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Catalog covers, kitnumbers, box lay-outs 8300 series

ESCI no longer exists and their models are getting hard to find. A major loss to the 1/72 scale, but sometimes you find the kits in the shops and at shows. Where are the old moulds? Luckily they are not yet lost, most of the moulds exist and the kits are re-released from time by time by Italeri!!! --- See the Italeri page for re-release of many of old Esci/Ertl kits.

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Information about Esci Kits History

Esci is started with releasing the military kits in scale 1/72 in the 1970 years. In the years were Esci also released under other labels or in combination with other labels.
For more information, please visit the website from "On the Way'. There you found a lot of the Esci kits history!!!

On the Way The story of the Esci kits!!!

Catalogue History

Some updates on serveral Catalogues. The Pollistil 1977 catalogue lists all Esci kits as wel as Polistil's own produced kits. As in the Esci 1977 catalogue, the Polistil 1977 lists 5 Esci 1/72 kits that were never released (see pics) : 8052 German Sappers with Goliath, 8053 German Green Devils Fallschirmjager, 8058 Chevrolet LRDG, 8060 Horh typ 1a and 8061 horch ambulance.
The 1972 Catalogue is the first known Esci catalogue and contains only the decal range. The 1973 Catalogue is the first to list the famous big motorcycle kits, the last pages also list the 1973 Italaerei range. ( see italaerei update)
The 1974 Catalogue is the first to list the beloved 1/72 Armor range. Some pictures are different in detail from the final Esci-Armor box top art !!
The 1977 folder lists on its 1/35 page three never released Chevrolet Army Trucks (5015, 5018 and 5019) The 1993 Catalogue lists serveral 1/72 P-series soldiers kits that were never released, amongst them a Roland Missile Battery.----------- Alfred van Netburg 2010









