Attack Hobby Kits s.r.o - (Plastic)

September 2015: The manufacturer "Attack Hobby Kits" has changed from ownership

New Owner Karel Waisser, "Attack Hobby Kits s.r.o.", Pobrezni 249/46, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic.
Shop: Plastic Planet Shop, Kodymova 8, 15500 Praha 5 Stodulky, Czech Replublic.

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Info 2016 - Information owner:

It is hard to make restart of the company. Shops had issue with delivery of Attack in the past, therefore you can hardly find full scale of our models. It is changing step by step, but it takes time. Therefore if any model from the list has not been available with any shop, it is definitely available with the e-shop "www.plasticplanet.cz". And if it is not available with Plastic Planet, then it is not available at all. This is e-shop of co-operating “sister” company.

We started production of new models and will keep approximately catalogue of the same amount of items (meaning plastic models). Therefore hand in hand with production of new items, some old models has been excluded. Initial cleaning was already done. Examples out of production – e.g. Tatra T-57K, first line of Panzer III including StuGs, Sigs… The process will continue – old items with low quality will be excluded and the new with higher quality added. If any of these excluded items will be added to catalogue in the future, it will be already completely new model.

Re-released items are already available. They are based on the same parts as the original Attack models. Just form cleaning was done. Unfortunately there is one hidden info. Attack has been in past changing technology and processing of the models. Initial taste of this new technology were models Phanomen Granit, Tatra T-87, T-97, Skoda 952. Full advantage of this new technology were models of Panzer I, Panzer II and the second line of Panzer III Ausf.J. They were already prepared with much higher standard of technology compare to other models and they are easy to assemble as well. Unfortunately, formal owner of Attack was not able to market this info. All re-released models are using at this moment the same boxes, camo, manuals and parts as the original Attack products.

Resin models – it is the completely different story. All of them are "out of production" at this moment. I have to do the new forming of all of them. Therefore I will return them back step by step in the near future. - Karel Waisser, owner "Attack Hobby Kits s.r.o"

Kits released under old label

Kit 72801 - 38T Grille Ausfuerung H

Attack/72801/01.jpg Attack/72801/02.jpg Attack/72801/03.jpg Attack/72801/04.jpg

For "Augusto Versiani's / OTW" review of kit 72801 - 38T grill Ausfuerung H, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72802 - 38T munitions vehicle

Attack/72802/01.jpg Attack/72802/02.jpg Attack/72802/03.jpg Attack/72802/04.jpg

Finished model by Andrei Makarov.

Attack/72802/1/01.jpg Attack/72802/1/02.jpg Attack/72802/1/03.jpg Attack/72802/1/04.jpg

Kit 72803 - 38T Ausfuerung G

Attack/72803/01.jpg Attack/72803/02.jpg Attack/72803/03.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Attack/72803/1/01.jpg Attack/72803/1/02.jpg Attack/72803/1/03.jpg Attack/72803/1/04.jpg Attack/72803/1/05.jpg

Kit 72804 - 38T Ausfuerung C.

Attack/72804/01.jpg Attack/72804/02.jpg Attack/72804/03.jpg Attack/72804/04.jpg Attack/72804/05.jpg Attack/72804/06.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Attack/72804/1/01.jpg Attack/72804/1/02.jpg Attack/72804/1/03.jpg Attack/72804/1/04.jpg

For On The Way's review of kit 72804 - 38T Ausfuerung C, visit:

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Kit 72805 - 38T Aufklaerungspanzer 140/1

Attack/72805/01.jpg Attack/72805/02.jpg Attack/72805/03.jpg

Built model by Christophe Mechin

Attack/72805/1/01.jpg Attack/72805/1/02.jpg Attack/72805/1/03.jpg Attack/72805/1/04.jpg Attack/72805/1/05.jpg Attack/72805/1/06.jpg

Built model by Paco Motos Orrelana

Attack/72805/2/01.jpg Attack/72805/2/02.jpg Attack/72805/2/03.jpg Attack/72805/2/04.jpg Attack/72805/2/05.jpg

For Dave Showell's review of kit 72805 - 38T Aufklaerungspanzer 140/1, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72806 - Tatra T-87 staff car

Attack/72806/01.jpg Attack/72806/02.jpg Attack/72806/03.jpg

Models built by Andrei Makarov - black is 72806 and grey is 72811.

Attack/72806/1/01.jpg Attack/72806/1/02.jpg

Models built by Mark Deliduka.

Attack/72806/2/01.jpg Attack/72806/2/02.jpg

Kit 72807 - 38T Ausfuerung A LT vz.38

Attack/72807/01.jpg Attack/72807/02.jpg Attack/72807/03.jpg

Kit 72808 - 38T Ausfuerung B

Attack/72808/01.jpg Attack/72808/02.jpg Attack/72808/03.jpg

Kit 72809 - 38T Ausfuerung F command version

Attack/72809/01.jpg Attack/72809/02.jpg Attack/72809/03.jpg

Kit 72810 - 38T 15 cm Sig33 auf Jagd-Hetzer

Attack/72810/01.jpg Attack/72810/02.jpg Attack/72810/03.jpg Attack/72810/04.jpg Attack/72810/05.jpg

Kit 72811 - Tatra T-97 staff car

Attack/72811/01.jpg Attack/72811/02.jpg Attack/72811/03.jpg Attack/72811/04.jpg Attack/72811/05.jpg

Finished models by Andrei Makarov - black is 72806 and grey is 72811.

Attack/72806/1/01.jpg Attack/72806/1/02.jpg

Kit 72812 - Tatra T-57 Kubelwagen

Attack/72812/01.jpg Attack/72812/02.jpg Attack/72812/03.jpg Attack/72812/04.jpg

Model built by Alexandre Novellino

Attack/72812/1/01.jpg Attack/72812/1/02.jpg Attack/72812/1/03.jpg Attack/72812/1/04.jpg Attack/72812/1/05.jpg

Model built by Neil Lyall.

Attack/72812/2/01.jpg Attack/72812/2/02.jpg Attack/72812/2/03.jpg Attack/72812/2/04.jpg Attack/72812/2/05.jpg Attack/72812/2/06.jpg

For Faustnik's - Jose Ventura's review of kit 72812 - Tatra T-57 Kubelwagen, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72813 - Skoda Superb type 952 Kubelwagen

Attack/72813/01.jpg Attack/72813/02.jpg Attack/72813/03.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov.


