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Military-Wheels injection plastic armor kits are made with the "Short Run Technology" and come with decals. By "Short Run Technology" is it possible that not all parts are sharp casted. Sometimes there will be flash, sinkholes etc. This made that the passing of the parts is sometimes poor. Military-Wheels notes on the boxes that the kits are for modellers from 14 years or older. I advice experience and knowledge to made the models more correct in passing and in details.

The kits has not the same quality as by other manufacturers as Dragon, Esci Trumpeter, ZV etc. The sprues are very thick. The parts needs to be cleaned up, and they are too thick, have flash and have lack on details. Passing is sometimes poor. The used plastic is different from quality. There are clear shields for the windows. A positive point is that the released kits are unique.

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Comments Neil Lyall about MilitaryWheels VW variants:

These VW kits are a very difficult kits to get looking right. The moulding around the front windscreen area is very poor, and even with filling and sanding the right shape is hard to achieve. I guess modellers who look at my pictures will maybe get an idea that this is a problem area. I spent many hours on these even though the end results don't show it. Its hard to find pictures of any of these kits built up that look really good, most people's pictures avoid the front windscreen area as thats the main fault area with this kit. The roof rack bars are not good either, I sanded them down a lot, but they are still very thick. They would be better scratch built from wire.If I was a bit younger I'd buy new kits of these and have another attempt.

Kit 7201 - VW Type 60

MilitaryWheels/7201/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7201/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7201/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7201/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7201/1/04.jpg

MilitaryWheels/7201/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7201/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7201/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7201/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7201/06.jpg

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Kit 7202 - VW Type 87

MilitaryWheels/7202/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7202/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7202/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7202/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7202/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7202/06.jpg

Built model by Neil Lyall

MilitaryWheels/7202/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7202/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7202/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7202/1/04.jpg

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Kit 7203 - VW Type 93 ambulance & trailer

MilitaryWheels/7203/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7203/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7203/03.jpg

Built model by Neil Lyall

MilitaryWheels/7203/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7203/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7203/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7203/1/04.jpg

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Kit 7204 - 2S6 Tunguska SP AA

MilitaryWheels/7204/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/03.jpg

Model and comments by Sean Brannin

For all its faults im actually managing to make this kit into something. The worst part was the hull. I widened it by 2mm. Then i noticed the flaw between the track and its fit. If you look at the real thing the hatches on the side are almost level with the lower edge of the hull. On the kit theres about 2or 3 mm between those hatches and the bottom of the hull. Fix! remove the excess material and the track fit is right! Im also removing the softer and basic details and trying to replace them with better detailing.
The turret is also coming along nicely. Overall its shape is ok. Some finre details to add there, especially on the guns. I will be replacing the barrels with adequate styrene rod and tube.
Alot more detailing done. New gun barrels, rocket frames, handles and other tiny items. Still alot to do but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Overall not a bad kit really. Yes it needs alot of detailinf work and some width correction but its a good starter for anyone looking for a model of this vehicle in small scale. In my searches i have found that the track does stick out from teh side of the hull. Adding some sheet styrene to the hull sides before gluing them on to widen the hull helps this. It also fixes a fit issue with the headlight covers on the front end. Without widening the hull at these points the covers will be too wide and not fit correctly. I was worried that the covers would be too small after doing this modification. Turns out i didnt have to worry at all.
Got some paint on it and started the weathering. The model took alot of effort to get to some reasonable semblance of order but i think its well worth it.

MilitaryWheels/7204/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/15.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/16.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/17.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/18.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/19.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/20.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/21.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/22.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/23.jpg MilitaryWheels/7204/1/24.jpg

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Kit 7205 - VW type 230 gas generator

MilitaryWheels/7205/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7205/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7205/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7205/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7205/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7205/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7205/07.jpg

Built model by Neil Lyall

MilitaryWheels/7205/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7205/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7205/1/03.jpg

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Kit 7206 - VW type 825 (cargo box)

MilitaryWheels/7206/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7206/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7206/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7206/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7206/05.jpg

Built model by Neil Lyall

MilitaryWheels/7206/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7206/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7206/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7206/1/04.jpg

Volkswagen Variants

The Volkswagen Beetle was designed in the studio of dr.Ferdinand Porsche and produced in Germany since late thirties. During the war was civil production restricted, but for military supplies more then 700 car were produced.

