Fujimi 1/76 & 1/72 scale, Japan

Historical information by Mikio Aida from Japan

Some of these kits are "Out of Production" or hard to find. Since 1988 Fujimi has also issued old kits from "Nitto" in their range.


Fujimi changed kit numbers several times, deleted or re-released kits. Time to time you will find same kits with numbers from all periods, so the kit numbers are very chaotic. The kits with different numbers can have also different box art.!

Indication codes are:- 250, 400, 500 & 800 series.

Fujimi is quite huge and complicated. There are on the boxes codes that give an indication of the series. So there are series 250, 400, 500 and 800!
The 250 series boxes have a yellow square in upper right corner (WA series). The 400 series are boxes in different colours with the misty pictures. The boxes in the 500 and 800 series are white. The main difference between 500 and 800 series is the size of the boxes! The 800 are deeper than the 500. Another easy way to distingish them is, on the top of the boxes, if Japanese language is present, its an 800 series, otherwise its a 500. For the Sturmgeschutz, the tracks are now in hard plastic, but it isn't a generalisation, because the M4 105mm has still got vinyl tracks. The models are a bit ancient, but some news surfaced recently
(information posted by Christope Mechin)

Vinyl Tracks or Hard Plastic Tracks

The vinyl tracks from the Fujimi kits are from poor quality and bad detailled. The vinyl they used is from strange procude. The vinyl hardened out and broken quickly in several parts.

Info 2010 - Their latest kits include link and length hard plastic tracks. Be sure to check if the kit you are buying has the old vinyl tracks or the new ones. Just a hint: the cheaper ones have the vinyl tracks.

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Catalogue History

Who is so kind to help me with cover pictures of the missed catalogues?





1999 early




Fujimi Kit-numbers - by Mikio Aida from Japan

About Fujimi kits, their numbering system is complex and something strange. So I made the file below about their numbers. At first please note that after 1980's their each kits have two numbers, one is series number and another is product number. This system is common to many Japanese manufacturers.

In 2010 Fujimi changed their numbering system again. Packages of new range are the same to 2000's kits but raised prices. Although 2000's issues are still available, it may be possible that some kits become out of production when all stocks were gone.

1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's Name Ex-Nitto (Kagaku) First Issue Income Bachmann Science Treasure
WA-1WA-1/36001WA-01/760011/760018-Tiger II-1971---
WA-6WA-6/36006WA-4/760044/760049-38(t) Praga-1971---
WA-7WA-7/36007OOPSWA-28/760674SWA20/762203M4A3 Sherman-1971-WA07 (0762)-
WA-8WA-8/36008OOPSWA-29/760681SWA21/762210Matilda MK-III-1971-WA08 (0763)-
WA-9WA-9/36009WA-06/760066/760063-SdKfz.251-1971-WA09 - D9 - (0865)-
WA-10WA-10/36010OOP19/760193-SdKfz.222-1973-WA10 - D10 - (0866)-
WA-11WA-11/36011OOP20/760209-KUBELwagen/BMW R75-1973---
WA-17WA-17/36017WA-22/7602222/760223-Chi-Ha Type 97-1974---
WA-18WA-18/36018WA-10/7601010/760100-Ho-Ni Type 1-1975---
WA-19WA-19/36019OOP-15/760612-Chi-Ha Type 97 Kai-1975---
WA-20WA-20/36020WA-23/7602323/760230-Pz.Kpfw. IB-1975---
WA-21WA-21/36021OOPSWA-27/760667SWA19/762197Pz.Jgr. I-1975---
-WA-22/38022SWA-12/76042SWA-12/760421SWA7/762074King Tiger (Porsche)ex-Nitto 730-250 (26)1988---
-WA-23/38023SWA-14/76044SWA-14/760445SWA9/762098King Tiger (Henschellex-Nitto 595 (25)1988---
-WA-24/38024SWA-16/76049SWA-16/760490SWA10/762104StuG III Ausf. Dex-Nitto 592 (22)1988---
-WA-25/38025WA-11/7601111/760117-StuG III Ausf. Gex-Nitto 591 (21)1988---
--SWA-11/76041SWA-11/760414SWA6/762067StuG III Ausf.Gex-Nitto 591 (21)1988---
-WA-26/38026WA-12/7601212/760114-PzKpfw. IV Ausf. Jex-Nitto 460 (20)1988---
-WA-27/38027OOPSWA-35/760780SWA26/762265PzKpfw.I Ausf. Bex Nitto 458 (18)1988---
-WA-28/38028OOPSWA-33/760766SWA24/762241PzKpfw.II Ausf. F/Gex-Nitto 459 (19)1988---
-WA-29/38029WA-13/7601313/760131-Tiger Iex-Nitto 442 (2)1988IE-1540--
-WA-30/38030OOPSWA-34/760773SWA25/762258Panther Gex-Nitto 441 (1)1988---
-WA-31/38031SWA-20/76053SWA-20/760537SWA13/76213515cm Nebelwerferex-Nitto 457 (17)1988---
-WA-32/38032WA-14/7601414/760148-JagdPantherex-Nitto 443 (3)1988---
-WA-33/38033WA-24/7602424/760247-10.5cm Flak 36ex-Nitto 444 (4)1988---
-WA-34/38034SWA-25/76058SWA-25/760582SWA17/762173SdKfz.250ex-Nitto 445 (5)1988---
-WA-35/38035SWA-17/76050SWA-17/760506SWA11/762111PzKpfw. III Ausf. M/Nex-Nitto 446 (6)1988---
-WA-36/38036SWA-21/76054SWA21/760544SWA14/762142Kubelwagenex-Nitto 447 (7)1988---
-WA-37/38037SWA-24/76057SWA-24/760575SWA16/762166Schwimmwagenex-Nitto 448 (8)1988---
-WA-38/38038WA-15/7601536/760704-Willys MB Jeepex-Nitto 452 (12)1988---
-WA-39/38039WA-16/7601616/760162-M4A1 Shermanex-Nitto 453 (13)1988---
-WA-40/38040SWA-26/76059SWA-25/760599SWA18/762180M7B1 105mm SP gunex-Nitto 454 (14)1988---
-WA-41/38041WA-17/7601717/760179-M36 Jacksonex-Nitto 455 (15)1988---
-WA-42/38042OOP35/760698-M3A1 US Halftrackex-Nitto 456 (16)1988---
-WA-43/38043SWA-19/76052SWA-19/760520SWA12/762128M12 155mm SPGex-Nitto 593 (23)1988---
-WA-44/38044SWA-23/76056SWA-23/760568SWA15/762159M30 Cargo Carrierex-Nitto 594 (24)1988---
-1/38045OOPSWA-13/760438SWA8/762081Jagd Tigerex-Nitto 731-250 (27)1990---
D-1D-1/37001WA-25/7602525/760254-German Infantry-1972-d1-
D-2D-2/37002WA-26/7602626/760261-German 88mm Flak 18-1973---
D-3D-3/37003WA-27/7602727/760278-US Infantry-1973---
D-4D-4/37004OOP38/760735-Battlefield Accessoires-1973---
D-5D-5/37005OOP31/360362-Watch Tower (Pillbox)-1973---
D-6D-6/37006WA-28/7602828/760285-German Infantry w/Gasmask-1973---
D-7D-7/37007WA-29/7602929/760292-British Infantry-1973-d7-
D-8D-8/37008WA-30/7603030/760308-Japanese Infantry-1974---
-D-9/38009OOP32/360379-House & Look Outex-Nitto 449 (9)1988---
-D-10/38010OOP33/360386-Field Accessoiresex-Nitto 450 (10)1988---
-D-11/38011OOP34/360393-Bridge & Checkpointex-Nitto 451 (11)1988---
--SWA-1/76031SWA-1/760315SWA1/762012JGSDF Tp.61(4-1)-1997---
--SWA-2/76032SWA-2/760322SWA2/762029JGSDF Tp.74(71-4)-1997---
--SWA-3/76033SWA-3/760339SWA3/762036JGSDF Tp.90(71-3)-1997---
--SWA-4/76034SWA-4/760346-JGSDF Tp.61(7-3)-1997---
--SWA-5/76035SWA-5/760353-JGSDF Tp.74(3-1)-1997---
--SWA-6/76036SWA-6/760360-JGSDF Tp.90(Fuji)-1997---
--SWA-7/76037SWA-7/760377-JGSDF Tp.61(10-1)-1997---
--SWA-8/76038SWA-8/760384-JGSDF Tp.74(71-3)-1997---
--SWA-9/76039SWA-9/760360-JGSDF Tp.90(72-1)-1997---
--SWA-10/76040SWA-10/760407SWA4/762043Tiger I (sPz.Abt.505)-1997IE-1539--
--SWA-13/76043SWA-13/760438-Jagd Tiger-1998---
--SWA-15/76045SWA-15/760452SWA5/762050Tiger I Final Version-1998IE-1537--
--SWA-18/76051SWA-18/760513-Tiger I (Ace)-1998IE-1538--
--SWA-22/76055SWA-22/760551-Tiger I (sPz.Abt.506)-1998IE-1538--
---SWA-30/760650SWA22/762227JS-2 Stalin-2002---
---SWA-31/760711-JS-2M Stalin-2002---
---SWA-32/760759SWA23/762234JS-2M (Czech/Polish)-2002---
---A/76074-Invasion to Berlin-2002---
----72M-1/722238German Military Truck-2010---
----72M-2/722276German Mil. Truck w/camo decals-2011---
----72M-3/722306JGSDF Tp.10-2011---

