1/72 Modell Trans, made in Germany

ModellTrans is a high quality resin manufacturer. Their early kits were cast in Poland, and sometimes they were a little sloppy. The later kits were cast in Holland and are of a high quality. ModellTrans have released a very large range of conversion kits and complete kits. The available pictures are unfortunately often quite small, but that is the best I can get. I would certainly like to display bigger pictures if I can get them.
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MT72001 15cm Sturmmorser PANTHER (conversion for Revell)
MT72002 - Pz. Beob. Wg. Panther - (conversion for Revell Panther Ausf.G)
MT72002 - Pz. Beob. Wg. Panther parts

Mt/MT72001.jpg Mt/MT72002.jpg Mt/MT72002part.jpg

MT72003 - Polnischer Spähwagen wz.29 URSUS


Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

Mt/MT72003/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72003/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72003/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72003/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72003/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72003/1/06.jpg

MT72004 - CHI-RI heavy tank

Mt/MT72004/01.jpg Mt/MT72004/02.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck - (www.ipms-xalapa.org)

Mt/MT72004/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/07.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/08.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/09.jpg Mt/MT72004/1/10.jpg

MT72005 - Polish Schneider mod.97/98 75 mm M.97/98 + ammo trailer tires


Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

Mt/MT72005/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72005/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72005/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72005/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72005/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72005/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72005/1/07.jpg

MT72006 - Brummbar (Mid version) - (conversion for Hasegawa)

Mt/MT72006.jpg Mt/MT72006.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit MT72006 - Brummbar (Mid version) - (conversion for Hasegawa) visit:

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MT72007 Panther "Coelian" (conversion for Revell)


MT72008 - Bergetiger (conversion for Revell - Out of Production)

Mt/MT72008/2/01.jpg Mt/MT72008/2/02.jpg Mt/MT72008/2/03.jpg Mt/MT72008/2/04.jpg Mt/MT72008/2/05.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" review about kit MT72008 - Bergetiger (conversion for Revell) visit:

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MT72008 - 4TP Polish tank - (new model)

Mt/MT72008/01.jpg Mt/MT72008/02.jpg Mt/MT72008/03.jpg Mt/MT72008/04.jpg Mt/MT72008/05.jpg Mt/MT72008/06.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

Mt/MT72008/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72008/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72008/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72008/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72008/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72008/1/06.jpg

MT72009 TK-3 Polish Tankette


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit MT72009 - TK-3 Polish Tankette visit:

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MT72010 Porsche Turret for King Tiger (conversion for Italeri/Esci)

Mt/MT72010.jpg Mt/MT72010part.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review of kit MT72010 - Porsche Turret for King Tiger (conversion for Italeri/Esci) visit:

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MT72011 Panzer IV hydraulic drive - (conversion for Revell)

Mt/MT72011/01.jpg Mt/MT72011/02.jpg Mt/MT72011/03.jpg Mt/MT72011/04.jpg Mt/MT72011/05.jpg Mt/MT72011/06.jpg Mt/MT72011/07.jpg Mt/MT72011/08.jpg

For "Doug Edsall's / OTW" review of kit MT72011 Panzer IV hydraulic drive visit:

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MT72012 Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A) - (conversion for Revell)


MT72013 Brummbar late - (conversion for Revell) - (out production)

Mt/MT72013/01.jpg Mt/MT72013/02.jpg Mt/MT72013/03.jpg Mt/MT72013/04.jpg Mt/MT72013/05.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review of kit MT72013 - Brummbar late - (conversion for Revell) visit:

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MT72013 - Chi-Ri tank-destoyer (new kit)


MT72014 - Panzer I Ausf B tracks (for Italeri)


MT72015 Panzer IV "Mobelwagen" (with 3,7 cm Flak 43) - (conversion for Revell)

Mt/MT72015/01.jpg Mt/MT72015/02.jpg Mt/MT72015/03.jpg Mt/MT72015/04.jpg Mt/MT72015/05.jpg

MT72016 - 2 cm Flak 38 auf Selbstfahrlafette Zgkw.3t

Mt/MT72016/01.jpg Mt/MT72016/02.jpg

MT72017 Panther prototype V2 - (conversion for Revell)


MT72018 Jagdpanther with Zimmerit and brash barrel - (conversion for Revell)

Mt/MT72018/01.jpg Mt/MT72018/02.jpg

MT72019 - Japanese Heavy Tank Type 95 - (1935)

Mt/MT72019/01.jpg Mt/MT72019/02.jpg Mt/MT72019/03.jpg Mt/MT72019/04.jpg

Model built by Axel Wech

Mt/MT72019/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72019/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72019/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72019/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72019/1/05.jpg

MT72020 T34 M1940 - (conversion for Eastern Express)


MT72021 TK3 tankette + transporter

Mt/MT72021/01.jpg Mt/MT72021/02.jpg Mt/MT72021/03.jpg Mt/MT72021/04.jpg Mt/MT72021/05.jpg

MT72022 Stug III Ausf. G with Saukopfblende - (conversion for Revell)


MT72023 Stug III Ausf.G - (conversion for Revell)

Mt/Mt72023/01.jpg Mt/Mt72023/02.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit MT72023 - Stug III Ausf.G - (conversion for Revell) visit:

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MT72024 10.5cm StuH 42 Ausf. G - (conversion for Revell)

Mt/MT72024/01.jpg Mt/MT72024/02.jpg

MT72025 Winter Tracks for Panzer III
MT72026 - Winter Tracks for Panzer IV parts

Mt/Mt72025/01.jpg Mt/Mt72025.jpg Mt/MT72026.jpg Mt/MT72026track.jpg

MT72027 - M55 Cal.50 Machine Gun on Trailer


MT72028 - Sturmpanzer III Sig 33 - parts - (conversion for Revell)

Mt/MT72028/01.jpg Mt/MT72028/02.jpg Mt/MT72028/03.jpg Mt/MT72028/04.jpg Mt/MT72028/05.jpg Mt/MT72028/06.jpg Mt/MT72028/07.jpg Mt/MT72028/08.jpg Mt/MT72028/09.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit MT72028 - Sturmpanzer III Sig 33 - parts - (conversion for Revell) visit:

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MT72029 - Crusader


MT72030 - Stug III Ausf. G with Zimmerit


MT72031 - SdKfz.11 HKL Abschlusausfuhrung

Mt/MT72031/01.jpg Mt/MT72031/02.jpg Mt/MT72031/03.jpg Mt/MT72031/04.jpg Mt/MT72031/05.jpg Mt/MT72031/06.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" review about Modell Trans Sd.Kfz. 11 HKL Tractor Kit #72031 and Italeri (former ESCI) Kit #7016 3 Tons Tractor visit:

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MT72032 - SdKfz.251/3 with R-35 Turm (conversion for Hasegawa)

Mt/MT72032/01.jpg Mt/MT72032/02.jpg Mt/MT72032/03.jpg

For "Dave Showel's / OTW" review about kit MT72032 - SdKfz.251/3 with R-35 Turm (conversion for Hasegawa) visit:

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MT72033 - FCM-36 Light Tank

Mt/MT72033/01.jpg Mt/MT72033/00.jpg Mt/MT72033/03.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

Mt/MT72033/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72033/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72033/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72033/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72033/1/05.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit MT72033 - FCM-36 Light Tank visit:

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MT72034 - SdKfz. 7 Vollgepanzert 'Bunkerknacker' (conversion for Hasegawa)
MT72035 - SdKfz. 251/17 with flak 38 (Luftwaffe Ausfuhrung)

Mt/MT72034/01.jpg Mt/MT72035.jpg

MT72036 - Sdkfz 251/23 with hangelafette (conversion for Hasegawa)

Mt/MT72036/01.jpg Mt/MT72036/02.jpg Mt/MT72036/03.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit MT72036 - Sdkfz 251/23 with hangelafette (conversion for Hasegawa) visit:

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MT72037 - Weapon set WW2 (no picture)


MT72038 - APC Typ 1 HO-HA

Mt/MT72038/01.jpg Mt/MT72038/02.jpg Mt/MT72038/03.jpg

Model built by Ivan Visek

Mt/MT72038/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72038/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72038/1/03.jpg< Mt/MT72038/1/04.jpg

MT72039 - Steel wheels for T-34
MT72040 - Jagdpanzer IV/70A conv. for Revell

Mt/MT72039.jpg Mt/MT72040.jpg

MT72041 - Unic P-107 with 2cm Flak 38


Kit MT72043 - Räder mit Schneerketten für M8/M20
Kit MT72044 - Panzer II Ausf.C
Kit MT72045 - M4A3 76(w) HVSS Sherman
Kit MT72046 - M4A3 105 HVSS Sherman
Kit MT72047 - M4A3E8 HVSS Sherman

Mt/MT72043/01.jpg Mt/Mt72044.jpg Mt/MT72045.jpg Mt/MT72046.jpg Mt/MT72047.jpg

Kit MT72049 - sdkfz301 borgward iv ausf a (2 pictures)
Kit MT72050 - German Sd.Anh.51 ammo trailer
Kit MT72051 - Maultier conversion for Italeri Opel Blitz
Kit MT72052 - Office body for Italeri Opel Blitz
Kit MT72053 - Opel Blitz Einheits Holz) (conversion for Italeri)

Mt/MT72049/01.jpg Mt/MT72049/02.jpg Mt/MT72050.jpg Mt/Mt72051.jpg Mt/MT72052.jpg Mt/MT72053.jpg

Kit MT72054 - Ford V3000S early conv. for Italeri Opel Blitz


Built model by Lo Baars

Mt/MT72054/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72054/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72054/1/03.jpg

Kit MT72055 - sdkfz301-borgward-iv-ausfc


Kit MT72056 - M3 75 mm GMC - early/late (ACAD)

Mt/MT72056/01.jpg Mt/MT72056/02.jpg Mt/MT72056/03.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

Mt/MT72056/2/01.jpg Mt/MT72056/2/02.jpg Mt/MT72056/2/03.jpg Mt/MT72056/2/04.jpg

Mt/MT72056/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72056/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72056/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72056/1/04.jpg

Kit MT72057 - 21cm krupp moerser 1916 kurz wehrmacht (3 pictures)

Mt/MT72057/01.jpg Mt/MT72057/02.jpg Mt/MT72057/03.jpg

Kit MT72058 - 21 cm krupp moerser 1916 lang wehrmacht

Mt/Mt72058/01.jpg Mt/Mt72058/02.jpg Mt/Mt72058/03.jpg Mt/Mt72058/04.jpg

Kit MT72059 - Type 97 HO-K Junglecutter


Kit MT72060 - US M4A4 Sherman ARV I


Kit MT72061 - M4A4 Sherman ARV II

Mt/MT72061/01.jpg Mt/MT72061/02.jpg

Kit MT72062 - M4, Firefly & Cromwell Accessories (for all 3 kits)
Kit MT72064 - Churchill Mk. IV 6pdr (57 mm)
Kit MT72065 - Churchill Mk. IV (NA) 75 mm
Kit MT72066 - Churchill Mk.V with Petard

Mt/Mt72062.jpg Mt/MT72063.jpg Mt/MT72064.jpg Mt/Mt72065.jpg Mt/MT72066.jpg

Kit MT72067 - Churchill Mk.VI conversion for Italeri
Kit MT72068 - Churchill Mk.VII infantry tank conversion
Kit MT72069 - Churchill Mk.VII crocodile + trailer
Kit MT72070 - Deep wading equipment for Italeri Churchill

Mt/MT72067.jpg Mt/MT72068.jpg Mt/Mt72069.jpg Mt/MT72070.jpg

Kit MT72071 - m23 us ammo- trailer

Mt/MT72071/01.jpg Mt/MT72071/02.jpg

Kit MT72072 - Sturmgeschutz IV conversion for Pz.IV H Revell


Kit MT72073 - 2cm Schwebelafette for Sd.Kfz. 251 / 234

Mt/MT72073/01.jpg Mt/MT72073/02.jpg Mt/MT72073/03.jpg

For "Tony Ivey's / OTW" review about kit MT72073 - 2cm Schwebelafette for Sd.Kfz. 251 / 234 visit:

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Kit MT72074 - Renault D-1 Late and Early version (new item)