Kit 72814 - 38T Grille Ausfuerung M

Attack/72814/01.jpg Attack/72814/02.jpg Attack/72814/03.jpg

Kit 72815 - 38T Aufklaerungspanzer 140/1 7.5cm

Attack/72815/01.jpg Attack/72815/02.jpg Attack/72815/03.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Attack/72815/1/01.jpg Attack/72815/1/02.jpg Attack/72815/1/03.jpg Attack/72815/1/04.jpg Attack/72815/1/05.jpg

Kit 72816 - Stug III Ausfuerung E

Attack/72816/01.jpg Attack/72816/02.jpg Attack/72816/03.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov.

Attack/72816/1/01.jpg Attack/72816/1/02.jpg

Finished model by Luciano Marcuzzi

Attack/72816/2/01.jpg Attack/72816/2/02.jpg Attack/72816/2/03.jpg Attack/72816/2/04.jpg Attack/72816/2/05.jpg Attack/72816/2/06.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" article about Short Gun Sturmgeschütz III kits in 1/72, visit:

to On The Way Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3: the StuG III (Dragon 7553 & 7557 - Trumpeter 7256, 7257 & 7258 - UM 278 & Attack 72816

For On The Way's review of kit 72816 - Stug III Ausfuerung E, visit:

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Kit 72817 - Tatra-111-8000 Kundendienst Trupp Wagen

Attack/72817/01.jpg Attack/72817/02.jpg Attack/72817/03.jpg Attack/72817/04.jpg Attack/72817/05.jpg Attack/72817/06.jpg

Attack/72817/2/01.jpg Attack/72817/2/02.jpg Attack/72817/2/03.jpg Attack/72817/2/04.jpg

Model built by Christian Weber

Attack/72817/3/01.jpg Attack/72817/3/02.jpg Attack/72817/3/03.jpg Attack/72817/3/04.jpg Attack/72817/3/05.jpg Attack/72817/3/06.jpg Attack/72817/3/07.jpg Attack/72817/3/08.jpg Attack/72817/3/09.jpg Attack/72817/3/10.jpg

Model built by Neil Lyall

Attack/72817/1/01.jpg Attack/72817/1/02.jpg Attack/72817/1/03.jpg Attack/72817/1/04.jpg Attack/72817/1/05.jpg Attack/72817/1/06.jpg Attack/72817/1/07.jpg

For Neil Lyall's review of kit 72817 - Tatra-111-8000 Kundendienst Trupp Wagen, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72818 - Granit 25H ambulance - (re-released June/July 2015)

Attack/72818/2/01.jpg Attack/72818/2/02.jpg

Attack/72818/01.jpg Attack/72818/02.jpg Attack/72818/03.jpg Attack/72818/04.jpg

Model built by Neil Lyall.

Attack/72818/1/01.jpg Attack/72818/1/02.jpg Attack/72818/1/03.jpg Attack/72818/1/04.jpg Attack/72818/1/05.jpg Attack/72818/1/06.jpg

Comments by Neil Lyall.
The Attack Phanomen Granit ambulance has been around for a while, many of you probably have one. I had just started to assemble mine. I was going to paint it either standard dark grey or dark yellow, but a couple of pictures sent to me by Ilian Filipov changed my mind. In the original pictures half the ambulance wants to be seen, the other half doesn't, as it is painted partly in camouflage and partly white. The camouflaged part has an unusual, even bizarre paint scheme. I tried to stay true to the photos, but as can happen, I found it impossible to exactly replicate the vehicle's apppearance. My model represents the vehicle sometime before it was damaged and abandoned. I did not add the 137 on the mud guard as this may have been added by its captors after it was abandoned by its original owners. My model is pre the abandonment. It is basically built out of the box.
Some aspects of the assembling:
Tulle (a fine mesh material) was used for the mesh screens on the windows. I dont think it can be seen in any of these pictures, but I can add a close up if any one wants to see how it looks. Its very close to scale. It can be seen a bit in one of the rear windows in the 4th picture but looks a bit distorted because of the angle of the camera. The headlights were drilled out, painted silver inside and filled with glue. The stalks on the headlights were cut off and replaced by 0.44mm wire. I did attach the front tow hooks, but removed them, as most pictures seem to indicate they were not fitted. If anyone thinks they should definitely be fitted, I can put them back on. I did not add the boxes to the running boards as almost all pictures of Granits do not show these boxes, most have nothing, or some have the triangular cans. Some Granits had spare wheels attached to the sides, some appeared not to. I left them off to match the picture. Exhaust pipe was added made out of solder, it can be seen in the 3rd picture of the model, behind the rear tyre. Small lights on top of front mudguard made from sprue. The kit comes with etched ones but they look wrong if viewed from any angle other than directly front on, so I replaced them. All red crosses were cut down from spare Esci Opel Blitz ambulance crosses. Leather tie down straps on the roof tarp were made from spare brass etched sprue. Number plates made in Microsoft word & printed. The tarp hasn't been fastened to the roof yet, as I may repaint it grey or dusty brown. Painted in a combination of enamels and acrylics, oil washes, pastel chalk weathering

Model built by Alexandre Novellino.

Attack/72818/3/01.jpg Attack/72818/3/02.jpg Attack/72818/3/03.jpg Attack/72818/3/04.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov.

Attack/72818/4/01.jpg Attack/72818/4/02.jpg

Kit 72819 - Stug.33 SP howitzer

Attack/72819/01.jpg Attack/72819/02.jpg Attack/72819/03.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov.

Attack/72819/1/01.jpg Attack/72819/1/02.jpg

For Doug Chaltry's review of kit 72819 - Stug.33 SP howitzer, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

kit 72820 - Stug. III Ausfuerung F

Attack/72820/01.jpg Attack/72820/02.jpg Attack/72820/03.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's review of kit 72820 - Stug. III Ausfuerung F, visit:

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Kit 72821 - Munitionsfahrzeug fuer Grille Ausfuerung K

Attack/72821/01.jpg Attack/72821/02.jpg Attack/72821/03.jpg

Kit 72822 - Panzer III Ausfuerung G

Attack/72822/01.jpg Attack/72822/02.jpg Attack/72822/03.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov.

Attack/72822/1/01.jpg Attack/72822/1/02.jpg

Kit 72823 - Phanomen Granit Kubelwagen. - (re-released June/July 2015)

Attack/72823/01.jpg Attack/72823/02.jpg Attack/72823/03.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov.

