Review of 1/72 PST Models - (Possible "Out of Production" ??)

PST is a manufacturer from Russia (Minsk/Belarus). The kits they produce are injection molded with hard plastic tracks. Some of the kits allow you to build different versions of the same vehicle

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For an "Kevin Liang" IS-1/IS-2/IS-2M and ISU-152/ISU-152-1/ISU-122/ISU-122S preview/construction review (about JSU family) visit:

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JSU Heavy Tanks

Kit 72001 - JS-1 Heavy Tank

Pst/72001/1/01.jpg Pst/72001/1/02.jpg First box lay-out

Pst/72001/00.jpg Pst/72001/01.jpg Pst/72001/02.jpg Pst/72001/03.jpg Pst/72001/04.jpg Pst/72001/05.jpg

Kv/js1-0.jpg Kv/js1-1.jpg Kv/js1-2.jpg Kv/js1-3.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han

Pst/72001/2/01.jpg Pst/72001/2/02.jpg Pst/72001/2/03.jpg Pst/72001/2/04.jpg

Kit 72002 - JS2 Heavy Tank

Pst/72002/01.jpg Pst/72002/02.jpg Pst/72002/03.jpg Pst/72002/04.jpg Pst/72002/05.jpg Pst/72001/04.jpg Pst/72001/05.jpg

Pst/72002/06.jpg Pst/72002/07.jpg Pst/72002/08.jpg Pst/72002/09.jpg Pst/72002/10.jpg

Kv/js2-0.jpg Kv/js2-1.jpg Kv/js2-2.jpg Kv/js2-3.jpg

Built model by Liu Hongjian

Pst/72002/1/01.jpg Pst/72002/1/02.jpg Pst/72002/1/03.jpg Pst/72002/1/04.jpg Pst/72002/1/05.jpg Pst/72002/1/04.jpg

For an "T-izumi" preview / comparison about PST kit 72002 with Italeri kit 7040 - JS2 Heavy Tank Mod1943 visit:

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Kit 72003 - JS-2M Heavy Tank - instructionsheets same as 72002

Pst/72003/01.jpg Pst/72002/02.jpg Pst/72002/03.jpg Pst/72002/04.jpg Pst/72002/05.jpg Pst/72001/04.jpg Pst/72001/05.jpg

Pst/72002/06.jpg Pst/72002/07.jpg Pst/72002/08.jpg Pst/72002/09.jpg Pst/72002/10.jpg

Kv/js2m-0.jpg Kv/js2m-1.jpg Kv/js2m-2.jpg Kv/js2m-3.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Pst/72003/1/01.jpg Pst/72003/1/02.jpg Pst/72003/1/03.jpg

Model built by Olaf Klein

Pst/72003/2/01.jpg Pst/72003/2/02.jpg Pst/72003/2/03.jpg

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Kit 72004 - JSU-152 Heavy S.P.G.

Pst/72004/00.jpg Pst/72004.jpg Pst/72004-1.jpg Pst/72004-2.jpg Pst/72004-3.jpg Pst/72004-4.jpg

Kv/jsu152-0.jpg Kv/jsu152-1.jpg Kv/jsu152-2.jpg Kv/jsu152-3.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Pst/72004/1/01.jpg Pst/72004/1/02.jpg Pst/72004/1/03.jpg

Converting into ISU-152K by Udo Bauer - (ab Anfang der 50er Jahre in Serie produziert und 1956 in Ungarn durch die Sowjets eingesetzt)

Pst/72004/2/01.jpg Pst/72004/2/02.jpg Pst/72004/2/03.jpg Pst/72004/2/04.jpg

For an "Stephen Brezinski" comparing review about kit 72004 - JSU-152 Heavy S.P.G. visit:

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Kit 72005 - JSU-122 Heavy SPG

Pst/72005/1/01.jpg Pst/72005/1/02.jpg First box lay-out

Pst/72005.jpg Pst/72005-1.jpg Pst/72005-2.jpg Pst/72005-3.jpg Pst/72005-4.jpg

Kv/su122-0.jpg Kv/su122-1.jpg Kv/su122-2.jpg Kv/su122-3.jpg

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Kit 72006 - JSU-122S Heavy SPG

Pst/72006/1/01.jpg Pst/72006/1/02.jpg First box lay-out

Pst/72006/00.jpg Pst/72006.jpg Pst/72006-1.jpg Pst/72006-2.jpg

Pst/72006/01.jpg Pst/72006/02.jpg Pst/72006/03.jpg Pst/72006/04.jpg

Kv/jsu122s-0.jpg Kv/jsu122s-1.jpg Kv/jsu122s-2.jpg Kv/jsu122s-3.jpg

Kit 72007 - JSU-152-1 Heavy SPG

Pst/72007/00.jpg Pst/72007.jpg Pst/72007-1.jpg Pst/72007-2.jpg

Kv/jsu152-1-0.jpg Kv/jsu152-1-1.jpg Kv/jsu152-1-2.jpg Kv/jsu152-1-3.jpg

KV Heavy Tanks

For an "On The Way" review about PST KV Heavy Tank series (Part 1) visit:

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Kit 72008 - KV-85 Heavy Tank

Pst/72008/01.jpg Pst/72008/02.jpg Pst/72008/03.jpg Pst/72008/04.jpg Pst/72008/05.jpg

Pst/72008/2/01.jpg Pst/72008/2/02.jpg Pst/72008/2/03.jpg Pst/72008/2/04.jpg Pst/72008/2/05.jpg Pst/72008/2/06.jpg Pst/72008/2/07.jpg

Kv/kv85/01.jpg Kv/kv85/02.jpg Kv/kv85/03.jpg Kv/kv85/04.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han

Pst/72008/1/01.jpg Pst/72008/1/02.jpg Pst/72008/1/03.jpg

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Kit 72009 - KV-122 Heavy tank

Pst/72009/01.jpg Pst/72009/02.jpg Pst/72009/03.jpg Pst/72009/04.jpg Pst/72009/05.jpg

Kv/kv122/01.jpg Kv/kv122/02.jpg Kv/kv122/03.jpg Kv/kv122/04.jpg

Model built by David Carcia

Pst/72009/1/01.jpg Pst/72009/1/02.jpg

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Kit 72010 - BM-13N Rocket launcher on the base of "US6" GMC - old mould (WARNING: bad quality)
The moulds are reworked moulds from the manufacturer Cooperativa and have too much flash and faults

Pst/72010/01.jpg Pst/72010/02.jpg Pst/72010/03.jpg Pst/72010/04.jpg Pst/72010/05.jpg

For an "T-izumi" preview about kit 72010 & 72042 - BM-13N Rocket launcher visit:

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Kit 72011 - Zis-5 BZ Fuel Truck