Did Hitler and Porsche Steal the VW Beetle Design from the Jew Jozef Ganz?

For more information and history visit:

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Kit 7207 - Parm-1 Zis-6 Utility Truck

MilitaryWheels/7207/00.jpg MilitaryWheels/7207/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7207/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7207/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7207/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7207/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7207/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7207/07.jpg

Parm-1 Utility Truck

The movable Aircraft repair shop Parm-1 was let out Krukov carload plant in 1938, is equipped in a body of a bus tupe on an elongated Zis-6.

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Kit 7208 - Gaz 51 utility truck

MilitaryWheels/7208/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7208/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7208/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7208/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7208/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7208/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7208/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7208/08.jpg

Gaz-51 Truks

The most mass truck Gaz-51 is designed in 1944-45. More then 30 years were let out by a car factory in Gorky Citu since 1946. Also was let out under licence in Poland, China and Korea.

Kit 7209 - Gaz-51 Tanker

MilitaryWheels/7209/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7209/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7209/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7209/04.jpg

Gaz 51 Tanker

This is a re-issue of the GAZ-51 truck with a new sprue of parts to make the tanker version (gone is the sprue to make the 'tray'). There are 63 short run injection moulded parts (including six in 'clear' plastic...for the windscreen and windows)...flash free and with good detail. There's a separate chassis, suspension, axles, drive shaft, differential, muffler and engine...plus a reasonably detailed cab. Decals are included for two Soviet tanker trucks.

Kit 7210 - T-34/85 NVA Type 63 - Built model by Zhenmin Han

MilitaryWheels/7210/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/09.jpg

MilitaryWheels/7210/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/1/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/1/05.jpg

Built model by Joe Turchick - (Caverjoet)

MilitaryWheels/7210/2/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7210/2/15.jpg

T-34/85 NVA type 63 (anti aircraft)

The T34 kits are new kits with a lot more detail and a lot more parts - (some sprue's are licenced from EasternExpress) They have link and length tracks, separate road wheels and very fine details. The 'NVA' has 223 flash free, short run injection moulded parts plus a small set of decals (markings for just the one vehicle). The twin anti aircraft guns are very well done and are moveable as is the large turret housing them.

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Kit 7211 - T-34/85 Recovery Tractor

MilitaryWheels/7211/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7211/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7211/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7211/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7211/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7211/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7211/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7211/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7211/09.jpg

The 'repair retriever'

has 202 short run injection moulded parts and no decals. While it comes with a winch, earthspade, crane and 'rolled' up canvas awning, the four front hull mounted tow ropes have to be made from stretched sprue.
The last 3 sprue's are in licence from the EasternExpress.

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Kit 7212 - T-34/85 Recovery Tractor with Earthspade

MilitaryWheels/7212/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7212/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7212/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7212/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7212/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7212/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7212/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7212/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7212/09.jpg

Retriever with Earthspade and Winch

Just a re-issue of the Repair retriever kit...the earthspade was also included in kit 7211 but not used!
The last 3 sprue's are in licence from the EasternExpress.

For "Narod.ru" preview about kit 7212 - T-34/85 Recovery Tractor with earthspade visit:

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Kit 7213 - T-34/85 with Flak 38

MilitaryWheels/7213/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/2/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/2/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/2/03.jpg

Built model by Neil Lyall

MilitaryWheels/7213/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/1/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7213/1/05.jpg

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T34/85 ZSU with Flak 38

Of the 52,000 T-34s built by the Russians, not surprisingly the Germans managed to capture a few and one of their conversions was to fit it with Flak 38 guns. In all there are 208 short run injection moulded parts, including 'link and length' track. All road wheels are moulded separately but not the suspension arms. Detail is resonable but not 'crisp' and there is some flash around the smaller parts. Accessories include fuel drums, spare track links and ammo boxes. Some interior detail is provided in the driver's compartment with an optional position hatch, so it can be seen. The four Flak 38 guns and their turret are nicely detailed and designed to move. No decals are included in this kit.