Esci Kit-numbers

Name Italeri Esci-Ertl Esci Esci-Revell Humbrol Esci-Aurora Esci-AMT Esci-Polistil Esci-Hasegawa Esci-AHM Revell
- 7000 8300 8000 H2300 HK72200 ---- ---- as 8000 ---- ---- ----
Leopard I -8300---------
Leopard 1 A2 OTO703183018069--------
Leopard 1 A3A4700283028071--------
Leopard 2 A1A1-8303---------
M163 AA70668304---------
M113 A1 APC70118305----8635----
M901 Hammer Head-8306---------
M1 Abrams700183078070---8637----
M4A1 Sherman700383088028H2324HK72203-8639-MB123--
Pz. IV Ausf. G700783098058H2359-62038497----
Pz. IV Wirbelwind-83108063H2364-------
Pz. IV "Brummbar"-83118065H2366HK72210------
Sherman "Galliope"-83138059H2316-------
Pz. IV SPG "Hummel"-83148013H2312----MB108--
M60 A1 Patton-8315---------
M60 A2 "Starship"-8316---------
M60 A3-8317---------
M60 "Blazer"-8318---------
Jgdpz. IV "Lang"702883198012H2311----MB113--
Jgdpz. IV "Short"-83208056H2357-------
Morris "Quad"702783218042H2342----MB135--
M-48 A270158322--------03170
Merkava 170058323---------
Pz. III Ausf. M704183248001H2300---XMB1010553-
Pz. III Ausf. N-83258021H2318---XMB109--
M48 A3-8326--------03170
Flammpanzer III-83278057H2358-------
Sturmpz. III Ausf. G702183288005H2304-6213--MB105--
M48 A2 GA2-8329--------03170
Tiger II Henschell700483308008H2307HK7220762018483-MB112--
Churchill MK-IV701983328043H2343HK72204------
M48 A5-8333--------03170
T34/76 m1942700883348032H2332----MB143--
T34/76 m1943-83358047H2347----MB144--
M48 AC270688336--------03170
M106 Mortar70698337---------
Merkava II-8338----8641----
Churchil AMCR-83398049H2349-------
T62 MBT70068340---------
T62 M-8341---------
Opel Ambulance-83428035H2308----MB115--
SdKfz. 251/7-83438066--------
SdKfz.251/1 Rockets-83448022H2319-6225--MB110--
SdKfz. 251/16-83468055H2356-------
SdKfz. 251/8-83478067--------
SdKfz. 11701683488015H2314-6217--MB116--
SdKfz. 11 with pak 40-83498054H2355-------
WWII German Guns702683508020H2317HK722026218--MB121--
Nebelwerfer 41-83518033H2333-6212-----
WWII Accessoires-83528060H2361-------
Iwo Jima Memorial-83538062H2363--8548-MB136--
British 25 pnd gun-83548045H2345HK72206------
Opel Blitz701483558007H2306-6215--MB122--
M3 Recce Fr/So-83568068--------
US Light Truck701083578039H2339HK722056220--MB133--
Dodge with 3.7cm gun702583588040H2340-62298516-MB134--
SdKfz. 251/1 APC700983598002H2301HK72212---MB1020554-
Valentine MK-III701383618050H2352-6223-----
M12 SPG-83628029H2325-6206--MB124--
Panther Ausf. G701883638026H2326HK7220862048500-MB127--
Pz. IV Ausf.H-83648023H2320----MB125--
MK-I Bishop-83658044H2344-6221-----
Opel with AA-83668052H2353-------
Modern Accessoires-8367---------
Pz. I Ausf. B704283688024H2321-6226-XMB140--
SdKfz. 250/3703483698027H2327-6227--MB137--
Pz. I Command version-83708041H2341---XMB141--
SdKfz. 250/9702083718048H2348-6209--MB138--
Panzer Jager I705883728046H2346---XMB139--
SdKfz. 250/10-83738051H2351-------
Marder III-83748010H2309----MB106--
Jagdpanzer Hetzer-83758011H2310----MB107--
WWII Accessoires835260498060--------
Leopard 1A4--8071--------
Abrams M1-A1 MBT--8072--------
Leopard 1A1 A1-83038073--------
U.S. Soldiers--8016H2328-6210--MB118--
Russian Soldiers--8017H2329----MB120--
Africa Corps--8019H2315-6211--MB117--
8the Army--8019H2316-6224--MB119--
British Paratroopers--8034H2334-------
Japanese Infantry--8061H2362-------
Fiat Ansaldo 75/18--8031H2331----MB129--
Fiat Ansaldo M13/407036-8030H2330-6219--MB128--
M3A1 Scoutcar--8038H2338-6207--MB132--
M4A3 Sherman--8064H2365-------
Matilda MK-II7035-8036H2336----MB130--
35(T) Skoda--8025H2322----MB145--
Panzer II Ausf. F--8003H2303----MB1030555-

ESCI - (8300 series)

The Esci 1/72 Armor history - "8300 series" :