Attack/72823/1/01.jpg Attack/72823/1/02.jpg Attack/72823/1/03.jpg Attack/72823/1/04.jpg

Kit 72824 - Panzerjaeger 38t Marder III AusfuerungM

Attack/72824/01.jpg Attack/72824/02.jpg Attack/72824/03.jpg

Kit 72825 - Pz. III Ausfuerung F

Attack/72825/01.jpg Attack/72825/02.jpg Attack/72825/03.jpg Attack/72825/04.jpg Attack/72825/05.jpg Attack/72825/06.jpg

Kit 72826 - Pz. III Ausfuerung E

Attack/72826/01.jpg Attack/72826/02.jpg Attack/72826/03.jpg Attack/72826/04.jpg Attack/72826/05.jpg Attack/72826/06.jpg

Kit 72827 - Prag AH-IV-R/R-1

Attack/72827/01.jpg Attack/72827/02.jpg Attack/72827/03.jpg Attack/72827/04.jpg Attack/72827/05.jpg

Built model by Christophe Mechin

Attack/72827/1/01.jpg Attack/72827/1/02.jpg Attack/72827/1/03.jpg Attack/72827/1/04.jpg Attack/72827/1/05.jpg

Kit 72828 - 2cm Flakpanzer 38T

Attack/72828/01.jpg Attack/72828/02.jpg Attack/72828/03.jpg Attack/72828/04.jpg

For MiniAfv / Erhan Atalay's review of kit 72828 - 2cm Flakpanzer 38T, visit:

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Kit 72829 - Stugg III Ausfuerung C - announced


Kit 72830 - Hetzer.

Attack/72830/01.jpg Attack/72830/02.jpg Attack/72830/03.jpg Attack/72830/04.jpg Attack/72830/05.jpg

Kit 72831 - Praga AV


Kit 72832 - 35T variant

Attack/72832/01.jpg Attack/72832/02.jpg Attack/72832/03.jpg Attack/72832/04.jpg Attack/72832/05.jpg

Attack/72832/06.jpg Attack/72832/07.jpg Attack/72832/08.jpg

Model built by Ruslan Veselov.

Attack/72832/1/01.jpg Attack/72832/1/02.jpg Attack/72832/1/03.jpg

Model built by Grzegorz - Attack Hobby 72832 with Attack Hobby RE73343 and RE72344:

Attack/72832/2/01.jpg Attack/72832/2/02.jpg Attack/72832/2/03.jpg

For Miro Baric's review of kit 72832 - 35T variant, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72833 - Panzerjager 38 (t) - Marder III

Attack/72833/01.jpg Attack/72833/02.jpg Attack/72833/03.jpg Attack/72833/04.jpg

Kit 72834 - Bergepanzer 38 (T) Hetzer - Late version

Attack/72834/01.jpg Attack/72834/02.jpg

Model built by Velizar Velikov

Attack/72834/1/01.jpg Attack/72834/1/02.jpg Attack/72834/1/03.jpg Attack/72834/1/04.jpg Attack/72834/1/05.jpg Attack/72834/1/06.jpg

Kit 72836 - Tatra T-111 with Einheitscabine

Attack/72836/00.jpg Attack/72836/09.jpg Attack/72836/10.jpg Attack/72836/11.jpg

Model built by Neil Lyall - 1/72.

Attack/72836/02.jpg Attack/72836/03.jpg Attack/72836/04.jpg Attack/72836/05.jpg Attack/72836/06.jpg Attack/72836/08.jpg Attack/72836/01.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill.

Attack/72836/1/01.jpg Attack/72836/1/02.jpg Attack/72836/1/03.jpg

Kit 72837 - artillery tractor 35T

Attack/72837/01.jpg Attack/72837/02.jpg Attack/72837/03.jpg Attack/72837/04.jpg

Kit 72838 - 35T light command tank - upgraded kit with hard tracks

Attack/72838/01.jpg Attack/72838/02.jpg

For Miro Baric's review of kit 72838 - 35T variant, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72839 - Panzerjaeger 35T with 4.7cm Pak


Built model by Igor Leonov

Attack/72839/1/01.jpg Attack/72839/1/02.jpg Attack/72839/1/03.jpg Attack/72839/1/04.jpg Attack/72839/1/05.jpg Attack/72839/1/06.jpg Attack/72839/1/07.jpg Attack/72839/1/08.jpg

Kit 72840 - PzKpfw 35T / A8 Skoda T-11 - upgraded kit with hard tracks

Attack/72840/01.jpg Attack/72840/02.jpg Attack/72840/03.jpg Attack/72840/04.jpg Attack/72840/05.jpg

Built model by Christophe Mechin

Attack/72840/1/01.jpg Attack/72840/1/02.jpg Attack/72840/1/03.jpg Attack/72840/1/04.jpg

For Miro Baric's review of kit 72840 - 35T variant, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72842 - Tatra V755 Aerosan - (re-released, see kit 72909 - Tatra V855 Aerosan (2in1)

Attack/72842/01.jpg Attack/72842/02.jpg Attack/72842/03.jpg Attack/72842/04.jpg Attack/72842/05.jpg Attack/72842/06.jpg Attack/72842/07.jpg Attack/72842/08.jpg Attack/72842/09.jpg Attack/72842/10.jpg Attack/72842/11.jpg Attack/72842/12.jpg Attack/72842/13.jpg Attack/72842/14.jpg Attack/72842/15.jpg Attack/72842/16.jpg Attack/72842/17.jpg Attack/72842/18.jpg Attack/72842/19.jpg Attack/72842/20.jpg Attack/72842/21.jpg Attack/72842/22.jpg Attack/72842/23.jpg(Pictures: http://www.findmodelkit.com/content/tatra-v-755)

Built model by Attack

Attack/72842/1/01.jpg Attack/72842/1/02.jpg

For Gerd's article of kit 72842 - aerosanie Tatra V755/855, visit:

logo "modelwork.pl" Forum

Kit 72843 - Jagdpanzer Star

Attack/72843/01.jpg Attack/72843/02.jpg Attack/72843/03.jpg Attack/72843/04.jpg Attack/72843/05.jpg

Kit 72844 - Flammpanzer 38T Hetzer

Attack/72844/01.jpg Attack/72844/02.jpg Attack/72844/03.jpg Attack/72844/04.jpg Attack/72844/05.jpg Attack/72844/06.jpg

Kit 72845 - 38T Hetzer 10.5 cm Stuh 42/2

Attack/72845/01.jpg Attack/72845/02.jpg Attack/72845/03.jpg Attack/72845/04.jpg Attack/72845/05.jpg Attack/72845/06.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay.

Attack/72845/1/01.jpg Attack/72845/1/02.jpg Attack/72845/1/03.jpg Attack/72845/1/04.jpg Attack/72845/1/05.jpg Attack/72845/1/06.jpg

For MiniAfv's / Erhan Atalay's review kit 72845 - 38T Hetzer 10.5 cm Stuh 42/2, visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot, part one. logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot, part two.

Kit 72846 - Recovery Hetzer - early

Attack/72846/01.jpg Attack/72846/02.jpg Attack/72846/03.jpg

Kit 72847 - 15cm Sig33 on Panzer III

Attack/72847/01.jpg Attack/72847/02.jpg Attack/72847/03.jpg Attack/72847/04.jpg Attack/72847/05.jpg Attack/72847/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han.

