at Kit 72530 - US 105mm Howitzer M2A1 (early production series) visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 72531 - US 3 inch AT Gun M5 on carriage M6 (later version)

Ace/72531/01.jpg Ace/72531/02.jpg Ace/72531/03.jpg Ace/72531/04.jpg Ace/72531/05.jpg Ace/72531/06.jpg Ace/72531/07.jpg

Built model by Jiri Bednar

Ace/72531/1/01.jpg Ace/72531/1/02.jpg Ace/72531/1/03.jpg

Kit 72532 - French Gaz Generator Gazifier 3.5t truck AHN

Ace/72532/01.jpg Ace/72532/02.jpg Ace/72532/03.jpg Ace/72532/04.jpg Ace/72532/05.jpg Ace/72532/06.jpg Ace/72532/07.jpg Ace/72532/08.jpg Ace/72532/09.jpg Ace/72532/10.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Ace/72532/1/01.jpg Ace/72532/1/02.jpg Ace/72532/1/03.jpg Ace/72532/1/04.jpg

For a "Danilo Carli's / OTW" review of Kit 72532 - French Gaz Generator Gazifier 3.5t truck AHN , visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72533 - 37mm Polish AT wz.36 (WW2)

Ace/72533/00.jpg Ace/72533/01.jpg Ace/72533/02.jpg Ace/72533/03.jpg Ace/72533/04.jpg

For an "Leonid Postny / 1-72Depot" review about kit First to Fight 03 Polish C2P Tractor , and to carry on an ACE 72533 Wz.36 visit:

logo "1-72depot.com" Website

Kit 72534 - Finnish AT gun 37 PstK/36

Ace/72534/01.jpg Ace/72534/02.jpg Ace/72534/03.jpg Ace/72534/04.jpg Ace/72534/05.jpg Ace/72534/06.jpg

Kit 72535 - Laffly V-15 T

Ace/72535/01.jpg Ace/72535/02.jpg Ace/72535/03.jpg Ace/72535/04.jpg Ace/72535/05.jpg Ace/72535/06.jpg Ace/72535/07.jpg Ace/72535/08.jpg Ace/72535/09.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

Ace/72535/1/01.jpg Ace/72535/1/02.jpg Ace/72535/1/03.jpg Ace/72535/1/04.jpg Ace/72535/1/05.jpg Ace/72535/1/06.jpg

Kit 72536 - French WW2 Artillery tractor (6x6) W15T

Ace/72536/01.jpg Ace/72536/02.jpg Ace/72536/03.jpg Ace/72536/04.jpg Ace/72536/05.jpg Ace/72536/06.jpg Ace/72536/07.jpg Ace/72536/08.jpg

Kit 72537 - Laffly French Tank Hunter (6x6) W15T-CC

Ace/72537/01.jpg Ace/72537/02.jpg Ace/72537/03.jpg Ace/72537/04.jpg Ace/72537/05.jpg Ace/72537/06.jpg Ace/72537/07.jpg Ace/72537/08.jpg Ace/72537/09.jpg Ace/72537/10.jpg

Kit 72538 - Leichter Radschlepper Laffly W15T

Ace/72538/01.jpg Ace/72538/02.jpg Ace/72538/03.jpg Ace/72538/04.jpg Ace/72538/05.jpg Ace/72538/06.jpg Ace/72538/07.jpg

Model built by Ivan Visek

Ace/72538/1/01.jpg Ace/72538/1/02.jpg Ace/72538/1/03.jpg Ace/72538/1/04.jpg

Kit 72540 - T-60 zavod #264 (spoked wheels, model 1942)

Ace/72540/01.jpg Ace/72540/02.jpg Ace/72540/03.jpg Ace/72540/04.jpg Ace/72540/05.jpg Ace/72540/06.jpg Ace/72540/07.jpg Ace/72540/08.jpg Ace/72540/09.jpg Ace/72540/10.jpg

Kit 72541 - T-60 GAZ production (floating wheels, model 1942)

