Review of 1/72 Heller Models

Heller Flash Service, BP5, 61160 Trun, France

Heller has re-released some of their old kits and also a few kits from Airfix in their range.

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Old 1/72 scale line

The old Heller 1/72 AMX and Somua releases.
The first two kits (AMX 13 and AMX 30) were also released in the earlier flipopen box with yellow band. All five kits were released as two part sturdy boxes with black band.
Alfred van Netburg , september 2010

Kit 192 - AMX13 AA Bi-tubes - (Out of Production)

Built model by Alfred van Netburg

Heller/192/01.jpg Heller/192/02.jpg Heller/192/03.jpg Heller/192/04.jpg Heller/192/05.jpg Heller/192/06.jpg Heller/192/1/01.jpg

For an "Keith Goodman's / KGWings" review of Kit 192 - AMX-13DCA "Bi-Tubes" Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun visit:

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Kit 193 AMX 30 AA Bi-tubes - (Out of Production)

Built model by Alfred van Netburg

Heller/193/01.jpg Heller/193/02.jpg

Kit 198 AMX13 105mm - (re-released December 2012 - kit 79874)

Heller/198/00.jpg Heller/198/01.jpg Heller/198/02.jpg Heller/198/09.jpg Heller/198/1/01.jpg Heller/198/1/02.jpg Heller/198/1/03.jpg Heller/198/1/04.jpg Heller/198/07.jpg Heller/198/04.jpg Heller/198/03.jpg Heller/198/04.jpg Heller/198/05.jpg Heller/198/06.jpg Heller/198/08.jpg

Built model by Alfred van Netburg


Kit 199 AMX 30 105mm - (Out of Production)

Built model by Alfred van Netburg - (Tsjaad version)

Heller/199/01.jpg Heller/199/02.jpg Heller/199/04.jpg Heller/199/05.jpg Heller/199/03.jpg

Kit 79889 AMX 30 105 mm - Re-release 2001

Heller/69899.jpg Heller/79899-1.jpg Heller/79899-2.jpg

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Kit 79875 - Somua S35 - Re-release 2001
Kit 197 - Somua S35 - old layout
Kit 71221 - Somua - Re-release, now including glue, pencil and paint

Heller/79875/1/01.jpg Heller/79875/1/02.jpg Heller/79875/1/03.jpg

Latest release 79875

Heller/79875/01.jpg Heller/79875/02.jpg Heller/79875/03.jpg Heller/79875/04.jpg Heller/79875/05.jpg

Heller/79875/2/01.jpg Heller/79875/2/02.jpg Heller/79875/2/03.jpg Heller/79875/2/04.jpg

Built model by Juraj Korpa

Heller/79875/3/01.jpg Heller/79875/3/02.jpg Heller/79875/3/03.jpg Heller/79875/3/04.jpg Heller/79875/3/05.jpg Heller/79875/3/06.jpg Heller/79875/3/07.jpg

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1/76 scale - (In collaboration with Airfix - same kits)

Kit 79888 - Tiger I (is Airfix kit)

Heller/79888/01.jpg Heller/79888/02.jpg Heller/79888/03.jpg Heller/79888/04.jpg

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Kit 79883 - Sherman (is 1/76 Airfix kit)

Heller/79883.jpg Airfix/1303/1/01.jpg Airfix/1303/1/02.jpg Airfix/1303/1/03.jpg

Kit 79884 - Churchill (is Airfix kit)

Heller/79884/01.jpg Heller/79884/02.jpg Airfix/1304/1/03.jpg Airfix/1304/1/04.jpg

Kit 71234 - Opel Blitz with pak 40 - (Re-release, is 1/72 Italeri or ex-Esci kit)
Kit 79894 -Opel Blitz with pak 40 (is Airfix kit)

Heller/71234/01.jpg Heller/71234/02.jpg Heller/71234/03.jpg

Kit 79898 - Vab 4 x 4

Heller/79898/01.jpg Heller/79898/02.jpg Heller/79898/03.jpg Heller/79898/04.jpg Heller/79898/05.jpg

Model built by Al Magnus

Heller/79898/06.jpg Heller/79898/07.jpg Heller/79898/08.jpg

Model built by Alexandre Novellino

Heller/79898/1/01.jpg For "On The Way's" preview about kit 79898 - Vab 4 x 4 visit:

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1/72 scale - (New Toolings)

Kit 49995 - LCVP Landingsboat

Heller/49995/01.jpg Heller/49995/02.jpg Heller/49995/03.jpg Heller/49995/04.jpg Heller/49995/05.jpg Heller/49995/06.jpg Heller/49995/07.jpg Heller/49995/08.jpg

Heller/49995/09.jpg Heller/49995/10.jpg Heller/49995/11.jpg Heller/49995/12.jpg Heller/49995/13.jpg Heller/49995/14.jpg Heller/49995/15.jpg

For "Al Magnus'" Improving the Airfix/Heller LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) kit 49995 visit:

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Model built by Al Magnus

Heller/49995/1/01.jpg Heller/49995/1/02.jpg Heller/49995/1/03.jpg Heller/49995/1/04.jpg Heller/49995/1/05.jpg Heller/49995/1/06.jpg Heller/49995/1/07.jpg

My Heller LCVP is finally finished. This was one of my most involved projects taking clos to three months to complete. There's not a lot left of the original kit save the hull, decks and ramp, and a couple of smaller items. Almost everything in the original kit was replaced because it was basically garbage and I had to add a lot of missing detail. -----Al Magnus