Pst/72011/01.jpg Pst/72011/02.jpg Pst/72011/03.jpg

Rtrucks/01.jpg Rtrucks/01-1.jpg Rtrucks/01-2.jpg Rtrucks/01-3.jpg Rtrucks/01-4.jpg

Kit 72012 - KV-1 Heavy Tank

Pst/72012.jpg Pst/72012-1.jpg Pst/72012-2.jpg Pst/72012-3.jpg Pst/72012-4.jpg

Kv/kv1/01.jpg Kv/kv1/02.jpg Kv/kv1/03.jpg Kv/kv1/04.jpg

Kit 72013 - KV-1A Heavy tank

Pst/72013.jpg Pst/72013-1.jpg Pst/72013-2.jpg Pst/72013-3.jpg Pst/72013-4.jpg

Kv/kv1a/01.jpg Kv/kv1a/02.jpg Kv/kv1a/03.jpg Kv/kv1a/04.jpg

Kit 72014 - KV-1B Heavy Tank

Pst/72014.jpg Pst/72014-1.jpg Pst/72014-2.jpg Pst/72014-3.jpg Pst/72014-4.jpg

KV-1B Model 1941-42 Tankograd turret, applique armour and with Zis-5 gun.

Kv/kv1b/01.jpg Kv/kv1b/02.jpg Kv/kv1b/03.jpg Kv/kv1b/04.jpg

Kit 72015 - KV-8 Heavy Flame Thrower

Pst/72015/00.jpg Pst/72015.jpg Pst/72015-1.jpg Pst/72015-2.jpg Pst/72015-3.jpg Pst/72015-4.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

Pst/72015/1/01.jpg Pst/72015/1/02.jpg Pst/72015/1/03.jpg Pst/72015/1/04.jpg

Kit 72016 - KV-1E Heavy Tank

Pst/72016/01.jpg Pst/72016/02.jpg Pst/72016/03.jpg Pst/72016/04.jpg Pst/72016/05.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

Pst/72016/1/01.jpg Pst/72016/1/02.jpg Pst/72016/1/03.jpg Pst/72016/1/04.jpg

Pst/72016/2/01.jpg Pst/72016/2/02.jpg Pst/72016/2/03.jpg Pst/72016/2/04.jpg

Kit 72017 - KV-2 "Dreadnought" Heavy tank

Pst/72017/00.jpg Pst/72017/01.jpg Pst/72017/02.jpg Pst/72017/03.jpg Pst/72017/04.jpg Pst/72017/05.jpg

Kv/kv2/01.jpg Kv/kv2/02.jpg Kv/kv2/03.jpg Kv/kv2/04.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay

Pst/72017/1/01.jpg Pst/72017/1/02.jpg Pst/72017/1/03.jpg Pst/72017/1/04.jpg Pst/72017/1/05.jpg

Model built by David Garcia

Pst/72017/2/01.jpg Pst/72017/2/02.jpg Pst/72017/2/03.jpg

Model built by Paul Jethon

KV-2 with RB barrel and Eureka XXL towing cable

Pst/72017/3/01.jpg Pst/72017/3/02.jpg Pst/72017/3/03.jpg Pst/72017/3/04.jpg Pst/72017/3/05.jpg

For a review about kit 72017 - KV-2 "Dreadnought" Heavy tank visit:

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Kit 72018 - M-13 Rocket Launcher "Katjusa" on Zis-6

Pst/72018/00.jpg Pst/72018/01.jpg Pst/72018/02.jpg Pst/72018/03.jpg Pst/72018/04.jpg Pst/72018/05.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

Pst/72018/1/01.jpg Pst/72018/1/02.jpg Pst/72018/1/03.jpg Pst/72018/1/04.jpg Pst/72018/1/05.jpg Pst/72018/1/06.jpg

Built Model by Christopher Mechin

Zis-6 - Rocket Launcher "Katyusha" BM-13-16 (same kit PST/TOGA/AER)

Rtrucks/19.jpg Rtrucks/19-1.jpg Rtrucks/19-2.jpg Rtrucks/19-3.jpg

Kit 72019 - Zis-6 Truck

Pst/72019/01.jpg Pst/72019/02.jpg Pst/72019/03.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

Pst/72019/1/01.jpg Pst/72019/1/02.jpg Pst/72019/1/03.jpg Pst/72019/1/04.jpg

Zis-6 - Standard (same kit PST/TOGA/AER)

Rtrucks/17.jpg Rtrucks/17-1.jpg Rtrucks/17-2.jpg Rtrucks/17-3.jpg

Kit 72020 - BZ-35S Fuel Truck on the base "US6" GMC - old mould (WARNING: bad quality)
The moulds are reworked moulds from the manufacturer Cooperativa and have too much flash and faults

Pst/72020/01.jpg Pst/72020/02.jpg Pst/72020/03.jpg Pst/72020/04.jpg Pst/72020/05.jpg

Kit 72021 - BZ-35 Fuel Truck

Pst/72021/01.jpg Pst/72021/02.jpg Pst/72021/03.jpg Pst/72021/04.jpg Pst/72021/05.jpg

The Bz-35 Fuel Tanker as "Beute" in German Service - (model built by Nick Pavlovski)

Pst/bz35.jpg Pst/bz35-1.jpg

Zis-6 - Fuel Tanker BZ35 (same kit PST/TOGA/AER)

Rtrucks/18.jpg Rtrucks/18-1.jpg Rtrucks/18-2.jpg Rtrucks/18-3.jpg

Model built by Alexandre Novellino

Pst/72021/1/01.jpg Pst/72021/1/02.jpg Pst/72021/1/03.jpg Pst/72021/1/04.jpg Pst/72021/1/05.jpg Pst/72021/1/06.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

Pst/72021/2/01.jpg Pst/72021/2/02.jpg Pst/72021/2/03.jpg Pst/72021/2/04.jpg

Kit 72022 - Studebaker US6 Cargo (models U3/U4) - New reworked mould! - good quality!

Pst/72022/01.jpg Pst/72022/02.jpg Pst/72022/03.jpg Pst/72022/04.jpg Pst/72022/05.jpg Pst/72022/06.jpg Pst/72022/07.jpg

Studebaker US6 cargo truck - New Moulds!

This is a brand new moulding and not a re-issue of the old Cooperative Studebaker truck! There are 131 crisp injection moulded parts (including separate wheels and tyres!) plus a small decal sheet with markings for four trucks...Czech, Polish and two U.S. army. The kit offers the options of building US6 models U4, U7 or U8. Detail includes a separate engine, chassis, suspension, axles, drive shaft, fuel tank, winch etc. The one piece cab moulding has a separate bonnet/hood (so the engine can be 'on display') and while no clear parts are provided, there is a seat, steering wheel and gear stick, as well as side mounted rear view mirrors. The 'tray' has optional high or low sides with an optional 'awning' and bench seats. Also included in the kit are two paper clips...these are for attaching the wheels to the axles, by cutting off short lengths (from the paper clips)!

