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AER Srl from Moldova. - (Part one)

"Out of Production"

'AER Colectie Srl.', 41 Bolgarskaya street, office 11 PO391, tel/fax: +373 (2) 27 31 77, Chisinau, Moldova.

AER manufactured some very unique and hard to find resin kits. Around 1997 the company AER started with injection moulded (plastic) kits of the Russian ZIS trucks variants. After financial problems these moulds were obtained by other manufacturers such as PST and TOCA. AER designs later resin kits and casts its products in a typical one-sided way. The resin being used is very hard. You must be very careful when handling the parts. The kits are of a rather poor quality, both in detailing and in casting. Some kits have injection moulded plastic parts from other manufacturers, such as Eastern Express or from the older AER plastic ZIS kits. But the AER resin kits are interesting and most of them are not released by other manufacturers. These kits are advised only for the more advanced modelers with experience in upgrading and reworking parts. A second suggestion is to replace resin parts with plastic spare parts where possible and if available.

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Resin kits with or without injection moulded parts

Kit AR7201 ZIS-42M Russian half track

Aer/7201/01.jpg Aer/7201/02.jpg Aer/7201/03.jpg Aer/7201/04.jpg

Kit AR7202 BA-11 Russian heavy armoured car based on Zis-6 chassis

Aer/7202/01.jpg Aer/7202/02.jpg Aer/7202/03.jpg

Kit AR7203 ZIS-5W, 37mm anti aircraft gun

Aer/7203/01.jpg Aer/7203/02.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Rtrucks/14.jpg Rtrucks/14-1.jpg Rtrucks/14-3.jpg

Kit AR7204 ZIS-42M, 37mm anti aircraft gun

Aer/7204/01.jpg Aer/7204/02.jpg Aer/7204/03.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's impression of kit 7204 - ZIS-42M, 37mm anti aircraft gun, visit:

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Kit AR7205 artillery tractor 'Komintern'

The artillery tractor 'Komintern' was manufactured from 1934 until 1940. In total, 1978 vehicles were manufactured. It was simple and safe and capable of towing any guns of calibre up to 152mm and 203mm howitzer B-4. The 'Komintern' was one of the best of medium artillery tractors of 1930's. It took an active part in WW-II. Between September 1942 and the end of the war in 1945 only 56 tractors were lost. At the end of the war 568 tractors were still in use in the Soviet Army.

Aer/7205/01.jpg Aer/7205/02.jpg Aer/7205/03.jpg Aer/7205/04.jpg Aer/7205/05.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Aer/7205/1/01.jpg Aer/7205/1/02.jpg Aer/7205/1/03.jpg Aer/7205/1/04.jpg Aer/7205/1/05.jpg Aer/7205/1/06.jpg Aer/7205/1/07.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7205 and others, visit:

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For On The Way's impression of kit 7205 - artillery tractor 'Komintern', visit:

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Kit AR7206 ZIS-16Ms ambulance

The Zis-16S ambulance was manufactured between 1939 and 1944 and was designed on the chassis of the Zis-16 passenger bus. It had a simplified cabin from the Zis-5 truck and the body of the Zis-16 bus. In the front of the body the stretchers were lined up in 3 rows of 2 stretchers each and in the rear there were two more rows of two stretchers each. The compartment was ventilated and heated. The Zis 16S ambulances were used during the entire period of the war.

Aer/7206/01.jpg Aer/7206/02.jpg Aer/7206/03.jpg Aer/7206/04.jpg Aer/7206/05.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Rtrucks/21.jpg Rtrucks/21-1.jpg Rtrucks/21-2.jpg Rtrucks/21-3.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7206 and others, visit:

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Kit AR7207 ZIS-12, anti aircraft search light

Aer/7207/01.jpg Aer/7207/02.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Rtrucks/20.jpg Rtrucks/20-1.jpg Rtrucks/20-2.jpg Rtrucks/20-3.jpg

Kit AR7208 SAU-122 In service by Syria and Egypt

Aer/7208/01.jpg Aer/7208/02.jpg Aer/7208/03.jpg Aer/7208/04.jpg

Spacing and details of the wheels are incorrect.

Model built by webmaster - 1/72 plastic hull and resin turret - replaced wheel unit

t34/31/02.jpg t34/31/03.jpg t34/31/04.jpg t34/31/05.jpg t34/31/06.jpg t34/31/07.jpg t34/31/08.jpg t34/31/09.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7208 and others, visit:

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Kit AR7209 mine sweep for T34/85

Aer/7209/01.jpg Aer/7209/02.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

t34/12.jpg t34/12-1.jpg t34/12-2.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7209 and others, visit:

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Kit AR7210 203mm heavy howitzer B-4

Aer/7210/01.jpg Aer/7210/02.jpg Aer/7210/03.jpg Aer/7210/04.jpg Aer/7210/05.jpg

Model built by Patrice Dauga - red points are for homemade parts

Aer/7210/1/01.jpg Aer/7210/1/02.jpg Aer/7210/1/03.jpg Aer/7210/1/04.jpg Aer/7210/1/05.jpg Aer/7210/1/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

Aer/7210/2/01.jpg Aer/7210/2/02.jpg Aer/7210/2/03.jpg Aer/7210/2/04.jpg

Kit AR7211 Aero sledge GAS-98

Aer/7211/01.jpg Aer/7211/02.jpg Aer/7211/03.jpg Aer/7211/06.jpg Aer/7211/04.jpg Aer/7211/05.jpg

AER 1/72 (resin) GAZ-98 'aero sledge'
The GAZ-98 was used on the north-western front against the Germans in 1941. The AER kit consists of just 15 hand cast resin parts (most parts have to be cut away from the surrounding flash) and some lengths of wire in two thicknesses. Assembly of the resin parts looks rather simple. The interior consists of just two seats, an instrument panel and the front mounted machine gun) but the mounting of the skis faces a real problem because all the attachment 'struts' and suspension arms have to be cut from the wire. The instruction sheet has a two view 1/72 scale plan, to assist. Also, the coil spring suspension must be hand made from the thin wire wrapped around thicker wire! An interesting undertaking, if you are prepared to put in the time.