Kit 49996 - GMC Truck

Heller/49996/01.jpg Heller/49996/02.jpg Heller/49996/03.jpg Heller/49996/04.jpg Heller/49996/05.jpg Heller/49996/06.jpg Heller/49996/07.jpg Heller/49996/08.jpg Heller/49996/09.jpg Heller/49996/10.jpg Heller/49996/11.jpg Heller/49996/12.jpg Heller/49996/13.jpg Heller/49996/14.jpg Heller/49996/15.jpg

Converting GMC Truck into Gunship based on the SOKOL (Hawk) vehicle of the 1991 Croatian War, by Vojislav Jereb

Heller/49996/1/01.jpg Heller/49996/1/02.jpg Heller/49996/1/03.jpg Heller/49996/1/04.jpg

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Kit 49997 - Willy Jeep with trailer

Airfix/1322/01.jpg Heller/willy1.jpg Heller/trailer1.jpg Heller/willy3.jpg Heller/willy5.jpg

Kit 50986 - GMC CCKW-353 Military Truck - (Mistercraft)

Heller/50986/01.jpg Heller/50986/02.jpg Heller/50986/03.jpg Heller/50986/04.jpg Heller/50986/05.jpg Heller/50986/06.jpg Heller/50986/07.jpg Heller/50986/08.jpg Heller/50986/09.jpg Heller/50986/10.jpg

Kit 52313 - D-Day Air-Assault - AS-51 Horsa MK-I Assault Glider - (History Collection)

Heller/52313/01.jpg Heller/52313/02.jpg Heller/52313/03.jpg Heller/52313/04.jpg Heller/52313/05.jpg Heller/52313/06.jpg Heller/52313/07.jpg Heller/52313/08.jpg Heller/52313/09.jpg Heller/52313/10.jpg Heller/52313/11.jpg Heller/52313/12.jpg Heller/52313/13.jpg Heller/52313/14.jpg Heller/52313/15.jpg Heller/52313/16.jpg Heller/52313/17.jpg Heller/52313/18.jpg Heller/52313/19.jpg Heller/52313/20.jpg Heller/52313/21.jpg Heller/52313/22.jpg Heller/52313/23.jpg

This pictures are taken from the website from modelstories.free.fr.
For the whole article, with more pictures and excellent review (French language), please visit:

Modelstories Website

Kit 53006 - "Division Leclerc" - kit contains next kits Infantry US (49601) 1/4 Ton Truck (79997) GMC CCKW (79996) Sherman ( 79894)

Pictures are taken from www.small-tracks.org

Heller/53006/01.jpg Heller/53006/02.jpg Heller/53006/03.jpg Heller/53006/04.jpg Heller/53006/05.jpg Heller/53006/06.jpg Heller/53006/07.jpg Heller/53006/08.jpg Heller/53006/09.jpg Heller/53006/10.jpg Heller/53006/11.jpg Heller/53006/12.jpg Heller/53006/13.jpg Heller/53006/14.jpg Heller/53006/15.jpg Heller/53006/16.jpg

Kit 79892 - M4 Sherman "D-Day" - (new tooling)

Heller/79892/01.jpg Heller/79892/02.jpg Heller/79892/03.jpg Heller/79892/04.jpg Heller/79892/05.jpg Heller/79892/14.jpg Heller/79892/10.jpg Heller/79892/11.jpg Heller/79892/12.jpg Heller/79892/13.jpg

Built model by unknown

Heller/79892/1/01.jpg Heller/79892/1/02.jpg Heller/79892/1/03.jpg Heller/79892/1/04.jpg Heller/79892/1/05.jpg Heller/79892/1/06.jpg Heller/79892/1/07.jpg

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Kit 79893 - Tiger I - (Late version) - (124 pieces - new tooling)

Heller/79893/01.jpg Heller/79893/02.jpg

Kit 79894 - M4A2 Sherman "Division Leclerc"

pictures by Elliott Winthrop

Heller/79894/01.jpg Heller/79894/11.jpg Heller/79894/12.jpg Heller/79894/13.jpg Heller/79894/14.jpg Heller/79894/02.jpg Heller/79894/03.jpg Heller/79894/04.jpg Heller/79894/05.jpg Heller/79894/06.jpg Heller/79894/07.jpg Heller/79894/08.jpg Heller/79894/09.jpg Heller/79894/10.jpg

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Late lay-out

Heller/heller/1.jpg Heller/heller/2.jpg Heller/heller/3.jpg Heller/heller/4.jpg Heller/heller/5.jpg Heller/heller/6.jpg Heller/heller/7.jpg Heller/heller/8.jpg Heller/heller/9.jpg Heller/heller/10.jpg Heller/heller/11.jpg Heller/heller/12.jpg

Heller kit released under the label "BOBKIT"

Heller has released some of his kits also under the label "Bobkit"

The Heller BOBKIT release in 1/72 consists of toylike kits of the VAB 4x4, Jeep, Renault truck 4x4 and a helicopter. Although toylike, this is the only 1/72 release of a Renault military truck !!-------- Alfred van Netburg , september 2010

Kit 3701 - Commando set

Heller/bobkit/3701/01.jpg Heller/bobkit/3701/02.jpg Heller/bobkit/3701/03.jpg Heller/bobkit/3701/04.jpg

Kit 3702 - Airport set

Heller/bobkit/3702/01.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/02.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/03.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/04.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/05.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/06.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/07.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/08.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/09.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/10.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/11.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/12.jpg

Heller/bobkit/3702/1/02.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/1/03.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/1/01.jpg Heller/bobkit/3702/1/04.jpg

Kit 370? - C-160 Transport Alliance - C-160 Super Transal

Heller/bobkit/370x/01.jpg Heller/bobkit/370x/02.jpg

On another note, the Bobkit Commando set was included with the " C-160 Transport Alliance and Commandos" (minus the helicopter), and on another issue, the C-160 Super Transal come with the bobkit commando figures. .......Goncalo Mendes

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