Meng 1/72

The wellknown manufacturer from China is started in the 1/72 scale

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Kit 72001 - Chinese PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank

Meng/72001/01.jpg Meng/72001/02.jpg Meng/72001/03.jpg Meng/72001/04.jpg Meng/72001/05.jpg Meng/72001/06.jpg

Kit 72002 - German Mainbattle Tank Leopard 2A7

Meng/72002/01.jpg Meng/72002/02.jpg Meng/72002/03.jpg Meng/72002/04.jpg Meng/72002/05.jpg Meng/72002/06.jpg

Kit 72003 - M1A2 Sep Abrams TuskII

Meng/72003/01.jpg Meng/72003/02.jpg Meng/72003/03.jpg Meng/72003/04.jpg Meng/72003/05.jpg Meng/72003/06.jpg Meng/72003/07.jpg

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