Mt/Mt72074/01.jpg Mt/Mt72074/02.jpg Mt/Mt72074/03.jpg Mt/Mt72074/04.jpg

Kit MT72074 - Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.L "Luchs" (old item)

Mt/Mt72074/old/01.jpg Mt/Mt72074/old/02.jpg Mt/Mt72074/old/03.jpg Mt/Mt72074/old/04.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" review about kit MT72074 - Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.L "Luchs" visit:

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For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" construction review about kit MT7204 - Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.L "Luchs" visit:

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Kit MT72075 - Update for Sturmgeschutz III G Revell (late version)


For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" review about kit MT72075 - Update for Sturmgeschutz III G Revell (late version) visit:

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Kit MT72076 - "Churchill" Bridge 30 ft. No. 2

Mt/Mt72076/01.jpg Mt/Mt72076/02.jpg Mt/Mt72076/03.jpg

Kit MT72077 - M4A1 Sherman Early Gear Set (DRG)
Kit MT72078 - Mercedes L4500 "Maultier" Einheitsausführung (old item)

Mt/MT72077/01.jpg Mt/MT72078.jpg

Kit MT72078 - Sherman M4A2 T10 Mine Exploder (new item)

Mt/MT72078/01.jpg Mt/MT72078/02.jpg Mt/MT72078/03.jpg Mt/MT72078/04.jpg Mt/MT72078/05.jpg

Kit MT72079 - Churchill Mk.IV ARVE
Kit MT72080 - Churchill MK.VIII CS
Kit MT72081 - Staghound correction set (RPM)
Kit MT72083 - LORRAINE 37L with trailer (2 variants)

Mt/Mt72079.jpg Mt/MT72080.jpg Mt/MT72081.jpg Mt/Mt72083.jpg

Kit MT72084 - Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A Sankra


Kit MT72085 - Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A

Mt/MT72085/01.jpg Mt/MT72085/02.jpg Mt/MT72085/03.jpg

For "Rob Healterman's /OTW" review about kit 72085 - Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72086 - Flakpanzer I

Mt/Mt72086/01.jpg Mt/Mt72086/02.jpg

Kit MT72087 - Type 2594 "Chokei Sensha" tankette (late)

Mt/Mt72087/01.jpg Mt/Mt72087/02.jpg Mt/Mt72087/03.jpg

Kit MT72088 - Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A Workshop / Munitiontransporter
Kit MT72090 - Panzer Befehls Wagen I Ausf. A (3 ver.)
Kit MT72091 - Panzer I A Negrilo (20 mm Breda)

Mt/MT72088.jpg Mt/Mt72090.jpg Mt/MT72091/01.jpg

Kit MT72092 - Flammpanzer I Ausf.A - Afrika Korps
Kit MT72093 - Marder I

Mt/MT72092.jpg Mt/Mt72093.jpg

Kit MT72094 - Lorraine-Schlepper 37L (f)
Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

Mt/MT72094/01.jpg Mt/MT72094/02.jpg Mt/MT72094/03.jpg Mt/MT72094/04.jpg Mt/MT72094/05.jpg Mt/MT72094/06.jpg

Kit MT72095 - M3 Halftrack & GPA Stowage Set


Kit MT72096 - M16 Half Track (ACAD)


Kit MT72097 - M2A1 Half Track (ACAD)


MT72099 Flammenwerferpanzer B 2 (f)

Mt/MT72099/01.jpg Mt/MT72099/02.jpg

Model built by Jaroslav Kotlaba

Mt/MT72099/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72099/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72099/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72099/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72099/1/05.jpg

MT72104 - correct wheels for T-62 (Esci/Italeri)
MT72105 - Leopard 2A5 DK - (conversion)
MT72106 - M50 Super Sherman Chilean variant HVSS
MT72107 - M728 Recovery vehicle
MT72108 - Büffel Bundeswehr
MT72109 - Büffel Niederlande

Mt/MT72104.jpg Mt/MT72105/01.jpg Mt/MT72106.jpg Mt/MT72107.jpg Mt/MT72108/01.jpg Mt/MT72108/02.jpg Mt/MT72109.jpg

MT72110 - M60 Patton turret
MT72111 - M 113 correct suspension
MT72112 - M577 Command Vehicle

Mt/MT72110.jpg Mt/MT72111.jpg Mt/MT72112.jpg

Kit MT72114 - YPR 765 PRI 25 mm (inkl. parts for commando vehicle)

Mt/MT72114/01.jpg Mt/MT72114/02.jpg Mt/MT72114/03.jpg Mt/MT72114/04.jpg Mt/MT72114/05.jpg Mt/MT72114/06.jpg Mt/MT72114/07.jpg Mt/MT72114/08.jpg Mt/MT72114/09.jpg Mt/MT72114/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72114/1/02.jpg

MT72116 - YPR-765 cargo/ambulance
MT72117 - YPR-765 with 12,7 mm cupola

Mt/MT72116.jpg Mt/MT72117.jpg

MT72122 - M60A2 "Starship". Umbausatz für Revell

Mt/MT72122/01.jpg Mt/MT72122/02.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

Mt/MT72122/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72122/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72122/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72122/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72122/1/05.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

Mt/MT72122/2/01.jpg Mt/MT72122/2/02.jpg

MT72124 - M48A1


Model built by Jirka Bednar

Mt/MT72124/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72124/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72124/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72124/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72124/1/05.jpg

Kit MT72126 T-55 correct turret (3 Variants) - under construction

Mt/MT72126/01.jpg Mt/MT72126/02.jpg Mt/MT72126/03.jpg

Kit MT72127 - T-55-1 - under construction


Kit MT72138 - Leopard 2 A5 / A6 conversion

Mt/MT72138/01.jpg Mt/MT72138/02.jpg Mt/MT72138/03.jpg Mt/MT72138/04.jpg

Kit MT72140 - ASLAV-25 conversion for Trumpeter

Mt/MT72140/01.jpg Mt/MT72140/02.jpg Mt/MT72140/03.jpg

Kit MT72155 - PT-91A "Twardy" converion for Revell

Mt/MT72155/01.jpg Mt/MT72155/02.jpg Mt/MT72155/03.jpg Mt/MT72155/04.jpg

Kit MT72156 - LAV-III "Kodiak"