Fujimi has re-released after 2010 some 1/76 scale models with new kit numbers

WA-1 761008 TIGER II
WA-5 761015 ELEPHANT
WA-6 761022 Sd.Kfz/251/1//10
WA-17 761046 M36 JACKSON
WA-25 761060 German Infantry
WA-31 761077 Diorama Accessory
32 761084 House & Look-out
33 761091 Field Accessories
34 761107 Bridge & Checkpoint

1/76 Diorama Series - (7 boxes - ds series)

1973's 1974's 1975's Name First Issue Bachmann
ds-1--Battle of Bulge1973-
ds-2--African Front1973ds882
ds-4--Battle of Berlin1973-
-ds-5-Battle of Kursk1974-
-ds-6-Invasion of D-Day1974-
--ds-7Battle of Iwo Jima1975-


The pictures with watermark from "www.mojehobby.pl / www.modelmaking.eu" are used with permission.

Series "Special World Armor" - Latest Release (76000 Series)

code indication 500 & 800 series

Kit 76001 - Tiger II - Henschell

Fujimi/76001/01.jpg Fujimi/76001/02.jpg Fujimi/76001/03.jpg Fujimi/76001/04.jpg Fujimi/76001/05.jpg Fujimi/76001/06.jpg

Kit 76002 - JagdTiger

Fujimi/76002/01.jpg Fujimi/76002/02.jpg Fujimi/76002/03.jpg Fujimi/76002/04.jpg Fujimi/76002/05.jpg Fujimi/76002/06.jpg

Kit 76003 - Hetzer

Fujimi/76003/01.jpg Fujimi/76003/02.jpg Fujimi/76003/03.jpg Fujimi/76003/04.jpg Fujimi/76003/05.jpg Fujimi/76003/06.jpg Fujimi/76003/07.jpg Fujimi/76003/08.jpg Fujimi/76003/09.jpg Fujimi/76003/10.jpg Fujimi/76003/11.jpg

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Kit 76004 - 38(T) Praga

Fujimi/76004/01.jpg Fujimi/76004/02.jpg Fujimi/76004/03.jpg Fujimi/76004/04.jpg Fujimi/76004/05.jpg Fujimi/76004/06.jpg Fujimi/76004/07.jpg Fujimi/76004/08.jpg Fujimi/76004/09.jpg

Model built by Christophe Mechin

Fujimi/76004/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76004/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76004/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76004/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76004/1/05.jpg

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Kit 76005 - Elephant

Fujimi/76005/01.jpg Fujimi/76005/02.jpg Fujimi/76005/03.jpg Fujimi/76005/04.jpg Fujimi/76005/05.jpg

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Kit 76006 - SdKfz 251/1 Ausf. B

Fujimi/76006/01.jpg Fujimi/76006/02.jpg Fujimi/76006/03.jpg Fujimi/76006/04.jpg

Kit 76007 - Valentine

Fujimi/76007/01.jpg Fujimi/76007/02.jpg Fujimi/76007/03.jpg Fujimi/76007/04.jpg Fujimi/76007/05.jpg

Built model by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/76007/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76007/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76007/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76007/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76007/1/05.jpg

Kit 76008 - SU-85

Fujimi/76008/01.jpg Fujimi/76008/02.jpg Fujimi/76008/03.jpg Fujimi/76008/04.jpg Fujimi/76008/05.jpg

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Kit 76009 - T34/85

Fujimi/76009/01.jpg Fujimi/76009/02.jpg Fujimi/76009/03.jpg Fujimi/76009/04.jpg

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Kit 76010 - Ho-Ni Type 1

Fujimi/76010/01.jpg Fujimi/76010/02.jpg Fujimi/76010/03.jpg

Kit 76011 - Stug III Ausf.G

Fujimi/76011/01.jpg Fujimi/76011/02.jpg Fujimi/76011/03.jpg Fujimi/76011/04.jpg

Kit 76012 - PzKpfw IV Ausf. J

Fujimi/76012/01.jpg Fujimi/76012/02.jpg Fujimi/76012/03.jpg Fujimi/76012/04.jpg Fujimi/76012/05.jpg Fujimi/76012/06.jpg Fujimi/76012/07.jpg Fujimi/76012/08.jpg Fujimi/76012/09.jpg

Model built by Olaf Klein

Fujimi/76012/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76012/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76012/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76012/1/04.jpg

Built model/diorama by Paco Motos Orellana

Fujimi/76012/2/01.jpg Fujimi/76012/2/02.jpg Fujimi/76012/2/03.jpg

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Kit 76013 - Tiger I - This is the same kit as kit S-Mars / Income IE-1540

Fujimi/76013/01.jpg Fujimi/76013/02.jpg Fujimi/76013/03.jpg Fujimi/76013/04.jpg Fujimi/76013/05.jpg Fujimi/76013/06.jpg Fujimi/76013/07.jpg

Kit 76014 - JagdPanther

Fujimi/76014/01.jpg Fujimi/76014/02.jpg Fujimi/76014/03.jpg Fujimi/76014/04.jpg Fujimi/76014/05.jpg

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Kit 76015 - Willys MB Jeep


Kit 76016 - Sherman M4A1

Fujimi/76016/01.jpg Fujimi/76016/02.jpg Fujimi/76016/03.jpg Fujimi/76016/04.jpg

Fujimi/76016/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76016/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76016/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76016/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76016/1/05.jpg

Kit 76017 - M36 Tank Destroyer

Fujimi/76017/01.jpg Fujimi/76017/02.jpg Fujimi/76017/03.jpg Fujimi/76017/04.jpg Fujimi/76017/05.jpg Fujimi/76017/06.jpg Fujimi/76017/07.jpg Fujimi/76017/08.jpg

Model built by Olaf Klein

Fujimi/76017/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76017/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76017/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76017/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76017/1/05.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/38041/1/01.jpg Fujimi/38041/1/02.jpg Fujimi/38041/1/03.jpg Fujimi/38041/1/04.jpg

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Kit 76018 - Russian KV-1A

Fujimi/76018/01.jpg Fujimi/76018/02.jpg Fujimi/76018/03.jpg Fujimi/76018/04.jpg

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Kit 76019 - German SDKfz. 222

