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Photo etching parts for RSO (Ace 72205, 72206 & 72207)
Photo etching parts for Scorpion (Ace 72417, 72418)
Kit 7224 - T-54/55 tracks set (for ACE/PST T-54/55 kits)

Ace/rso_tracks.jpg Ace/scorpion_tracks.jpg Ace/7224.jpg

Kit 7230 - T-26 tracks (replacement set for Skif/UM kits) + spocket + idler wheel

Ace/pe/E7230.jpg Ace/pe/7230-1.jpg

Kit 7231 - KV tracks (700mm wide tracks) for PST kits

Ace/pe/E7231.jpg Ace/pe/7231-1.jpg

Kit 7232 - T-34 model 1941 tracks set (550mm wide) for UM/Dragon kits

Ace/pe/E7232.jpg Ace/pe/7232-1.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski/OTW's review of kit T-34 model 1941 tracks set (550mm wide) for UM/Dragon kits, visit:

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Kit 7233 - T-72 RMSh tracks set (for ACE T-72/T-62M/M-84/T-90/T-90 kits)

Ace/pe/E7233.jpg Ace/pe/7233-1.jpg

Kit 7237 - T-34 (model 1942) 550mm wide winter tracks (Red Sormovo) for UM/Dragon kits

Ace/pe/E7237.jpg Ace/pe/7237-1.jpg

Kit 7241 - 608mm KV-1s lightened tracks set for PST kits

Ace/pe/E7241.jpg Ace/pe/7241-1.jpg

Kit 7244 - BT- 7 tracks set for UMM kits

Ace/pe/E7244.jpg Ace/pe/7244-1.jpg

Kit 7245 - 500mm T-34 'UZTM-late' tracks 1943 (UMM/REV)


Kit 7246 - 500mm T-34 'RMSh' tracks mod. 1945 (UMM/REV)

Ace/pe/E7246.jpg Ace/pe/7246-1.jpg

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