Mt/MT72156/01.jpg Mt/MT72156/02.jpg

Kit MT72158 - LAV-25 "Coyote"

Mt/MT72158/01.jpg Mt/MT72158/02.jpg Mt/MT72158/03.jpg Mt/MT72158/04.jpg Mt/MT72158/05.jpg Mt/MT72158/06.jpg Mt/MT72158/07.jpg Mt/MT72158/08.jpg Mt/MT72158/09.jpg

Kit MT72160 - LAV-A2 with EMC antenna

Mt/MT72160/01.jpg Mt/MT72160/02.jpg Mt/MT72160/03.jpg

Kit MT72161 - Brem 1 ARV (conv. for Revell)


Kit MT72162 - Leopard 1A5 (BE) (conv. for Revell)


Kit MT72163 - Leopard C2 (conv. for Revell Leopard 1A5)


Kit MT72164 - Leopard C1A1 MEXAS (KFOR) (conv. for Revell Leopard 1A5)


Kit MT72175 - M-95-Degam - (conversion parts for Revell T-72)


Kit MT72177 - T-62 model 1967


Kit MT72179 - T-62M (BDD)

Mt/MT72179/01.jpg Mt/MT72179/02.jpg

Kit MT72181 - T-72M1 TURMS-T Syrien - (Conversion parts for Revell T-72)


Kit MT72182 - MT-LB tracked gear set (for ACE)


Kit MT72187 - Leopard AVBL Nederland - conversion for Biber


Kit MT72191 - Bergepanzer 2 - BW

Mt/MT72191/01.jpg Mt/MT72191/02.jpg Mt/MT72191/03.jpg Mt/MT72191/04.jpg

Kit MT72192 - Pioneer Panzer 1 - BW


Kit MT72196 - Flakpanzer "Gepard" 1A1

Mt/MT72196/01.jpg Mt/MT72196/02.jpg Mt/MT72196/03.jpg Mt/MT72196/04.jpg Mt/MT72196/05.jpg Mt/MT72196/06.jpg

Kit MT72197 - deep wadingset with crewman for Leopardtanks


Kit MT72200 - M548 Cargo Carrier

Mt/MT72200/01.jpg Mt/MT72200/02.jpg Mt/MT72200/03.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit 72200 - M548 Cargo Carrier visit:

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MT72201 - M50 Super Sherman Early (conversion for M4 Italeri)


For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit 72201 - M50 Super Sherman Early (conversion for M4 Italeri) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

MT72202 - M50 Super Sherman Israeli variant HVSS


Kit MT72203 - M113 "Zelda"type 1 APC with interior

Mt/MT72203/01.jpg Mt/MT72203/012.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit 72203 - M113 "Zelda"type 1 APC with interior visit:

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MT72204 - M113 "Zelda"type 1 command version

Mt/MT72204/01.jpg Mt/MT72204/02.jpg

MT72205 - M113 "Zelda"type II APC with interior

Mt/MT72205/01.jpg Mt/MT72205/02.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit 72205 - M113 "Zelda"type II APC with interior visit:

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MT72206 - Merkava III B conversion for Revell

Mt/MT72206.jpg Mt/MT72206-01.jpg Mt/MT72206-02.jpg Mt/MT72206-03.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review about kit 72206 - Merkava III B conversion for Revell visit:

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MT72207 - Merkava IIC
MT72208 - Magach 7C
MT72209 - T-55 Samovar IDF conv. for ACE/PST T-55
MT72210 - M113 Kasman Meshupar

Mt/MT72207.jpg Mt/MT72208.jpg Mt/MT72209.jpg Mt/MT72210.jpg

MT72211 - Magach 6 early
MT72212 - Hummer "MEMUGAN" IDF (REV)
MT72214 - IDF Weapons & equipment
MT72215 - M113 IDF 60 mm Experimental
MT72216 - Zelda II TOGA armour

Mt/MT72211.jpg Mt/MT72212.jpg Mt/MT72214.jpg Mt/MT72215.jpg Mt/MT72216.jpg

MT72217 - IDF M577 Command Vehicle

Mt/MT72217/01.jpg Mt/MT72217/012.jpg Mt/MT72217/01.3jpg

Kit MT72218 - M50 Mk.II - Umbausatz für M4A3 (105 mm) HVVS from Dragon

Mt/MT72218/01.jpg Mt/MT72218/02.jpg

Kit MT72219 - M51 I Sherman . Umbausatz für M4A3 (105 mm ) HVSS von Dragon.

Mt/MT72219/01.jpg Mt/MT72219/02.jpg

Kit MT72220 - M4A1 HVSS commando . Umbausazu für M4A3 (105 mm) Dragon

Mt/MT72220/01.jpg Mt/MT72220/02.jpg

Kit MT72221 - M4 Ambutank long HVSS IDF

Mt/MT72221/01.jpg Mt/MT72221/02.jpg Mt/MT72221/03.jpg

Kit MT72223 - MERKAVA I B hybrid

Mt/MT72223/01.jpg Mt/MT72223/02.jpg Mt/MT72223/03.jpg


Mt/MT72224/01.jpg Mt/MT72224/02.jpg

Kit MT72225 - M50 Degem (2 Varianten) Umbausatz für Dragon M4A4


Kit MT72226 MERKAVA III C (Turret)


Kit MT72227 - Urdan cuppola for M48 & M60 (3 parts) with MG


Kit MT72228 - MAGACH 5 (M48 Blazer)

Mt/MT72228/01.jpg Mt/MT72228/02.jpg Mt/MT72228/03.jpg Mt/MT72228/04.jpg

Kit MT72235 - ZELDA 2 Classical - (conversion parts for M113 Trumpeter)


Kit MT72300 - M 13-40 Carro Armato Tracked Gear Set (ITA/ESCI)
Kit MT72301 - M 40/41 Carro Comando (ITA/ESCI)
Kit MT72302 - Semovente 75/18 M40 (ITA/ESCI)
Kit MT72303 - M 15/42 Carro Armato (parts for PzKpfw. 738(i) incl.)