Attack/72847/07.jpg Attack/72847/08.jpg Attack/72847/09.jpg

Kit 72848 - Flakpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

Attack/72848/01.jpg Attack/72848/02.jpg Attack/72848/03.jpg Attack/72848/04.jpg Attack/72848/05.jpg Attack/72848/06.jpg Attack/72848/07.jpg Attack/72848/08.jpg

Kit 72849 - Pz.III Ausfuerung H

Attack/72849/01.jpg Attack/72849/02.jpg Attack/72849/03.jpg Attack/72849/04.jpg Attack/72849/05.jpg Attack/72849/06.jpg

Kit 72850 - Hetzer 38T (late)


Kit 72852 - 3cm MK 103 on 38(t) - Jaboschreck Original vehicle

Attack/72852/1/01.jpg Attack/72852/1/02.jpg Attack/72852/1/03.jpg Attack/72852/1/04.jpg

Pictures "Built model" by Gumulik Blogspot

Attack/72852/01.jpg Attack/72852/02.jpg Attack/72852/03.jpg Attack/72852/04.jpg Attack/72852/05.jpg Attack/72852/06.jpg Attack/72852/07.jpg Attack/72852/08.jpg Attack/72852/09.jpg Attack/72852/10.jpg Attack/72852/11.jpg Attack/72852/12.jpg

Kit 72854 - Aufklaerungspanzer Hetzer 7.5cm


Kit 72859 - Bergepanzer 38(t).

Attack/72859/01.jpg Attack/72859/02.jpg Attack/72859/03.jpg Attack/72859/04.jpg Attack/72859/05.jpg Attack/72859/06.jpg

Kit 72863 - Pz Jäg 38(t) Marder III Ausfuerung M

Attack/72863/01.jpg Attack/72863/02.jpg Attack/72863/03.jpg

Kit 72864 - PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A early

Attack/72864/01.jpg Attack/72864/02.jpg Attack/72864/03.jpg Attack/72864/04.jpg Attack/72864/05.jpg Attack/72864/06.jpg Attack/72864/07.jpg Attack/72864/08.jpg Attack/72864/09.jpg

For Patrick Mondia's review of kits 72864 & 72SE06 PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A early, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72865 - Kl.PzKpfw I- Befehl - Ausfuerung A early

Attack/72865/01.jpg Attack/72865/02.jpg Attack/72865/03.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck - (www.ipms-xalapa.org)

Attack/72865/1/01.jpg Attack/72865/1/02.jpg Attack/72865/1/03.jpg Attack/72865/1/04.jpg Attack/72865/1/05.jpg Attack/72865/1/06.jpg Attack/72865/1/07.jpg Attack/72865/1/08.jpg

Kit 72866 - PzKpfw 1 Ausfuerung A - late production


Kit 72867 - Pz.BefWG 1, Ausfuerung A

Attack/72867/01.jpg Attack/72867/02.jpg Attack/72867/03.jpg Attack/72867/04.jpg Attack/72867/05.jpg Attack/72867/06.jpg Attack/72867/07.jpg Attack/72867/08.jpg Attack/72867/09.jpg

Model built by Joe Turchick.

Attack/72867/1/01.jpg Attack/72867/1/02.jpg

Kit 72868 - kl.PzBefWg I Ausfuerung A - late production

Attack/72868/01.jpg Attack/72868/02.jpg Attack/72868/03.jpg Attack/72868/04.jpg Attack/72868/05.jpg Attack/72868/06.jpg Attack/72868/07.jpg Attack/72868/08.jpg Attack/72868/09.jpg

Kit 72869 - Flammpanzer PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A

Attack/72869/01.jpg Attack/72869/02.jpg Attack/72869/03.jpg

Kit 72870 - PzKpfw II Ausfuerung C. - (re-released June/July 2015)

Attack/72870/01.jpg Attack/72870/02.jpg Attack/72870/03.jpg Attack/72870/04.jpg Attack/72870/05.jpg Attack/72870/06.jpg Attack/72870/07.jpg

Attack/72870/1/01.jpg Attack/72870/1/02.jpg Attack/72870/1/03.jpg

For Miro Baric's review of kit 72870 - PzKpfw II Ausfuerung C, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72871 - PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A - ambulance

Attack/72871/01.jpg Attack/72871/02.jpg Attack/72871/03.jpg Attack/72871/04.jpg Attack/72871/05.jpg Attack/72871/06.jpg Attack/72871/07.jpg Attack/72871/08.jpg Attack/72871/09.jpg Attack/72871/10.jpg Attack/72871/11.jpg

Kit 72872 - PzKpfw II Ladungsleger. - (re-released June/July 2015)

Attack/72872/01.jpg Attack/72872/02.jpg Attack/72872/03.jpg Attack/72872/04.jpg

Built model by Attack

Attack/72872/1/01.jpg Attack/72872/1/02.jpg Attack/72872/1/03.jpg

Kit 72873 - PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A-Breda 2cm

Attack/72873/01.jpg Attack/72873/02.jpg Attack/72873/03.jpg

Kit 72874 - PzKpfw III Ausfuerung J/L 42

Attack/72874/01.jpg Attack/72874/02.jpg

Pictures of finished model by modelforum.cz

Attack/72874/1/1.jpg Attack/72874/1/2.jpg Attack/72874/1/3.jpg Attack/72874/1/4.jpg Attack/72874/1/5.jpg Attack/72874/1/6.jpg

Kit 72875 - PzKpfw III Ausfuerung J/L 60


Pictures of finished model by modelforum.cz

Attack/72875/1/1.jpg Attack/72875/1/2.jpg Attack/72875/1/3.jpg Attack/72875/1/4.jpg Attack/72875/1/5.jpg

For Czolg.Blox.pl review of Kit 72875 - PzKpfw III Ausfuerung J/L 60, visit:

logo "czolg.blox.pl" Website

Kit 72877 - PzKpfw II Ausfuerung A. - (re-released June/July 2015)

Attack/72877/01.jpg Attack/72877/02.jpg Attack/72877/03.jpg Attack/72877/04.jpg

Attack/72877/1/01.jpg Attack/72877/1/02.jpg

Kit 72878 - PzJag I 3,7 cm

Attack/72878/01.jpg Attack/72878/02.jpg Attack/72878/03.jpg

Kit 72880 - Panzer II Ausfuerung B

Attack/72880/01.jpg Attack/72880/02.jpg Attack/72880/03.jpg

Kit 72881 - Panzer I Bruckenlegger

Attack/72881/01.jpg Attack/72881/02.jpg Attack/72881/03.jpg Attack/72881/04.jpg Attack/72881/05.jpg Attack/72881/06.jpg