Kit AR7212 Voroshilovets heavy tractor

There was a need to design a heavy tractor with a tank engine for the heavy field guns (calibre 152-305mm guns), as well as medium and heavy tanks which appeared in the Red Army in the 1930's. Development of the tractor started in 1935 at the Komintern steam locomotive plant in Kharkov. In 1937 a prototype was brought to Moscow where it was demonstrated at the Kremlin. The vehicle performed well. It towed the heaviest artillery systems and the heaviest tanks available at that time. As a result, the design was approved and mass production began in late 1939 with a total of 1123 vehicles built. During the war the tractor was effectively used on all fronts for heavy towing tasks.

Aer/7212/01.jpg Aer/7212/02.jpg Aer/7212/03.jpg Aer/7212/04.jpg Aer/7212/05.jpg Aer/7212/06.jpg Aer/7212/07.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Aer/7212/1/01.jpg Aer/7212/1/02.jpg Aer/7212/1/03.jpg Aer/7212/1/04.jpg Aer/7212/1/05.jpg Aer/7212/1/06.jpg Aer/7212/1/07.jpg Aer/7212/1/08.jpg Aer/7212/1/09.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7212 and others, visit:

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For Stephen Bezinski's impression of kit 7212 - 'Voroshilovets' heavy tractor, visit:

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Kit AR7213 Katiusha based on STZ-5

Aer/7213/01.jpg Aer/7213/02.jpg Aer/7213/03.jpg Aer/7213/04.jpg Aer/7213/05.jpg

Reworking an AER kit by Vladimir Muff

Work on the AER STZ-5 took me a long time. The kit looks like built-from-scratch with only five basic parts in dark grey taken from the original AER resin kit. The rocket launcher was rebuilt from parts of a PST kit. The next step will be mastering and casting new wheels followed by the paint job.

Aer/7213/1/01.jpg Aer/7213/1/03.jpg Aer/7213/1/04.jpg Aer/7213/1/05.jpg Aer/7213/1/06.jpg Aer/7213/1/07.jpg Aer/7213/1/08.jpg Aer/7213/1/09.jpg Aer/7213/1/10.jpg Aer/7213/1/11.jpg

Kit AR7214 STZ-5 Soviet artillery tractor

Aer/7214/01.jpg Aer/7214/02.jpg Aer/7214/03.jpg Aer/7214/04.jpg Aer/7214/05.jpg

Aer/7214/1/01.jpg Aer/7214/1/02.jpg Aer/7214/1/03.jpg Aer/7214/1/04.jpg Aer/7214/1/05.jpg Aer/7214/1/06.jpg Aer/7214/1/07.jpg

Kit AR7216 BA-11D Russian heavy armoured car

Aer/7216/01.jpg Aer/7216/02.jpg Aer/7216/03.jpg Aer/7216/04.jpg Aer/7216/05.jpg Aer/7216/06.jpg Aer/7216/07.jpg Aer/7216/08.jpg Aer/7216/09.jpg Aer/7216/10.jpg Aer/7216/11.jpg

Model built by Thomas Heinicke

Aer/7216/1/01.jpg Aer/7216/1/02.jpg Aer/7216/1/03.jpg

For "Jose M. Teja's / OTW" impression of kit 7217 - BA-11D Russian heavy armoured car, visit:

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For "Thomas Heinicke's / IPMS.de" review of kit 7217 - BA-11D Russian heavy armoured car, visit:

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Kit AR7218 BA-6 Russian heavy armoured car

Aer/7218/01.jpg Aer/7218/02.jpg Aer/7218/03.jpg Aer/7218/04.jpg Aer/7218/05.jpg

Kit AR7219 Zis-5 Russian truck


Kit AR7220 Zis-5V Russian truck

Aer/7220/01.jpg Aer/7225/02.jpg

Kit AR7221 Zis-6 Russian truck


Kit AR7222 B2 152mm heavy howitzer

Aer/7222/01.jpg Aer/7222/02.jpg Aer/7222/03.jpg Aer/7222/04.jpg Aer/7222/05.jpg

Kit AR7223 'Komintern' and B4 203mm heavy howitzer

Aer/7223/01.jpg Aer/7223/02.jpg Aer/7223/03.jpg Aer/7223/04.jpg Aer/7223/05.jpg Aer/7223/06.jpg Aer/7223/07.jpg Aer/7223/08.jpg Aer/7223/09.jpg

Kit AR7225 ZIS-5 with 'Sea glider' speed boat.

This kit includes the AER (now PST) injection moulded Zis-5 truck plus a resin speed boat and the resin extension for the Zis-5. The resin mouldings and details are somewhat better than the early stuff manufactured by AER. Also included is a set of BM-13 decals.