For an "Stephen Brezinski" comparison about Studebaker US6 Cargo (models U3/U4) visit:

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Kit 72023 - Zis-5 "Parm-1" Field Repair truck


Zis-5 - Workshop PARM-I (same kit as AER, TOGA, PST)

Rtrucks/03.jpg Rtrucks/03-1.jpg Rtrucks/03-2.jpg Rtrucks/03-3.jpg

For an "KG-Wings" review kit 72023 - Zis-5 "Parm-1" Field Repair truck visit:

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Kit 72024 - Zis-6 Parm-2 Field Repair truck

Pst/72024/01.jpg Pst/72024/02.jpg Pst/72024/03.jpg

Zis-6 - Workshop PARM-II (same kit asAER, TOGA, PST)

Rtrucks/04.jpg Rtrucks/04-1.jpg Rtrucks/04-2.jpg Rtrucks/04-3.jpg Rtrucks/04-4.jpg

Kit 72025 - KV-1S Heavy tank

Pst/72025/01.jpg Pst/72025/02.jpg Pst/72025/03.jpg Pst/72025/04.jpg Pst/72025/05.jpg

KV-1S Model 1942 "Skorostnoy" (high-speed version)

Kv/kv1s/01.jpg Kv/kv1s/02.jpg Kv/kv1s/03.jpg Kv/kv1s/04.jpg

Model built by Harvey Low

Pst/72025/1/01.jpg Pst/72025/1/02.jpg Pst/72025/1/03.jpg Pst/72025/1/04.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

Pst/72025/2/01.jpg Pst/72025/2/02.jpg Pst/72025/2/03.jpg Pst/72025/2/04.jpg

Kit 72026 - KV-8S Heavy Flamethrower Tank

Pst/72026/01.jpg Pst/72026/02.jpg Pst/72026/03.jpg Pst/72026/04.jpg Pst/72026/05.jpg

Built Model by Christopher Mechin


Kit 72027 - Pz.Kpfw. 753(r) Heavy Tank with 7.5 Kwk L/40 gun (German service)

Pst/72027/01.jpg Pst/72027/02.jpg Pst/72027/03.jpg Pst/72027/04.jpg Pst/72027/05.jpg

Kv/kv16.jpg Kv/kv16-1.jpg Kv/kv16-2.jpg Kv/kv16-3.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

Pst/72027/1/01.jpg Pst/72027/1/02.jpg Pst/72027/1/03.jpg Pst/72027/1/04.jpg Pst/72027/1/05.jpg

Kit 72028 - 61-K 37mm AA gun with Zis-5 Truck

Pst/72028/00.jpg Pst/72028/01.jpg Pst/72028/02.jpg Pst/72028/03.jpg Pst/72028/04.jpg Pst/72028/05.jpg

Kit 72029 - Zis-5V Truck

Pst/72029/01.jpg Pst/72029/02.jpg Pst/72029/03.jpg Pst/72029/04.jpg Pst/72029/05.jpg Pst/72029/06.jpg Pst/72029/07.jpg

Zis-5V - Simplified model with Wooden Cab and Mudguards - Moscow/Ural Version (PST/TOGA/AER)>

Rtrucks/13.jpg Rtrucks/13-1.jpg Rtrucks/13-2.jpg Rtrucks/13-3.jpg

For an "MiniAfv / Ozgur Aydin" built model kit 72029 Zis-5V Truck visit:

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Kit 72030 - M30 122mm Howitzer with Zis-6 Truck

Pst/72030/01.jpg Pst/72030/02.jpg Pst/72030/03.jpg Pst/72019/02.jpg Pst/72019/03.jpg

Pst/72030/1/01.jpg Pst/72030/1/02.jpg Pst/72030/1/03.jpg Pst/72030/1/04.jpg Pst/72030/1/05.jpg Pst/72030/1/06.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Pst/72030/2/01.jpg Pst/72030/2/02.jpg Pst/72030/2/03.jpg

Model built by Brett Mahoney


Kit 72031 - D-1 152mm Howitzer with Zis-42 Half-Track

Pst/72031/00.jpg Pst/72031/01.jpg Pst/72031/02.jpg Pst/72031/03.jpg Pst/72032-1.jpg Pst/72032-2.jpg Pst/72032-3.jpg Pst/72032-4.jpg

Pst/72031/04.jpg Pst/72031/05.jpg Pst/72031/06.jpg Pst/72031/07.jpg Pst/72031/08.jpg Pst/72031/09.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

Pst/72031-3.jpg Pst/72031-4.jpg

For an "On The Way" review about Kit 72031 - D-1 152mm Howitzer with Zis-42 Half-Track visit:

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Kit 72032 - Zis-42/42M Halftrack

Pst/72032/01.jpg Pst/72032/02.jpg Pst/72032/03.jpg Pst/72032/04.jpg Pst/72032/05.jpg

Built model by Patrice Dauga - Preiser Figures

Pst/72032/1/01.jpg Pst/72032/1/02.jpg

Zis-42M - Halftrack (AER, Toga, PST)

Rtrucks/07.jpg Rtrucks/07-1.jpg Rtrucks/07-2.jpg Rtrucks/07-3.jpg Rtrucks/07-4.jpg

Kit 72033 - 61-K 37mm AA SPG on base of Zis-42 Halftrack

Pst/72033/00.jpg Pst/72033/01.jpg Pst/72033/02.jpg Pst/72033/03.jpg Pst/72033/04.jpg Pst/72033/05.jpg

Built model by Christopher Mechin


For an "Stephen Brezinski" comparison about Kit 72033 - 61-K 37mm AA SPG on base of Zis-42 Halftrack (PST <> AER) visit:

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Kit 72034 - KV-9 Heavy Tank

Pst/72034/01.jpg Pst/72034/02.jpg Pst/72034/03.jpg Pst/72034/04.jpg Pst/72034/05.jpg Pst/72034/06.jpg Pst/72034/07.jpg Pst/72034/08.jpg Pst/72034/09.jpg Pst/72034/10.jpg

KV-9 - model 1942

Kv/kv9/01.jpg Kv/kv9/02.jpg Kv/kv9/03.jpg Kv/kv9/04.jpg

PST 1/72 KV-9 heavy tank (limited edition)

Same chassis and hull as the others in the KV series, but with a slightly different turret (135mm armour plating) and a 122mm gun...only 10 were built. The kit has 158 cleanly moulded parts (plus a lot more that are not used), including link and length tracks. As with all PST kits, detail is good. No decals are included as this version of the KV didn't carry markings.