Mt/MT72300.jpg Mt/MT72301.jpg Mt/MT72302.jpg Mt/MT72303.jpg

Kit MT72305 - M 11/39 Carro Armato


Model built by M Luciano Marcuzzi

Mt/MT72305/01.jpg Mt/MT72305/02.jpg Mt/MT72305/03.jpg Mt/MT72305/04.jpg

Kit MT72306 - Fiat P-40

Mt/MT72306/01.jpg Mt/MT72306/02.jpg Mt/MT72306/03.jpg Mt/MT72306/04.jpg Mt/MT72306/05.jpg Mt/MT72306/06.jpg Mt/MT72306/07.jpg Mt/MT72306/08.jpg Mt/MT72306/09.jpg Mt/MT72306/10.jpg Mt/MT72306/11.jpg Mt/MT72306/12.jpg

Built model by Laszlo Somogyi

Mt/MT72306/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72306/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72306/1/03.jpg Mt/Mt72306/1/04.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

Mt/MT72306/2/01.jpg Mt/MT72306/2/02.jpg Mt/MT72306/2/03.jpg Mt/Mt72306/2/04.jpg Mt/Mt72306/2/05.jpg Mt/Mt72306/2/06.jpg Mt/Mt72306/2/07.jpg Mt/Mt72306/2/08.jpg Mt/Mt72306/2/09.jpg Mt/Mt72306/2/10.jpg

Kit MT72308 - AS 43 Autoblindo

Mt/MT72308/01.jpg Mt/MT72308/02.jpg Mt/MT72308/03.jpg

For "José María Teja's / OTW" review about kit 72308 - AS 43 Autoblindo visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72309 - SdKfz 251 Ausf A/B


Kit MT72310 - CV-33


Kit MT72311 / MT72312 - Valentine MK-II, MK-III/V


Kit MT72312 - Breda 61 (??)

Mt/MT72312/01.jpg Mt/MT72312/02.jpg

Kit MT72313 / MT72314 - Valentine MK-IX, MK-XI


Kit MT72317 - CV-38 radio


Kit MT72324 - M26A1 Dragon Wagon Soft Cab

Mt/MT72324.jpg Mt/MT72324-1.jpg Mt/MT72324-2.jpg Mt/MT72324-3.jpg Mt/MT72324-4.jpg

Kit MT72325 - Renault R-35/39 late & early (4 Varianten)

Mt/MT72325/01.jpg Mt/MT72325/02.jpg

Kit MT72328 - M2A4 Light Tank

Mt/MT72328/01.jpg Mt/MT72328/02.jpg Mt/MT72328/03.jpg Mt/MT72328/04.jpg Mt/MT72328/05.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" review about kit MT72328 - M2A4 Light Tank visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72334 - Pz.Kpfw. 38 H (f)

Mt/MT72334/01.jpg Mt/MT72334/02.jpg

Kit MT72335 - Tetrarch Mk.VII (CS) light tank

Mt/MT72335/01.jpg Mt/MT72335/02.jpg Mt/MT72335/03.jpg Mt/MT72335/04.jpg Mt/MT72335/05.jpg Mt/MT72335/06.jpg Mt/MT72335/07.jpg Mt/MT72335/08.jpg Mt/MT72335/09.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

Mt/MT72335/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72335/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72335/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72335/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72335/1/05.jpg

Kit MT72336 Vickers light tank Mk. VI A/B inkl. parts for Africa & Indian Pattern

Mt/MT72336/01.jpg Mt/MT72336/02.jpg Mt/MT72336/03.jpg

Kit MT72337 - CV-35 Lancia Flamme RSI 1944


Kit MT72338 Renault R-35 Zurüstsatz für RPM


Kit MT72340 - E.100 Turret Ausf.B

Mt/MT72340/01.jpg Mt/MT72340/02.jpg Mt/MT72340/03.jpg

For "Dave Lodge's / OTW" preview about kit MT72340 - E.100 Turret Ausf.B visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72341 - M26 Super Pershing

Mt/MT72341/01.jpg Mt/MT72341/02.jpg Mt/MT72341/03.jpg

Kit MT72343 - M4A2 75 mm early (direct vision) - (for Dragon)


For "Dave Showell's / OTW" review about kit 72243 - M4A2 75 mm early (direct vision) - (for Dragon) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72346 - CMP armoured with 2cm flak 38

Mt/MT72346/01.jpg Mt/MT72346/02.jpg

Kit MT72348 - Semovente da 47/32 su scafo L3
Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

Mt/MT72348/01.jpg Mt/MT72348/02.jpg Mt/MT72348/03.jpg Mt/MT72348/04.jpg Mt/MT72348/05.jpg Mt/MT72348/06.jpg

Kit MT72349 - Sd.Kfz.8 DB10 Armoured "Lufcik" - (3d Print)
Model built by Christian Weber

Mt/MT72349/01.jpg Mt/MT72349/02.jpg Mt/MT72349/03.jpg Mt/MT72349/04.jpg Mt/MT72349/05.jpg Mt/MT72349/06.jpg Mt/MT72349/07.jpg Mt/MT72349/08.jpg Mt/MT72349/09.jpg Mt/MT72349/10.jpg Mt/MT72349/11.jpg

Kit MT72353 - VK.1602 Leopard

Mt/MT72353/01.jpg Mt/MT72353/02.jpg Mt/MT72353/03.jpg

Modfel built by Laszlo Somogyi

Mt/MT72353/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72353/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72353/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72353/1/04.jpg

Kit MT72355 - Jagdpanzer E10

Mt/MT72355/01.jpg Mt/MT72355/02.jpg Mt/MT72355/03.jpg Mt/MT72355/04.jpg Mt/MT72355/05.jpg Mt/MT72355/06.jpg Mt/MT72355/07.jpg Mt/MT72355/08.jpg

Kit MT72356 - Panther II with 7.5cm or 8.8cm

Mt/MT72356/01.jpg Mt/MT72356/02.jpg

For "Tony Ivey's / OTW" review about kit 72256 - Panther II with 7.5cm or 8.8cm visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72357 - Sd.Kfz.234/2 with "Luchs" turret

Mt/MT72357/01.jpg Mt/MT72357/02.jpg

For "Rob Healterman's / OTW" review about kit 72257 - Sd.Kfz.234/2 with "Luchs" turret visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72358 - E-50 (REV)

