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V2 Launch pad

Comments Ivan Visek: Two dioramas with a V-2 rocket. One represents the preparation place (PP), the other the firing place (FP). Some of the models are from standard manufacturers and some I had to make myself

ivanvisek/V2/01.jpg ivanvisek/V2/02.jpg ivanvisek/V2/03.jpg ivanvisek/V2/04.jpg ivanvisek/V2/05.jpg ivanvisek/V2/06.jpg ivanvisek/V2/07.jpg ivanvisek/V2/08.jpg ivanvisek/V2/09.jpg ivanvisek/V2/10.jpg

Ivan Visek: - I have a total of eleven diorama's, mostly WW I themed, I will also photograph them gradually

ivanvisek/dio/Dio1.jpg ivanvisek/dio/Dio2.jpg ivanvisek/dio/Dio3.jpg

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