Built model by Attack

Attack/72881/1/01.jpg Attack/72881/1/02.jpg

Kit 72882 - Panzer II Beobachtung. - (re-released June/July 2015)

Attack/72882/01.jpg Attack/72882/02.jpg Attack/72882/03.jpg Attack/72882/04.jpg

Attack/72882/1/01.jpg Attack/72882/1/02.jpg

Kit 72883 - PzKpfw III Ausfuerung J/L 60 Africa

Attack/72883/01.jpg Attack/72883/02.jpg Attack/72883/03.jpg Attack/72883/04.jpg

Kit 72884 - PzKpfw III Ausfuerung J/L 42 Winter

Attack/72884/01.jpg Attack/72884/02.jpg Attack/72884/03.jpg Attack/72884/04.jpg

Kit 72885 - Pz.Kpfw.II /3.7 cm

Attack/72885/01.jpg Attack/72885/02.jpg Attack/72885/03.jpg Attack/72885/04.jpg

Kit 72886 - Pz.BefWg.III Ausfuerung J

Attack/72886/01.jpg Attack/72886/02.jpg Attack/72886/03.jpg Attack/72886/04.jpg Attack/72886/05.jpg

Kit 72887 - Pz.Kpfw.III Ausfuerung J with spaced armour

Attack/72887/01.jpg Attack/72887/02.jpg Attack/72887/03.jpg Attack/72887/04.jpg

Kit 72888 - Munitionspanzer III

Attack/72888/01.jpg Attack/72888/02.jpg Attack/72888/03.jpg

Kit 72889 - Munitionspanzer III with ammunition set

Attack/72889/01.jpg Attack/72889/02.jpg Attack/72889/03.jpg

Upgraded kits with interior details and hard tracks.

Kit 72SE01 - PzKpfw 35T / Lt.Vz.35 - Upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks


For Miro Baric's review of kit 72SE01 - 35T variant, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72SE02 - artillery tractor 35T - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks.


Kit 72SE03 - 35T light command tank - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE03/01.jpg Attack/72SE03/02.jpg

Kit 72SE04 - PzKpfw 35T / A8 Skoda T-11 - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE04/01.jpg Attack/72SE04/02.jpg Attack/72SE04/03.jpg Attack/72SE04/04.jpg Attack/72SE04/05.jpg Attack/72SE04/06.jpg

Kit 72SE05 - Jagdpanzer Star - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks


Kit 72SE06 - PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A early - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE06/01.jpg Attack/72SE06/02.jpg

Model built by Jan Pavlik.


For Patrick Mondia's review of kits 72864 & 72SE06 PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A early , visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72SE07 - Kl.PzKpfw I- Befehl - Ausfuerung A early - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE07/01.jpg Attack/72SE07/02.jpg

Kit 72SE08 - PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A - late production - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE08/01.jpg Attack/72SE08/02.jpg Attack/72SE08/03.jpg

Kit 72SE09 - PzBefWg I Ausfuerung A - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks


Kit 72SE10 - kl.PzBefWg I Ausfuerung A - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE10/01.jpg Attack/72SE10/02.jpg

Kit 72SE11 - Flammpanzer PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE11/01.jpg Attack/72SE11/02.jpg

Kit 72SE12 - PzKpfw II Ladungsleger - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE12/01.jpg Attack/72SE12/02.jpg

Kit 72SE13 - PzKpfw II Ausf. C - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks

Attack/72SE13/01.jpg Attack/72SE13/02.jpg

Finished model by Jan Pavlik.

Attack/72SE13/1/01.jpg Attack/72SE13/1/02.jpg Attack/72SE13/1/03.jpg

Finished model by Joe Turchick

Attack/72SE13/2/01.jpg Attack/72SE13/2/02.jpg Attack/72SE13/2/03.jpg Attack/72SE13/2/04.jpg Attack/72SE13/2/05.jpg Attack/72SE13/2/06.jpg Attack/72SE13/2/07.jpg Attack/72SE13/2/08.jpg Attack/72SE13/2/09.jpg

Kit 72SE14 - PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A - ambulance - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks - pictures from OTW website

Attack/72SE14/01.jpg Attack/72SE14/02.jpg Attack/72SE14/03.jpg Attack/72SE14/04.jpg Attack/72SE14/05.jpg Attack/72SE14/06.jpg

For Rob Haelterman's review of kit 72SE14 PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A - ambulance , visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For Rob Haelterman's construction analysis of kit 72SE14 PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A - ambulance , visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72SE15 - PzKpfw I Ausfuerung A - Breda 2cm - upgraded kit with interior details and hard tracks


2015 - New kits, which are released after new ownership

Kit 72890 - SU-76I Soviet Army

-Kit contains plastic parts, some resin parts, metal gun barrel and decals
-The sprue's are for all 3 SU76i variants (72890, 72891, 72894) identical
-deleted part 33

Attack/72890/01.jpg Attack/72890/02.jpg Attack/72890/03.jpg Attack/72890/04.jpg Attack/72890/05.jpg Attack/72890/06.jpg Attack/72890/07.jpg Attack/72890/08.jpg Attack/72890/09.jpg Attack/72890/10.jpg Attack/72890/11.jpg

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" review of Kit 72890 - SU-76I Soviet Army, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72891 - SU-76i Command

-Kit contains plastic parts, some resin parts, metal gun barrel and decals
-The sprue's are for all 3 SU76i variants (72890, 72891, 72894) identical
-with part 33

Attack/72891/01.jpg Attack/72891/02.jpg Attack/72891/03.jpg Attack/72891/04.jpg Attack/72891/05.jpg Attack/72891/06.jpg Attack/72891/07.jpg Attack/72891/08.jpg Attack/72891/09.jpg Attack/72891/10.jpg Attack/72891/11.jpg

Kit 72892 - PzKpfw II Ausf.C Balkan 1941

-Kit contains plastic parts, some resin parts, metal gun barrel and decals

Attack/72892/01.jpg Attack/72892/02.jpg Attack/72892/03.jpg Attack/72892/04.jpg Attack/72892/05.jpg Attack/72892/07.jpg Attack/72892/08.jpg Attack/72892/09.jpg Attack/72892/10.jpg Attack/72892/11.jpg Attack/72892/12.jpg

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview of Kit 72892 - PzKpfw II Ausf.C Balkan 1941, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For "HenkofHolland's / MiniAFV.blogspot", "inbox preview" of Kit 72892 - PzKpfw II Ausf.C Balkan 1941 variants, visit:

logo "MiniAFV" Blogspot - Built model

Kit 72893 - PzKpfw II Ausf.C Eastern Front

Attack/72893/01.jpg Attack/72893/02.jpg Attack/72893/03.jpg Attack/72893/06.jpg Attack/72893/07.jpg Attack/72893/08.jpg Attack/72893/09.jpg Attack/72893/10.jpg Attack/72893/11.jpg Attack/72893/12.jpg Attack/72893/13.jpg