Ace/72541/01.jpg Ace/72541/02.jpg Ace/72541/03.jpg Ace/72541/04.jpg Ace/72541/05.jpg Ace/72541/06.jpg Ace/72541/07.jpg Ace/72541/08.jpg Ace/72541/09.jpg Ace/72541/10.jpg Ace/72541/11.jpg Ace/72541/12.jpg

Construction of T-60 interior, by Liu Hongjian

Ace/72541/1/01.jpg Ace/72541/1/02.jpg Ace/72541/1/03.jpg Ace/72541/1/04.jpg Ace/72541/1/05.jpg

Kit 72542 - BM-8-24 multiple rocket launcher

Ace/72542/01.jpg Ace/72542/02.jpg Ace/72542/03.jpg Ace/72542/04.jpg Ace/72542/05.jpg Ace/72542/06.jpg Ace/72542/07.jpg Ace/72542/08.jpg Ace/72542/09.jpg Ace/72542/10.jpg Ace/72542/11.jpg Ace/72542/12.jpg Ace/72542/13.jpg

Kit 72543 - 155C m.1917 Schneider gun

Ace/72543/00.jpg Ace/72543/01.jpg Ace/72543/02.jpg Ace/72543/03.jpg Ace/72543/04.jpg Ace/72543/05.jpg Ace/72543/06.jpg Ace/72543/07.jpg Ace/72543/08.jpg

Ace/72543/1/01.jpg Ace/72543/1/02.jpg Ace/72543/1/03.jpg

Kit 72544 - US 155mm howitzer model of 1918 (wooden wheels)

Ace/72544/01.jpg Ace/72544/02.jpg Ace/72544/03.jpg Ace/72544/04.jpg Ace/72544/05.jpg Ace/72544/06.jpg

Kit 72548 - Italian light military vehicle 508 CM Coloniale

Ace/72548/00.jpg Ace/72548/01.jpg Ace/72548/02.jpg Ace/72548/03.jpg

Ace/72548/1/01.jpg Ace/72548/1/02.jpg Ace/72548/1/03.jpg

Kit 72550 - Super Snipe Saloon

Ace/72550/01.jpg Ace/72550/02.jpg Ace/72550/03.jpg Ace/72550/04.jpg Ace/72550/05.jpg Ace/72550/06.jpg Ace/72550/07.jpg

Kit 72551 - Super Snipe Station Wagon "Woodie"

Ace/72551/01.jpg Ace/72551/02.jpg Ace/72551/03.jpg Ace/72551/04.jpg Ace/72551/05.jpg Ace/72551/06.jpg Ace/72551/07.jpg

Kit 72552 - Super Snipe Lorry 8cwt (FFW - Fitted For Wireless)

Ace/72552/01.jpg Ace/72552/02.jpg Ace/72552/03.jpg Ace/72552/04.jpg Ace/72552/05.jpg Ace/72552/06.jpg Ace/72552/07.jpg Ace/72552/08.jpg Ace/72552/09.jpg Ace/72552/10.jpg

Detail pictures by Elliott Winthrop

Ace/72552/1/01.jpg Ace/72552/1/02.jpg Ace/72552/1/03.jpg

Kit 72558 - Model: 770K (W-150) Offener Tourenwagen

Ace/72558/01.jpg Ace/72558/02.jpg Ace/72558/03.jpg Ace/72558/04.jpg Ace/72558/05.jpg Ace/72558/06.jpg Ace/72558/07.jpg Ace/72558/08.jpg Ace/72558/09.jpg Ace/72558/10.jpg

For "Matthias Rothe's / IPMSDeutschland" preview Kit 72558 - Model: 770K (W-150) Offener Tourenwagen visit:

logo "IPMSDeutschland" Website

Kit 72559 - German Grosser Limo 770K (W-150) Cabriolet F (7 passenger) Touring

Ace/72559/01.jpg Ace/72559/02.jpg Ace/72559/03.jpg Ace/72559/04.jpg Ace/72559/05.jpg Ace/72559/06.jpg Ace/72559/07.jpg Ace/72559/08.jpg Ace/72559/09.jpg Ace/72559/10.jpg Ace/72559/11.jpg

