Review of 1/72 Armageddon / Mach2 Models.

Manufactured in France, Mach2 originally is a manufacturer of Airplanes.

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I don't know how Armageddon kits are priced in other countries, but in the Netherlands these kits are quite expensive, considering the poor quality of the injection moulding. They use plastic of different and inferior qualities. Sprues are very thick and badly casted. The parts have a lot of flash and are sometimes distorted, etc. Consequently, the parts need a lot of cleaning. The fitting is very poor, most of the time. The quality of the products is considerably less then similar products by other manufacturers and should be upgraded. However, the kits are very rare and interesting for modellers. I would advise these kits only for the more advanced modellers with a lot of patience and experience. With updating and reworking, you may yet achieve a nice result.
Advice to Armageddon / Mach2, please, rework the kits, use better plastic and better moulds.
Kit arm01 - L.C.V.P. landings craft.

Armageddon/1/01.jpg Armageddon/1/02.jpg Armageddon/1/03.jpg Armageddon/1/04.jpg Armageddon/1/05.jpg Armageddon/1/06.jpg Armageddon/1/07.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars.

Armageddon/1/1/01.jpg Armageddon/1/1/02.jpg

Kit arm02 - German Panzertrain BP-44.

Armageddon/2/00.jpg Armageddon/2/01.jpg Armageddon/2/02.jpg Armageddon/2/03.jpg Armageddon/2/04.jpg Armageddon/2/05.jpg Armageddon/2/06.jpg Armageddon/2/07.jpg Armageddon/2/08.jpg

Sprue details - German Panzertrain BP-44.

Armageddon/2/2/01.jpg Armageddon/2/2/02.jpg Armageddon/2/2/03.jpg Armageddon/2/2/04.jpg Armageddon/2/2/05.jpg Armageddon/2/2/06.jpg Armageddon/2/2/07.jpg Armageddon/2/2/08.jpg Armageddon/2/2/09.jpg Armageddon/2/2/10.jpg Armageddon/2/2/11.jpg

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The ARMAGEDDON PANZERZUG BP 44 kit box contains:

one locomotive plus tender, one gun wagon (Geschuetzwagen), one command wagon (Kommandowagen), one artillery wagon (Artilleriewagen), one wagon with tank 38 T (Panzertraegerwagen), one tank killer wagon (Panzerjaegerwagen), more than one meter of railway track and 15 figures.

"Complimentary Pack"

They also released a "complimentary pack" that contains of all the railroad cars in the first model except for the engine plus tender. It came as a bagged kit with a white paper stapled across the top with the name "Panzerzug Bp-44 Complimentary Pack"

Finished model - German Panzertrain BP-44.

Armageddon/2/1/01.jpg Armageddon/2/1/02.jpg Armageddon/2/1/03.jpg Armageddon/2/1/04.jpg Armageddon/2/1/05.jpg Armageddon/2/1/06.jpg Armageddon/2/1/07.jpg Armageddon/2/1/08.jpg Armageddon/2/1/09.jpg

Kit arm03 - L.C.A. landings craft.

Armageddon/3/01.jpg Armageddon/3/02.jpg Armageddon/3/03.jpg Armageddon/3/04.jpg

Finished model by Armageddon.

Armageddon/3/1/01.jpg Armageddon/3/1/02.jpg Armageddon/3/1/03.jpg Armageddon/3/1/04.jpg Armageddon/3/1/05.jpg Armageddon/3/1/06.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars.

Armageddon/3/2/01.jpg Armageddon/3/2/02.jpg Armageddon/3/2/02.jpg

Kit arm04 - V-1 launch unit with ramp

The kit contains:
Launch ramp, protecting walls, 2 flying bombs, power unit, command bunker, service cart.

The sprues of this kit are much better casted thean the earlier kits. Congratulations!!!

Armageddon/4/01.jpg Armageddon/4/02.jpg Armageddon/4/03.jpg Armageddon/4/04.jpg Armageddon/4/05.jpg Armageddon/4/06.jpg Armageddon/4/07.jpg Armageddon/4/08.jpg Armageddon/4/09.jpg Armageddon/4/10.jpg Armageddon/4/11.jpg

Finished model.

Armageddon/4/1/01.jpg Armageddon/4/1/02.jpg Armageddon/4/1/03.jpg

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Kit arm05 - LCT6 WWII landing craft capable of carrying 5 light tanks or 7 trucks. Used in Italy, France, Pacific, Korea and Viet Nam.

Armageddon/5/01.jpg Armageddon/5/02.jpg Armageddon/5/03.jpg

Built Model

Armageddon/5/04.jpg Armageddon/5/05.jpg Armageddon/5/06.jpg Armageddon/5/07.jpg Armageddon/5/12.jpg Armageddon/5/08.jpg Armageddon/5/09.jpg Armageddon/5/10.jpg Armageddon/5/11.jpg

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Kit arm06 - Vietnam patrol boat PBR 31 Mk. II "Pibber".

Armageddon/6/01.jpg Armageddon/6/02.jpg Armageddon/6/03.jpg Armageddon/6/04.jpg Armageddon/6/05.jpg

For Will Alcott's review of kit arm06 - Vietnam patrol boat PBR 31 Mk. II "Pibber", visit:

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Kit arm07 - Tirpitz 38cm gun turret - short-run plastic kit with figures.


Kit arm08 - Bismarck front 38cm gun turret "Anton" - short-run plastic kit with figures.


For more information visit:

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