The 8300 series In 1987 Esci dropped a bombshell in the by then dormant 1/72 armor land : they started the 8300 series containing many new modern armor kits. They also returned to the "Whitebox" format with only a painting of the vehicle on both box sides. (luckily they didn't go with the real model picture boxart so "popular" then...). Although they had teased us the year before with the five last 8000 series kits of the Abrams and Leopard, Esci realy started with the series in 87. Releases came out quickly too but by then there were hardly any model kit shops left to buy them from, yes in the late eighties we had a crisis too !!
The boxes, as said, were plain white with a vehicle painting on both sides. At the lower corner on the top side a track print was put with nations flags of the decal options. Side ends of the boxes were red as the previous 8000 series. the first 21 kits (8301 to 8321) had "NEW / NOUVEAU" printed on front and sides, and the kits thereafter had the new Esci/Ertl logo.
Curiously the series started with number 8301 (Leopard IA1). A year later kit 8300 was released, also a Leopard I but only with Dutch decal options. Number 8300 does not appear in any official kit listing nor in any catalogue It also has no "NEW/NOUVEAU" logo. It seems that Esci honoured us Dutch Esci kitlovers with a special and rare extra release !!!
From 1987 up to 1990 Esci released new kits and all but a few old kits in the 8300 series, running from 8300 to 8375 and so being the largest Esci 1/72 armor range ever. Up to 1990 the 8000 series was listed along the 8300 series graduately dissolving into it.
In 1988 Ertl takes influence in Esci and logo's on the kits change into the ESCI/ERTL logo. This also happens to the few 8000 series kits still produced. In 1990 for the last time the whole 8300 series is listed in a Catalogue. (8301 to 8375). From then on all starts going down the mountain. Kit moulding quality drops and through ERTL influence kits are produced in different countries like Mexico, Canada and China. This all results in detail differences on the boxes like manufacture countries and safety instructions.
Right up to the end in 1999 the 8300 kits appear randomly in the Esci/Ertl catalogues from 1991 to 1999. Some are in the Greenband series discussed elswhere. Many kits are badly moulded with lots of flash in pale yellow or lightgrey plastic. The instruction leaflets are sometimes overblackened copies of originals and decals are often not present : the end is near!
In 1999 the final two Esci kits are released from China : The SdKfz 251/1 and the Opel Blitz truck in green boxes. The 251 actually contains a SdKfz 251/16 Flamethrower with a bad new instruction leaflet and an old decal. The Blitz kit contains the ambulance variant with an equally bad instruction leaflet but a very nice new decal..... End of 1999 it is over and Esci ceases to exist.
But the phoenix slowly rises from its ashes some years later when Revell starts re-releasing an old Esci kit : the M 48 A2c. In 2002 Good old Italeri starts its 1/72 Armor series by re-releasing Esci kits with their hard tracks (mostly) and beautiful new decal sheets. Now, in 2010, almost all Esci's have been re-released by Italeri.....Esci lives !!-------------- Alfred van Netburg , august 2010

Kit 8300 - Leopard I (Dutch-decals)

Esci/8300/01.jpg Esci/8069/02.jpg Esci/8069/03.jpg Esci/8069/04.jpg Esci/8069/05.jpg

Esci/8300/02.jpg Esci/8300/03.jpg Esci/8300/04.jpg Esci/8300/05.jpg

Kit 8301 - Leopard 1 A2 - other nations

Esci/8301/01.jpg Esci/8069/02.jpg Esci/8069/03.jpg Esci/8069/04.jpg Esci/8069/05.jpg

Kit 8302 - Leopard 1 A3A4

Esci/8302/01.jpg Esci/8071/02.jpg Esci/8071/03.jpg Esci/8071/04.jpg Esci/8071/05.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay

Esci/8302/1/01.jpg Esci/8302/1/02.jpg Esci/8302/1/03.jpg Esci/8302/1/04.jpg Esci/8302/1/05.jpg

Kit 8303 - Leopard 1A1A1

Esci/8303/01.jpg Esci/8073/02.jpg Esci/8073/03.jpg Esci/8073/04.jpg Esci/8073/05.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

Esci/8303/1/01.jpg Esci/8303/1/02.jpg Esci/8303/1/03.jpg Esci/8303/1/04.jpg Esci/8303/1/05.jpg

Kit 8304 - M163 AA

Esci/8304/01.jpg Esci/8304/02.jpg Esci/8304/03.jpg Esci/8304/04.jpg Esci/8304/05.jpg

Esci/8304/1/01.jpg Esci/8304/1/02.jpg Esci/8304/1/03.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han

Esci/8304/2/01.jpg Esci/8304/2/02.jpg Esci/8304/2/03.jpg Esci/8304/2/04.jpg Esci/8304/2/05.jpg

Kit 8305 - M113 A1 APC

Esci/8305/01.jpg Esci/8305/02.jpg Esci/8305/03.jpg Esci/8305/04.jpg Esci/8305/05.jpg