Fujimi/76019/01.jpg Fujimi/76019/02.jpg Fujimi/76019/03.jpg Fujimi/76019/04.jpg Fujimi/76019/05.jpg

Kit 76020 - Kubelwagen with Sidecar

Fujimi/76020/01.jpg Fujimi/76020/02.jpg Fujimi/76020/03.jpg Fujimi/76020/04.jpg Fujimi/76020/05.jpg

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Kit 76021 - Russian T34/76

Fujimi/76021/01.jpg Fujimi/76021/02.jpg Fujimi/76021/03.jpg Fujimi/76021/04.jpg Fujimi/76021/05.jpg

For a "Mondo72" review about Kit 76021 - Russian T34/76 visit:

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Kit 76022 - Japanese Type 97

Fujimi/76022/01.jpg Fujimi/76022/02.jpg Fujimi/76022/03.jpg

Kit 76023 - German PzKpfw I Ausf B

Fujimi/76023/01.jpg Fujimi/76023/02.jpg Fujimi/76023/03.jpg Fujimi/76023/04.jpg Fujimi/76023/05.jpg Fujimi/76023/06.jpg Fujimi/76023/07.jpg

Model built by Piotr

Fujimi/76023/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76023/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76023/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76023/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76023/1/05.jpg

Kit 76024 - German 10.5cm Flak 36

Fujimi/76024/01.jpg Fujimi/76024/02.jpg Fujimi/76024/03.jpg Fujimi/76024/04.jpg Fujimi/76024/05.jpg Fujimi/76024/06.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/76024/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76024/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76024/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76024/1/04.jpg

Kit 76025 - German Infantry

Fujimi/76025/01.jpg Fujimi/76025/02.jpg

Kit 76026 - German 8.8cm Flak 18

Fujimi/76026/01.jpg Fujimi/76026/02.jpg Fujimi/76026/03.jpg Fujimi/76026/04.jpg

Kit 76027 - U.S. Infantry


Kit 76028 - German Infantry-Gas Mask


Kit 76029 - 8th Army Infantry

Fujimi/76029/01.jpg Fujimi/76029/02.jpg Fujimi/76029/03.jpg Fujimi/76029/04.jpg Fujimi/76029/05.jpg Fujimi/76029/06.jpg Fujimi/76029/07.jpg Fujimi/76029/08.jpg

Kit 76030 - Japanse Infantry

Fujimi/76030/01.jpg Fujimi/76030/02.jpg Fujimi/76030/03.jpg

Kit 76031 - JGSDF Type 61
Kit 76032 - JGSDF Type 74
Kit 76033 - JGSDF Type 90
Kit 76034 - JGSDF Type 61
Kit 76035 - JGSDF Type 74
Kit 76036 - Bunker/Watch Tower

Fujimi/76031/01.jpg Fujimi/76032/01.jpg Fujimi/76033/01.jpg Fujimi/76034/01.jpg Fujimi/76035/01.jpg Fujimi/76036/01.gif

Kit 76037 - JGSDF Type 61
Kit 76038 - JGSDF Type 74
Kit 76039 - JGSDF Type 90

Fujimi/76037/01.jpg Fujimi/76038/01.jpg Fujimi/76039/01.jpg

Kit 76040 - Tiger I Late with Steel Wheels - This is the same kit as kit S-Mars / Income IE-1539

Fujimi/76040/01.jpg Fujimi/76040/02.jpg Fujimi/76040/03.jpg Fujimi/76040/04.jpg Fujimi/76040/05.jpg Fujimi/76040/06.jpg Fujimi/76040/07.jpg Fujimi/76040/08.jpg Fujimi/76040/09.jpg Fujimi/76040/10.jpg Fujimi/76040/11.jpg Fujimi/76040/12.jpg Fujimi/76040/13.jpg Fujimi/76040/14.jpg Fujimi/76040/15.jpg Fujimi/76040/16.jpg

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Kit 76041 - SturmGeschutz III, Ausf. G


Kit 76042 - King Tiger Porsche

Fujimi/76042/01.jpg Fujimi/76042/02.jpg Fujimi/76042/03.jpg Fujimi/76042/04.jpg Fujimi/76042/05.jpg Fujimi/76042/06.jpg Fujimi/76042/07.jpg Fujimi/76042/08.jpg Fujimi/76042/09.jpg Fujimi/76042/10.jpg Fujimi/76042/11.jpg Fujimi/76042/12.jpg Fujimi/76042/13.jpg Fujimi/76042/14.jpg Fujimi/76042/15.jpg Fujimi/76042/16.jpg Fujimi/76042/17.jpg Fujimi/76042/18.jpg Fujimi/76042/19.jpg

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Kit 76043 - Jagdtiger

Fujimi/76043/01.jpg Fujimi/76043/02.jpg Fujimi/76043/03.jpg Fujimi/76043/04.jpg Fujimi/76043/05.jpg

Kit 76044 - King Tiger Henschel


Kit 76045 - Tiger I Final Version - This is the same kit as kit S-Mars / Income IE-1537


Kit 76049 - Stug III Ausf. D

Fujimi/76049/01.jpg Fujimi/76049/02.jpg Fujimi/76049/03.jpg Fujimi/76049/04.jpg

Built model by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/76049/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76049/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76049/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76049/1/04.jpg

For an "Jim Matthiessen" review about kit 76049 - Stug III Ausf. D visit:

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Kit 76050 - Pz.kpfw III Ausf. M/N


Kit 76051 - Tiger I Late - This is the same kit as kit S-Mars / Income IE-1538 - same instruction manual and same sprueparts

Fujimi/76051/01.jpg Fujimi/76051/02.jpg Fujimi/76051/03.jpg Fujimi/76051/04.jpg Fujimi/76051/05.jpg Fujimi/76051/06.jpg Fujimi/76051/07.jpg Fujimi/76051/08.jpg

76052 - US M12 155mm GMC

Kit 76053 - 150mm Rocket Gun Set

Fujimi/76053/01.jpg Fujimi/76053/02.jpg Fujimi/76053/03.jpg Fujimi/76053/04.jpg Fujimi/76053/05.jpg Fujimi/76053/06.jpg

Built models by Francisco Fernandez de Miguel

Fujimi/76053/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76053/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76053/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76053/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76053/1/05.jpg

Kit 76054 - Kubelwagen

Fujimi/76054/01.jpg Fujimi/76054/02.jpg Fujimi/76054/03.jpg

Built Models by Francisco Fernandez de Miguel

Fujimi/wa/11/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/1/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/1/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/1/05.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/2/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/2/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/2/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/2/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/11/2/05.jpg

Kit 76055 - Tiger I Late - This is the same kit as kit S-Mars / Income IE-1538

Fujimi/76055/01.jpg Fujimi/76055/02.jpg Fujimi/76055/03.jpg Fujimi/76055/04.jpg

Kit 76056 - US M30 Cargo

Fujimi/76056/01.jpg Fujimi/76056/02.jpg Fujimi/76056/03.jpg Fujimi/76056/04.jpg Fujimi/76056/05.jpg Fujimi/76056/06.jpg Fujimi/76056/07.jpg Fujimi/76056/08.jpg Fujimi/76056/09.jpg Fujimi/76056/10.jpg

Kit 76057 - Schwimmwagen

Fujimi/76057/01.jpg Fujimi/76057/02.jpg Fujimi/76057/03.jpg Fujimi/76057/04.jpg Fujimi/76057/05.jpg Fujimi/76057/06.jpg Fujimi/76057/07.jpg Fujimi/76057/08.jpg

Built model by Francisco Fernandez de Miguel

Fujimi/76057/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76057/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76057/1/03.jpg

