Frence FCM 2C Heavy Tank

Master by HenkofHolland

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Early Master

Haevy Tank Char FCM 2C

ostfr/fcm01.jpg ostfr/fcm02.jpg ostfr/fcm03.jpg ostfr/fcm04.jpg
During World War I the Frech had issued a specification for a heavy "breakthrough" tank, Char de Rupture C, at a weight of about 40 tons. Two prototypes, Chars 1A and 1B were produced in 1917-18. Then, later development produced an even heavier tank -nearly 70 tons in weight. This was the Char 2C. It did not become operational during the war, but 10 were built, the last being delivered in 1922. In their day they were the most powerful tanks in the world, with a crew of twelve, a 75mm gun in the front turret and four machine gun (one in an auxiliary turret at the rear of the tank). One of them was converted to mount a 155mm howitzer as well as the 75mm and the four machine guns and led some Intelligence circles to think that France was building large numbers of "Super Tanks". The Char 2C had two 250 hp Mercedes engines driving electric generators to run a motor for each track and give the tank a top speed of 8 mph.

All of this tanks were destroyed in 1940, when they were being transported to the front by train.
FM2C n 92 and 95 have been destroyed by their crew after they broke down. The other 6 tanks have been transported by rail south of Neufchateau. They have been subject of air attack but without damage. All the tanks have been sabotaged by their crew since they could'nt be dismounted from their rail transport cars. (the rails were on an abutment and the rail track was curved).

ostfr/fcm05.jpg ostfr/fcm06.jpg ostfr/fcm07.jpg ostfr/fcm08.jpg ostfr/fcm09.jpg
Weight:.............68/69 ton
Armor:..............max. 45mm
Engine:.............The Char 2C had two 250 hp Mercedes engines driving electric generators to run a motor for each track and give the tank a top speed of 8 mph.
Armament:.......75mm Canon and 4 8mm Hotchkiss machine gun
Crew:................12 persons

Unit-Number and Name of the built Units

Unit-Number Name Unit-Number Name

September 2007: Ready Rebuild Master

The master was built earlier, but twice times deleted by rivetsproblems. The old master is stripped and again rebuild for the third time.
Note: The parts on the pictures are not cleaned and not glued together so the passing is maybe not correct

The Hull

ostfr/fcm/31.jpg ostfr/fcm/32.jpg ostfr/fcm/33.jpg ostfr/fcm/34.jpg ostfr/fcm/35.jpg

ostfr/fcm/36.jpg ostfr/fcm/37.jpg ostfr/fcm/38.jpg

The Separate Parts

ostfr/fcm/27.jpg ostfr/fcm/28.jpg

The FCM-2C Heavy Tank

ostfr/fcm/19.jpg ostfr/fcm/21.jpg ostfr/fcm/02.jpg ostfr/fcm/07.jpg ostfr/fcm/03.jpg

ostfr/fcm/04.jpg ostfr/fcm/05.jpg ostfr/fcm/18.jpg ostfr/fcm/09.jpg ostfr/fcm/17.jpg

ostfr/fcm/10.jpg ostfr/fcm/11.jpg ostfr/fcm/12.jpg ostfr/fcm/13.jpg ostfr/fcm/26.jpg

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