Kit 72560 - Br-2 152 mm gun M1935

Ace/72560/01.jpg Ace/72560/02.jpg Ace/72560/03.jpg Ace/72560/04.jpg Ace/72560/05.jpg Ace/72560/06.jpg Ace/72560/07.jpg Ace/72560/08.jpg Ace/72560/09.jpg Ace/72560/10.jpg Ace/72560/11.jpg Ace/72560/12.jpg Ace/72560/13.jpg Ace/72560/14.jpg Ace/72560/15.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer - with SVS kit 72001 - Voroshilovets Tractor

Ace/72560/1/01.jpg Ace/72560/1/02.jpg Ace/72560/1/03.jpg Ace/72560/1/04.jpg Ace/72560/1/05.jpg Ace/72560/1/06.jpg Ace/72560/1/07.jpg

Kit 72561 - Panzer Nest - German WW2 mobile MG bunker

Ace/72561/01.jpg Ace/72561/02.jpg Ace/72561/03.jpg Ace/72561/04.jpg Ace/72561/05.jpg Ace/72561/06.jpg

For a "Al Magnus' / OTW" review Kit 72561 - Panzer Nest - German WW2 mobile MG bunker, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72562 - US M-1 57mm AT Gun on M2 carriage

Ace/72562/01.jpg Ace/72562/02.jpg Ace/72562/03.jpg Ace/72562/04.jpg Ace/72562/05.jpg

Kit 72563 - Ordnance QF 6-pounder Mk.II/Mk.IV

Ace/72563/01.jpg Ace/72563/02.jpg Ace/72563/03.jpg Ace/72563/04.jpg Ace/72563/05.jpg Ace/72563/06.jpg

Kit 72565 - Br-5 280mm Soviet Heavy mortar

Ace/72565/01.jpg Ace/72565/02.jpg Ace/72565/03.jpg Ace/72565/04.jpg Ace/72565/05.jpg Ace/72565/06.jpg Ace/72565/07.jpg Ace/72565/08.jpg Ace/72565/09.jpg Ace/72565/10.jpg Ace/72565/11.jpg Ace/72565/12.jpg


Ace/72565/1/01.jpg Ace/72565/1/02.jpg Ace/72565/1/03.jpg Ace/72565/1/04.jpg Ace/72565/1/05.jpg

Kit 72567 - SdKfz.6 Zugkraftwagen 5t Pionier

Ace/72567/01.jpg Ace/72567/02.jpg Ace/72567/03.jpg Ace/72567/04.jpg Ace/72567/05.jpg Ace/72567/06.jpg Ace/72567/07.jpg Ace/72567/08.jpg Ace/72567/09.jpg Ace/72567/10.jpg

3D drawing

Ace/72567/1/01.jpg Ace/72567/1/02.jpg Ace/72567/1/03.jpg Ace/72567/1/04.jpg Ace/72567/1/05.jpg

Kit 72568 - SdKfz.6 Zugkraftwagen 5t Artillery - (How long before it reaches the market is anyone`s guess ! - hopefully soon!)

Ace/72568/00.jpg Ace/72568/01.jpg Ace/72568/02.jpg Ace/72568/03.jpg Ace/72568/04.jpg Ace/72568/05.jpg Ace/72568/06.jpg Ace/72568/07.jpg Ace/72568/08.jpg Ace/72568/09.jpg Ace/72568/10.jpg

Kit 72569 - 3 inch (76.2) smooth-bore Smith Gun

Ace/72569/1/01.jpg Ace/72569/1/02.jpg Ace/72569/1/03.jpg

Ace/72569/01.jpg Ace/72569/02.jpg Ace/72569/03.jpg Ace/72569/04.jpg


06-21-2912 - Parts A & B have a number of errors. Ace is informed. - Steve Cox

Kit 72570 - 3,7cm flak 36/37

Ace/72570/01.jpg Ace/72570/02.jpg Ace/72570/03.jpg Ace/72570/04.jpg

To build this model good documentation is needed

Ace/72570/1/01.jpg Ace/72570/1/02.jpg Ace/72570/1/03.jpg Ace/72570/1/04.jpg Ace/72570/1/05.jpg Ace/72570/1/06.jpg

