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Catalogue 2024


Airfield Tractor "Clarktor 6"

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/Clarktor6/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/Clarktor6/02.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/Clarktor6/03.jpg

Airfield Tractor "Far CM86 & Far CM86A"

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/FarCM86/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/FarCM86/02.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/FarCM86/03.jpg

Announced Dodge WC52 Variants - Early - Mid and Late version

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/WC52/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/WC52/02.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/WC52/03.jpg

Dodge WC52 - Early

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/02.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/03.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/04.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/05.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/06.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/07.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/08.jpg

Model built by Claude Marchand

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/09.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/10.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/11.jpg

Model built by Laurent Andelshof

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/1/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/1/02.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/1/03.jpg

3D Printed Parts

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/02.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/03.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/04.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/05.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/06.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/07.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/08.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/09.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/10.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/11.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/12.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/13.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/19.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/20.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/14.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/15.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/16.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/17.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/DodgeWC52/parts/18.jpg

AZUR et OR MINIATURES DODGE WC-52 late version

Preview by Yiannis Papageorgiou


We all know about this iconic WW2 vehicle, the "Beep"
It was produced in a variety of specialized bodies, the WC-51/52 being the original version, the 51/52 signifying the presence/or not of a winch; during the wartime production, 3 body variants were made: the early, the mid and the late types, defined by the length and depth of the front portion of the body sides, plus the fuel filler cap, which was larger on mid/late trucks, to facilitate refueling.
I think there is no need for more historic data. This is not really the point of this preview.

WC52 early
WC52 mid
WC52 late

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/02.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/03.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/04.jpg

The model

The kit arrived well protected in a sturdy cardbox (picture 1); the pieces were kept in plastic bags to keep them from bouncing during transport; No loose parts nor broken or deformed!
Now, the "sprue" layout is of a very practical fashion, meaning that the parts are almost all of them clear, much like injected resin and not like most 3D offerings that come hidden under a forest of "supports" that make small and delicate impossible to free without accidents! Detail is crisp and every detail is there, even the lockers under the crew benches on the cargo bay; some delicate parts have duplicates, for obvious reasons, which is a very considerate gesture; plus, there are two sets if cabin seats, the wheels are of course superb, and I must point out that the spare one is finally depicted correctly, last but not least, there is an engine supplied, all I can say is that it is a model itself!
A construction review will follow soon.

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/05.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/06.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/07.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/08.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/09.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/10.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/11.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/12.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/13.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/14.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wc52/15.jpg

WC52 - 6 wheels version

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/6wheels/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/6wheels/02.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/6wheels/03.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/6wheels/04.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/6wheels/05.jpg

AZUR et OR MINIATURES - DODGE WC-51 series replacement wheel set

Preview by Yiannis Papageorgiou

This is not the first time such a kit is been launched; but it's almost the first time that the spare tire has the right rim! Since there are quite a few kits of WCs out there (Italeri, Academy, IDAP/3D via ETSY, Al.BY, to state some) representing all trucks from WC-51 to WC-64, I strongly believe there should be a great interest in a pack of correct spare wheels; so, I urge for such an offering! Absolutely recommended

Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wheels/01.jpg Azur-et-or-Miniatures/wheels/02.jpg

AZUR et OR MINIATURES - US fuel cans:

Preview by Yiannis Papageorgiou

The set offers 5 standard type US plain fuel canisters, 5 more in their vehicle universal mount and straps, and I believe this must be a first 5 supports, EMPTY! I could not believe it, every detail is there! Even the tiny loops for the leather straps! Absolutely recommended!


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