Russian Heavy Tanks
T-28, T-29, T-35, T100, SU130Y, SMK, KV-5, SU-14, SU-14-1, SU-14-2 and some proposals

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T-28 Heavy Tank - (Resin - manufacturer unknown)

Kv/t28/01.jpg Kv/t28/02.jpg Kv/t28/03.jpg Kv/t28/04.jpg

T-28 Heavy Tank - Model built by Christophe Mechin - (Resin-Alby)


T-28 Heavy Tank - Model built by Zhenmin Han - (manufacturer unknown)

Kv/t28/3/01.jpg Kv/t28/3/02.jpg Kv/t28/3/03.jpg Kv/t28/3/04.jpg Kv/t28/3/05.jpg Kv/t28/3/06.jpg

T28 Heavy Tank - (Resin - manufacturer unknown)

Kv/t28/1/01.jpg Kv/t28/1/02.jpg Kv/t28/1/03.jpg Kv/t28/1/04.jpg

T-28 Medium Tank
Various models were built of this "Exploitation" tank, which resembled the British A1E1 Independent externally, but had only two additional machine gun turrets instead of four. The T-28 weighed about 27.5 tons. Later models mounted the more powerful 76.2mm howitzer in place of the prototype's 45mm gun. The tank was used in the Russo-Finnish war.

T28 Heavy Tank - (experimental prototypes)
T28 Bridgelayer
T28 with long 85mm gun
T28 with long 95mm gun
T28 with T34-85 turret and KV suspension
T28 with KV torsion bar suspension
T28 with T35 suspension

Kv/t28proto/01.jpg Kv/t28proto/02.jpg Kv/t28proto/03.jpg Kv/t28proto/04.jpg Kv/t28proto/05.jpg Kv/t28proto/06.jpg

T29 Heavy Tank - (only 3 are build)

Kv/t29/01.jpg Kv/t29/02.jpg Kv/t29/03.jpg

The T-29 was similar to the build of the T-28, however in comparison it was 350mm wider and 200mm taller. This increased size was due to the the inclusion of the Christie style suspension within the tank hull. The hull was welded from rolled armor plate. The smaller turrets were identical in placement to those of the T-28 with the main turret housing a 76.2 gun and two machine guns in ball sockets, one in the front and one rear facing. There was also a stand for an additional AAMG to be mounted.

Only three models were produced and they were each were given a different series designation model number. The effective dates would be 1937-41 from what I see.
The T-29-4 and T-29-5 tanks (one each) were produced in 1934 and were armed with the KT-27 76.2 gun as the main armament with 74-78 shots. According to this source they had 5 x of the 7.62 DT MG's in the other gun positions with between 7000-8000 rounds between them (for an average of about 1500 rounds per gun). These two models also had less armor than the final prototype.
The last model, the T-29, was made in 1935 and had the FS-3 76.2 gun installed in the main turret with 67 rounds of ammo. It supposed to have the heavier MG's in the secondary turrets but that apparently never happened as according to the document I have in front of me it also had 5 x 7.62 DT MG's in the other positions.

Wikipedia: "The T-29 was a prototype medium tank, a modernized T-28 with Christie suspension - a later version of this vehicle was considered for the competition of prototypes which led to the T-34, but by then it was outdated.
The T-28 also served as a testbed for the KV tank suspension." - See picture below(T-28 with KV torsion bar suspension)

T28 with KV torsion bar suspension


T-35 Heavy Tank - (1/76 Resin Ostmodels R58)

Kv/t35-0.jpg Kv/t35-1.jpg Kv/t35-2.jpg Kv/t35-3.jpg

Kv/t35-4.jpg Kv/t35-5.jpg Kv/t35-6.jpg Kv/t35-7.jpg

Model 1936 - (built by webmaster - sModel Kit 720100)

sModel/720100/3/01.jpg sModel/720100/3/02.jpg sModel/720100/3/03.jpg sModel/720100/3/04.jpg sModel/720100/3/05.jpg sModel/720100/3/06.jpg sModel/720100/3/07.jpg

Model 1939 early - (built by webmaster - sModel Kit 720100)

sModel/720100/4/01.jpg sModel/720100/4/02.jpg sModel/720100/4/03.jpg sModel/720100/4/04.jpg sModel/720100/4/05.jpg sModel/720100/4/06.jpg sModel/720100/4/07.jpg

Model 1939 late with conical turrets - (built by webmaster - sModel Kit 720100)

sModel/720100/5/01.jpg sModel/720100/5/02.jpg sModel/720100/5/03.jpg sModel/720100/5/04.jpg sModel/720100/5/05.jpg sModel/720100/5/06.jpg sModel/720100/5/07.jpg

T35 Heavy Tank
In 1932 a requirement arise for a heavy tank to deal with enemy infantry and anti-tank weapons and during the next seven years various models of the T-35 Heavy Tank were produced. Weighing some 45 tons, it was well armed with a 76.2 mm howitzer in the main turret, plus four subsidiary turrets, of which, the off-side front and nearside rear mounted a 45mm gun each, and the other two, a machine gun each.

SU-130Y Russian Heavy tank - (Ostmodels kit R51)

ostru/r51/01.jpg ostru/r51/02.jpg ostru/r51/03.jpg ostru/r51/04.jpg

ostru/r51/05.jpg ostru/r51/06.jpg ostru/r51/07.jpg ostru/r51/08.jpg ostru/r51/09.jpg ostru/r51/10.jpg

For an "Henk Timmerman" review about kit R51 - SU-130Y Russian Heavy tank visit:

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SU-130Y Heavy Tank
Following the loss of the T-100 to the KV, one of the prototypes was rebuilt as a bunker buster. Called the SU-130Y, with a fixed superstructure and a B-13 130mm naval gun. No production of the type was authorized, but the prototype took part in the defence of Moscow in 1941.