Kit 72035 - KV-1C Heavy tank

Pst/72035/01.jpg Pst/72035/02.jpg Pst/72035/03.jpg Pst/72035/04.jpg Pst/72035/05.jpg

KV-1C Model 1942-43

Kv/kv1ce/01.jpg Kv/kv1ce/02.jpg Kv/kv1ce/03.jpg Kv/kv1ce/04.jpg

PST 1/72 KV-1C heavy tank

Over 1000 KV-1Cs were built. They had heavy front armour, a cast turret with walls of up to 120mm thick and a 76.2mm Zis-5 gun. The kit has over 180 cleanly moulded parts (link and length tracks) and a set of decals with markings for four KV-1Cs.

Kit 72036 - Pz.Kpfw. 1/1A753(r) Heavy Tank German

Pst/72036/01.jpg Pst/72036/02.jpg Pst/72036/03.jpg Pst/72036/04.jpg Pst/72036/05.jpg

PST 1/72 PzKpfw.1 753(r) (limited edition)

As the standard KV-1 ...however, the turret does have the typical raised German style cuppola and optional parts (small details...including a shorter gun barrel) for the PzKpfw 1a 753(r). In all there are 6 sprues of 228 parts (even more that don't get used!) and a decal sheet with markings for 1x Pz.1 753(r) and 2x Pz.1a 753(r)s. Note...this version is a once only 'limited' run. For an "Stephen Brezinski" Kit Review & Comparison PST Models KV-1 M1939, Kit 72036 and Trumpeter KV-1 M1941 (actually a M1940) Kit 7232 "Small Turret" Heavy Tanks, in 1/72 scale visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72037 - KV-2 in German service

Pst/72037/01.jpg Pst/72037/02.jpg Pst/72037/03.jpg Pst/72037/04.jpg Pst/72037/05.jpg

Pz.Kpfw. 754(r) PST 1/72 PzKpfw 754(r) heavy tank (limited edition)

Another of the 'captured' KV tanks, used by the Germans and given the PzKpfw designation...the 754(r) was a KV-2 with a massive turret housing a 152mm M-10 gun (it was also fitted with four machine guns). The kit has over 164 parts that are used plus a lot more that aren't (used). The decal sheet has markings for just one tank.

Kv/kv17.jpg Kv/kv17-1.jpg Kv/kv17-2.jpg Kv/kv17-3.jpg

For "Bayram Koser / MiniAfv" pictures built model Kit 72037 KV-2 in German service visit:

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Kit 72038 - KV-T KV Tractor

Pst/72038/01.jpg Pst/72038/02.jpg Pst/72038/03.jpg

KV-T - Tractor

Kv/kvt/01.jpg Kv/kvt/02.jpg Kv/kvt/03.jpg Kv/kvt/04.jpg

PST 1/72 KV-T armoured tow tractor (limited edition)

The KV-T is essentially a KV-85 without the turret. The kit has 144 parts, including the cover (with hatches) for the 'hole' left by the removal of the turret. Although tow cables are shown, you have to make them yourself! No decals are included because the KV-T didn't carry markings.

Kit 72039 - JS-2MY Tractor

Pst/72039/01.jpg Pst/72039/02.jpg Pst/72039/03.jpg

JS-2T - Tractor

Kv/js2t-0.jpg Kv/js2t-1.jpg Kv/js2t-2.jpg Kv/js2t-3.jpg

PST 1/72 IS-2MT armoured tow tractor (limited edition)

This was an IS-2 with the turret removed. The kit is the same as the KV-T but with the IS-2 chassis and hull...there are 154 cleanly moulded parts.

For an " Cenker Olut's / MiniAfv" review Kit 72039 JS-2MY Tractor visit:

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Kit 72040 - M-30 122mm Howitzer with Crew

Pst/72040/00.jpg Pst/72040/01.jpg Pst/72040/02.jpg Pst/72040/03.jpg

Model by Vojislav Jereb

Pst/72040/1/01.jpg Pst/72040/1/02.jpg Pst/72040/1/03.jpg Pst/72040/1/04.jpg

M-30 122mm Howitzer with Crew

This is the same M-30 that's included in PST kit No.72030 'M-30 with Zis-6 truck', only this time, instead of a truck you get five crew figures, 6 rounds of 122mm ammunition and two ammo boxes. The M-30 kit consists of 59 crisp, cleanly moulded parts, including moveable gun and support arms.

For an "Julius Ebke" review about Kit 72040 - M-30 122mm Howitzer with Crew visit:

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Kit 72041 - BM-13N - Rocket Launcher "Katjusa" based on US6 Studebaker - New Moulds!

Pst/72041/01.jpg Pst/72041/02.jpg Pst/72041/03.jpg Pst/72041/04.jpg Pst/72041/05.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Pst/72041/1/01.jpg Pst/72041/1/02.jpg Pst/72041/1/03.jpg Pst/72041/1/04.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

Pst/72041/2/01.jpg Pst/72041/2/02.jpg Pst/72041/2/03.jpg Pst/72041/2/04.jpg Pst/72041/2/05.jpg Pst/72041/2/06.jpg

Studebaker BM-13N 'katyusha'

Again, same as the 'new' US6 kit but with the BM-13 katyusha rocket launcher (with rockets) replacing the tray and awning. Decals for one Soviet vehicle.

Kit 72042 - BM-13 - Rocket Launcher "Katjusa" based on GMC - New Moulds!

Pst/72042/01.jpg Pst/72042/02.jpg Pst/72042/03.jpg Pst/72042/04.jpg Pst/72042/05.jpg

GMC BM-13 'Katyusha'

Idential to the Studebaker BM-13N kit...the only difference is you use the GMC style mudguards. Decals for one Soviet vehicle.

For an "T-izumi" preview about kit 72010 & 72042 - BM-13N Rocket launcher visit:

logo "T-izumi" Website

Kit 72043 - BZ-35S Fuel Tanker based on US6 Studebaker - New Moulds!

Pst/72043/01.jpg Pst/72043/02.jpg Pst/72043/03.jpg Pst/72043/04.jpg Pst/72043/05.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Pst/72043/1/01.jpg Pst/72043/1/02.jpg

Studebaker BZ-35S Fuel truck

Sames as the 'new' US6 kit but with the fuel tank replacing the 'tray' and optional awning. Decals for just one Soviet vehicle.

Kit 72044 - GMC CCW/CCKW 353 Cargo - New Moulds!