Mt/MT72358/01.jpg Mt/MT72358/02.jpg Mt/MT72358/03.jpg

Kit MT72362 - GMC AFKWX 353 C.O.E

Mt/MT72362/01.jpg Mt/MT72362/02.jpg Mt/MT72362/03.jpg

Built model by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Mt/MT72362/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72362/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72362/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72362/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72362/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72362/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72362/1/07.jpg

Kit MT72363 - E-25 Jagdpanzer E-25 (2 variants)

Mt/MT72363/01.jpg Mt/MT72363/02.jpg Mt/MT72363/03.jpg Mt/MT72363/04.jpg Mt/MT72363/05.jpg Mt/MT72363/06.jpg Mt/MT72363/07.jpg Mt/MT72363/08.jpg Mt/MT72363/09.jpg

Kit MT72375 - Renault R-40

Mt/MT72375/01.jpg Mt/MT72375/02.jpg Mt/MT72375/03.jpg Mt/MT72375/04.jpg

Kit MT72378 - Bedford QLC 4x4-2 Dromedary


Kit MT72380 - Pz. Kpfw. I Ausf.C (VK.601)

Mt/MT72380/01.jpg Mt/MT72380/02.jpg Mt/MT72380/03.jpg Mt/MT72380/04.jpg Mt/MT72380/05.jpg Mt/MT72380/06.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

Mt/MT72380/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72380/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72380/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72380/1/04.jpg

Kit MT72381 - Wheels for Sd.Kfz. 4/1 Panzerwerfer - terrain pattern (for Roden)


Kit MT72382 - Wheels for Opel Blitz & Omnibus (for Roden)


Kit MT72383 - Kfz. 13 Vollgepanzert 1944

Mt/MT72383/01.jpg Mt/MT72383/02.jpg

Kit MT72384 - Sd.Kfz. 7 late cargo with tarpaulins (for Revell)


Kit MT72385 - Sd.Kfz. 7 late cargo with ammo boxes (conv. for Revell)


Kit MT72387 - Mine Clearing Plow for Panzer II C (Afrika Korps)


Kit MT72388 - Correct wheels (Continental tire) and equipment for SdKfz.7 (Revell)


Kit MT72392 - MB 4500 with 5cm flak/41

Mt/MT72392/01.jpg Mt/MT72392/02.jpg Mt/MT72392/03.jpg Mt/MT72392/04.jpg

Kit MT72396 - 10,5 cm ls.F.H auf Geschützwagen Char B-1(f) - Conversion for Trumpeter

Mt/MT72396/01.jpg Mt/MT72396/02.jpg Mt/MT72396/03.jpg

Kit MT72397 - Char de Bataille D2 (Renault) first series

Mt/MT72397/01.jpg Mt/MT72397/02.jpg Mt/MT72397/03.jpg Mt/MT72397/04.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

Mt/MT72397/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72397/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72397/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72397/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72397/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72397/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72397/1/07.jpg Mt/MT72397/1/08.jpg Mt/MT72397/1/09.jpg

Kit MT72406 - M 15/42 Carro Armato with Pz.38 turret. (Balkany 1945)


Kit MT72408 - Churchill "Gun Carrier", conversion for Dragon

Mt/MT72408/01.jpg Mt/MT72408/02.jpg Mt/MT72408/03.jpg

Mt/MT72408/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72408/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72408/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72408/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72408/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72408/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72408/1/07.jpg

Kit MT72413 - VK3001 (H)

Mt/MT72413/01.jpg Mt/MT72413/02.jpg Mt/MT72413/03.jpg

Kit MT72414 - VK2001 (D) Pz. III Neuer Art

Mt/MT72414/01.jpg Mt/MT72414/02.jpg

Kit MT72416 - M3A1 "General Lee" (cast hull)


Kit MT72417 - StuG 3 Ausf F/8 - (early)


For "Robert Kru's / OTW" review about kit MT72417 - StuG 3 Ausf F/8 - (early) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72418 - Panzer III G/H with FAMO trackworks


Kit MT72422 - Sd.Kfz.11 Abschluss Ausfürung


Kit MT72425 - T-18 HMC, conversion for M3 "Stuart" from Mirage

Mt/MT72425/01.jpg Mt/MT72425/02.jpg Mt/MT72425/03.jpg Mt/MT72425/04.jpg

Kit MT72426 - SdKfz.254 Saurer RK-7

Mt/MT72426/01.jpg Mt/MT72426/02.jpg Mt/MT72426/03.jpg

Built model by ?

Mt/MT72426/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/04.jpg

Built model by ?

Mt/MT72426/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/07.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/08.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/09.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/10.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/11.jpg Mt/MT72426/1/12.jpg

Kit MT72430 - PzKpfw. IIF - Ausf E/D - (2 versions)

Mt/MT72430/01.jpg Mt/MT72430/02.jpg Mt/MT72430/03.jpg Mt/MT72430/04.jpg Mt/MT72430/05.jpg Mt/MT72430/06.jpg Mt/MT72430/07.jpg Mt/MT72430/08.jpg Mt/MT72430/09.jpg

Built model by Stefan Fiebiger

Mt/MT72430/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72430/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72430/1/03.jpg

Kit MT72432 - GMC 353 with 40 mm Bofors AA gun

Mt/MT72432/01.jpg Mt/MT72432/02.jpg

Kit MT72433 - GMC 353 Gun Truck with M55 Multiple


Kit MT72434 - GMC 353 with M3 cab (Tunesien 1944)


Kit MT72435 - PzKpfw. L3/35(i) Kenn Nr. 731(i) Munitionstransporter


Kit MT72436 - Panther II with Panther G turret (April 1945)

Mt/MT72436/01.jpg Mt/MT72436/02.jpg Mt/MT72436/03.jpg

Kit MT72437 - Jagdpanther II Ausf. A

Mt/MT72437/01.jpg Mt/MT72437/02.jpg Mt/MT72437/03.jpg

Kit MT72438 - Jagdpanther II Ausf. B

Mt/MT72438/01.jpg Mt/MT72438/02.jpg Mt/MT72438/03.jpg

Kit MT72439 - Vollkettenaufklarer "Katzchen" - (CKD version)