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Kit 76058 - Sd.Kfz. 250/10

Fujimi/76058/01.jpg Fujimi/76058/02.jpg Fujimi/76058/03.jpg Fujimi/76058/04.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez de Miguel

Fujimi/76058/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76058/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76058/1/03.jpg

Kit 76059 - M7B1 105mm SPG

Fujimi/76059/01.jpg Fujimi/76059/02.jpg Fujimi/76059/03.jpg Fujimi/76059/04.jpg Fujimi/76059/05.jpg

Kit 76061 - Chi-Ha Type 97

Fujimi/76061/01.jpg Fujimi/76061/02.jpg Fujimi/76061/03.jpg Fujimi/76061/04.jpg Fujimi/76061/05.jpg

Built Model by Marcin Mizielinski

Fujimi/76061/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76061/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76061/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76061/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76061/1/05.jpg Fujimi/76061/1/06.jpg

Kit 76065 - Stalin JS-2

Fujimi/76065/01.jpg Fujimi/76065/02.jpg Fujimi/76065/03.jpg Fujimi/76065/04.jpg Fujimi/76065/05.jpg

Kit 76066 - Pz.I, 4.7cm PAK

Fujimi/76066/01.jpg Fujimi/76066/02.jpg Fujimi/76066/03.jpg Fujimi/76066/04.jpg Fujimi/76066/05.jpg Fujimi/76066/06.jpg Fujimi/76066/07.jpg Fujimi/76066/08.jpg Fujimi/76066/09.jpg Fujimi/76066/10.jpg Fujimi/76066/11.jpg

For a "Mondo72" review about Kit 76066 - Pz.I, 4.7cm PAK visit:

logo "Mondo72" Website

Kit 76067 - M4A3 Sherman

Fujimi/76067/01.jpg Fujimi/76067/02.jpg Fujimi/76067/03.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/76067/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76067/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76067/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76067/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76067/1/05.jpg

For an "Milgeek" construction review about kit 76067 - M4A3 Sherman visit:

logo "Milgeek" Website

Kit 76068 - Matilda MK-III

Fujimi/76068/01.jpg Fujimi/76068/02.jpg Fujimi/76068/03.jpg

76069 - M3A1 Halftrack

Kit 76070 - U.S. Field Car

Fujimi/76070/01.jpg Fujimi/76070/02.jpg Fujimi/76070/03.jpg Fujimi/76070/04.jpg

Kit 76071 - JS-2 1943


For a "Mondo72" review about Kit 76071 - JS2 1943 visit:

logo "Mondo72" Website

Kit 76072 - KV-2


For a "Mondo72" review about Kit 76072 - KV2 visit:

logo "Mondo72" Website

Kit 76073 - Diorama Accessories


Kit 76074 - Stalin vs Tiger I


Kit 76075 - JS-2m Polish/Czech Army


For a "Mondo72" review about Kit 76075 - JS2M 1944 visit:

logo "Mondo72" Website

Kit 76076 - Panzer II Ausf F/G

Fujimi/76076/01.jpg Fujimi/76076/02.jpg Fujimi/76076/03.jpg Fujimi/76076/04.jpg Fujimi/76076/05.jpg Fujimi/76076/06.jpg Fujimi/76076/07.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/76076/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76076/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76076/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76076/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76076/1/05.jpg

76077 - Panther Ausf. G
76078 - Panzer I
76079 - JGSDF Tank Type 61


Fujimi Tiger I under other label - Early (old) Releases from S-Mars

S-Mars released some Tiger I variants under the label "Income - Toy & Hobby" - (which are the same kits as the Fujimi Tiger I's)

Income IE-1537, IE-1539 and IE-1540

s-mars/IE-1537.jpg s-mars/IE-1539.jpg s-mars/IE-1540.jpg

Income IE-1538

s-mars/IE-1538.jpg s-mars/IE-1538-1.jpg s-mars/IE-1538-2.jpg s-mars/IE-1538-3.jpg s-mars/IE-1538-4.jpg s-mars/IE-1538-5.jpg

38000 Series - old layout (ex-Nitto Kits)

code indication 400 series

Kit 38022 - King Tiger Porsche

Fujimi/38022/01.jpg Fujimi/38022/02.jpg Fujimi/38022/03.jpg Fujimi/38022/04.jpg Fujimi/38022/05.jpg

Kit 38023 - King Tiger Henschell


Kit 38024 - Sturmgeschutz III D

Fujimi/38024/01.jpg Fujimi/38024/02.jpg Fujimi/38024/03.jpg Fujimi/38024/04.jpg Fujimi/38024/05.jpg

Kit 38025 - Sturmgeschutz III G

Fujimi/38025/01.jpg Fujimi/38025/02.jpg Fujimi/38025/03.jpg

Kit 38026 - Pz. IV Ausf. J

Fujimi/38026/01.jpg Fujimi/38026/02.jpg Fujimi/38026/03.jpg Fujimi/38026/04.jpg Fujimi/38026/05.jpg

Kit 38027 - Panzer I


Kit 38028 - Panzer II

Fujimi/38028/01.jpg Fujimi/38028/02.jpg Fujimi/38028/03.jpg Fujimi/38028/04.jpg Fujimi/38028/05.jpg

Kit 38029 - Tiger I

Fujimi/38029/01.jpg Fujimi/38029/02.jpg Fujimi/38029/03.jpg Fujimi/38029/04.jpg Fujimi/38029/05.jpg

Kit 38030 - Panther Ausf. G

Fujimi/38030/01.jpg Fujimi/38030/02.jpg Fujimi/38030/03.jpg Fujimi/38030/04.jpg Fujimi/38030/05.jpg

Kit 38031 - 15cm Nebelwerfer

Fujimi/38031/01.jpg Fujimi/38031/02.jpg Fujimi/38031/03.jpg Fujimi/38031/04.jpg Fujimi/38031/05.jpg

Kit 38032 - Jagdpanther

Fujimi/38032/01.jpg Fujimi/38032/02.jpg Fujimi/38032/03.jpg Fujimi/38032/04.jpg Fujimi/38032/05.jpg

Kit 38033 - 105mm Gun

Fujimi/38033/01.jpg Fujimi/38033/02.jpg Fujimi/38033/03.jpg Fujimi/38033/04.jpg Fujimi/38033/05.jpg

Kit 38034 - SdKfz. 250/10


Kit 38035 - Panzer III M/N


Kit 38036 - Kubelwagen


Kit 38037 - Schwimmwagen


Kit 38038 - Willy Jeep


Kit 38039 - M4A1 Sherman


Kit 38040 - M7B1 105mm gun


Kit 38041 - M36 Jackson

Fujimi/38041/01.jpg Fujimi/38041/02.jpg Fujimi/38041/03.jpg Fujimi/38041/04.jpg Fujimi/38041/05.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/38041/1/01.jpg Fujimi/38041/1/02.jpg Fujimi/38041/1/03.jpg Fujimi/38041/1/04.jpg

Kit 38042 - M3A1 Halftrack

Fujimi/38042/01.jpg Fujimi/38042/01.jpg Fujimi/38042/01.jpg

Kit 38043 - Gun Motor Carriage


Kit 38044 - M30 Cargo Carrier


Kit 761084 - House & Look-out

Fujimi/761084/01.jpg Fujimi/761084/02.jpg

Kit 761091 - Field Accessories

Fujimi/761091/01.jpg Fujimi/761091/02.jpg

Kit 761107 - Bridge & Checkpoint

Fujimi/761107/01.jpg Fujimi/761107/02.jpg Fujimi/761107/03.jpg

WA Series - old layout - Fujimi Kits

Release date:

WA-1 - WA-8 1971
WA-9 - WA12 1973
WA-13 - WA17 1974
WA-18 - WA21 1975

code indication 250 series

Kit WA01 - Tiger II

Fujimi/wa/01/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/01/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/01/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/01/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/01/05.jpg

