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News 2019 - Follow information is Tom Welsch stopped with Milicast and has sold his company to new owners

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The pictures below gives a small indication about the Milicast kits.
For more information and other kits visit Milicast Website

Kit G044 - Pz. IV Ausf. D Bridge layer IVB

Milicast/g044/01.jpg Milicast/g044/02.jpg Milicast/g044/03.jpg Milicast/g044/04.jpg Milicast/g044/05.jpg

Kit G064 - Hotchkiss H39 (F) SPG 105mm

Milicast/g064/01.jpg Milicast/g064/02.jpg Milicast/g064/03.jpg Milicast/g064/04.jpg Milicast/g064/05.jpg Milicast/g064/06.jpg

Kit G082 - Panzerwerfer 42 on Opel Maultier

Milicast/g082/01.jpg Milicast/g082/02.jpg Milicast/g082/03.jpg Milicast/g082/04.jpg

Model built by Eyton Parker


Kit BG173 - Grosser Funk PzKpfw. 38H(f)


Model built by Eyton Parker - figure from Hasegawa


Kit BG176 - PzKpfw. 35R(f) Command


Model built by Eyton Parker - figure from Milicast

Milicast/bg176/02.jpg Milicast/bg176/03.jpg Milicast/bg176/04.jpg

Kit UK024 - Archer 17 pdr SP

Milicast/UK024/01.jpg Milicast/UK024/02.jpg Milicast/UK024/03.jpg Milicast/UK024/04.jpg Milicast/UK024/05.jpg

Sample of casted Parts

Milicast/UK024/1/01.jpg Milicast/UK024/1/02.jpg Milicast/UK024/1/03.jpg

Kit G180 - SWS Heavy Armoured Halftrack with 37mm Flak - Brass mesh sides
Kit UK44 - Staghound AA Armoured Car - Frazer Nash Twin 50cal MG Turret
Kit R14 - Russian SU76M (Late) Tank Hunter
Kit UK52 - Dodge VK62B 3 ton 4x2 GS Truck (used by British, French and German forces

Milicast/001.jpg Milicast/002.jpg Milicast/003.jpg Milicast/004.jpg

Kit G175 - SdKfz.6 BN9 Halftrack "Diana" with 76mm gun
Kit US9 - M8 Greyhound Armoured Car
Kit US41- M3 "Lee" full interior
Kit G149 - PZ IV "Dicker Max" with 10.5 cm SP
Kit G120*121 - SdKfz 9 Famo 18 tons Halftrack with Tank Transporter Trailer SdAh116

Milicast/005.jpg Milicast/006.jpg Milicast/007.jpg Milicast/008.jpg Milicast/009.jpg

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