Aer/7225/01.jpg Aer/7225/02.jpg Aer/7225/03.jpg Aer/7225/04.jpg Aer/7225/05.jpg Aer/7225/06.jpg Aer/7225/07.jpg Aer/7225/08.jpg Aer/7225/09.jpg Aer/7225/10.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Rtrucks/22.jpg Rtrucks/22-2.jpg Rtrucks/22-4.jpg Rtrucks/22-5.jpg

For Erwin Bovyn's impression of kit 7225 - ZIS-5 with 'Sea glider', visit:

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Kit AR7226 T-70 Light Tank M1942

Not to be mistaken for the modern T-70 main battle tank, this is a model of the WW-II light tank T-70. While still rather basic, AER has at least somewhat improved it's resin mouldings. The kit features injection moulded road wheels and sprockets. The two part hull and the turret are separate resin mouldings but the rest of the resin parts and the link and length tracks are all moulded onto hand poured 'sprues'. The details are like the kit: rather basic/poor. A set of BM-13 decals is included.

Aer/7226/01.jpg Aer/7226/02.jpg Aer/7226/03.jpg

For On The Way's impression of kit 7226 - T-70 light tank M1942, visit:

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Kit AR7227 Zis-5 with short 76mm gun from 1941

Yet another re-issue of the Zis-5 (originally made by AER but now PST) with a 76mm motorized gun mounted on heavy steel plating on the back. The basic Zis-5 is injection moulded while the gun and steel plate are hand poured resin. Here too, a set of BM-13 decals is included.

Aer/7227/01.jpg Aer/7227/02.jpg Aer/7227/03.jpg Aer/7227/04.jpg Aer/7227/05.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Rtrucks/10.jpg Rtrucks/10-1.jpg Rtrucks/10-2.jpg Rtrucks/10-3.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7227 and others, visit:

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Kit AR7228 SU-76 (1943) Soviet self propelled gun [samokhodnaya ustanovka SU-76]

The first Soviet SPG was built on the chassis of the T-70 light tank. Between Autumn 1942 and the end of the war, 13932 SU-76s were built. The vehicle was armoured with the Zis-3 gun.

Aer/7228/01.jpg Aer/7228/02.jpg

Aer/7228/1/01.jpg Aer/7228/1/02.jpg Aer/7228/1/03.jpg Aer/7228/1/04.jpg Aer/7228/1/05.jpg Aer/7228/1/06.jpg Aer/7228/1/07.jpg Aer/7228/1/08.jpg Aer/7228/1/09.jpg Aer/7228/1/10.jpg Aer/7228/1/12.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7228 and others, visit:

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Kit AR7229 terror tank

Aer/7229/01.jpg Aer/7229/02.jpg Aer/7229/03.jpg Aer/7229/04.jpg Aer/7229/05.jpg

Aer/7229/1/01.jpg Aer/7229/1/02.jpg Aer/7229/1/03.jpg Aer/7229/1/04.jpg

NA ISPUG armoured tractor
Based on the STZ-5 artillery tractor, this is an all resin kit, including the link and length tracks, although, the upper hull looks like it has been injection moulded. All parts, except for the upper hull, have to be broken/cut away from their surrounding flash. The mouldings don't appear to have any air bubbles and are well detailed. Included is a number of accessories: jerry can, axe, mallet, tow rope ends etc. All road wheels are separate mouldings and the gun is nicely detailed. There are no decals with this kit.

Kit AR7230 Aero sledge NKL-26

Aer/ar7230/01.jpg Aer/ar7230/02.jpg Aer/ar7230/03.jpg Aer/ar7230/04.jpg Aer/ar7230/05.jpg Aer/ar7230/06.jpg

Aero sledge NKL-26
The Aero sledge NKL-26 was designed in 1941 and intended specially for conducting operations in harsh winter conditions. Using speed and the vehicle's high cross country speed, these legendary machine-gun sleighs wouldc conduct surprise attacks on unexpecting opponents. The Aero sledge saw action on the central front, the Kalinin front, the north-west front, the Leningrad front and the Karelian front. The German aero sledge, used on lakes of Karelia, were slower and therefore shunned combat engagements with the faster Soviet aero sledge. Crew: 2 persons. Armament: one 7.62mm machine-gun.

Kit AR7231 horse-drawn machine gun cart 'Tacianka'

Aer/7231/01.jpg Aer/7231/02.jpg Aer/7231/03.jpg

Machine gun cart 'Tacianka'
The first time horse-drawn machine-gun carts were widely used by the Russian cavalry was during the civil war 1917-1922, mainly by the First Horse Army. During WW-II, the horse was the most imperceptible service arm. German general Galder wrote: "We constantly collide with horse formations. They are so manoeuvreble that in spite of the German technical superiority, while engaging them we are simply out-run."

Kit AR7232 missile launcher BM 8-24 on T-60 chassis

Aer/7232/01.jpg Aer/7232/02.jpg Aer/7232/03.jpg Aer/7232/04.jpg

Rocket launcher on a T-60 tank hull
During cross country actions it became clear that the current 'Katiusha' launcher had very limited off-road capabilities. Therefore in September of 1941 the BM 8-24 rocket launchers were mounted on the chassis of T-40 and T-60 light tanks. These weapon systems were used with high rate of success during the battle of Moscow, in Crimea, in the battle of Stalingrad, at the north-west front and at the Volkhov front.

Kit AR7233 artillery tractor JA-12 WW-II

The JA-12 first became available in 1943. T-70 drive part were used which allowed for rapid replacing of broken parts. Front-line troops quite liked the JA-12 tractors JA-12, nicknaming them 'miracle machines' and 'robust fellows'. Artillery units equipped with JA-12 got high mobility and maneuverability. The speed of guns and howitzers towed by the JA-12 tractors proved 5 times higher than when towed by ChTZ tractors. For example, the six-inch howitzer could reach a road speed of 37 km/h. These machines were especially useful during the Red Army's offensive operations because they were capable of keeping pace with motorized and mechanized units. This meant that artillery was directly available for fire support. By the end of the war 1666 tractors such as JA-12 had been deployed.