Kit 7214 - Gaz-MZ-51M Oil Truck

MilitaryWheels/7214/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7214/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7214/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7214/04.jpg

Gaz-MZ-51M Oil Filling Truck

Based on the Gaz-51 fuel tanker kit (with which it shares a majority of parts)...aside from the decals, the difference is in the rear section and tank (slightly smaller tank with higher sides). There are 70 short run injection moulded parts (including six in 'clear' plastic) and a small set of decals with markings for just the one 'Aeroflot' truck. Detail is very good throughout...especially the chassis, inside the cab and the engine (there's an optional position bonnet, so the engine can be displayed).

Kit 7215 - Hummer M966 "Tow Carrier"

MilitaryWheels/7215/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/15.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/16.jpg MilitaryWheels/7215/17.jpg

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Hummer M-966 Two Man Cab

Another 'Hummer' version from MW and as you can see from the box top, this differs from the other M-998 in that it has a two 'person' cab and a 'ute' type rear section with an 'awning'. The kit is the same as the original M-998 Hummer but with two new sprues of seven parts making a total of 95 short run injection moulded parts, including 11 in 'clear' plastic. The chassis and interior are fully detailed, but there's no engine and the kit does not include decals.

Kit 7216 - Gaz51 - Lublin 51

MilitaryWheels/7216/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7216/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7216/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7216/04.jpg

Kit 7217 - Hummer M1038 "Four man cab"

MilitaryWheels/7217/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7217/15.jpg

Hummer 1038 Four Man cab

Yet another Hummer version from MW...this being the same kit as the M-1025 but with new doors and 'soft top'. There are 93 short run injection moullded parts, including 11 'clear' windows...no decals are supplied. As with all the MW Hummers, the chassis is moulded separately and the under body detailis excellent...but there's no engine. Interior detail is also good, with this version having four seats and side benches at the rear.

Kit 7218 - Gaz 63

MilitaryWheels/7218/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7218/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7218/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7218/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7218/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7218/06.jpg

Kit 7219 - Hummer M998 "two man cab"

MilitaryWheels/7219/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7219/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7219/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7219/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7219/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7219/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7219/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7219/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7219/09.jpg

Hummer M-998 and M1025

Both kits are identical...containing the parts to do either version. There are four grey plastic sprues of 98 short run injection moulded parts, plus a fifth 'clear' sprue of 11 parts. While there's no engine, there is a sump and transmission, separate chassis, axles, differentials, suspension, exhaust and drive shafts. The driver's compartment has seats, instrument dash, steering wheel, gear sticks and hand brake. Wiper blades, mirrors, aerials, bumper bars and even a jerry can are provided as separate items. The rear section of the M-98B version has slatted wooden sides and benches, while the M-1025 version has an enclosed top with a 'cut out' for a machine gun (supplied)

Kit 7220 - T34/D30 Syrian (Post War)

MilitaryWheels/7220/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/11.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

MilitaryWheels/7220/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7220/1/03.jpg

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Kit 7221 - Hummer M998 "Troop Carrier"

MilitaryWheels/7221/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7221/14.jpg

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Kit 7222 - D-30 Field Gun

MilitaryWheels/7222/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/04.jpg

Model built by Igor Delyanov


Model built by Igor Leonov

MilitaryWheels/7222/2/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/2/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/2/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/2/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7222/2/05.jpg

Kit 7223 - Hummer M1025

MilitaryWheels/7223/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7223/14.jpg

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Kit 7224 - German Flak 38 with trailer

MilitaryWheels/7224/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7224/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7224/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7224/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7224/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7224/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7224/07.jpg

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Kit 7224 - German Flak 38

A re-issue of the Flak 38 that comes with the T-34/85 ZSU Flak 38 kit, but with the addition of parts to make it a self contained, mobil, field A/A gun. There are 85 short run injection moulded parts with a minimal amount of flash. The four well detailed guns are moveable (as is the 'turret' in which they are mounted) and 18 ammo magazines are included. The ground supports are all separate mouldings while the wheels are designed to turn. No crew or decals are provided.

Kit 7225 - Hummer M996 "Ambulance"

MilitaryWheels/7225/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7225/10.jpg

Kit 7225 - Hummer M996 "Ambulance"

Same kit as the M-1038 but with a 'full length' soft top. Everything else is the same apart from the fact there is a small decal sheet with Red Cross markings.