Mt/MT72439/01.jpg Mt/MT72439/02.jpg

Kit MT72440 - 12.2cm canon on LWS

Mt/MT72440/01.jpg Mt/MT72440/02.jpg

Kit MT72441 - Gefechtsaufklarer E12 "Fennek" - (Panzerwaffe 1946)

Mt/MT72441/01.jpg Mt/MT72441/02.jpg

Kit MT72442 - sWS tracked Gear Set - (For Maco kit)

Mt/MT72442/01.jpg Mt/MT72442/02.jpg

Kit MT72443 - Heavy Weapon station with 3cm MK-103 and MG42 for SWS


Kit MT72444 - Sonderanhanger 115

Mt/MT72444/01.jpg Mt/MT72444/02.jpg Mt/MT72444/03.jpg Mt/MT72444/04.jpg

Kit MT72445 - Bergepanzer "Thor" - (conversion for E50 / E75 Panzerwaffe 1946)


Kit MT72446 - M4A2 Sherman "BARV"

Mt/MT72446/01.jpg Mt/MT72446/02.jpg Mt/MT72446/03.jpg Mt/MT72446/04.jpg

For "Mark Devies' / Missing Lynx" review about Kit MT72446 - M4A2 Sherman "BARV" visit:

logo "Missing Lynx" Website

Kit MT72447 - E100 Flakpanzer "Nordwind" - 4x 3,7cm - (conversion for ModelCollect)


Kit MT72448 - E100 Flakpanzer "Sudwind" - 2x 5,5cm - (conversion for ModelCollect)

Mt/MT72448/01.jpg Mt/MT72448/02.jpg

Kit MT72449 - E100 Ausf. D with 14cm Pak 46 - (conversion for ModelCollect)


Kit MT72451 - T71 US Tankdestroyer - (75 & 90mm gun) - (Project from the 50's)

Mt/MT72451/01.jpg Mt/MT72451/02.jpg

Kit MT72453 - Magirus Klockner Deutz 3ton "Maultier


Kit MT72454 - Ke-Ni Type 98 Model A

Mt/MT72454/01.jpg Mt/MT72454/02.jpg Mt/MT72454/03.jpg Mt/MT72454/04.jpg

Kit MT72455 - Experimental type 98 B "Ke-Ni" 1942 with Christie suspension

Mt/MT72455/01.jpg Mt/MT72455/02.jpg

Kit MT72456 - "Ta-Se" type 98 AA Tank

Mt/MT72456/01.jpg Mt/MT72456/02.jpg Mt/MT72456/03.jpg Mt/MT72456/04.jpg

Kit MT72457 - Type 2 Ke-To

Mt/MT72457/01.jpg Mt/MT72457/02.jpg Mt/MT72457/03.jpg

Kit MT72461 - Einheitsturm for Panther, Tiger II, E-50 & E-75 - (Oberschlesische Gusswerke Beuthen)


Kit MT72462 - Raketenjagdpanzer "Hetzer" with XR-7 "Rotkäpchen". Panzerwaffe`46

Mt/MT72462/01.jpg Mt/MT72462/02.jpg Mt/MT72462/03.jpg Mt/MT72462/04.jpg

Kit MT72464 - Pz. II Ausf. D Bruckenleger


Kit MT72470 - Bergepanzer III Tracked Gear Set for IBG


Kit MT72482 - SDKfz. 6 Tracked gear set for Ace


Kit MT72487 - Ford 3000 Kofferaufbau Balkanen


Model built by Christian Weber - (Conversion on IBG kit 72071 - Ford V3000

Mt/MT72487/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72487/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72487/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72487/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72487/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72487/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72487/1/07.jpg Mt/MT72487/1/08.jpg

Kit MT72498 - Büssing NAG 4500 (Early) with Bilstein crane - (Resin kit with 3D printed parts)

Pictures by Christian Weber - (Especially the 3-D parts are incredible and very delicate and crisp. - Christian Weber)

Mt/MT72498/01.jpg Mt/MT72498/02.jpg Mt/MT72498/03.jpg Mt/MT72498/04.jpg Mt/MT72498/05.jpg Mt/MT72498/06.jpg Mt/MT72498/07.jpg Mt/MT72498/08.jpg Mt/MT72498/09.jpg Mt/MT72498/10.jpg Mt/MT72498/11.jpg Mt/MT72498/12.jpg Mt/MT72498/13.jpg Mt/MT72498/14.jpg Mt/MT72498/15.jpg Mt/MT72498/16.jpg

Built model by Christian Weber

Mt/MT72498/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72498/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72498/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72498/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72498/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72498/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72498/1/07.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/01.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/02.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/03.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/04.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/05.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/06.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/07.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/08.jpg Mt/MT72498/2/09.jpg

Kit MT72508 - Marksman AA Turret on an M60 as base kit

Mt/MT72508/01.jpg Mt/MT72508/02.jpg Mt/MT72508/03.jpg

Kit MT72520 - IFV "Pizarro"

Mt/MT72520/01.jpg Mt/MT72520/02.jpg Mt/MT72520/03.jpg Mt/MT72520/04.jpg

Kit MT72527 - M48A2 "Patton"


Note: The SdKfz.250 variants from ModellTrans are based on separate resin parts for using with the original SpecialArmour / ex-MK72 SdKfz.250 kits (kit not included)

Kit MT72600 - SdKfz 250/1 (alt) with 25 mm Hotchkiss AA gun

Mt/MT72600/01.jpg Mt/MT72600/02.jpg

Kit MT72601 - SdKfz 250/11 (alt) with 2,8 cm Panzerbüchse 41


Kit MT72602 - SdKfz 250/7 (alt) Mörserträger

Mt/MT72602/01.jpg Mt/MT72602/02.jpg

Kit MT72603 - SdKfz 253 with Panzer I turret


Kit MT72604 - SdKfz 250/1 (neu) with 2 cm Solothurn

Mt/MT72604/01.jpg Mt/MT72604/02.jpg

Kit MT72605 - SdKfz 253 with crane

Mt/MT72605/01.jpg Mt/MT72605/02.jpg

Kit MT72606 - SdKfz 250/8 neu with 7,5 cm KwK 37 "Stummel"