Aer/7233/01.jpg Aer/7233/02.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER - early

Aer/7233/1/01.jpg Aer/7233/1/02.jpg Aer/7233/1/03.jpg Aer/7233/1/04.jpg Aer/7233/1/05.jpg Aer/7233/1/06.jpg Aer/7233/1/07.jpg

Artillery tractor JA-12 WW-II - late

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Aer/7233/2/01.jpg Aer/7233/2/02.jpg Aer/7233/2/03.jpg Aer/7233/2/04.jpg Aer/7233/2/05.jpg Aer/7233/2/06.jpg Aer/7233/2/07.jpg

Kit AR7234 armored patrol gun boat

Aer/7234/01.jpg Aer/7234/02.jpg Aer/7234/03.jpg

Patrol armoured gunboat
In the offset of WW-I rivers were regularly used by army transport units. At the front lines rivers were an ideal means of communication, especially when roads were absent or inaccessible. Therefore, in 1915 Russia started to organize so called river flotillas. To equip these river units, 18 patrol cutters were ordered in the USA from the shipyard 'Mullins and Co'. They were delivered in 1916. The patrol gunboats had a flat-bottom hull and fully armoured deck house. The armament consisted of one MG 7.62mm in a 360 degrees rotatable turret. Later they were armed with an additional Gochkis 36mm gun or a 12.5mm MG mounted on the stern. The 85 h.p. Sterling petrol engine was remotely controled with a hand wheel. For crew protection against shrapnel from the armour the machine-gun turret and the inside of the cabin were upholstered with heavy felt. In WW-I the cutters were deployed in river flotillas in Pinsk, in Reny, in Izmail, in Tiraspol and in Nikolaev. In early 1918 the Germans used 6 confiscated patrol cutters as sentries. In November 1918 the Germans, while withdrawing from Ukraine, left these boats behind. They were subsequently used in nearly all operations of the Red Army in the civil war. Their success lay in their flat bottom design allowing them to navigate even rather shallow waters plus their transportability by rail. Where roads were unridable, these gun boats could come where field artillery often could not. At the end of the Second World War armoured gunboats participated in operations against Japan on the river Amur.

Kit AR7235 - 152mm howitzer ML-20

Aer/7235/01.jpg Aer/7235/02.jpg Aer/7235/03.jpg

Soviet 152mm gun-howitzer from 1937
In 1937 F.F. Petrov designed the ML-20 gun-howitzer 152mm. This is the first time an artillery piece was designed that had the characteristics of both a field gun and a howitzer. It featured the typical trajectory of a howitzer with a maximum elevation of 65 degrees and the high muzzle velocity of a field gun. The ML-20 was used in every artillery action by the Russian army during WW-II. It was especially succesful in combating the German tanks. The 49 kg heavy shell combined with the high muzzle velocity easily destroyed the tower of a 'Tiger' tank. The gun saw action on all fronts of WW-II. In total 6880 pieces were manufactured. Because of its proven battle qualities, the of ML-20 was chosen as the main armament for the JSU-152, the Josef Stalin ustanovka.

For Stephen Brezinski's impression of kit 7235 - 152mm howitzer ML-20, visit:

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Kit AR7236 - T-20 'Komsomolets' WW-II with 45mm anti-tank gun.

Aer/7236/01.jpg Aer/7236/02.jpg Aer/7236/03.jpg Aer/7236/04.jpg

T-20 Komsomolets with 45mm anti tank gun WW-II
The Soviet high-speed armored ammunition truck tractor T-20 'Komsomolets' was designed at the end of 1936 by chief designer N.N. Astrov on the basis of the small tank T-38. This tractor was intended for towing anti-tank guns. The vehicle's armor was between 7mm and 10mm and a frontal MG was installed. Behind the engine compartment there were two lines of seats. In bad weather these seats would be covered with a canopy with small windows. In the beginning of WW-II these tractors were deployed as so called machine gun tanks. Because of a shortage of other truck tractors they were also used for towing heavier small-caliber air-defense and divisional artillery, streching their limited towing power beyond their design. In total, 7780 truck tractors of this model were delivered.

Kit AR7237 - ZIS-30 Light tank destroyer WW-II.

Aer/7237/01.jpg Aer/7237/02.jpg Aer/7237/03.jpg Aer/7237/04.jpg

ZIS-30 light tank destroyer
At the beginning of the civil war, the Red army had no tank destroyer or SPAA in production. To accomplish this task a special group of engineers was summoned to the factory's design bureau. The head designer was P.F. Murav'ev. In a very short time the new SP was designed and a prototype built. The ZIS-30 was a light tank destroyer based on the 'Komsomolets' tractor. It was armed with an open 57mm ZIS-2 AT-gun, protected only by the gun's shield. For better stability the TD was equipped with two extendable skids. The first ZIS-30 tank destroyers rolled out at the end of September 1941. By the summer of 1942 most of these TD's were lost. Some were destroyed during battles, other were lost because of technical failures.

Kit AR7238 - BS-3 Soviet 100mm field gun 1944 WW-II

Aer/7238/01.jpg Aer/7238/02.jpg Aer/7238/03.jpg Aer/7238/04.jpg Aer/7238/05.jpg

BS-3 soviet 100mm field gun 1944 WW-II
The 100mm BS-3 field gun was the most powerful artillery system of Soviet army at the final stages of WW-II. The gun was designed to fight against tanks, light vehicles, to neutralize distant targets and to annihilate the infantry supporting fire weapons and enemy troops. The gun was developed in the beginning of 1943 by V. Grabin Design Bureau.