Kit 8306 - M901 Hammer Head

Esci/8306/01.jpg Esci/8306/02.jpg Esci/8306/03.jpg Esci/8306/04.jpg Esci/8306/05.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Esci/8306/1/01.jpg Esci/8306/1/02.jpg Esci/8306/1/03.jpg Esci/8306/1/04.jpg Esci/8306/1/05.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAFV Blogspot" review of kit 8306 - M901 Hammer Head visit:

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Kit 8307 - M1 Abrams

Esci/8307/01.jpg Esci/8070/02.jpg Esci/8070/03.jpg Esci/8070/04.jpg Esci/8070/05.jpg

For "Doug Chaltrey's / OTW" - article "Modeling the M1 Abrams in 1/72nd Scale" visit:

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Kit 8308 - M4A1 Sherman

Esci/8308/01.jpg Esci/8308/02.jpg Esci/8308/03.jpg Esci/8308/04.jpg Esci/8308/05.jpg

Kit 8309 - Pz. IV Ausf. G

Esci/8309/01.jpg Esci/8058/02.jpg Esci/8058/03.jpg Esci/8058/04.jpg Esci/8058/05.jpg

Kit 8310 - Pz. IV Wirbelwind

Esci/8310/01.jpg Esci/8083/02.jpg Esci/8083/03.jpg Esci/8083/04.jpg Esci/8083/05.jpg Esci/8310/02.jpg Esci/8310/03.jpg Esci/8310/04.jpg Esci/8310/05.jpg Esci/8310/06.jpg

Built model by Fabrice Dulot

Esci/8310/1/01.jpg Esci/8310/1/02.jpg

Kit 8311 - Pz. IV "Brummbar"

Esci/8311/01.jpg Esci/8065/02.jpg Esci/8065/03.jpg Esci/8065/04.jpg Esci/8065/05.jpg Esci/8311/02.jpg Esci/8311/03.jpg Esci/8311/04.jpg

Kit 8312 - JagdPanther

Esci/8312/01.jpg Esci/8312/02.jpg Esci/8312/03.jpg Esci/8312/04.jpg Esci/8312/05.jpg Esci/8312/06.jpg

Kit 8313 - Sherman "Galliope"

Esci/8313/01.jpg Esci/8313/02.jpg Esci/8313/03.jpg Esci/8313/04.jpg Esci/8313/05.jpg

Kit 8314 - Pz. IV SPG "Hummel"

Esci/8314/01.jpg Esci/8013/02.jpg Esci/8013/03.jpg Esci/8013/04.jpg Esci/8013/05.jpg

Kit 8315 - M60 A1 "Patton"

Esci/8315/01.jpg Esci/8315/02.jpg Esci/8315/03.jpg Esci/8315/04.jpg Esci/8315/05.jpg

Kit 8316 - M60 A2 Starship

Esci/8316/01.jpg Esci/8316/02.jpg Esci/8316/03.jpg Esci/8316/04.jpg Esci/8316/05.jpg Esci/8316/06.jpg Esci/8316/07.jpg Esci/8316/08.jpg Esci/8316/09.jpg Esci/8316/10.jpg

Built model by Rodrigo Nunez Rivolta

Esci/8316/1/01.jpg Esci/8316/1/02.jpg Esci/8316/1/03.jpg Esci/8316/1/04.jpg Esci/8316/1/05.jpg Esci/8316/1/06.jpg Esci/8316/1/07.jpg Esci/8316/1/08.jpg Esci/8316/1/09.jpg Esci/8316/1/10.jpg

Kit 8317 - M60 A3

Esci/8317/01.jpg Esci/8317/02.jpg Esci/8317/03.jpg Esci/8317/04.jpg Esci/8317/05.jpg Esci/8317/06.jpg Esci/8317/07.jpg Esci/8317/08.jpg Esci/8317/09.jpg Esci/8317/10.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Esci/8317/1/01.jpg Esci/8317/1/02.jpg Esci/8317/1/03.jpg Esci/8317/1/04.jpg Esci/8317/1/05.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's" comparison review about kit Revell 3140, 3175 with Esci 8317 and 8607 visit:

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Kit 8318 - M60 "Blazer"

Esci/8318/01.jpg Esci/8318/02.jpg Esci/8318/03.jpg Esci/8318/04.jpg Esci/8318/05.jpg Esci/8318/06.jpg Esci/8318/07.jpg Esci/8318/08.jpg Esci/8318/09.jpg Esci/8318/10.jpg

Kit 8319 - Jgdpz. IV "Lang"

Esci/8319/01.jpg Esci/8319/02.jpg Esci/8319/03.jpg Esci/8319/04.jpg Esci/8319/05.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay

Esci/8319/1/01.jpg Esci/8319/1/02.jpg

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Kit 8320 - Jgdpz. IV "Short"

Esci/8320/01.jpg Esci/8056/02.jpg Esci/8056/03.jpg Esci/8056/04.jpg Esci/8056/05.jpg

Kit 8321 - Morris "Quad"

Esci/8321/01.jpg Esci/8321/02.jpg Esci/8321/03.jpg Esci/8321/04.jpg Esci/8321/05.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill - (kit 8321 & 8354)

Esci/8321/1/01.jpg Esci/8321/1/02.jpg Esci/8321/1/03.jpg

Kit 8322 - M-48 A2

Esci/8322/01.jpg Esci/8322/02.jpg Esci/8322/03.jpg Esci/8322/04.jpg Esci/8322/05.jpg

Kit 8323 - Merkava 1

Esci/8323/01.jpg Esci/8323/02.jpg Esci/8323/03.jpg Esci/8323/04.jpg Esci/8323/05.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck - 1¬ Guerra del LÝbano 1982 - www.ipms-xalapa.org

Esci/8323/1/01.jpg Esci/8323/1/02.jpg Esci/8323/1/03.jpg Esci/8323/1/04.jpg Esci/8323/1/05.jpg Esci/8323/1/06.jpg Esci/8323/1/07.jpg Esci/8323/1/08.jpg Esci/8323/1/09.jpg Esci/8323/1/10.jpg Esci/8323/1/11.jpg Esci/8323/1/12.jpg Esci/8323/1/13.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

Esci/8323/2/01.jpg Esci/8323/2/02.jpg Esci/8323/2/03.jpg Esci/8323/2/04.jpg Esci/8323/2/05.jpg Esci/8323/2/06.jpg Esci/8323/2/07.jpg Esci/8323/2/08.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAFV Blogspot" review of Kit 8323 - Merkava 1 visit:

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Kit 8324 - Pz. III Ausf. M

Esci/8324/01.jpg Esci/8324/02.jpg Esci/8324/03.jpg Esci/8324/04.jpg Esci/8324/05.jpg

Kit 8325 - Pz. III Ausf. N

Esci/8325/01.jpg Esci/8325/02.jpg Esci/8325/03.jpg Esci/8325/04.jpg Esci/8325/05.jpg

Esci/8325/2/01.jpg Esci/8325/2/02.jpg Esci/8325/2/03.jpg Esci/8325/2/04.jpg Esci/8325/2/05.jpg

Built model by Fabrice Dulot

Esci/8325/1/01.jpg Esci/8325/1/02.jpg

Kit 8326 - M48 A3

Esci/8326/01.jpg Esci/8326/02.jpg Esci/8326/03.jpg Esci/8326/04.jpg Esci/8326/05.jpg Esci/8326/06.jpg Esci/8326/07.jpg Esci/8326/08.jpg Esci/8326/09.jpg Esci/8326/10.jpg

Kit 8327 - Flammpanzer III

Esci/8327/01.jpg Esci/8327/02.jpg Esci/8327/03.jpg Esci/8327/04.jpg Esci/8327/05.jpg Esci/8327/06.jpg

Kit 8328 - Sturmpz. III Ausf. G

Esci/8328/01.jpg Esci/8328/02.jpg Esci/8328/03.jpg Esci/8328/04.jpg Esci/8328/05.jpg Esci/8328/06.jpg Esci/8328/07.jpg Esci/8328/08.jpg Esci/8328/09.jpg