Kit 7226 - Gaz-63A

MilitaryWheels/7226/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7226/10.jpg

Kit 7227 - 9A310 M1 "BUK-M1" Tracked AA Missile System - announced - no picture

Kit 7228 - AS-3 Ambulance

MilitaryWheels/7228/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7228/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7228/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7228/04.jpg

Kit 7229 - GAZ-653

MilitaryWheels/7229/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7229/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7229/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7229/04.jpg

Kit 7230 - Tram Car Series

MilitaryWheels/7230/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/09.jpg

MilitaryWheels/7230/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7230/1/04.jpg

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Tram Car Series

Not exactly AFV ... but...different! The Soviet series 'X' tram cars were used extensively throughout the USSR during the 1930s and up to the 1960s and were modified as transport vehicles and ambulances during WW2. This highly detailed kit has well over 100 short run injection moulded parts, including a full interior and detailed chassis/rail bogy. Also supplied is a vac formed base with tracks and cobble stones effect, as well, you get two poles for the over head wires.

Kit 7231 - Sprut 2A 45M

MilitaryWheels/7231/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7231/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7231/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7231/04.jpg

Model built by Igor Delyanov


Kit 7232 - Egyptian T34 SPG 122mm

MilitaryWheels/7232/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7232/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7232/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7232/04.jpg

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Kit 7233 - Gaz-AA Truck

MilitaryWheels/7233/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7233/11.jpg

Kit 7234 - Gaz-AAA Truck

MilitaryWheels/7234/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7234/10.jpg

Kit 7235 - UPG-250GM (Airfield Hydraulic Station)

MilitaryWheels/7235/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7235/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7235/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7235/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7235/05.jpg

Kit 7236 - Gaz Airfield Starter AS-1 and I-153 Chaika

MilitaryWheels/7236/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7236/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7236/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7236/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7236/05.jpg

Gaz Airfield Starter with Chaika

This kit contains the Gaz AA version as Airfield Starter with the Airplane "Chaika".

Kit 7238 - PSG-65/130b Airfield Truck

MilitaryWheels/7238/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7238/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7238/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7238/04.jpg

Kit 7239 - Egyptian T34 SPG with 100mm gun

MilitaryWheels/7239/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7239/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7239/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7239/04.jpg

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Kit 7240 - BM14-17 Rocket Launcher

MilitaryWheels/7240/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7240/11.jpg

Kit 7241 - Gaz-42 Truck with Holzgasgenerator

MilitaryWheels/7241/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7241/10.jpg

Kit 7242 - Armored Car of Izhorsk Plant - (defense of Leningrad 1941)

MilitaryWheels/7242/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7242/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7242/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7242/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7242/05.jpg

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Kit 7243 - GAZ AA Armoured Truck with Flak 38 (The Finnish Army 1941)

MilitaryWheels/7243/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7243/15.jpg

Kit 7244 - GAZ AA Armoured Truck with Maxim AA Machinegun (Defense of Leningrad 1941)

MilitaryWheels/7244/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/07.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

MilitaryWheels/7244/2/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/2/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/2/03.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

MilitaryWheels/7244/3/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/3/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/3/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/3/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7244/3/05.jpg

Kit 7245 - BA-11 Armoured car - announced


Kit 7247 - BA-27M with Checkpoint

MilitaryWheels/7247/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7247/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7247/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7247/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7247/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7247/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7247/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7247/08.jpg

The BA-27 armoured car was a Soviet heavy armoured car, produced from 1928 to 1931, and used for scouting and infantry support duties early in the Second World War. The BA-27 had a similar turret to the T-18 tank, and both forward and reverse driver's controls. The last batch of BA-27s were mounted on Ford Model AA truck chassis. The chassis was found to be inadequate to carry the heavy armour, and some were later rebuilt on heavier, three-axle Ford-Timken truck chassis at Repair Base No. 2. 193 of these BA-27M armoured cars remained in service on June 1, 1941, just before the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

Kit 7248 - Gaz M20 Pobeda

MilitaryWheels/7248/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7248/10.jpg

Comments Ilian Filipov

The kit comes with two "faces". A very clever approach, I dare to say. This car was also license-built in Poland under the name "Warszawa" (Warsaw in Polish spelling) and the Poles passed the design through some upgrades. The most heavily changed area was the front. This, I think, today is known as "face-lifting" in the automotive industry.