Kit AR7239 - Nati tractor with 122m gun

Aer/7239/01.jpg Aer/7239/02.jpg Aer/7239/03.jpg Aer/7239/04.jpg Aer/7239/05.jpg

Soviet STZ NATI tractor (mod. of 1935) with 122mm howitzer (mod. 1910-1930).
In the years before WW-II, a big operation in which the most recent guns of the former Russian imperial army were modernized, had taken place. In the 1930th the following guns were all upgraded: 76mm gun mod. 1902-30, the 107mm gun mod. 1910-30, the 122mm howitzer mod. 1910-30, the 152mm howitzer mod. 1909-30, the 152mm gun mod. 1910-30, an air-defense 76mm gun mod. 1915-28. The modifications consisted in the lenghtening of the barrels, enlarging the chambers, improving the gun carriages and gun sights and the production of new ammunitions. These modifications resulted in an average increase of the effective range of fire with up to 55 percent. In addition, covering the metal wheels with rubber coatings allowed for a higher maximum road speed. The 122mm howitzer (mod. 1910-30) was manufactured in the USSR till to 1941 during which period about 6000 units were delivered.
The STZ NATI tractor was designed and developed in 1935. Between 1937 and 1957 a total it of 210 thousand units were dilivered. It was widely used by artillery units of the Red army for towing the various artillery systems.

Kit AR7240 - BA-27M

Aer/7240/01.jpg Aer/7240/02.jpg Aer/7240/03.jpg

Soviet armored car BA-27m
BA-27m was the first Soviet armored car manufactured in mass production. The riveted body was made from rolled armored sheets. The armored car had a hexagonal turret similar to the turret of the T-18 in which a Hotchkiss rapid fire gun and a 7.62mm machine gun were mounted. The gunner was seated in the center of the turret on a pendant seat. The manufacturing of the BA-27m armored car began in 1931 on the chassis of the Ford-Timken lorry. The armored car was used in the Soviet-Finnish war (1939-1940) and in the initial stage of WW-II.

Kit AR7241 - Egyptian SPG, armed with the 100mm BS-3 gun on the hull of the T-34 tank.

Aer/7241/01.jpg Aer/7241/02.jpg Aer/7241/03.jpg Aer/7241/04.jpg Aer/7241/05.jpg Aer/7241/06.jpg Aer/7241/07.jpg

Egyptian SPG, armed with the 100mm BS-3 gun on the hull of the T-34 tank.
The design of this SPG coinsided with the modernization of the T-34 tank turret in which the Soviet 100mm BS-3 gun was mounted. It was actively used in the Arabian-Israeli conflict in the 73 'Yom Kippur War'. The wheels and and the wheelspacing in this kit are incorrect.

Model built by webmaster - 1/72 plastic hull and resin Turret - reworked wheelunit

t34/33/01.jpg t34/33/02.jpg t34/33/03.jpg t34/33/04.jpg t34/33/05.jpg t34/33/06.jpg t34/33/07.jpg t34/33/08.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7241 and others, visit:

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Kit AR7242 - T-40C amphibious light tank

Aer/7242/01.jpg Aer/7242/02.jpg Aer/7242/03.jpg

Kit AR7243 - Missile Jet Launcher BM 8-24 on T-40 chassis

Aer/7243/01.jpg Aer/7243/02.jpg Aer/7243/03.jpg Aer/7243/04.jpg

T-40C and T-40 with BM 8-24 missile launcher
Mass production of the T-40 began in October 1940. In total, 443 vehicles were manufactured in 1941 in three different versions. However, these new variants were rejected by the army. The T-30 designation was abandoned and all vehicles were designated simply as T-40's. Most of them were lost in battle without distinguishing themselves. The T-40 was used the most during the battles of Moscow in the winter of 1941-1942. However, some of them saw action at the beginning of the Great Patriotic war. They were very successful in marsh land where heavier tanks could not pass. Generally speaking, the T-40 was a successful tank.

Kit AR7244 - 4x4 Soviet army car Gaz-61

Aer/7244/01.jpg Aer/7244/02.jpg Aer/7244/03.jpg

AR7244 - The WW-II 4x4 Soviet Army car Gaz-61
During WW-II higher ranking Red army officers used the four-wheel drive two-axle GAZ-61 vehicle which combined extra comfort with excelent road and off-road driving ability. Designer V.A.Grachev designed this car in 1938. In spite of its operational weight of 1650kgs, its powerful engine, which equaled that of the T-26 tank, combined with its 4-wheel drive gave the GAZ-61 car a top speed of 107 km/h and a climbing ability of 38°. It could haul trailers in weight up to 700kgs and wade through water of up to 0,72m deep. This car could out-perform half-tractors. Approximately 400 GAZ-61 cars were built.

Kit AR7245 - FAI-M Soviet light armored car mod. 1939

Aer/7245/01.jpg Aer/7245/02.jpg Aer/7245/03.jpg

AR7245 - FAI-M Soviet light armored car mod. 1939
The FAI-M was the result of a modernization plan in which the body of the FAI was mounted on a M-1 chassis. This gave the FAI-M the same performance as the BA-20 armored car. At the beginning of WW-II 376 vehicles were in service with the Red army. All of them were destroyed during combat in the first years of WW-II. Some FAI-M's were confiscated by the by Finnish Army where they service until 1950.

Kit AR7246 - Romanian Self-propelled gun TACAM-T-60


AR7246 - Romanian Self-propelled gun TACAM-T-60
Some of the Soviet light tanks T-60 confiscated by the Germans in 1942, were transferred to their Rumanian allies who modified them into open self propelled gun systems. The new vehicle was armed with conficated Soviet ZiS-3 infantry guns. It was named TACAM-T-60. A total of 34 TACAM-T-60s were thus manufactured.