Kit 8329 - M48 A2 GA2

Esci/8329/01.jpg Esci/8329/02.jpg Esci/8329/03.jpg Esci/8329/04.jpg Esci/8329/05.jpg Esci/8329/06.jpg Esci/8329/07.jpg Esci/8329/08.jpg Esci/8329/09.jpg Esci/8329/10.jpg

Kit 8330 - Tiger II Henschell


Kit 8331 - Jagdtiger

Esci/8331/01.jpg Esci/8331/02.jpg Esci/8331/03.jpg Esci/8331/04.jpg

Built model by Francisco Fernandez de Miguel

Esci/8331/1/01.jpg Esci/8331/1/02.jpg Esci/8331/1/03.jpg Esci/8331/1/04.jpg

Kit 8332 - Churchill MK-IV

Esci/8332/01.jpg Esci/8332/02.jpg Esci/8332/03.jpg Esci/8332/04.jpg

Kit 8333 - M48 A5

Esci/8333/01.jpg Esci/8333/02.jpg Esci/8333/03.jpg Esci/8333/04.jpg Esci/8333/05.jpg

Kit 8334 - T34/76 m1942

Esci/8334/00.jpg Esci/8334/01.jpg Esci/8334/02.jpg Esci/8334/03.jpg Esci/8334/04.jpg

Kit 8335 - T34/76 m1943


Kit 8336 - M48 AC2


Kit 8337 - M106 Mortar

Esci/8337/01.jpg Esci/8337/02.jpg Esci/8337/03.jpg

Kit 8338 - Merkava II

Esci/8338/01.jpg Esci/8338/02.jpg Esci/8338/03.jpg Esci/8338/04.jpg Esci/8338/05.jpg Esci/8338/06.jpg Esci/8338/07.jpg Esci/8338/08.jpg Esci/8338/09.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck - (www.ipms-xalapa.org)

Esci/8338/1/01.jpg Esci/8338/1/02.jpg Esci/8338/1/03.jpg Esci/8338/1/04.jpg Esci/8338/1/05.jpg Esci/8338/1/06.jpg Esci/8338/1/07.jpg Esci/8338/1/08.jpg Esci/8338/1/09.jpg Esci/8338/1/10.jpg Esci/8338/1/11.jpg Esci/8338/1/12.jpg Esci/8338/1/13.jpg Esci/8338/1/14.jpg Esci/8338/1/15.jpg Esci/8338/1/16.jpg Esci/8338/1/17.jpg Esci/8338/1/18.jpg

For "Keith Goodman's / KGWings" review about kit 8338 - Merkava II visit:

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Kit 8339 - Churchil AMCR

Esci/8339/01.jpg Esci/8339/02.jpg Esci/8339/03.jpg Esci/8339/04.jpg

For "Andy Gregg's / MiniAFV Blogspot" pictures built model Kit 8339 - Churchil AMCR visit:

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Kit 8340 - T62 MBT

Esci/8340/01.jpg Esci/8340/02.jpg Esci/8340/03.jpg Esci/8340/04.jpg

Kit 8341 - T62 M

Esci/8341/01.jpg Esci/8341/02.jpg Esci/8341/03.jpg Esci/8341/04.jpg

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Kit 8342 - Opel Ambulance

Esci/8342/01.jpg Esci/8342/02.jpg Esci/8342/03.jpg Esci/8342/04.jpg Esci/8342/05.jpg Esci/8342/06.jpg Esci/8342/07.jpg Esci/8342/08.jpg

Kit 8343 - SdKfz. 251/7

Esci/8343/01.jpg Esci/8343/02.jpg Esci/8343/03.jpg Esci/8343/04.jpg Esci/8343/05.jpg Esci/8343/06.jpg Esci/8343/07.jpg Esci/8343/08.jpg