Kit WA02 - KV-I M1941

Fujimi/wa/02/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/02/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/02/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/02/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/02/05.jpg

Kit WA03 - KV-II (Late)

Fujimi/wa/03/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/03/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/03/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/03/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/03/05.jpg

Kit WA04 - Jagdtiger

Fujimi/wa/04/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/04/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/04/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/04/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/04/05.jpg

Kit WA05 - Hetzer

Fujimi/wa/05/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/05/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/05/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/05/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/05/05.jpg

Built model by Francisco Fernandez de Miguel

Fujimi/wa/05/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/05/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/05/1/03.jpg

Kit WA06 - Praga 38(T)

Fujimi/wa/06/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/06/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/06/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/06/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/06/05.jpg

Built model by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/wa/06/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/06/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/06/1/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/06/1/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/06/1/05.jpg

Kit WA07 - M4 Sherman

Fujimi/wa/07/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/07/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/07/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/07/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/07/05.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/76067/1/01.jpg Fujimi/76067/1/02.jpg Fujimi/76067/1/03.jpg Fujimi/76067/1/04.jpg Fujimi/76067/1/05.jpg

Kit WA08 - Matilda

Fujimi/wa/08/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/08/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/08/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/08/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/08/05.jpg

Kit WA09 - SdKfz. 251 Ausf 1/10

Fujimi/wa/09/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/09/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/09/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/09/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/09/05.jpg

Built model by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/wa/09/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/09/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/09/1/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/09/1/04.jpg

Kit WA10 - SdKfz. 222

Fujimi/wa/10/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/10/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/10/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/10/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/10/05.jpg

Kit WA11 - Kubelwagen with BMW sidecar


Kit WA12 - Valentine

Fujimi/wa/12/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/12/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/12/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/12/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/12/05.jpg

Kit WA13 - Elephant


Kit WA14 - T34-76A

Fujimi/wa/14/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/14/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/14/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/14/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/14/05.jpg

Kit WA15 - SU-85

Fujimi/wa/15/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/15/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/15/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/15/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/15/05.jpg

There is a mistake on the vehicle drawing - the SU-85 has one wheel too much - (6 wheels instead 5) - Strange there the same vehicle drawing from kit 76008 is correct with 5 wheels

Kit WA16 - T34-85A

Fujimi/wa/16/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/16/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/16/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/16/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/16/05.jpg

Kit WA17 - CHI-HA Type 97

Fujimi/wa/17/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/17/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/17/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/17/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/17/05.jpg

Built model by Francisco J. FernŠndez de Miguel

Fujimi/wa/17/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/17/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/17/1/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/17/1/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/17/1/05.jpg

Kit WA18 - HO-NI Type 1

Fujimi/wa/18/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/05.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/06.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/07.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/wa/18/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/1/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/1/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/18/1/05.jpg

Kit WA19 - Chi-Ha

Fujimi/wa/19/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/19/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/19/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/19/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/19/05.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/wa/19/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/19/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/19/1/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/19/1/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/19/1/05.jpg

Kit WA20 - Pz.Kpfw. I

Fujimi/wa/20/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/20/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/20/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/20/04.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/wa/20/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/20/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/20/1/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/20/1/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/05.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/06.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/07.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/08.jpg

Kit WA21 - Pz. Jaeger I

Fujimi/wa/21/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/05.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/wa/21/1/01.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/02.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/03.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/04.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/05.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/06.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/07.jpg Fujimi/wa/21/1/08.jpg

"D" - Series

Release date:

D1 - D2 1972
D3 - D7 1973
D8 - 1974

Kit D1 - German Infantry

Fujimi/d/d1/01.jpg Fujimi/d/d1/02.jpg Fujimi/d/d1/03.jpg

Kit D2 - 88mm Flak 18

Fujimi/d/d2/01.jpg Fujimi/d/d2/02.jpg Fujimi/d/d2/03.jpg Fujimi/d/d2/04.jpg Fujimi/d/d2/05.jpg

Model built by Francisco Fernandez

Fujimi/d/d2/1/01.jpg Fujimi/d/d2/1/02.jpg Fujimi/d/d2/1/03.jpg Fujimi/d/d2/1/04.jpg

Kit D3 - USA Infantry


Kit D4 - Diorama Accessoires

Fujimi/d/d4/01.jpg Fujimi/d/d4/02.jpg

Kit D5 - Bunker/Watch Tower

Fujimi/d/d5/01.jpg Fujimi/d/d5/02.jpg

Kit D6 - German Infantry


Kit D7 - British Infantry

Fujimi/d/d7/01.jpg Fujimi/d/d7/02.jpg Fujimi/d/d7/03.jpg

Kit D8 - Japanese Infantry

Fujimi/d/d8/01.jpg Fujimi/d/d8/02.jpg Fujimi/d/d8/03.jpg

Kit D9 - House & Look Out


Kit D10 - Field Accessories


Kit D11 - Bridge & Checkpoint


Upgraded kit

Fujimi has also released a upgraded kit with white metal and PE-parts

Kit 38045 - Jagdtiger

Fujimi/38045/01.jpg Fujimi/38045/02.jpg Fujimi/38045/03.jpg Fujimi/38045/04.jpg Fujimi/38045/05.jpg Fujimi/38045/06.jpg Fujimi/38045/07.jpg

For an "Fred Boucher" review about Kit 38045 - Jagdtiger (upgraded kit) visit:

logo "Armorama / Kitmaker" Website

1/76 Diorama Series - (7 boxes - ds series)

"Out of Production"

History and release date:

DS range is original with 3 kits each.
DS-1 - DS-4 1973
DS-5 - DS-6 1974
DS-7 1975 (Announced only?)

DS-1 - Battle of Bulge

Fujimi/ds1/01.jpg Fujimi/ds1/02.jpg Fujimi/ds1/03.jpg

DS-2 - African Front

Fujimi/ds2/01.jpg Fujimi/ds2/02.jpg

DS-3 - Blitzkrieg

Fujimi/ds3/01.jpg Fujimi/ds3/02.jpg Fujimi/ds3/03.jpg

DS-4 - Battle of Berlin

Fujimi/ds4/01.jpg Fujimi/ds4/02.jpg Fujimi/ds4/03.jpg

DS-5 - Battle of Kursk

Fujimi/ds5/01.jpg Fujimi/ds5/02.jpg Fujimi/ds5/03.jpg Fujimi/ds5/04.jpg Fujimi/ds5/05.jpg Fujimi/ds5/06.jpg

DS-6 - Invasion D-Day

Fujimi/ds6/01.jpg Fujimi/ds6/02.jpg Fujimi/ds6/03.jpg

DS-7 - Battle of Iwo Jima


1/76 Big Battle Diorama Series - (7 boxes - bb series)

"Out of Production"

BB range is updated series including 4 kits
BB1 - BB2 1975

BB2 - African Front
BB2 - African Front
BB2 - African Front


BB3 - BB7 1975/1976

BB7 - Battle of Iwo Jima


1/76 One Cut Scene Series - (10 boxes - OC series)

"Out of Production"

Release date: OC-1 > OC10 - 1974

Kit OC-1 - German Secret Strong Point

Fujimi/OC/01/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/01/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/01/03.jpg

Kit OC-2 - Guerilla Operations

Fujimi/OC/02/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/02/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/02/03.jpg

Kit OC-3 - Strong Point Dragon

Fujimi/OC/03/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/03/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/03/03.jpg

Kit OC-4 - OC-4 - Operations "V-3"

Fujimi/OC/04/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/04/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/04/03.jpg

Kit OC-5 - Command Unit

Fujimi/OC/05/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/05/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/05/03.jpg

Kit OC-6 - "Z" Order

Fujimi/OC/06/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/06/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/06/03.jpg

Kit OC-7 - Attack

Fujimi/OC/07/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/07/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/07/03.jpg Fujimi/OC/07/04.jpg