Kit 72571 - Pak.36 (R) - 7,62 cm AT gun

Ace/72571/01.jpg Ace/72571/02.jpg Ace/72571/03.jpg Ace/72571/04.jpg Ace/72571/05.jpg

For a "Al Magnus' / OTW" review Kit 72571 - Pak.36 (R) - 7,62 cm AT gun visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72572 - F22 7,62cm Soviet AT gun

Ace/72572/01.jpg Ace/72572/02.jpg Ace/72572/03.jpg Ace/72572/04.jpg Ace/72572/05.jpg

Kit 72573 - SdKfz. 6/2 5ton halftrack with 3,7cm Flak 36

Ace/72573/01.jpg Ace/72573/02.jpg Ace/72573/03.jpg Ace/72573/04.jpg Ace/72573/05.jpg Ace/72573/06.jpg Ace/72573/07.jpg Ace/72573/08.jpg Ace/72573/09.jpg Ace/72573/10.jpg Ace/72573/11.jpg Ace/72573/12.jpg Ace/72573/13.jpg Ace/72573/14.jpg

Built model by Leonid Kotenko

Ace/72573/1/01.jpg Ace/72573/1/02.jpg Ace/72573/1/03.jpg Ace/72573/1/04.jpg Ace/72573/1/05.jpg Ace/72573/1/06.jpg Ace/72573/1/07.jpg

Kit 72574 - SdKfz. 6/3 5ton half track with 7,62cm Flak 36(R) "Diana"

Ace/72574/00.jpg Ace/72574/01.jpg Ace/72574/08.jpg Ace/72574/09.jpg Ace/72574/10.jpg Ace/72574/11.jpg Ace/72574/12.jpg Ace/72574/13.jpg Ace/72574/02.jpg Ace/72574/03.jpg Ace/72574/04.jpg Ace/72574/05.jpg Ace/72574/06.jpg Ace/72574/07.jpg Ace/72574/14.jpg

3D drawings

Ace/72574/1/01.jpg Ace/72574/1/02.jpg Ace/72574/1/03.jpg Ace/72574/1/04.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Ace/72574/2/01.jpg Ace/72574/2/02.jpg Ace/72574/2/03.jpg Ace/72574/2/04.jpg Ace/72574/2/05.jpg Ace/72574/2/06.jpg Ace/72574/2/07.jpg Ace/72574/2/08.jpg Ace/72574/2/09.jpg Ace/72574/2/10.jpg

Built model by Ivan Visek

Ace/72574/3/01.jpg Ace/72574/3/02.jpg Ace/72574/3/03.jpg Ace/72574/3/04.jpg

Kit 72575 - G917T German Cargo Truck with soft cab

Ace/72575/01.jpg Ace/72575/02.jpg Ace/72575/03.jpg Ace/72575/04.jpg Ace/72575/05.jpg Ace/72575/06.jpg Ace/72575/07.jpg Ace/72575/08.jpg Ace/72575/09.jpg Ace/72575/10.jpg

3D Drawings

Ace/72575/1/01.jpg Ace/72575/1/02.jpg Ace/72575/1/03.jpg Ace/72575/1/04.jpg Ace/72575/1/05.jpg

Model built by W.L.Baars

Ace/72575/2/01.jpg Ace/72575/2/02.jpg Ace/72575/2/03.jpg Ace/72575/2/04.jpg

Kit 72576 - V-3000 German 3t truck (early flatbed)

Ace/72576/01.jpg Ace/72576/11.jpg Ace/72576/12.jpg Ace/72576/13.jpg Ace/72576/14.jpg Ace/72576/02.jpg Ace/72576/03.jpg Ace/72576/04.jpg Ace/72576/05.jpg Ace/72576/06.jpg Ace/72576/07.jpg Ace/72576/08.jpg Ace/72576/09.jpg Ace/72576/10.jpg

For a "Danillo Carli' / OTW" preview Kit 72576 - V-3000 German 3t truck (early flatbed) visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit 72577 - MB-770K Offener Tourenwagen - armoured cabriolet for Reichskanzler