Kit 8344 - SdKfz.251/1

Esci/8344/01.jpg Esci/8344/02.jpg Esci/8344/03.jpg Esci/8344/04.jpg Esci/8344/05.jpg Esci/8344/06.jpg

Kit 8345 - SdKfz.251/10


Kit 8346 - SdKfz.251/16


Kit 8347 - SdKfz.251/8


Built model by patrice Dauga

Esci/8347/1/01.jpg Esci/8347/1/02.jpg Esci/8347/1/03.jpg Esci/8347/1/04.jpg Esci/8347/1/05.jpg Esci/8347/1/06.jpg

Kit 8348 - SdKfz. 11


Kit 8349 - SdKfz. 11 with pak 40

Esci/8349/01.jpg Esci/8349/02.jpg Esci/8349/03.jpg Esci/8349/04.jpg Esci/8349/05.jpg Esci/8349/06.jpg Esci/8349/07.jpg

Kit 8350 - Different guns


Kit 8351 - Nebelwerfer 41

Esci/8351/01.jpg Esci/8351/02.jpg

Kit 8352 - WWII Accessoires


Kit 8353 - Iwo Jima Memorial


Kit 8354 - 25 pnd gun


Built 25 pounder by Marcin Mizielinski

italeri/7027/1/01.jpg italeri/7027/1/02.jpg italeri/7027/1/03.jpg italeri/7027/1/04.jpg

Kit 8355 - Opel Blitz

Esci/8355/01.jpg Esci/8355/02.jpg Esci/8355/03.jpg Esci/8355/04.jpg

Kit 8356 - M3 Recce

Esci/8356/01.jpg Esci/8356/02.jpg Esci/8356/03.jpg Esci/8356/04.jpg Esci/8356/05.jpg Esci/8356/06.jpg Esci/8356/07.jpg Esci/8356/08.jpg

Kit 8357 - US Light Truck

Esci/8357/01.jpg Esci/8039/02.jpg Esci/8039/03.jpg Esci/8039/04.jpg Esci/8039/05.jpg

Kit 8358 - Dodge with 3.7cm gun

Esci/8358/01.jpg Esci/8040/02.jpg Esci/8040/03.jpg Esci/8040/04.jpg Esci/8040/05.jpg Esci/8040/06.jpg Esci/8040/07.jpg

Kit 8359 - SdKfz. 251/1 APC

Esci/8359/01.jpg Esci/8359/02.jpg Esci/8359/03.jpg Esci/8359/04.jpg Esci/8359/05.jpg Esci/8359/06.jpg Esci/8359/07.jpg

Kit 8360 - Elephant

Esci/8360/01.jpg Esci/8361/00.jpg Esci/8361/00.jpg Esci/8361/00.jpg Esci/8361/00.jpg

Built model by Fabrice Dulot

Esci/8360/1/01.jpg Esci/8360/1/02.jpg

For "Gurkan Ozkan's / MiniAFV" pictures built model Kit 8360 - Elephant visit:

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Kit 8361 - Valentine MK-III

Esci/8361/01.jpg Esci/8361/02.jpg Esci/8361/03.jpg Esci/8361/04.jpg Esci/8361/05.jpg Esci/8361/06.jpg

Kit 8362 - M-12 "King Kong" SPG - US Army Self Propelled M1917 155mm gun

Esci/8362/01.jpg Esci/8362/02.jpg Esci/8362/03.jpg Esci/8362/04.jpg Esci/8362/05.jpg Esci/8362/06.jpg Esci/8362/07.jpg Esci/8362/08.jpg Esci/8362/09.jpg

Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

Esci/8362/1/01.jpg Esci/8362/1/02.jpg Esci/8362/1/03.jpg Esci/8362/1/04.jpg Esci/8362/1/05.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" construction review Kit 8362 - M-12 "King Kong" SPG - US Army Self Propelled M1917 155mm gun visit:

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For "Zafer Yakar's / MiniAFV Blogspot" review about kit 8362 - M-12 "King Kong" SPG - US Army Self Propelled M1917 155mm gun visit:

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Kit 8363 - Panther Ausf. G

Esci/8363/01.jpg Esci/8363/02.jpg Esci/8363/03.jpg Esci/8363/04.jpg

For "Ozgur Aydin's / MiniAFV Blogspot" review about kit 8363 - Panther Ausf. G visit:

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Converting Panther into dozer variant, by Steve Puccio

Comments Steve Puccio: Panther Raumschaufel converted Panther with barrel removed and scratch built plow and framework used in Nuremberg Germany for clearing bombing debris

Esci/8363/2/00.jpg Esci/8363/2/01.jpg Esci/8363/2/02.jpg Esci/8363/2/03.jpg Esci/8363/2/04.jpg Esci/8363/2/05.jpg

Converting Panther turret as casemat, model by Paco Motos Orrellana

Esci/8363/1/01.jpg Esci/8363/1/02.jpg Esci/8363/1/03.jpg Esci/8363/1/04.jpg

Kit 8364 - Pz. IV


Kit 8365 - MK-I Bishop


Kit 8366 - Opel with flak AA


Kit 8367 - Modern Accessoires


Kit 8368 - Pz. I Ausf. B


Kit 8369 - SdKfz. 250/3 - with vinyl tracks

Esci/8369/01.jpg Esci/8369/02.jpg Esci/8369/03.jpg Esci/8369/04.jpg Esci/8369/05.jpg Esci/8369/06.jpg

Kit 8369 - SdKfz. 250/3 - with hard plastic tracks

Esci/8369/1/01.jpg Esci/8369/1/02.jpg

Built model by Christian Weber

Esci/8369/2/01.jpg Esci/8369/2/02.jpg Esci/8369/2/03.jpg Esci/8369/2/04.jpg Esci/8369/2/05.jpg Esci/8369/2/06.jpg Esci/8369/2/07.jpg

Kit 8370 - SdKfz.265 Panzerbefhelswagen


Kit 8371 - SdKfz. 250/9 - with vinyl tracks

Esci/8371/01.jpg Esci/8371/02.jpg Esci/8371/03.jpg Esci/8371/04.jpg Esci/8371/05.jpg Esci/8371/06.jpg

Kit 8371 - SdKfz. 250/9 - with hard plastic tracks

Esci/8371/1/01.jpg Esci/8371/1/02.jpg

For "Jacob Sterum's / Meditations on a Hobby" preview Kit 8369 - SdKfz. 250/3, 8371 - 250/9, 8373 - 250/10 visit:

logo "Meditations on a Hobby" Blogspot

Kit 8372 - Panzer Jager I


Kit 8373 - SdKfz. 250/10 - with vinyl tracks

Esci/8373/01.jpg Esci/8373/02.jpg Esci/8373/03.jpg Esci/8373/04.jpg

Kit 8373 - SdKfz. 250/10 - with hard plastic tracks

Esci/8373/1/01.jpg Esci/8373/1/02.jpg

For "Jacob Sterum's / Meditations on a Hobby" preview Kit 8369 - SdKfz. 250/3, 8371 - 250/9, 8373 - 250/10 visit:

logo "Meditations on a Hobby" Blogspot

Kit 8374 - Marder III Tankhunter

Esci/8374/01.jpg Esci/8374/02.jpg Esci/8374/03.jpg Esci/8374/04.jpg Esci/8374/05.jpg

Kit 8375 - Jagdpanzer Hetzer

Esci/8375/01.jpg Esci/8375/02.jpg Esci/8375/03.jpg Esci/8375/04.jpg Esci/8375/05.jpg

U.S. Manual

Esci/8375/1/02.jpg Esci/8375/1/03.jpg Esci/8375/1/04.jpg Esci/8375/1/05.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAFV Blogspot" review about kit 8375 - Jagdpanzer Hetzer visit:

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Around 1987 has Esci/Ertl also released a line with "Diorama Sets""- (8600 serie) and a line with "Kits with Figures" - (2000 serie)

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