Model built by Attack

Attack/72893/1/01.jpg Attack/72893/1/02.jpg Attack/72893/1/03.jpg Attack/72893/1/04.jpg

Kit 72894 - SU-76i Wehrmacht

-Kit contains plastic parts, some resin parts, metal gun barrel and decals
-The sprue's are for all 3 SU76i variants (72890, 72891, 72894) identical
-with part 33 and extra resin stowage part - different decals

Attack/72894/01.jpg Attack/72894/02.jpg Attack/72894/03.jpg Attack/72894/04.jpg Attack/72894/05.jpg Attack/72894/06.jpg Attack/72894/07.jpg Attack/72894/08.jpg Attack/72894/09.jpg Attack/72894/10.jpg Attack/72894/11.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd - (Russian service)

Attack/72894/1/01.jpg Attack/72894/1/02.jpg Attack/72894/1/03.jpg Attack/72894/1/04.jpg Attack/72894/1/05.jpg Attack/72894/1/06.jpg

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW", preview of kit 72890, 72891 & 72894 - SU-76i variants, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For "Rob Healterman's / OTW", preview of Kit 72894 - SU-76i Wehrmacht, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For "HenkofHolland's / MiniAFV.blogspot", "inbox preview" of kit 72890, 72891 & 72894 - SU-76i variants, visit:

logo "MiniAFV" Blogspot - Built model

Kit 72895 - SU-85i

Attack/72895/01.jpg Attack/72895/02.jpg Attack/72895/03.jpg Attack/72895/04.jpg Attack/72895/05.jpg Attack/72895/06.jpg Attack/72895/07.jpg Attack/72895/08.jpg Attack/72895/09.jpg

Built model by Attack

Attack/72895/1/01.jpg Attack/72895/1/02.jpg Attack/72895/1/03.jpg Attack/72895/1/04.jpg Attack/72895/1/05.jpg Attack/72895/1/06.jpg

Kit 72896 - PzKpfw II Ausf.F - (Eastern front)

Attack/72896/01.jpg Attack/72896/02.jpg Attack/72896/03.jpg

Kit 72899 - PzKpfw II Ausf.F - (U.S. Armoured force School)

Attack/72899/01.jpg Attack/72899/02.jpg Attack/72899/03.jpg

Kit 72900 - PzKpfw II Ausf.C - (Africa)

Attack/72900/01.jpg Attack/72900/02.jpg Attack/72900/03.jpg Attack/72900/04.jpg Attack/72900/05.jpg Attack/72900/06.jpg Attack/72900/07.jpg Attack/72900/08.jpg Attack/72900/09.jpg Attack/72900/10.jpg Attack/72900/11.jpg Attack/72900/12.jpg Attack/72900/13.jpg Attack/72900/14.jpg

For "Marc Mercier's / OTW" preview of Kit 72900 - PzKpfw II Ausf.C - (Africa), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72901 - Marmon Herrington Mk.II MFF (Hobby Line 01)

Attack/72901/01.jpg Attack/72901/02.jpg Attack/72901/03.jpg Attack/72901/04.jpg Attack/72901/05.jpg Attack/72901/06.jpg Attack/72901/07.jpg Attack/72901/08.jpg Attack/72901/09.jpg Attack/72901/10.jpg Attack/72901/11.jpg

Attack/72901/2/01.jpg Attack/72901/2/02.jpg Attack/72901/2/03.jpg Attack/72901/2/04.jpg

Model built by Attack

Attack/72901/1/01.jpg Attack/72901/1/02.jpg Attack/72901/1/03.jpg Attack/72901/1/04.jpg Attack/72901/1/05.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview of Kit 72901 - Marmon Herrington Mk.II MFF, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72902 - Marmon-Herrington Mk.II MFF (detailed) resin wheels (tyre and disk) and two detailed MGs, p/e fret includes engine front grill and part of the front body (Profi Line)


Kit 72903 - L1500S Wehrmacht Light Truck 4x2

Attack/72903/01.jpg Attack/72903/02.jpg Attack/72903/03.jpg Attack/72903/04.jpg Attack/72903/05.jpg Attack/72903/06.jpg Attack/72903/07.jpg Attack/72903/08.jpg Attack/72903/09.jpg Attack/72903/10.jpg

Kit 72904 - L1500A Wehrmacht Light Truck 4x4

Attack/72904/01.jpg Attack/72904/02.jpg Attack/72904/03.jpg Attack/72904/04.jpg Attack/72904/05.jpg Attack/72904/06.jpg

Model built by W.L.Baars

Attack/72904/1/01.jpg Attack/72904/1/02.jpg Attack/72904/1/03.jpg Attack/72904/1/04.jpg

Kit 72906 - captured Marmon Herrington Mk.II

British Marmon Herrington Mk.II captured by the Italian Army, with a large painted flag on the side and pennants

Attack/72906/01.jpg Attack/72906/02.jpg Attack/72906/03.jpg Attack/72906/04.jpg Attack/72906/05.jpg Attack/72906/06.jpg Attack/72906/07.jpg

Kit 72907 - Munitionsschlepper 1 Ausf.A

Munitionsschlepper 1 Ausf.A, a vehicle converted from the Panzer I with the specific purpose of transporting ammunition

Attack/72906/01.jpg Attack/72906/02.jpg Attack/72906/03.jpg Attack/72906/04.jpg Attack/72906/05.jpg

Kit 72908 - Tatra 87 Civil Service - (Vip)

Attack/72908/01.jpg Attack/72908/02.jpg Attack/72908/03.jpg Attack/72908/04.jpg Attack/72908/05.jpg Attack/72908/06.jpg Attack/72908/07.jpg Attack/72908/08.jpg Attack/72908/09.jpg Attack/72908/10.jpg Attack/72908/11.jpg Attack/72908/12.jpg

Kit 72909 - Tatra V855 Aerosan (2in1) 2 kits included, with p/e parts, and extra resin parts for engine detailing of one model

(Pictures Original Vehicle: "Tatramuseum", Czech Republic)

Attack/72909/1/01.jpg Attack/72909/1/02.jpg Attack/72909/1/03.jpg

Attack/72909/01.jpg Attack/72909/02.jpg Attack/72909/03.jpg Attack/72909/04.jpg Attack/72909/05.jpg Attack/72909/06.jpg Attack/72909/07.jpg Attack/72909/08.jpg Attack/72909/09.jpg Attack/72909/10.jpg Attack/72909/11.jpg Attack/72909/12.jpg Attack/72909/13.jpg Attack/72909/14.jpg Attack/72909/15.jpg Attack/72909/16.jpg Attack/72909/17.jpg Attack/72909/18.jpg Attack/72909/19.jpg Attack/72909/20.jpg