Kit OC-8 - Division

Fujimi/OC/08/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/08/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/08/03.jpg Fujimi/OC/08/04.jpg

Kit OC-9 - Jack Frost

Fujimi/OC/09/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/09/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/09/03.jpg

Kit OC-10 - Tiger in Malaya

Fujimi/OC/10/01.jpg Fujimi/OC/10/02.jpg Fujimi/OC/10/03.jpg Fujimi/OC/10/04.jpg Fujimi/OC/10/05.jpg Fujimi/OC/10/06.jpg

Announced but never released Fujimi kits

In the catologue 1975 has Fujimi announced some never released kits in the 1/76 scale range

cat 1975
Hago Type 95
6 others

Fujimi kits released under other labels


One kit boxes

Kit WA04 - Jagdtiger
Kit WA13 - Elephant

Fujimi/bachmann/04/01.jpg Fujimi/bachmann/13/01.jpg

Battlefield dioramakits - (one set in the box)

Kit series 01 - German Infantry


Kit series 6 (0865) - German SdKfz. 251/1


Kit series 7 - (0866) - SdKfz. 222

Fujimi/bachmann/10/01.jpg Fujimi/bachmann/10/02.jpg Fujimi/bachmann/10/03.jpg Fujimi/bachmann/10/04.jpg Fujimi/bachmann/10/05.jpg Fujimi/bachmann/10/06.jpg

Big Dioramasets - (more sets in the box)

ds881 - Blitzkrieg
ds882 - African Front


Science Treasure - from China

Notice that the SU-85 (kit 800) has a mistake on the boxart drawing - six road wheels per side (rather than five) - The same mistake is also on the Fujimi boxart WA-15

kit ?
kit 800


Fujimi in 1/72 scale

Kit 72M-1 - Opel Blitz - (Pictures are taken from websites www.1999.co.jp)

Fujimi/72M1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M1/03.jpg Fujimi/72M1/15.jpg Fujimi/72M1/06.jpg Fujimi/72M1/07.jpg Fujimi/72M1/08.jpg Fujimi/72M1/09.jpg Fujimi/72M1/10.jpg Fujimi/72M1/04.jpg Fujimi/72M1/11.jpg Fujimi/72M1/12.jpg Fujimi/72M1/13.jpg Fujimi/72M1/14.jpg Fujimi/72M1/16.jpg Fujimi/72M1/17.jpg Fujimi/72M1/05.jpg

For a "MilitaryModelling - Robin Buckland" review about Kit 72M1 - Opel Blitz visit:

logo "Military Modelling" Website

Kit 72M-2 - (72227) - Opel Blitz - German Military Truck

Fujimi/72227/01.jpg Fujimi/72227/02.jpg Fujimi/72227/03.jpg Fujimi/72227/04.jpg Fujimi/72227/05.jpg Fujimi/72227/06.jpg Fujimi/72227/07.jpg Fujimi/72227/08.jpg Fujimi/72227/09.jpg Fujimi/72227/10.jpg Fujimi/72227/11.jpg Fujimi/72227/12.jpg Fujimi/72227/13.jpg Fujimi/72227/14.jpg Fujimi/72227/15.jpg Fujimi/72227/16.jpg Fujimi/72227/17.jpg Fujimi/72227/18.jpg

Built model by Christian Weber - (Conversion into Opel semi-trailer)

Fujimi/72227/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72227/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72227/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72227/1/04.jpg Fujimi/72227/1/05.jpg Fujimi/72227/1/06.jpg Fujimi/72227/1/07.jpg Fujimi/72227/1/08.jpg

For an "Jan Etal / Armorama" review about kit 72M-2 - Opel Blitz with camouflage decals visit:

logo "www.armorama.com" Website

Kit 72M-3 - Japanese JGSDF Type 10 - (or kitnumber ML-3)

Fujimi/72M3/01.jpg Fujimi/72M3/02.jpg Fujimi/72M3/03.jpg Fujimi/72M3/04.jpg Fujimi/72M3/05.jpg Fujimi/72M3/06.jpg Fujimi/72M3/07.jpg Fujimi/72M3/08.jpg Fujimi/72M3/09.jpg Fujimi/72M3/10.jpg Fujimi/72M3/11.jpg Fujimi/72M3/12.jpg Fujimi/72M3/13.jpg

Built Model by Fujimi

Fujimi/72M3/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M3/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M3/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72M3/1/04.jpg Fujimi/72M3/1/05.jpg Fujimi/72M3/1/06.jpg Fujimi/72M3/1/07.jpg Fujimi/72M3/1/08.jpg

For an "Wayne Boman" review about kit 72M3 Japanese JGSDF Type 10 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72M-4 (722313) - Opel Blitz Ambulance - (Pictures are taken from websites www.1999.co.jp)

Fujimi/72M4/01.jpg Fujimi/72M4/02.jpg Fujimi/72M4/03.jpg Fujimi/72M4/04.jpg Fujimi/72M4/05.jpg Fujimi/72M4/06.jpg Fujimi/72M4/07.jpg

Kit 72M-5 (722320) - Opel Blitz Tanker - (or kitnumber ML-5)

Fujimi/72M5/01.jpg Fujimi/72M5/02.jpg Fujimi/72M5/03.jpg Fujimi/72M5/04.jpg Fujimi/72M5/05.jpg Fujimi/72M5/06.jpg Fujimi/72M5/07.jpg

Kit 72M-6 (722337) - Opel Blitz with flak 38

Fujimi/72M6/01.jpg Fujimi/72M6/02.jpg Fujimi/72M6/03.jpg Fujimi/72M6/04.jpg Fujimi/72M6/05.jpg Fujimi/72M6/06.jpg Fujimi/72M6/07.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Fujimi/72M6/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M6/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M6/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72M6/1/04.jpg

Kit 72M-7 (722344) - Tiger I - early - (or kitnumber ML-5 - or other number)

Fujimi/72M7/01.jpg Fujimi/72M7/02.jpg Fujimi/72M7/03.jpg Fujimi/72M7/04.jpg Fujimi/72M7/05.jpg Fujimi/72M7/06.jpg Fujimi/72M7/07.jpg Fujimi/72M7/08.jpg

Fujimi/72M7/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M7/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M7/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72M7/1/04.jpg Fujimi/72M7/1/05.jpg Fujimi/72M7/1/06.jpg

Fujimi/72M7/2/01.jpg Fujimi/72M7/2/02.jpg

For "Leon Locke's / Missing Lynx" review Kit 72M-7 (722344) etc. - Tiger I - early visit:

logo "Missing Lynx" forum

Kit 72M-8 (722375) - JGSDF Type 10 MBT Prototype with Dozer

Fujimi/72M8/01.jpg Fujimi/72M8/02.jpg Fujimi/72M8/03.jpg Fujimi/72M8/04.jpg Fujimi/72M8/05.jpg Fujimi/72M8/06.jpg Fujimi/72M8/07.jpg Fujimi/72M8/08.jpg Fujimi/72M8/09.jpg Fujimi/72M8/10.jpg Fujimi/72M8/11.jpg

Kit 72M-09 - JGSDF 3.5T Military Transport Truck - (or kitnumber ML-9)

Fujimi/72M09/01.jpg Fujimi/72M09/02.jpg Fujimi/72M09/03.jpg

Fujimi/72M09/04.jpg Fujimi/72M09/05.jpg Fujimi/72M09/06.jpg Fujimi/72M09/07.jpg Fujimi/72M09/08.jpg Fujimi/72M09/09.jpg Fujimi/72M09/10.jpg Fujimi/72M09/11.jpg

Model built by Matthias Muth


Model built by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/72M09/2/01.jpg Fujimi/72M09/2/02.jpg Fujimi/72M09/2/03.jpg Fujimi/72M09/2/04.jpg Fujimi/72M09/2/05.jpg Fujimi/72M09/2/06.jpg

Note: - Same vehicle as Aoshima kit aos002322 - but not the same sprue's !!! - (There are differences !)

aoshima/01/2/01.jpg aoshima/01/2/02.jpg aoshima/01/2/03.jpg aoshima/01/2/04.jpg aoshima/01/2/05.jpg

Short preview by Tino Werner

-The driver cabin of the Fujimi kit can be built with or without the tarpauline.
- The Aoshima cabin is fine engraved, but I think the Fujimi cabin matches more the real thing.
- The engravings of the Fujimi kit are in general deeper than the ones of the Aoshima kit. And so the board walls of the Fujimi kit look more structured. I also donít like the tarpauline for the load area of the Aoshima kit. Through the window openings you can see the thick molded plastic. Not very realistic. The Aoshima load bed has a detailed bottom while the Fujimi hasnít (It is without any structure). In general all small parts (suspension, etc.) of the Aoshima kit look better.
-The Fujimi kit comes with metal axles.

