Semovente 90/53 SPG & Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car

Masters by HenkofHolland

Made in scale 1/72 in order for Mr.Panzer, Italy

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Original Semovente 90/53 SPG
Remaining Example in Aberdeen, USA.
Master Semovente 90/53 SPG

ricardi/9053-1.jpg ricardi/9053-2.jpg ricardi/9053-3.jpg ricardi/9053-4.jpg ricardi/9053-5.jpg ricardi/9053-6.jpg

ricardi/9053-7.jpg ricardi/9053-8.jpg ricardi/9053-9.jpg ricardi/9053-10.jpg ricardi/9053-11.jpg ricardi/9053-12.jpg

ricardi/9053-13.jpg ricardi/9053-14.jpg ricardi/9053-15.jpg ricardi/9053-16.jpg ricardi/9053-17.jpg ricardi/9053-18.jpg

Endresult: The ready 90-53 built and painted

ricardi/ready9053-1.jpg ricardi/ready9053-2.jpg ricardi/ready9053-35.jpg

Workbench pictures from the Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car

Original vehicle WW-1 version
Original vehicle ww-2 version - without the small second turret
Masterparts from version 1 & 2

ricardi/Lancia1zm-0.jpg ricardi/Lancia1zm-1.jpg ricardi/Lancia1zm-3.jpg ricardi/Lancia1zm-4.jpg ricardi/Lancia1zm-2.jpg

The ready Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car (WW-I & WWII Version)

ricardi/Lancia1zm-5.jpg ricardi/Lancia1zm-6.jpg

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