Kit AR7247 - Russian light tank T-60


AR7247 - Russian light tank T-60
The first battle involving the T-60 light tank took place at the end of September 1941 when the 10th Tank Brigade was engaged in heavy fighting near the Poltava region. The closest German counterparts of the T-60 were the Pz-II and the 'Lynx'. The T-60 was slightly better protected, had a longer range and better mobility on rough terrain. The German vehicles, however, were more reliable and were equipped with radio. The total output of the T-60 since 1941 was 5839

Kit AR7248 - Russian Gaz-66 truck, post war.


AR7248 - Russian Gaz-66
The all-wheel drive lorry GAZ-66 (1964-1998) was developed under the supervision of designer A.D. Prosvirnin. The truck had a maximum load capacity of 2000kgs and was built to replace the GAZ-63. On the chassis of the GAZ-66 a special version for airborne troops, the Gaz-66B was developed, armed with a modified BM-21 missile launcher of which the number of 122mm launching tubes was reduced from 40 to 12. The GAZ-66 has been widely used in many armed conflicts.

Kit AR7249 - WW-II aero glider


AR7249 The WW-II Soviet aero glider
During WW-II, this exotic weapon system was used by the Danube river flotilla. This weapon system with its lethal combination of light automatic weapons and high speed would frequently show up out of nowhere on small rivers to attack unsuspecting German troops. After WW-II these gun boats served in the armed forces of several Warsaw Pact countries.

Kit AR7250 - 85mm anti aircraft gun

Aer/7250/01.jpg Aer/7250/02.jpg Aer/7250/03.jpg

AR7250 Soviet anti aircraft gun 85mm WW-II
In 1939 designer G.D.Dorokhin developed a new air-defense system by placing an 85mm gun on a 76mm AA modified gun carriage model 1938. During WW-II this gun was successfully used by air defense units. In Moscow's airspace alone 267 German planes were shot down. Until 1942, this gun was also effectivly used against German tanks. Its armor-piercing shells could destroy every type of German armor of the moment.

For an "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" preview kit 7250 - 85mm anti aircraft gun, visit:

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Kit AR7251 - German mine sweeper


AR7251 German WW-II mine-sweeper Alkett VsKfz 617
This bizarre armored tractor was developed in 1941-42 to be used to clear a safe path through minefields. It had a operational speed of up to 15 km/h. Its battle weight was 38 metric tons and it had a 3-men crew. The hull of the vehicle was covered with shields of between 10mm to 40mm, with a floor shielding of 40mm designed to resist the explosion of multiple mines. The floor itself was reinforced by an additional shield of 20mm inside the machine for added protection. The first and only prototype VsKfz was completed in 1942. The presence of numbered manufacturing plates in the vehicle lead to the following conclusions: The manufacturer was Alkett of Berlin. Numbers were found on a couple of plates: Nmr VsKfz 617 and Nmr 9537. VsKfz 617 refers to a Pzkfw 1 tank and 9537 is the chassis number. That would imply that the turret is of an Ausf. A type but this one has the specific characteristics of an Ausf. B; in particular, the hoisting hooks (Traghaken) on the turret are located on the top in stead of on the side plates as would be the case with an Ausf. A. The superstructure has the turret of the Pz.Kpfw I tank which is equipped with two 7.92mm MG-34 machine guns ensuring the close-in defense of the machine. During trials, it proved that this vehicle was unsuited to the operations of modern mechanized warfare. Its ponderous weight, slow speed and its awkward size made the Minenräumer (minesweeper) a large and easy target for enemy artillery and the project was abandoned.
In April 1945, during their advance, Soviet troops captured this vehicle in the center of the testing grounds of Kummersdorf. Stored a few times in Dresden, it was then dispatched to the USSR. In 1947, it underwent several evaluation tests. Unfortunately, the bad conditions of storage and the carriage had caused irrevocable damage with the mine clearance system so the tests were limited to a short evaluation of movements instead. The Alkett VsKfz now resides in the Kubinka Museum outside Moscow.

Kit AR7252 - T-18 light tank

Aer/7252/01.jpg Aer/7252/02.jpg Aer/7252/03.jpg

AR7252 Soviet tank T-18 WW-II
In 1930 in the USSR the T-18 tank was upgraded and its new armement consisted of a Hotchkiss 37mm gun and a machine gun. TAt the start of WW-II there were about 160 T-18s in service. The last time the T-18 were known to have been in action was the battle of Moscow battle during the winter of 1941-1942 with 9 T-18 tanks serving in the 150th tank brigade. A total of 959 T-18 tanks was built.

Kit AR7253 - armoured Zis-41 with 57mm AT Gun.

Aer/7253/01.jpg Aer/7253/02.jpg Aer/7253/03.jpg

Kit AR7254 - German Ardelt Waffentrager with PAK-43

Aer/7254/01.jpg Aer/7254/02.jpg Aer/7254/03.jpg

AR7254 German SPG Waffentrage Ardelt with 88mm gun PAK-43
The Ardelt's SPG was the winner of the August 1944 design competition between Steyr Corp., Rheinmetall Corp. and Ardelt Corp. for a new SPG. By the end of WW-II a small batch of these weapon systems had become available and were participated in defense of Berlin. The armament was a 88mm anti-tank gun PAK-43. It had a crew of four.