And now the best - no, the worst!

-The frames of both trucks have different widths!
-The wheels of both kits are also a catastrophy. They are not molded on the inner side! The Fujimi wheels are really horrible, even on the outside. The Aoshima wheels are ok on the outside.


I would prefer the Aoshima kit. But if you want to built a good kit out of the box(es) you should use the best parts of both kits (if they fit together). As a result you will get one good looking kit and one ugly model kit. - - Tino Werner

Kit 72M-09 - JGSDF TYPE 87 SELF-PROPELLED ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN - (2 kits in the box) - (or kitnumber ML-9)

Fujimi/72294/01.jpg Fujimi/72294/02.jpg Fujimi/72294/03.jpg Fujimi/72294/04.jpg Fujimi/72294/05.jpg Fujimi/72294/06.jpg Fujimi/72294/07.jpg Fujimi/72294/08.jpg Fujimi/72294/10.jpg Fujimi/72294/11.jpg Fujimi/72294/12.jpg Fujimi/72294/13.jpg Fujimi/72294/14.jpg Fujimi/72294/15.jpg Fujimi/72294/16.jpg Fujimi/72294/17.jpg

Built model by Emmanuel Rondags

Fujimi/72294/2/01.jpg Fujimi/72294/2/02.jpg Fujimi/72294/2/03.jpg

Built model

Fujimi/72294/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72294/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72294/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72294/1/04.jpg Fujimi/72294/1/05.jpg Fujimi/72294/1/06.jpg

Kit 72M-10 - JGSDF Type 10 MBT - (Prototype)

Fujimi/72M10/01.jpg Fujimi/72M10/02.jpg Fujimi/72M10/03.jpg Fujimi/72M10/04.jpg Fujimi/72M10/05.jpg

Kit 72ML-10 (kit 723440) - JGSDF Type 10 MBT

Fujimi/ML10/01.jpg Fujimi/ML10/02.jpg Fujimi/ML10/03.jpg Fujimi/ML10/04.jpg Fujimi/ML10/05.jpg Fujimi/ML10/06.jpg Fujimi/ML10/07.jpg Fujimi/ML10/08.jpg Fujimi/ML10/09.jpg Fujimi/ML10/10.jpg Fujimi/ML10/11.jpg Fujimi/ML10/12.jpg Fujimi/ML10/13.jpg Fujimi/ML10/14.jpg Fujimi/ML10/15.jpg Fujimi/ML10/16.jpg

Kit 72M-11 - 3.5 ton heavy truck rocket equipment vehicle 1 - (or kitnumber ML-11)

Fujimi/72M11/01.jpg Fujimi/72M11/02.jpg Fujimi/72M11/03.jpg

Fujimi/72M11/04.jpg Fujimi/72M11/05.jpg Fujimi/72M11/06.jpg Fujimi/72M11/07.jpg Fujimi/72M11/08.jpg Fujimi/72M11/09.jpg Fujimi/72M11/10.jpg Fujimi/72M11/11.jpg

Fujimi/72M11/12.jpg Fujimi/72M11/13.jpg Fujimi/72M11/14.jpg Fujimi/72M11/15.jpg Fujimi/72M11/16.jpg

Model built by Matthias Muth


Kit 72M-11 - (kit 723020) - Ground Self Defense Force 99-type SPG 155 mm houwitzer - (1/72 - 2 kits in the box) - (or kitnumber ML-11)

Fujimi/ML11/01.jpg Fujimi/ML11/02.jpg Fujimi/ML11/03.jpg Fujimi/ML11/04.jpg Fujimi/ML11/05.jpg Fujimi/ML11/06.jpg Fujimi/ML11/07.jpg Fujimi/ML11/14.jpg Fujimi/ML11/08.jpg Fujimi/ML11/09.jpg Fujimi/ML11/10.jpg Fujimi/ML11/11.jpg Fujimi/ML11/12.jpg Fujimi/ML11/13.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/ML11/1/01.jpg Fujimi/ML11/1/02.jpg Fujimi/ML11/1/03.jpg Fujimi/ML11/1/04.jpg Fujimi/ML11/1/05.jpg

Kit 72M-12 - 3.5 ton heavy truck rocket equipment vehicle 2 - (or kitnumber ML-12)

Fujimi/72M12/01.jpg Fujimi/72M12/02.jpg Fujimi/72M12/03.jpg

Fujimi/72M12/04.jpg Fujimi/72M12/05.jpg Fujimi/72M12/06.jpg Fujimi/72M12/07.jpg Fujimi/72M12/08.jpg Fujimi/72M12/09.jpg Fujimi/72M12/10.jpg Fujimi/72M12/11.jpg

Fujimi/72M12/12.jpg Fujimi/72M12/13.jpg Fujimi/72M12/14.jpg Fujimi/72M12/15.jpg Fujimi/72M12/16.jpg

Model built by Matthias Muth


Kit 72M-12 - JGSDF 1/2t Trucke (for Army Unit) - 1/2 ton Mitsubishi Pajero - (1/72 - 3 kits in the box)

Fujimi/ML12/01.jpg Fujimi/ML12/12.jpg Fujimi/ML12/13.jpg Fujimi/ML12/14.jpg Fujimi/ML12/15.jpg Fujimi/ML12/16.jpg Fujimi/ML12/17.jpg

Pictures taken from https://twitter.com/suiseirtamago?lang=fi, posted by Emmanuel Rondags

Fujimi/ML12/02.jpg Fujimi/ML12/03.jpg Fujimi/ML12/04.jpg Fujimi/ML12/05.jpg Fujimi/ML12/06.jpg Fujimi/ML12/07.jpg Fujimi/ML12/08.jpg Fujimi/ML12/09.jpg Fujimi/ML12/10.jpg Fujimi/ML12/11.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/ML12/1/01.jpg Fujimi/ML12/1/02.jpg Fujimi/ML12/1/03.jpg Fujimi/ML12/1/04.jpg

Kit 72M-13 - JGSDF Type 10 MBT - (Production Version - new tooling) - (or kitnumber ML-13)

The Type 10 versions 72M-3, 8 and 10 are models of prototype from the vehicle showed in 72M-3

Fujimi/72M13/01.jpg Fujimi/72M13/02.jpg Fujimi/72M13/03.jpg

Fujimi/72M13/04.jpg Fujimi/72M13/05.jpg Fujimi/72M13/06.jpg Fujimi/72M13/07.jpg Fujimi/72M13/08.jpg Fujimi/72M13/09.jpg Fujimi/72M13/10.jpg Fujimi/72M13/11.jpg

Fujimi/72M13/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M13/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M13/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72M13/1/04.jpg Fujimi/72M13/1/05.jpg

Pictures from Mokahana.blog - "http://mokehana.blog34.fc2.com/blog-entry-500.html"
differences in Prototype and Productiontype