Kit 7249 - StuIG33

MilitaryWheels/7249/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7249/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7249/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7249/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7249/05.jpg

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Kit 7250 - Gaz-42 (holzgasgenerator version) with 120mm mortar

MilitaryWheels/7250/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7250/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7250/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7250/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7250/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7250/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7250/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7250/08.jpg

Kit 7251 - T-60

MilitaryWheels/7251/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7251/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7251/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7251/04.jpg

Kit 7253 - SG-122 - Russian service on German Pz. III Chassis - Prototype

MilitaryWheels/7253/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/09.jpg

Built model by Robert Kru

MilitaryWheels/7253/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7253/1/03.jpg

The Soviet SG-122 self-propelled gun was based on captured Pz.Kpfw.III tanks and Stug III vehicles. Machines of this type were produced in small series during first half of 1943, they were equipped with M-30 gun.

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Kit 7254 - SU-76i - Russian service on German Pz. III Chassis

MilitaryWheels/7254/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7254/10.jpg

The Soviet SU-76i self-propelled gun was based on the chassis of captured German Panzer III and StuG III. About 1,200 of these vehicles, many from Stalingrad, were converted at Factory No. 38 in 1943 for Red Army service by removing the turret, constructing a fixed casemate, and installing a 76.2-millimetre ZiS-5 gun in a limited-traverse mount. The armour was 60 millimetres thick on the casemate front, 50 millimetres in the hull front, and 30 millimetres on the hull side. It was issued to tank and self-propelled gun units starting in autumn 1943. It should not be confused with the Soviet SU-76 series.

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Kit 7255 - Bergepanzer III Ausf. J

MilitaryWheels/7255/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7255/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7255/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7255/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7255/04.jpg

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Kit 7256 - PK43 Russian Fieldkitchen

MilitaryWheels/7256/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7256/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7256/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7256/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7256/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7256/04.jpg

Built model by Andrey Makarov

MilitaryWheels/7256/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7256/1/02.jpg

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Kit 7258 - T60(r) with flak 30

MilitaryWheels/7258/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7258/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7258/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7258/04.jpg

Kit 7260 - ChMZAP-5208 Tank Transport Trailer

MilitaryWheels/7260/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7260/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7260/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7260/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7260/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7260/06.jpg

Kit 7261 - GAZ-M20 "Pobeda" cabriolet, Soviet car

MilitaryWheels/7261/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7261/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7261/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7261/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7261/05.jpg

Kit 7262 - Soviet aerosan "Sever-2" ("North-2")

MilitaryWheels/7262/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7262/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7262/03.jpg

Kit 7263 - Soviet T-60-3 ( ZSU Flak 12,7mm)

MilitaryWheels/7263/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/15.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/16.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/17.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/18.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/19.jpg MilitaryWheels/7263/20.jpg

Kit 7264 - SU-76i - Command Version"

MilitaryWheels/7264/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7264/15.jpg

Kit 7267 - Soviet T-45

MilitaryWheels/7267/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/15.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/16.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/17.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/18.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/19.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/20.jpg MilitaryWheels/7267/21.jpg

Kit 7268 - Tacam self-propelled gun

MilitaryWheels/7268/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7268/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7268/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7268/04.jpg

Kit 7269 - 76,2mm F-22 Soviet Division Gun

MilitaryWheels/7269/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7269/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7269/03.jpg

Kit 7270 - Pak 36 (R)

MilitaryWheels/7270/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7270/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7270/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7270/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7270/05.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

MilitaryWheels/7270/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7270/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7270/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7270/1/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7270/1/05.jpg

Kit 7271 - Soviet T-60 ( ZSU Flak 12,7 mm )

MilitaryWheels/7271/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/15.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/16.jpg MilitaryWheels/7271/17.jpg

Kit 7279 - Soviet T-60 ( ZIS-19 )

MilitaryWheels/7279/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/12.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/13.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/14.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/15.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/16.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/17.jpg

Built model by Liu Hongjian

This kit is a big joke, hard to build and missing details - (Liu Hongjian).

MilitaryWheels/7279/1/01.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/02.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/03.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/04.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/05.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/06.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/07.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/08.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/09.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/10.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/11.jpg MilitaryWheels/7279/1/12.jpg

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