For Gerd's article of kit 72842 / 72909 - Tatra V755/855 Aerosanie, visit:

logo "modelwork.pl" Forum

Kit 72910 - Phanomen Granit 25H Late Utility Civil, Reichpost, Cz. Ambulance

Attack/72910/01.jpg Attack/72910/02.jpg Attack/72910/03.jpg

Kit 72911 - Phanomen Granit 25H Late Ambulance, Wehrmacht

Attack/72911/01.jpg Attack/72911/02.jpg Attack/72911/03.jpg Attack/72911/04.jpg

Model built by W.L. Baars

Attack/72911/1/01.jpg Attack/72911/1/02.jpg Attack/72911/1/03.jpg Attack/72911/1/04.jpg

Kit 72912 - Tatra 87 Cabrio

Attack/72914/01.jpg Attack/72914/02.jpg Attack/72914/03.jpg Attack/72914/04.jpg Attack/72914/05.jpg Attack/72914/06.jpg Attack/72914/07.jpg

Kit 72914 - Tatra 87 Wehrmacht

Attack/72914/01.jpg Attack/72914/02.jpg Attack/72914/03.jpg Attack/72914/04.jpg Attack/72914/05.jpg Attack/72914/06.jpg Attack/72914/07.jpg Attack/72914/08.jpg Attack/72914/09.jpg Attack/72914/10.jpg Attack/72914/11.jpg Attack/72914/12.jpg Attack/72914/13.jpg

Kit 72915 - Marmon-Herrington Mk.II ME, with full interior

Attack/72915/01.jpg Attack/72915/1/01.jpg Attack/72915/1/02.jpg Attack/72915/1/03.jpg Attack/72915/1/04.jpg Attack/72915/1/05.jpg Attack/72915/1/06.jpg Attack/72915/1/07.jpg Attack/72915/02.jpg Attack/72915/03.jpg Attack/72915/04.jpg Attack/72915/05.jpg Attack/72915/06.jpg

Kit 72916 - Tatra 87 "Allied Forces" (new decals & p/e)

Attack/72916/01.jpg Attack/72916/02.jpg

Kit 72917 - Marmon-Herrington Mk.II ME, double pack with full interior

Attack/72917/01.jpg Attack/72917/02.jpg

Kit 72918 - Opel Blitz (Type 2,5-32) Wehrmacht 1,5t Light TruckHobby Line, plastic parts only Called the "Klein Blitz", this German light truck was produced for the Wehrmacht from the 1930s until 1944

Attack/72918/01.jpg Attack/72918/02.jpg

Kit 72919 - Opel Type 2,5-32 Wehrmacht Europa - 1,5 ton light truck


Kit 72920 - M.B. L1500 Wehrmacht Light Truck 4x4, with canvas top. Includes p/e exterior fret, alternative resin parts (wheels & canvas top)

Attack/72920/01.jpg Attack/72920/02.jpg Attack/72920/03.jpg Attack/72920/04.jpg

Kit 72921 - Opel Type 2,5-32 Wehrmacht Africa with gargo - 1,5 ton light truck

Attack/72921/01.jpg Attack/72921/02.jpg Attack/72921/03.jpg Attack/72921/04.jpg Attack/72921/05.jpg Attack/72921/06.jpg

Kit 72922 - Phänomen Granit 25H Mannschaftstransportwagen - Feldgendarmerie/Police including. p/e exterior parts German police emergency vehicle based on the Phänomen chassis. These cars were used by the German Police and also by the Military Police, the latter utilised them during the first period of war.

Attack/72922/01.jpg Attack/72922/02.jpg Attack/72922/03.jpg Attack/72922/04.jpg

Kit 72923 - L1500A Personnel Carrier ( for south & west Europe)

Attack/72923/01.jpg Attack/72923/02.jpg Attack/72923/03.jpg Attack/72923/04.jpg Attack/72923/05.jpg Attack/72923/06.jpg Attack/72923/07.jpg Attack/72923/08.jpg Attack/72923/09.jpg Attack/72923/10.jpg Attack/72923/11.jpg Attack/72923/12.jpg Attack/72923/13.jpg

Model built by Christian Weber

Attack/72923/1/01.jpg Attack/72923/1/02.jpg Attack/72923/1/03.jpg Attack/72923/1/04.jpg Attack/72923/1/05.jpg Attack/72923/1/06.jpg

Kit 72924 - L1500A Peronal Carrier Africa (with additional bonus parts)

Attack/72924/01.jpg Attack/72924/02.jpg

Kit 72925 - Phanomen Granit 25H Kubelwagen with Pak 36

Attack/72925/01.jpg Attack/72925/02.jpg

Kit 72926 - Marmon-Herrington Mk.II ME "Mediterranean" Hobby Line, plastic parts only The 'ME' was a special variant for operations in Mediterranean theatre of war

Attack/72926/01.jpg Attack/72926/02.jpg Attack/72926/03.jpg Attack/72926/04.jpg Attack/72926/05.jpg Attack/72926/06.jpg

For "Tony Mackinder's / OTW" preview of Kit 72926 - Marmon-Herrington Mk.II ME "Mediterranean" visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72927 - Tatra 87 Cabrio with crew


Kit 72930 - L1500A Mannschaftwagen -Stab

Attack/72930/01.jpg Attack/72930/02.jpg Attack/72930/03.jpg

Kit 72932 - Marmon-Herrington Mk.II with Pak 36

Attack/72932/01.jpg Attack/72932/02.jpg Attack/72932/03.jpg Attack/72932/04.jpg Attack/72932/05.jpg Attack/72932/06.jpg Attack/72932/07.jpg Attack/72932/08.jpg Attack/72932/09.jpg Attack/72932/10.jpg

Kit 72933 - Humber Armoured Car MK-II

Attack/72933/01.jpg Attack/72933/02.jpg Attack/72933/03.jpg Attack/72933/04.jpg Attack/72933/05.jpg Attack/72933/06.jpg Attack/72933/07.jpg

Kit 72934 - Humber Armoured Car MK-III

Attack/72934/01.jpg Attack/72934/02.jpg Attack/72934/03.jpg Attack/72934/04.jpg Attack/72934/05.jpg Attack/72934/06.jpg Attack/72934/07.jpg Attack/72934/08.jpg Attack/72934/09.jpg Attack/72934/10.jpg Attack/72934/11.jpg Attack/72934/12.jpg Attack/72934/13.jpg Attack/72934/14.jpg