Mt/MT72606/01.jpg Mt/MT72606/02.jpg

Kit MT72607 - SdKfz 250/6 Ausf B. Munitionsfahrzeug

Mt/MT72607/01.jpg Mt/MT72607/02.jpg

Kit MT72609 - SdKfz 250/6 Ausf A. Munitionsfahrzeug

Mt/MT72609/01.jpg Mt/MT72609/02.jpg

Kit MT72610 - SdKfz 253 Propaganda Fahrzeug

Mt/MT72610/01.jpg Mt/MT72610/02.jpg Mt/MT72610/03.jpg Mt/MT72610/04.jpg Mt/MT72610/05.jpg

Kit MT72611 - SdKfz 250 Neu with Panzerwerfer 42 - (Panzerwaffe 1946)

Mt/MT72611/01.jpg Mt/MT72611/02.jpg

Kit MT72613 - SdKfz 250/4 Alte Truppenluftschutzwagen

Mt/MT72613/01.jpg Mt/MT72613/02.jpg Mt/MT72613/03.jpg Mt/MT72613/04.jpg Mt/MT72613/05.jpg Mt/MT72613/06.jpg Mt/MT72613/07.jpg

Kit MT72801 - St.Chamond 1 serie

Mt/MT72801/01.jpg Mt/MT72801/02.jpg

Kit MT72802 - Flitz Tractor Blinde STG 1915

Mt/MT72802/01.jpg Mt/MT72802/02.jpg Mt/MT72802/03.jpg

Built model by Axel Wech

Mt/MT72802/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72802/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72802/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72802/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72802/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72802/1/06.jpg Mt/MT72802/1/07.jpg Mt/MT72802/1/08.jpg

Kit MT72803 - Mark V "Male"

Mt/MT72803/01.jpg Mt/MT72803/02.jpg Mt/MT72803/03.jpg Mt/MT72803/04.jpg

Kit MT72806 - Mark IV corrections set


Kit MT72809 - Renault NC-27

Mt/MT72809/01.jpg Mt/MT72809/02.jpg Mt/MT72809/03.jpg Mt/MT72809/04.jpg Mt/MT72809/05.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview about kit MT72809 - Renault NC-27 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" construction review about kit MT72809 - Renault NC-27 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72810 - Romfell Kuk Panzerwagen

Mt/MT72810/01.jpg Mt/MT72810/02.jpg Mt/MT72810/03.jpg Mt/MT72810/04.jpg Mt/MT72810/05.jpg

Kit MT72813 - Mark I supply for Airfix


Kit MT72821 - Mark IV "Tadpole"

Mt/MT72821/01.jpg Mt/MT72821/02.jpg Mt/MT72821/03.jpg Mt/MT72821/04.jpg Mt/MT72821/05.jpg Mt/MT72821/06.jpg

Kit MT72823 - conversion set - Mark IV Supply Tank with Crane (resin parts) - (For use with the Emhar Mk IV kit).

Mt/MT72823/01.jpg Mt/MT72823/02.jpg

Kit MT72824 - A7VU German Tank

Mt/MT72824/01.jpg Mt/MT72824/02.jpg Mt/MT72824/03.jpg Mt/MT72824/04.jpg

Kit MT72834 - A7V Krupp Variant

Mt/MT72834/01.jpg Mt/MT72834/02.jpg

Kit MT72835 - A7V Roechling Late Variant

Mt/MT72835/01.jpg Mt/MT72835/02.jpg

Kit MT72836 - Austin-Kegresse Halftrack

Mt/MT72836/01.jpg Mt/MT72836/02.jpg Mt/MT72836/03.jpg

Model built by Axel Wech

Mt/MT72836/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72836/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72836/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72836/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72836/1/05.jpg Mt/MT72836/1/06.jpg

Kit MT72837 - Supply Sledges for Mark tanks


Kit MT72841 - Mgebrov - Benz


Kit MT72843 - Isotta Fraschini Mgebrov


Kit MT72844 - 21cm krupp moerser 1916 kurz (2-variants-wheels)

Mt/MT72844/01.jpg Mt/MT72844/02.jpg Mt/MT72844/03.jpg Mt/MT72844/04.jpg

Kit MT72845 - 21cm krupp moerser 1916 lang (2-variants-wheels)

Mt/MT72845/01.jpg Mt/MT72845/02.jpg Mt/MT72845/03.jpg Mt/MT72845/04.jpg


Kit MTD7242 - Load for Ford V3000
Kit MTD7247 - Load for Lancia 3ro from IBG

Mt/MTD7242/01.jpg Mt/MTD7247/01.jpg

For more of this accessoires visit:

logo Accessoires / Zubehoer

German Secret Weapons

Kit W7201 - Secret weapon - "the Bell" - base with figures

Mt/W7201/01.jpg Mt/W7201/02.jpg Mt/W7201/03.jpg

For more info about "The Bell", visit:

logo Nazi Bell Uncovered

Figure and PE-sets

Kit MT72901 - Floryan Geyer 8 SS Cav.Div.


Kit MT72906 - IDF Infanterie ca. 1980


Kit MT72907 - Polish Cavalry 1936-39

Mt/MT72907/01.jpg Mt/MT72907/02.jpg

Finished model "Polish Cavalry 1936-39", by Marcin Mizielinski

Mt/MT72907/1/01.jpg Mt/MT72907/1/02.jpg Mt/MT72907/1/03.jpg Mt/MT72907/1/04.jpg Mt/MT72907/1/05.jpg

For "Rob Healterman's / OTW" review about kit MT72907 - Polish Cavalry 1936-39 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit MT72908 - German Tankers (Panzerwaffe'46)

Mt/MT72908/01.jpg Mt/MT72908/02.jpg Mt/MT72908/03.jpg

Kit MTX7201 - 2 cm Hängelafette mesh (for Sd.Kfz.234/1, 140/1, 250/9 neu )
Kit MTX7202 - Chains for Sherman Crab
Kit MTX7203 - German Starantenae (3 pcs)

Mt/MTX7201.jpg Mt/MTX7202.jpg Mt/MTX7203.jpg

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