Pst/72044/01.jpg Pst/72044/02.jpg Pst/72044/03.jpg Pst/72044/04.jpg Pst/72044/05.jpg Pst/72044/06.jpg Pst/72044/07.jpg Pst/72044/08.jpg Pst/72044/09.jpg Pst/72044/10.jpg Pst/72044/11.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Pst/72044/1/01.jpg Pst/72044/1/02.jpg

GMC CCW/CCKW 353 with M-30 (from kit 72030), by Peter Batin

Pst/72044/2/01.jpg Pst/72044/2/02.jpg Pst/72044/2/03.jpg Pst/72044/2/04.jpg Pst/72044/2/05.jpg Pst/72044/2/06.jpg Pst/72044/2/07.jpg

Kit 72045 - T-54

Pst/72045/01.jpg Pst/72045/02.jpg Pst/72045/03.jpg Pst/72045/04.jpg Pst/72045/05.jpg Pst/72045/06.jpg Pst/72045/07.jpg Pst/72045/08.jpg

For an "MiniAfv / Burak Ozdil" built model kit 72045 T-54 visit:

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For an "On The Way" review about Kit 72045 and 72046 - T54 an T55 visit:

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Model built by Brett Mahoney - model built as a North Vietnamese T-54


Pictures model under construction and finished model, by Udo Bauer

Scratchbuild conversion from kit 72045 - T-54 into BRM-1 (BRM= bronirovannaja mashina razgrashdenija: gepanzertes Minenräumfahrzeug).

Das Original basiert auf der Su-122/54, das Chassis wird für verschiedenen Varianten der BRM-1 und als Schlepper noch heute verwendet.Der Aufbau ist scratchbuilt, die Wanne nach Veränderung von PST 72045. Die Wanne wurde zweimal gesägt und wieder verklebt, weil die Abstände der Laufrollen bei der SU122/54 anders sind als beim T-54/55 - used parts BMR-1(basis: PST 72045) with KMT-7 (Zedval72010) and EMT-8 (scratchbuilt) - Udo Bauer

Pst/72045/2/01.jpg Pst/72045/2/02.jpg Pst/72045/2/03.jpg Pst/72045/2/04.jpg Pst/72045/2/05.jpg Pst/72045/2/06.jpg Pst/72045/2/07.jpg Pst/72045/2/08.jpg Pst/72045/2/09.jpg Pst/72045/2/10.jpg

Conversion into scratchbuild BMR-1 with KMT-5 from Trumpeter, by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7283/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7283/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7283/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7283/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7283/3/05.jpg

Kit 72046 - T-55

Pst/72046/01.jpg Pst/72046/02.jpg Pst/72046/03.jpg Pst/72046/04.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay

Pst/72046/1/01.jpg Pst/72046/1/02.jpg Pst/72046/1/03.jpg Pst/72046/1/04.jpg Pst/72046/1/05.jpg

T-54 and T55

Both kits are 'nearly' identical (the T-54 has different style road wheels to the T-55) ...while the parts layout in the instructions show different turrets and guns, both types are included in both kits. As far as mouldings go, the PST kits are made from metal moulds so the parts are far cleaner and crisper than those in the 'short run' ACE/SIGA T-55 kits...and the detail is far sharper...especially on the 'link and length' tracks! However, the two hatches in the turrets of the PST kits are much smaller than those in the ACE/SIGA kits...so small in fact, it would be difficult for a 1/72 crewman to get in and out! In all, the PST kits have 183 injection moulded parts in green and black (tracks) plastic...about the same number of parts as the ACE/SIGA kits...so the break down is very similar, with lots of upper hull accessories including ammo boxes, tool boxes, shovel, spare tracks, tow cables etc. Both the T-54 and T-55 come with markings for several Soviet tanks but the instructions fail to say where they go and what units they represent (this is the one area where the SIGA kit is superior...far better decal options and instructions!).

For an "Marko Makinen" review about Kit 72046 - T55 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72047 - PMZ-2 (Zis-6) Fire Tanker

Pst/72047/01.jpg Pst/72047/02.jpg Pst/72047/03.jpg Pst/72047/04.jpg Pst/72047/05.jpg

Military vehicles that aren't always green...and even better...they are sometimes red! All 4 PST Fire engines were used by the Soviet airforce, before, during and after WW2.
PZM-2 (ZIS-6)

Based on the ZIS-6, duel rear axle truck, the rear tray has been replaced with a water tank and two side and one rear mounted, tool boxes. On top of the tank are mounted ladders and hoses and at the rear is a hose reel and water pump. Other 'PZM' additions to the basic truck kit including a fire bell and a small 'tray' that fits between the cabin and the water tank.

For an "MiniAfv / Ceyhun Pursak" built model kit 72045 T-54 visit:

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Kit 72048 - PMZ-2 (Zis-6) Fire Engine

Pst/72048/01.jpg Pst/72048/02.jpg Pst/72048/03.jpg Pst/72048/04.jpg Pst/72048/05.jpg

PZM-2 (ZIS-42)

Same 'PZM' fire engine additions but with the ZIS-42 half track as the basic truck.

Kit 72049 - PMZ-2 (US-6) Fire Engine

Pst/72049/01.jpg Pst/72049/02.jpg Pst/72049/03.jpg Pst/72049/04.jpg Pst/72049/05.jpg

PZM-2 (US-6)

And again...but this time the 'PZM' is on the Studebaker US-6 truck (this version was used well into the 1950s.)

Kit 72050 - S-300 PMU 'mobile air defence missile launcher type 5P855

Pst/72050/01.jpg Pst/72050/02.jpg Pst/72050/03.jpg Pst/72050/04.jpg Pst/72050/05.jpg Pst/72050/06.jpg Pst/72050/07.jpg Pst/72050/08.jpg Pst/72050/09.jpg Pst/72050/10.jpg Pst/72050/11.jpg Pst/72050/12.jpg

Pst/72050/1/01.jpg Pst/72050/1/02.jpg Pst/72050/1/03.jpg

logo PST kit 72050 - S-300 5P85S missile launcher built by Paul Tian - (34 pictures) - (You have to wait some time before the page is loaded)

For an "MiniAfv / Burak Ozdil" built model kit 72050 S-300 PMU 'mobile air defence missile launcher type 5P855 visit:

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For an "Michael Benolkin" review about Kit 72050 - S-300 PMU 'mobile air defence missile launcher type 5P855 visit:

logo "Cybermodeler" Website

S-300 PMU 'mobile air defence missile launcher'

This is a massive kit for PST to have produced, given the limitations of their injection moulding machines and they have managed to do it by keeping the sprues small (same size as in all their other kits)...which means a lot of them...12 in fact, in three separate bags, making a total of over 220 parts (there are no decals because there are no markings on the vehicle). The 24 stage intruction layout is fairly stright forward starting with the chassis assembly, which is rather complex given this is an all wheel drive vehicle. The missile lauching unit is also rather comple given that it is designed to be moveable. Each of the four launching tubes comes with a separate, six part missile which you don't see once inside (the lauching 'tubes'). The cabin (yes, clear injection moulded windows are supplied!) is well detailed inside with a separate, optional position door...so you can look in. The four support jacks (show on the box top) for use when missiles are to be fired...are supplied as separate units. The large (A4 size), six page instruction sheet has a five view camouflage painting guide on the back page. And...to top it off...the price makes it a bargin!