Kit 72935 - Humber Armoured Car MK-IV British Army Europe - (With PE and 3D printed parts)

Attack/72935/01.jpg Attack/72935/02.jpg Attack/72935/03.jpg

Kit 72938 - Phanomen Granit 25H Radio (with additional interior bonus parts)

Attack/72938/01.jpg Attack/72938/02.jpg Attack/72938/03.jpg Attack/72938/04.jpg Attack/72938/06.jpg Attack/72938/07.jpg Attack/72938/08.jpg

Kit 72939 - Phanomen Granit 25H Propaganda

Attack/72939/01.jpg Attack/72939/02.jpg Attack/72939/03.jpg

Kit 72940 - Humber Armoured Car MK-IV - Czechoslovak and Polish Units

Attack/72940/01.jpg Attack/72940/02.jpg

Kit 72941 - Humber MK III with PE & Resin parts and brass gun barrels

Attack/72941/01.jpg Attack/72941/02.jpg Attack/72941/03.jpg


Attack/72943/01.jpg Attack/72943/02.jpg Attack/72943/04.jpg Attack/72943/05.jpg Attack/72943/06.jpg Attack/72943/07.jpg Attack/72943/03.jpg

Kit 72950 - TYPE 2,5-32 WEHRMACHT LIGHT TRUCK 1,5 T - Werkstattwagen

Attack/72950/01.jpg Attack/72950/02.jpg Attack/72950/03.jpg

Kit 72951 -TYPE 2,5-32 WEHRMACHT LIGHT TRUCK 1,5 T - Plateau High Sidewalls

Attack/72951/01.jpg Attack/72951/02.jpg

Kit 72953 - Tatra T27b Wehrmacht & Slovak Army with resin details, incl. wheels and canvas

Attack/72953/01.jpg Attack/72953/02.jpg Attack/72953/03.jpg Attack/72953/04.jpg Attack/72953/05.jpg Attack/72953/06.jpg Attack/72953/07.jpg Attack/72953/08.jpg

Kit 72954 - Tatra T27b Wehrmacht & Luftwaffe (Hobby Line) Hobby Line, plastic parts only

Attack/72954/01.jpg Attack/72954/02.jpg Attack/72954/03.jpg

Kit 72958 - L1500S LLG German Fire Truck

Attack/72958/01.jpg Attack/72958/02.jpg Attack/72958/03.jpg Attack/72958/04.jpg Attack/72958/05.jpg Attack/72958/06.jpg Attack/72958/07.jpg Attack/72958/08.jpg Attack/72958/09.jpg Attack/72958/10.jpg

Kit 72960 - LTL-H / Pzw39 - Swiss Light Tank

Attack/72960/01.jpg Attack/72960/02.jpg Attack/72960/03.jpg Attack/72960/04.jpg Attack/72960/05.jpg Attack/72960/06.jpg

Model built by Jiri Bednar

Attack/72960/1/01.jpg Attack/72960/1/03.jpg Attack/72960/1/04.jpg Attack/72960/1/05.jpg Attack/72960/1/06.jpg

Kit 72961 - Light Tank LT-40, MG version

Attack/72961/01.jpg Attack/72961/02.jpg Attack/72961/03.jpg Attack/72961/04.jpg Attack/72961/05.jpg Attack/72961/06.jpg Attack/72961/07.jpg Attack/72961/08.jpg Attack/72961/09.jpg Attack/72961/10.jpg Attack/72961/11.jpg Attack/72961/12.jpg Attack/72961/13.jpg Attack/72961/14.jpg Attack/72961/15.jpg Attack/72961/16.jpg

Kit 72962 - Light Tank LT-40, with 37mm gun - (Slovak and Russian)

Attack/72962/01.jpg Attack/72962/02.jpg Attack/72962/03.jpg

"Coop" serien

Kit 72-001 - Sd.Kfz.234 - "Puchs" - (Bohemia 1945)

Follow information contains the kit - (Roden sprues + resin turret + resin figure + metal barrels)

Attack/Coop/72-001/00.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/01.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/02.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/03.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/04.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/05.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/06.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/07.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/08.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/09.jpg

Attack/Coop/72-001/2/01.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/2/02.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/2/03.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/2/04.jpg

Pictures built model from www.materielsterresstres39-45.fr

Attack/Coop/72-001/1/01.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/1/02.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/1/03.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/1/04.jpg Attack/Coop/72-001/1/05.jpg

There is a fairly rare version equipped with 1303 VK turret. This turret was produced by MAN and installed on the final version of the Panzer II "Luchs". The main armament consisted of a 20 mm cannon. This final variant of the Sd.Kfz 234 was staffing in the 17th Panzer Division. The only existing documents show the machines of this type going to the US forces to the Czechoslovak border in May 1945. Five vehicles were processed.


logo "www.materielsterrestres39-45.fr" Website

Kit 72-002 - Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma" - new detailled turret

Attack/Coop/72-002/01.jpg Attack/Coop/72-002/02.jpg Attack/Coop/72-002/03.jpg Attack/Coop/72-002/04.jpg Attack/Coop/72-002/05.jpg

"Fight for us" serien

Kit 72-002 - Willys MB 1st CIABG

The kit contains S-Model sprue A and T of their Jeep Willys. Then a decal sheet with four full sets of marking for Jeeps of Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and Czechoslovakia in 1944/45. The term "full set of marking" means, that spared decals you can use for another S-Model Jeep without need to buy any additional decals like white stars etc. The kit contains two new PE-sheets and eight resin parts: new front grill, lowered windscreen, covered by canvas, and parts for three figures of soldiers in black berets and battledresses - (comments by: Tomas Jakl)

Attack/Fightforus/72-002/01.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/02.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/03.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/04.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/05.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/06.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/07.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/08.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/09.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/10.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/11.jpg

Other decals

D720005 - Czechoslovak Indenpendent Aurmoured Brigade
D720006 - 1e Czechoslovak Army Corps

Attack/Fightforus/72-002/1/D720005.jpg Attack/Fightforus/72-002/1/D720006.jpg

"Small Pack" Series

Kit S72001 - Pak 35/36

Attack/S72001/01.jpg Attack/S72001/02.jpg Attack/S72001/03.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" review of Kit S72001 - Pak 35/36 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Metal Gun Barrels

Kit 72M001 - T34/76 - F34 gun

Attack/72m001/01.jpg Attack/72m001/02.jpg

Kit 72M002 - Panzer II - kwk 30 & MG34

Attack/72m002/01.jpg Attack/72m002/02.jpg

Kit 72M003 - Panzer I - 2x MG34

Attack/72m003/01.jpg Attack/72m002/03.jpg

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