Ace/72577/01.jpg Ace/72577/02.jpg Ace/72577/03.jpg Ace/72577/04.jpg Ace/72577/05.jpg Ace/72577/06.jpg Ace/72577/07.jpg Ace/72577/08.jpg Ace/72577/09.jpg Ace/72577/10.jpg Ace/72577/11.jpg Ace/72577/12.jpg

Kit 72578 - Einheits Diesel

Ace/72578/01.jpg Ace/72578/02.jpg Ace/72578/03.jpg Ace/72578/04.jpg Ace/72578/05.jpg Ace/72578/06.jpg Ace/72578/07.jpg

Built model by Christian Weber

Ace/72578/1/01.jpg Ace/72578/1/02.jpg Ace/72578/1/03.jpg Ace/72578/1/04.jpg Ace/72578/1/05.jpg Ace/72578/1/06.jpg

Kit 72579 - KFz.62 Funkkraftwagen (Radio truck)

Ace/72579/02.jpg Ace/72579/03.jpg Ace/72579/04.jpg Ace/72579/05.jpg Ace/72579/06.jpg Ace/72579/07.jpg Ace/72579/08.jpg

Kit 72580 - German Cargo Truck G917T m1939

Ace/72580/01.jpg Ace/72580/02.jpg Ace/72580/03.jpg Ace/72580/04.jpg Ace/72580/05.jpg Ace/72580/06.jpg Ace/72580/07.jpg Ace/72580/08.jpg Ace/72580/09.jpg Ace/72580/10.jpg

Kit 72581 - Soviet ML-20 152mm Howitzer ( New tooling)

Ace/72581/01.jpg Ace/72581/02.jpg Ace/72581/03.jpg Ace/72581/04.jpg Ace/72581/05.jpg Ace/72581/06.jpg Ace/72581/07.jpg Ace/72581/08.jpg Ace/72581/09.jpg Ace/72581/10.jpg

Kit 72582 - A-19 Soviet WW2 122mm heavy gun

Ace/72582/01.jpg Ace/72582/02.jpg Ace/72582/03.jpg Ace/72582/04.jpg Ace/72582/05.jpg Ace/72582/06.jpg Ace/72582/07.jpg Ace/72582/08.jpg Ace/72582/09.jpg

Kit 72583 - German 12,8cm Pak 44 K81/2

Ace/72583/01.jpg Ace/72583/02.jpg Ace/72583/03.jpg Ace/72583/04.jpg Ace/72583/05.jpg Ace/72583/06.jpg Ace/72583/07.jpg Ace/72583/08.jpg Ace/72583/09.jpg Ace/72583/10.jpg

Kit 72584 - Ford V8 Stake Truck m1936/37 - (as Military truck in service by German and Dutch Army WWII)

Ace/72584/01.jpg Ace/72584/02.jpg Ace/72584/03.jpg Ace/72584/04.jpg Ace/72584/05.jpg Ace/72584/06.jpg Ace/72584/07.jpg Ace/72584/08.jpg Ace/72584/09.jpg Ace/72584/10.jpg Ace/72584/11.jpg

Kit 72585 - German V-8 Model 51 Truck

Ace/72585/01.jpg Ace/72585/02.jpg Ace/72585/03.jpg Ace/72585/04.jpg Ace/72585/05.jpg Ace/72585/06.jpg Ace/72585/07.jpg Ace/72585/08.jpg Ace/72585/09.jpg Ace/72585/10.jpg

Kit 72589 - Ford 134in Panel Van mod.1939

Ace/72589/01.jpg Ace/72589/02.jpg Ace/72589/03.jpg Ace/72589/04.jpg Ace/72589/05.jpg Ace/72589/06.jpg Ace/72589/07.jpg

Kit 72592 - COE (CabOverEngine) Ford refueler truck m.1939

Ace/72592/01.jpg Ace/72592/02.jpg Ace/72592/03.jpg Ace/72592/04.jpg Ace/72592/05.jpg Ace/72592/06.jpg Ace/72592/07.jpg Ace/72592/08.jpg Ace/72592/09.jpg Ace/72592/10.jpg

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