Kit 72051 - Ford 6 Truck model 1943

Pst/72051/01.jpg Pst/72051/02.jpg Pst/72051/03.jpg Pst/72051/04.jpg Pst/72051/05.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

Pst/72051/1/01.jpg Pst/72051/1/02.jpg Pst/72051/1/03.jpg

Ford 6 Truck model 1943

As suspected, this is a re-working of the Studebaker US-6/GMC truck kits, with a new cab and one new sprue with a new chassis, single rear axle, cabin interior etc. In all there are 104 (a number of them are not used) crisp, clean injection moulded parts (no clear windows) and a set of decals with markings for six trucks... U.S. Navy, RAF, unidentified U.K. vehicle, Polish army and 2x Soviet. Underside detail is excellent with separate chassis, axles, drive shafts, exhaust, etc. but there's no engine...just a sump and transmission moulded onto the chassis. Cabin detail consists of a bench seat, steering wheel and gear stick. The 'wooden' sided rear tray comes with an optional top (annex).

Construction problems:

Just wanted to add some notes that might help by construction. This further clarifies the 'problems' encountered when making the PST Ford 6 1943. On the mini-review you mention how PST have re-used certain parts from their Studebaker truck for the Ford. This creates certain construction problems while making the kit.
The PST instructions do not make it clear that some of the parts are Studebaker parts and DO NOT look like the Ford parts! The cab is the wrong shape and the cargo bed is too high off the chassis.
Both these major issues have to rectified before the kit truly looks like a Ford!
Some changes need to be made and you have to consult good reference material about the Ford
All the best,Steve Beat (aka 'Kitnoob')

Kit 72052 - PMZ-2 Zis-5 Fire Tanker

Pst/72052/01.jpg Pst/72052/02.jpg Pst/72052/03.jpg Pst/72052/04.jpg Pst/72052/05.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Pst/72052/1/01.jpg Pst/72052/1/02.jpg

Kit 72053 - PT-76B Light Amphibious Tank - Postwar

Pst/72053/00.jpg Pst/72053/01.jpg Pst/72053/02.jpg Pst/72053/03.jpg Pst/72053/04.jpg Pst/72053/05.jpg

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For an "Baran Cakmak's / MiniAFV" review about Kit 72053 - PT-76B Light Amphibious Tank visit:

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Kit 72054 - BTR-50PK Armoured Personal Car - Postwar

Pst/72054/01.jpg Pst/72054/02.jpg Pst/72054/03.jpg Pst/72054/04.jpg Pst/72054/05.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay

Pst/72054/1/01.jpg Pst/72054/1/02.jpg Pst/72054/1/03.jpg Pst/72054/1/04.jpg Pst/72054/1/05.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Pst/72054/2/01.jpg Pst/72054/2/02.jpg Pst/72054/2/03.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Conversion des BTR-50PK in das MinenRäumFahrzeug MRF 50PK der NVA. Anfang der 80er Jahre wurden 42 BTR-50PK in diese Varinate umgerüstet. Dazu wurden Kontainer mit gestreckten Ladungen WLWD aus polnischer Produktion auf dem BTR-50PK installiert. WLWD ist die polnische Abkürzung für gestreckte Ladung. Der Sprengstoff befand sich in einem flexiblen Schlauch.
Die Ladungen wurden mit einer kleinen Rakete (Booster) 250 Meter weit geschossen und detonierten im Minenfeld. Es konnte damit eine Gasse von 100 Meter Tiefe und 5 - 6 Meter Breite geschaffen werden.

Pst/72054/3/01.jpg Pst/72054/3/02.jpg Pst/72054/3/03.jpg Pst/72054/3/04.jpg Pst/72054/3/05.jpg Pst/72054/3/06.jpg Pst/72054/3/07.jpg Pst/72054/3/08.jpg Pst/72054/3/09.jpg Pst/72054/3/10.jpg Pst/72054/3/11.jpg

For an "Kevin Liang" review about kit 72054 - BTR-50PK Armoured Personal Car visit:

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Kit 72055 - S-300 PMU 'mobile air defence missile launcher type 5P85B

Pst/72055/01.jpg Pst/72055/02.jpg Pst/72055/03.jpg Pst/72055/04.jpg Pst/72055/05.jpg Pst/72055/06.jpg Pst/72055/07.jpg Pst/72055/08.jpg Pst/72055/09.jpg Pst/72055/10.jpg Pst/72055/11.jpg

For an "Michael Benolkin" review about Kit 72055 - S-300 PMU 'mobile air defence missile launcher type 5P85B visit:

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Kit 72056 - Machine Shop M16A on Studebaker base

Pst/72056/01.jpg Pst/72056/02.jpg Pst/72056/03.jpg Pst/72056/04.jpg Pst/72056/05.jpg

Kit 72057 - Small Arms Repair M7 on GMC base

Pst/72057/01.jpg Pst/72057/02.jpg Pst/72057/03.jpg Pst/72057/04.jpg Pst/72057/05.jpg

Kit 72058 - Spare parts M14A on Ford 6 base

Pst/72058/01.jpg Pst/72058/02.jpg Pst/72058/03.jpg Pst/72058/04.jpg Pst/72058/05.jpg Pst/72058/06.jpg Pst/72058/07.jpg Pst/72058/08.jpg Pst/72058/09.jpg Pst/72058/10.jpg Pst/72058/11.jpg

Kit 72059 - KV220/85 Russian "Tiger" Heavy Tank

Pst/72059/01.jpg Pst/72059/02.jpg Pst/72059/03.jpg Pst/72059/04.jpg Pst/72059/05.jpg Pst/72059/06.jpg Pst/72059/07.jpg Pst/72059/08.jpg

Model built by Ruslan Veselov - Summer and Winter painting

Pst/72059/1/01.jpg Pst/72059/1/02.jpg Pst/72059/1/03.jpg

Model built by unknown

Pst/72059/2/01.jpg Pst/72059/2/02.jpg Pst/72059/2/03.jpg

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Kit 72060 - Guidance Radar SA-10

Pst/72060/01.jpg Pst/72060/02.jpg Pst/72060/03.jpg Pst/72060/04.jpg Pst/72060/05.jpg Pst/72060/06.jpg Pst/72060/07.jpg Pst/72060/08.jpg Pst/72060/09.jpg

logo PST kit 72060 - Guidance Radar SA-10 built by Paul Tian - (28 pictures) - (You have to wait some time before the page is loaded)

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Kit 72061 - KV220/76 Russian Heavy Tank

Pst/72061/01.jpg Pst/72061/02.jpg Pst/72061/03.jpg Pst/72061/04.jpg

The KV220/76 have the same sprue's as the KV220/85, with as extra an KV-1 turret sprue.