Kit AR7255 - armored tractor KhTZ-16 (SU-45 - Na Ispug)

Aer/7255/01.jpg Aer/7255/02.jpg Aer/7255/03.jpg

AR7255 Soviet armored tractor KhTZ-16
Heavy losses in tanks during the summer of 1941 forced the command of the Red army to deploy urgently improvised armoured vehicles built on the chassis of a STZ-3 armored tractor. The vehicle was operated by a crew of two and armed with a 45mm anti-tank gun, a 37mm anti-aircraft gun and a 7.62mm MG mounted in a fixed superstructure. 809 vehicles were planned but only about 60 were actually built.

Kit AR7256 - 76.2mm squadron gun mod. 1902/30 and Fordson-Putilovets tractor mod. 1924

Aer/7256/01.jpg Aer/7256/02.jpg Aer/7256/03.jpg

AR 7256 - Soviet 76.2mm squadron gun mod. 1902/30 and Fordson-Putilovets tractor mod.1924
This gun, known also under its nickname '3-inchy', was developed in 1902 and was one of the best guns of its time. A big advantage of this gun was the fact that it was built from from a cheap low-carbonic alloy. By the beginning of the WW-II about 4500 guns had been manufactured. In the 1920s there was an urgent need for tractors. The decision was made to manufacture a tractor based on the simplest and cheapest tractor available at the time, the American Fordson tractor. In total, 49568 such tractors were built between 1924 and 1932. The Red army used the tractors for hauling guns up till and during WW-II.

Kit AR7257 Russian air-defence 76mm gun mod. 1902/30 (Great War and WW-II)

Aer/7257/01.jpg Aer/7257/02.jpg Aer/7257/03.jpg

AR 7257 - Russian air-defence mount.
The first extensive use of field gus adapted for AA deployment dates back to 1915. Various designs were tested, but the design by B.I. Ivanov's proved the most successful and was selected to equip the Russian army starting in 1915. In total 800 guns were deployed. The last known action in which Ivanov's gun systems were involved, was during the battle of Smolensk at the end of the summer of 1941.

Kit AR7258 - Voroshilovets heavy tractor with 85mm air defense gun mod. 1939
In the autumn of 1941 at the artillery factory Nr. 8 in Podlipki, near Moscow, a 'Voroshilovetz' tractor was equipped with a 85mm air-defense gun. It was a pre-production model of a SPG which did not take part in WW-II operations.

Aer/7258/01.jpg Aer/7258/02.jpg Aer/7258/03.jpg Aer/7258/04.jpg Aer/7258/05.jpg Aer/7258/06.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Aer/7258/1/01.jpg Aer/7258/1/02.jpg Aer/7258/1/03.jpg Aer/7258/1/04.jpg Aer/7258/1/05.jpg Aer/7258/1/06.jpg Aer/7258/1/07.jpg Aer/7258/1/08.jpg

For Henk Timmerman's impression of kit 7258 and others, visit:

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Kit AR7259 - The Kremlin limousines series: ZiS-110B 1943-1957


The Kremlin limousines series: ZiS-110B 1943-1957
The ZiS-110 was a comfortable limousine, developed in 1944 through a process called the reverse engineering of a 1942 Packard Super Eight. It was powered by a 6-litre, 8-cylinder engine producing 140 hp (104 kW), giving it a top speed of over 140 km/h (87 mph). It was built in both sedan and convertible versions. A 'Phaeton' version ZiS-110B was built between 1949 and 1957. The ZiS-110 was widely used by the Kremlin elite. The 'Phaeton' variants were used during parades on Moscow's Red Square.

Kit AR7260 - LSSC light seal support craft - (Vietnam War)


LSSC light seal support craft
The LSSC (Light SEAL Support Craft) was designed for squad-sized operations. It was one of the SEALs favorite means of transport in Vietnam. Built by Grafton Boats, the LSSCs were heavily armored against 0.30 caliber bullets at a range of 100 yards. One returned to base with a baseball size dent in the hull where a B-40 rocket hit, but did not explode. The LSSC became operational in 1969. A total of 16 boats were in service.

Kit AR7261 - Soviet heavy artillery halftrack AT-8 WW-II

Aer/7261/01.jpg Aer/7261/02.jpg Aer/7261/03.jpg Aer/7261/04.jpg

Soviet heavy artillery halftrack AT-8 WW-II
From December 1942 till September 1943 in various industrial plants the development was underway of a heavy dual-engine artillery halftrack, using components of the chassis of the T-70M light tank. Two prototypes were built, the AT-8 halftrack with a tractive power of up to 9 metric tons and the AT-14 halftrack with a tractive power of up to 14 metric tons.

Kit AR7262 - AT-45 heavy artillery tractor

In 1943 the Soviet arms industry began designing an artillery tractor to replace the AT 'Voroshilovetz'. The first batch of new tractors was built at the Kharkov tractor factory (KhTF) in September 1944. These tractors underwent successful tests with the heaviest artillery systems of the time and with medium and heavy tanks. However, mass production of the AT-45 tractors has halted to clear the KhTF productiom lines for the production of the new T-44 tank.

Aer/7262/01.jpg Aer/7262/02.jpg Aer/7262/03.jpg Aer/7262/04.jpg Aer/7262/05.jpg

Model built by HoH - 1/72 resin AER

Aer/7262/1/01.jpg Aer/7262/1/02.jpg Aer/7262/1/04.jpg Aer/7262/1/05.jpg Aer/7262/1/06.jpg Aer/7262/1/07.jpg Aer/7262/1/08.jpg

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Kit AR7263 - Glider A-40 'KT' winged tank based on the WW-II T-60 light tank.


AR7263 - Glider A-40 'KT' winged tank based on the WW-II T-60 light tank.
In 1942 the Antonov's design bureau designed a glider which should be capable of air-lifting and landing a light tank in the rear echelons of the enemy in support of airborne forces or partisans. A prototype was built and tested near Moscow on September 2nd of 1942 but it was found to be unworkable.