Fujimi/72M13/2/01.jpg Fujimi/72M13/2/02.jpg Fujimi/72M13/2/03.jpg Fujimi/72M13/2/04.jpg Fujimi/72M13/2/05.jpg

Fujimi/72M13/2/06.jpg Fujimi/72M13/2/07.jpg Fujimi/72M13/2/08.jpg Fujimi/72M13/2/09.jpg

Kit 72M-13 - JGSDF 1/2t Truck (for Army Unit) - 1/2 ton Mitsubishi Pajero - (1/72 - 2 kits in the box) - (or kitnumber ML-13)

Pictures taken from https://twitter.com/suiseirtamago?lang=fi, posted by Emmanuel Rondags

Fujimi/ML13/01.jpg Fujimi/ML13/02.jpg Fujimi/ML13/03.jpg Fujimi/ML13/04.jpg

Kit 72M-14 - JGSDF Type 10 MBT

Fujimi/72M14/01.jpg Fujimi/72M14/02.jpg Fujimi/72M14/03.jpg Fujimi/72M14/04.jpg Fujimi/72M14/05.jpg Fujimi/72M14/06.jpg Fujimi/72M14/07.jpg Fujimi/72M14/08.jpg Fujimi/72M14/09.jpg Fujimi/72M14/10.jpg Fujimi/72M14/11.jpg Fujimi/72M14/12.jpg Fujimi/72M14/13.jpg Fujimi/72M14/14.jpg Fujimi/72M14/15.jpg Fujimi/72M14/16.jpg Fujimi/72M14/17.jpg

Kit 72M-15 - JGSDF Type 10 MBT with Dozer - (or kitnumber Kit 03 - 722887

Fujimi/72M15/01.jpg Fujimi/72M15/02.jpg Fujimi/72M15/03.jpg Fujimi/72M15/04.jpg Fujimi/72M15/05.jpg Fujimi/72M15/06.jpg Fujimi/72M15/07.jpg Fujimi/72M15/08.jpg Fujimi/72M15/09.jpg Fujimi/72M15/10.jpg Fujimi/72M15/11.jpg Fujimi/72M15/12.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Fujimi/72M15/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M15/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M15/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72M15/1/04.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/72M15/2/01.jpg Fujimi/72M15/2/02.jpg Fujimi/72M15/2/03.jpg Fujimi/72M15/2/04.jpg

Kit72M-15 - JGSDF Komatsu Light Armored Vehicle - (Toyota version of the Humvee) - (1/72 - 2 kits in the box) - (kitnumber ML15)


Fujimi/72M15-2/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/04.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/05.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/06.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/07.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/08.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/09.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/10.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/11.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/12.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/13.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/14.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/15.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/16.jpg Fujimi/72M15-2/1/17.jpg

Kit 72M-16 - Tiger I - Early Version "Michael Wittmann" - (or kitnumber ML-5)

Looks me the same kit as kit 72M-7 ?

Fujimi/72M16/01.jpg Fujimi/72M16/02.jpg Fujimi/72M16/03.jpg Fujimi/72M16/04.jpg Fujimi/72M16/05.jpg Fujimi/72M16/06.jpg Fujimi/72M16/07.jpg Fujimi/72M16/08.jpg Fujimi/72M16/09.jpg Fujimi/72M16/10.jpg Fujimi/72M16/11.jpg

Kit 72M-17 - Ground Self-Defence Force light armoured vehicle (National Confederation) - "JGSDF High Mobility Vehicle"- (Toyota version of the Humvee) - (1/72 - 2 kits in the box)

Fujimi/ML17/01.jpg Fujimi/ML17/02.jpg Fujimi/ML17/03.jpg Fujimi/ML17/04.jpg Fujimi/ML17/05.jpg Fujimi/ML17/06.jpg Fujimi/ML17/07.jpg Fujimi/ML17/08.jpg Fujimi/ML17/09.jpg Fujimi/ML17/10.jpg Fujimi/ML17/11.jpg Fujimi/ML17/12.jpg Fujimi/ML17/13.jpg Fujimi/ML17/14.jpg Fujimi/ML17/15.jpg

Built model by Emmanuel Rondags

Fujimi/ML17/1/01.jpg Fujimi/ML17/1/02.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/ML17/2/01.jpg Fujimi/ML17/2/02.jpg Fujimi/ML17/2/03.jpg Fujimi/ML17/2/04.jpg Fujimi/ML17/2/05.jpg Fujimi/ML17/2/06.jpg

Kit 72M-18 - JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle (Company Commander/Machine Gun Equipped Vehicle - (Toyota version of the Humvee) - (1/72 - 2 kits in the box)

Fujimi/ML18/01.jpg Fujimi/ML18/02.jpg Fujimi/ML18/03.jpg Fujimi/ML18/04.jpg Fujimi/ML18/05.jpg Fujimi/ML18/06.jpg Fujimi/ML18/07.jpg Fujimi/ML18/08.jpg Fujimi/ML18/09.jpg Fujimi/ML18/10.jpg Fujimi/ML18/11.jpg Fujimi/ML18/12.jpg Fujimi/ML18/13.jpg Fujimi/ML18/14.jpg Fujimi/ML18/15.jpg Fujimi/ML18/16.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/ML18/1/01.jpg Fujimi/ML18/1/02.jpg Fujimi/ML18/1/03.jpg Fujimi/ML18/1/04.jpg Fujimi/ML18/1/05.jpg

Kit 72M-19 - JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle - (Toyota version of the Humvee) - (or kitnumber ML-19)

Fujimi/72M19/01.jpg Fujimi/72M19/02.jpg Fujimi/72M19/03.jpg Fujimi/72M19/04.jpg

Kit 72M-20 - JGSDF 122mm Heavy Mortar Towing Truck "Kohkidosha" - (Toyota version of the Humvee)

Fujimi/72M20/01.jpg Fujimi/72M20/02.jpg Fujimi/72M20/03.jpg Fujimi/72M20/04.jpg Fujimi/72M20/05.jpg Fujimi/72M20/06.jpg Fujimi/72M20/07.jpg Fujimi/72M20/08.jpg Fujimi/72M20/09.jpg Fujimi/72M20/10.jpg Fujimi/72M20/11.jpg

Fujimi/72M20/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M20/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M20/1/03.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/72M20/2/01.jpg Fujimi/72M20/2/02.jpg Fujimi/72M20/2/03.jpg Fujimi/72M20/2/04.jpg Fujimi/72M20/2/05.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/72M20/3/01.jpg Fujimi/72M20/3/02.jpg Fujimi/72M20/3/03.jpg

Kit 72M-21 - German 3ton Truck

Fujimi/72M21/01.jpg Fujimi/72M21/02.jpg Fujimi/72M21/03.jpg Fujimi/72M21/04.jpg

Kit 72M-22 / 723266 - JGSDF 3.5T Military Transport Truck

Seems to be the same kit as 72m09, but with clear parts for canvas, sadly they didn't correct their uglies wheels

Fujimi/72M22/01.jpg Fujimi/72M22/02.jpg Fujimi/72M22/03.jpg Fujimi/72M22/04.jpg Fujimi/72M22/05.jpg Fujimi/72M22/06.jpg Fujimi/72M22/07.jpg

Kit 72M-23 - Type 81 Surface to Air Missile

Fujimi/72M23/01.jpg Fujimi/72M23/02.jpg Fujimi/72M23/03.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

Fujimi/72M23/1/01.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/02.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/03.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/04.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/05.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/06.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/07.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/08.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/09.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/10.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/11.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/12.jpg Fujimi/72M23/1/13.jpg

1/76 Scale

Kit 76230 - JGSDF TYPE 74 (KAI/G)

Fujimi/76230/01.jpg Fujimi/76230/02.jpg Fujimi/76230/03.jpg Fujimi/76230/04.jpg Fujimi/76230/05.jpg

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