For an "Kevin Liang" review about kit 72059 & 72061 KV220/85 and KV220/76 Russian "Tiger" Heavy Tank visit:

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Kit 72062 - Studebaker US6 model U6 - Tractor with semi-trailer

Pst/72062/01.jpg Pst/72062/02.jpg Pst/72062/03.jpg Pst/72062/04.jpg Pst/72062/05.jpg

Kit 72063 - Zis 10 - Tractor with semi-trailer - pictures built model from internet

Pst/72063/01.jpg Pst/72063/02.jpg Pst/72063/03.jpg Pst/72063/04.jpg Pst/72063/05.jpg

Pst/72063/06.jpg Pst/72063/07.jpg Pst/72063/08.jpg Pst/72063/09.jpg Pst/72063/10.jpg

Model built by Brett Mahoney


Kit 72064 - GMC CCW353 with semi-trailer

Pst/72064/01.jpg Pst/72064/02.jpg Pst/72064/03.jpg Pst/72064/04.jpg Pst/72064/05.jpg Pst/72064/06.jpg Pst/72064/07.jpg Pst/72064/08.jpg Pst/72064/09.jpg Pst/72064/10.jpg Pst/72064/11.jpg Pst/72064/12.jpg Pst/72064/13.jpg Pst/72064/14.jpg Pst/72064/15.jpg Pst/72064/16.jpg Pst/72064/17.jpg Pst/72064/18.jpg

Kit 72065 - Ford G8TA with semitrailer

Pst/72065/01.jpg Pst/72065/02.jpg Pst/72065/03.jpg Pst/72065/04.jpg Pst/72065/05.jpg Pst/72065/06.jpg Pst/72065/07.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Pst/72065/1/01.jpg Pst/72065/1/02.jpg

Kit 720?? - T-10 - Postwar - not longer announced
Kit 720?? - T10B - Postwar - not longer announced
Kit 720?? - T-10M - Postwar - not longer announced

Pst/72099-1.jpg Pst/72099-2.jpg Pst/72099-3.jpg

PST kits in collaboration with the manufacturer GRAN

Kit 72066 - S-125 "Newa" on T-55 Chassis - collaboration between "Gran/PST"

Pst/72066/01.jpg Pst/72066/02.jpg Pst/72066/03.jpg Pst/72066/04.jpg Pst/72066/05.jpg Pst/72066/06.jpg Pst/72066/07.jpg Pst/72066/08.jpg

Built model by Gran & Peter Batin

Pst/72066/1/01.jpg Pst/72066/1/02.jpg Pst/72066/1/03.jpg Pst/72066/1/04.jpg Pst/72066/1/05.jpg

Built model by Philip Bonnet

Pst/72066/2/01.jpg Pst/72066/2/02.jpg Pst/72066/2/03.jpg Pst/72066/2/04.jpg Pst/72066/2/05.jpg

The S-125 (NATO: SA-3 Goa) is a low-altitude surface-to-air missile system developed, manufactured, and deployed by the Russians. Designed to track and destroy low-altitude targets such as aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles, the system has been proliferated to over 30 countries in recent years.

Zebrano kits which are released under "PST" label - in collaboration with the manufacturer PST

Kit 72067 - T44M - collaboration between "Zebrano/PST" - very limited edition

- (pictures from Network54.com) - (hull and tracks from T54 with new resin turret and metal barrel)

Pst/72067/01.jpg Pst/72067/02.jpg Pst/72067/03.jpg Pst/72067/04.jpg

New release from Belorussian company named "Zebrano" (this is a multimedia branch of a better known PST company).
The 1/72 T-44M is a multimedia kit (with plastic chassis and body complete with resin turret and metal barrel and small parts) and the quality is quite nice for this manufacturer.
T-44 was a lesser known Russian tank developed in 1943 as a replacement for the famous T-34 model, but due to war demands production started only in early 1945 and this it did not reach the fronts. Yet, it was produced in significant numbers and production stopped only with the introduction of the T-54 model. The chassis was used in many specialized vehicles.
T-44M was an improved model which was produced in larger quantity than the original T-44 model.
This is a strictly limited kit with production being limited to just one batch.

For more information read comments on:

to Missing-Lynx Forum GroupForum Group Missing-Lynx

Kit 72068 - T54 m1949 - Cold War Periode- collaboration between "Zebrano/PST" - (very limited edition)

zebrano/72068/01.jpg zebrano/72068/02.jpg

Comments by Jolyon Ralph

Essentially it's the old PST T-54 kit with a new resin turret for the T-54-2 variant (Not the earlier T-54-1 which is the m.1946 version) - probably a better option is to get the modeltrans T-54-2 turret and fit that to a Trumpeter T-54 hull - note that it's not that simple with the T-54-1 turret that Modeltrans sell, as the T-54-1 hull had various differences, including machine-gun pods on the fenders, so you'd need a new hull top as well as a turret, but that's another issue altogether)

Kit 72069 - ZSU-61K - collaboration between "Zebrano/PST" - (very limited edition)

zebrano/72069/01.jpg zebrano/72069/02.jpg zebrano/72069/03.jpg

Kit 72070 - MOBD (Support Vehicle - Movable Security Vehicle)- (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

This vehicle is in every Russian regiment which is armed with movable artillery, rockets, etc. It has a places for canteen, bedroom and combat compartment with BTR-70 turret.

Pst/72070/01.jpg Pst/72070/02.jpg Pst/72070/03.jpg Pst/72070/04.jpg Pst/72070/05.jpg Pst/72070/06.jpg

Model built by Andrey Kovalchuk

Pst/72070/1/01.jpg Pst/72070/1/02.jpg Pst/72070/1/03.jpg Pst/72070/1/04.jpg Pst/72070/1/05.jpg Pst/72070/1/06.jpg

Kit 72071 - T44 - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST") - very limited edition

zebrano/72071/01.jpg zebrano/72071/02.jpg zebrano/72071/03.jpg

Pictures built model by Zebrano

zebrano/72071/1/01.jpg zebrano/72071/1/02.jpg zebrano/72071/1/03.jpg zebrano/72071/1/04.jpg

Kit 72072 - Zis 12 - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")


Zis 12 with 61K AA Gun, by Peter Batin

Pst/72072/1/01.jpg Pst/72072/1/02.jpg Pst/72072/1/03.jpg Pst/72072/1/04.jpg Pst/72072/1/05.jpg

Kit 72073 - JSU-130 - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

Pst/72073/01.jpg Pst/72073/02.jpg Pst/72073/03.jpg Pst/72073/04.jpg Pst/72073/05.jpg Pst/72073/06.jpg