(Ex) AER injection moulded kits

Some of the old AER injection moulded kits have been taken over by other manufactures such as:
PST, Eastern-Express, Toga, Cooperativa, etc.

Kit 7201 - Zis5

Aer/plas/7201/01.jpg Aer/plas/7201/02.jpg

Model built by Patrice Dauga - Preiser figures

Aer/plas/7201/2/01.jpg Aer/plas/7201/2/02.jpg Aer/plas/7201/2/03.jpg Aer/plas/7201/2/04.jpg

Kit 7202 - Zis-5V - (PST72029)

Aer/plas/7202/01.jpg Aer/plas/7202/02.jpg Aer/7225/02.jpg

Aer/plas/7202/1/01.jpg Aer/plas/7202/1/02.jpg Aer/plas/7202/1/03.jpg

For "Keith Goodman's / KGWings" review of Kit 7202 - Zis-5V Truck visit:

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Kit 7203 - Zis-6 BZ-35 fuel truck - (PST 72021)

Aer/plas/7203/00.jpg Aer/plas/7203/01.jpg Aer/plas/7203/02.jpg Aer/plas/7203/03.jpg Aer/plas/7203/04.jpg Aer/plas/7203/05.jpg

Kit 7204 - Zis-5 BZ fuel truck - (PST 72011)

Aer/plas/7204/01.jpg Pst/72011/02.jpg Pst/72011/03.jpg

Kit 7205 - SU-85 - same kits as Eastern-Express, TOGA, Cooperativa


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Kit 7206 - Zis-6 truck - (PST72019)

Aer/plas/7206/00.jpg Aer/plas/7206/01.jpg Aer/plas/7206/02.jpg

Kit 254 - Zis-6 truck - (Toga)

Aer/plas/7206/toga254/01.jpg Aer/plas/7206/toga254/02.jpg Aer/plas/7206/toga254/03.jpg Aer/plas/7206/toga254/04.jpg Aer/plas/7206/toga254/05.jpg Aer/plas/7206/toga254/06.jpg

Kit 7207 - 'Parm I' - (Toga256) - (PST72023)

Aer/plas/7207/00.jpg Aer/plas/7207/01.jpg Aer/plas/7207/02.jpg Aer/plas/7207/03.jpg

For Erwin Bovyn's impression of kit 7207 - 'Parm I', visit:

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Kit 7208 - 'Parm II' - (Toga257) - (PST72024)

Aer/plas/7208/01.jpg Aer/plas/7208/02.jpg Aer/plas/7208/03.jpg Aer/plas/7208/04.jpg

Kit 7209 - T34/85

Aer/plas/7209/00.jpg Aer/plas/7209/01.jpg Aer/plas/7209/02.jpg Aer/plas/7209/03.jpg Aer/plas/7209/04.jpg Aer/plas/7209/05.jpg Aer/plas/7209/06.jpg

The T34/85 and the SU-100 from AER need some correcting to be authentic. On the instruction sheet of both models, the correct spider wheels are shown, however both kits contain incorrect steel weels. The wheel spacing with 3 front wheels in front and 2 rear wheels, is also incorrect. The correct wheel spacing should be a wider gap between the 2nd and 3rd wheel. The gun barrel is to thick and also the tracks are too heavy. Suggestion: use pictures of the original vehicles as a guidance for correction.

For Narod.ru's impression of kit 7209 - T34/85, visit:

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For On The Way's impression of kit 7209 - T34/85, visit:

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Kit 7210 - SU-100

Aer/plas/7210/01.jpg Aer/plas/7210/02.jpg Aer/plas/7210/03.jpg Aer/plas/7210/04.jpg

Model built by Alexander Novellino - (note: - beware of the wrong wheelspacing between 3e and 4e wheel)

Aer/plas/7210/1/01.jpg Aer/plas/7210/1/02.jpg Aer/plas/7210/1/03.jpg Aer/plas/7210/1/04.jpg

For Narod.ru's impression of kit 7210 - SU-100, visit:

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For On The Way's impression of kit 7210 - SU-100, visit:

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For Stephen Brezinski's impression of kit 7210 - SU-100, visit:

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Kit 7211 - BM-13 Katjusha - (Toga253) - (PST72018)

Aer/plas/7211/01.jpg Aer/plas/7211/02.jpg Aer/plas/7211/03.jpg Aer/plas/7211/04.jpg Aer/plas/7211/05.jpg

Kit 7212 - Gaz-67B - same kits as by Colibri- Fort, Eastern-Express and Ace Models


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AER injection moulded kits - (post war)

Kit 72015 - Ural 4320 field truck


For On The Way's impression of kit 7215 - Ural 4320 field truck, visit:

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Aer Vinyl / Rubber wheels eat plastic after 13 year, by Ilian Filipov

Funny! I do recall painting my Ural truck's wheel centers, as I always do. The paint was definitely Humbrol black but I can't recall whether it #85 satin or #23 gloss. It took almost 13 years but the sneaky vinyl finaly managed to negotiate the thin layer of paint and to do its nasty job. Never trust vinyls! - Ilian

Aer/72015/1/01.jpg Aer/72015/1/02.jpg Aer/72015/1/03.jpg Aer/72015/1/04.jpg Aer/72015/1/05.jpg

Kit 72017 - Ural 4320 - BM-21 'Grad' rocket launcher - (Label Modelism)

Aer/72017/01.jpg Aer/72017/02.jpg Aer/72017/03.jpg Aer/72017/04.jpg

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