Kit 72074 - Zis-44 Ambulance - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72074/01.jpg zebrano/72074/02.jpg zebrano/72074/03.jpg zebrano/72074/04.jpg zebrano/72074/05.jpg zebrano/72074/06.jpg

Kit 72075 - Gaz AA Truck - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")


Kit 72076 - GAZ-AAA Truck

zebrano/72076/01.jpg zebrano/72076/02.jpg zebrano/72076/03.jpg zebrano/72076/04.jpg zebrano/72076/05.jpg

Kit 72077 - GAZ MM M1941 Truck - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72077/01.jpg zebrano/72077/02.jpg zebrano/72077/03.jpg zebrano/72077/04.jpg zebrano/72079/04.jpg zebrano/72079/05.jpg zebrano/72078/06.jpg zebrano/72079/08.jpg zebrano/72077/07.jpg


Kit 72078 - GAZ MMM M1943 Truck - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72078/01.jpg zebrano/72078/02.jpg zebrano/72078/03.jpg zebrano/72078/04.jpg zebrano/72079/04.jpg zebrano/72079/05.jpg zebrano/72078/06.jpg zebrano/72079/08.jpg zebrano/72077/07.jpg


Kit 72079 - GAZ-55 Ambulance M1939 - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

Finished model by Andrey Kovalchook

zebrano/72079/01.jpg zebrano/72079/02.jpg zebrano/72079/03.jpg zebrano/72079/04.jpg zebrano/72079/05.jpg zebrano/72079/06.jpg zebrano/72079/07.jpg zebrano/72079/08.jpg zebrano/72079/09.jpg

zebrano/72079/1/01.jpg zebrano/72079/1/02.jpg

Kit 72080 - Maz 7910 - Truck Oil (Gas) Pipeline - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

Pst/72080/01.jpg Pst/72080/02.jpg Pst/72080/03.jpg Pst/72080/04.jpg Pst/72080/05.jpg Pst/72080/06.jpg Pst/72080/07.jpg Pst/72080/08.jpg Pst/72080/09.jpg

Kit 72081 - GAZ-55 Ambulance M1943 - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72081/01.jpg zebrano/72081/02.jpg zebrano/72081/03.jpg zebrano/72081/04.jpg zebrano/72081/05.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

zebrano/72081/1/01.jpg zebrano/72081/1/02.jpg zebrano/72081/1/03.jpg zebrano/72081/1/04.jpg zebrano/72081/1/05.jpg zebrano/72081/1/06.jpg

Kit 72082 - GAZ-03-30 m.1933 - Soviet city bus - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72082/01.jpg zebrano/72082/02.jpg zebrano/72082/03.jpg zebrano/72082/04.jpg zebrano/72082/05.jpg zebrano/72082/06.jpg zebrano/72082/07.jpg

Soviet City Bus GAZ-03-30 (m.1933)

The soviet bus GAZ-03-30 was designed in 1932 on the basis of GAZ-AA truck units and found wide application both in the civil service and in the Red Army. The civil version was designed for transportation of 17 passengers. An army bus was used as a headquarters, while he could have another configuration of the cabin and additional equipment for communication. The bus of this model was produced from 1933 to 1941.

Exterior of the GAZ-03-30 bus was supposed to be as follows:
- the roof and the sides over the waist were painted in light-yellow color
- the body below the waist, the hood, radiator cover, apron and wheels were painted in dark blue, dark green or dark red
- the wings - in black or body color below the waist
- the fenders and bumpers - in black
The ceiling, the walls and seats inside were papered leatherette.
The rest of the surface were covered by oil paint and varnish.
The floor was painted in black.

Kit 72083 - GAZ-03-30 m.1945 - Soviet city bus / Post War - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72083/01.jpg zebrano/72083/02.jpg zebrano/72083/03.jpg zebrano/72082/04.jpg zebrano/72082/05.jpg zebrano/72082/06.jpg zebrano/72082/07.jpg

Soviet City Bus GAZ-03-30 (m.1945)

The soviet bus GAZ-03-30 was designed in 1932 on the basis of GAZ-AA truck units and found wide application both in the civil service and in the Red Army. The civil version was designed for transportation of 17 passengers. The bus of this model was produced from 1933 to 1941 in the quanttaty of 6569 vehicles. During World War II the issue of the bus almost stopped (it was issued only 28 buses). After the war, the release of GAZ-03-30 was relaunched, but on the basis of GAZ-MM. External differences was in the wings and two-part rear door. The total issue of GAZ-03-30 m.1945 during 1945 - 1950 was 8211 vehicles

Kit 72084 - GAZ-MM (m.1943) with 72-K AA Gun - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

Pst/72084/01.jpg Pst/72084/02.jpg Pst/72084/03.jpg Pst/72084/04.jpg Pst/72084/05.jpg Pst/72084/06.jpg Pst/72084/07.jpg Pst/72084/08.jpg Pst/72084/09.jpg Pst/72084/10.jpg

Kit 72085 - Soviet 72-K 25-mm AA Gun - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72085/01.jpg zebrano/72085/02.jpg zebrano/72085/03.jpg zebrano/72085/04.jpg zebrano/72085/05.jpg zebrano/72085/06.jpg zebrano/72085/07.jpg

Kit 72086 - Zis Fire Tanker

Pst/72086/01.jpg Pst/72086/02.jpg Pst/72086/03.jpg Pst/72086/04.jpg

Kit 72087 - Rocket Launcher BM-13 (Chevrolet G-7107)

Pst/72087/01.jpg Pst/72087/02.jpg Pst/72087/03.jpg Pst/72087/04.jpg Pst/72087/05.jpg

Kit 72088 - Mobil Medical Laboratory AntiCovid 19 on MAZ-543M

As Russia made special vehicles to provide the anti-COVID vaccination on its tremendous expances, the PST issue their MAZ-543M in a variant of Medicine Labaretory. - Limited version (200 kits only)

Pst/72088/01.jpg Pst/72088/02.jpg Pst/72088/03.jpg Pst/72088/04.jpg

Kit 72090 - S-125 M "NEMAN" Air Defense Missile System - (mix from PST Maz-543 & Gran S-125)

This model is a Belorussian project of early 1990 intended to upgrade old s-125 Pechora/Neva system and to give a mobility to this grouns AA system


Built model by Ihor Mingazov

Pst/72090/1/01.jpg Pst/72090/1/02.jpg Pst/72090/1/03.jpg Pst/72090/1/04.jpg Pst/72090/1/05.jpg Pst/72090/1/06.jpg

Kit 72100 - MAZ-543M Heavy Truck - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

Pst/72100/01.jpg Pst/72100/02.jpg Pst/72100/03.jpg Pst/72100/04.jpg Pst/72100/05.jpg Pst/72100/06.jpg Pst/72100/07.jpg Pst/72100/08.jpg Pst/72100/09.jpg Pst/72100/10.jpg

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