T-100 Russian Heavy tank - (Ostmodels kit R48)

ostru/r48/01.jpg ostru/r48/02.jpg ostru/r48/03.jpg

ostru/r48/04.jpg ostru/r48/05.jpg ostru/r48/06.jpg ostru/r48/07.jpg ostru/r48/08.jpg

For an "Henk Timmerman" review about kit R48 - T-100 Russian Heavy tank visit:

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SMK and T-100 Sotka Heavy Tanks
Named after the Soviet political leader Sergei Mironovich KIROV, who assassinated in 1934, this tank was a complete departure from normal Soviet design. The hull had eight suspension wheels on either side, with torsion bar springing and four return rollers. There was an upper and lower turret, with a 76.2mm gun in the top turret and a 45mm in the lower. It had a crew of seven, weighed 45 tons and had a armour up to 60mm thick. It closely resembled the T-100 heavy tank which appeared in 1938, a year after the SMK and weighed 11 tons more. Both were used in the Russo-Finnish war.

SMK Russian Heavy tank - (Kit R63 Ostmodels)

The available scale drawings from the SMK Heavy Tank have some small differents lay-outs. I don't have found pictures that gives me the correct information.

Kv/smk/01.jpg Kv/smk/02.jpg Kv/smk/03.jpg

ostru/r63/1/01.gif ostru/r63/1/02.jpg ostru/r63/1/03.jpg ostru/r63/1/04.jpg ostru/r63/1/05.jpg

Pictures from ready master

ostru/r63/01.jpg ostru/r63/02.jpg ostru/r63/03.jpg ostru/r63/04.jpg ostru/r63/05.jpg ostru/r63/06.jpg ostru/r63/07.jpg ostru/r63/08.jpg ostru/r63/09.jpg ostru/r63/10.jpg ostru/r63/11.jpg ostru/r63/12.jpg ostru/r63/13.jpg ostru/r63/14.jpg

Model built by Erich Rauthe - (Erich has taken some freedom - KV turret and other enginedeck - 1/35 scale)

Kv/smk/1/01.jpg Kv/smk/1/02.jpg Kv/smk/1/03.jpg Kv/smk/1/04.jpg

KV-5 Russian Heavy tank - (Kit R64 Ostmodels)


Workbench pictures

ostru/r64/1/02.jpg ostru/r64/1/03.jpg ostru/r64/1/04.jpg ostru/r64/1/05.jpg ostru/r64/1/06.jpg ostru/r64/1/07.jpg

ostru/r64/1/08.jpg ostru/r64/1/09.jpg ostru/r64/1/10.jpg ostru/r64/1/11.jpg ostru/r64/1/12.jpg ostru/r64/1/13.jpg

ostru/r64/1/14.jpg ostru/r64/1/15.jpg ostru/r64/1/16.jpg ostru/r64/1/17.jpg ostru/r64/1/18.jpg ostru/r64/1/19.jpg

ostru/r64/1/20.jpg ostru/r64/1/21.jpg ostru/r64/1/22.jpg ostru/r64/1/24.jpg ostru/r64/1/25.jpg

Pictures finished model http://www.black-knight-studios.co.uk/

ostru/r64/2/01.jpg ostru/r64/2/02.jpg ostru/r64/2/03.jpg ostru/r64/2/04.jpg ostru/r64/2/05.jpg

SU14 with 203mm B4 Howitzer - pilot model - (Ostmodels Kit R76)

Workbench pictures

ostru/r76/00.jpg ostru/r76/01.jpg ostru/r76/02.jpg ostru/r76/03.jpg ostru/r76/04.jpg ostru/r76/05.jpg ostru/r76/06.jpg ostru/r76/07.jpg ostru/r76/08.jpg ostru/r76/09.jpg ostru/r76/10.jpg ostru/r76/11.jpg ostru/r76/12.jpg ostru/r76/13.jpg ostru/r76/14.jpg ostru/r76/15.jpg ostru/r76/16.jpg ostru/r76/17.jpg ostru/r76/18.jpg

Rebuilt and upgraded model by webmaster

ostru/r76/1/01.jpg ostru/r76/1/02.jpg ostru/r76/1/03.jpg ostru/r76/1/04.jpg ostru/r76/1/05.jpg

SU14-1 with 128 mm Br2 Howitzer - prototype and final model - (Ostmodels Kit R75)

Workbench pictures

ostru/r75/00.jpg ostru/r75/01.jpg ostru/r75/02.jpg ostru/r75/03.jpg ostru/r75/04.jpg ostru/r75/05.jpg

"World of Tanks" pictures SU14-1

ostru/r75/1/01.jpg ostru/r75/1/02.jpg ostru/r75/1/03.jpg ostru/r75/1/04.jpg

Rebuilt and upgraded model by webmaster

ostru/r75/2/01.jpg ostru/r75/2/02.jpg ostru/r75/2/03.jpg ostru/r75/2/04.jpg ostru/r75/2/05.jpg

SU14-2 with 128 mm Br2 Howitzer - final armoured model - (Ostmodels Kit R74)

Workbench pictures

ostru/r74/00.jpg ostru/r74/01.jpg ostru/r74/02.jpg ostru/r74/03.jpg ostru/r74/04.jpg ostru/r74/05.jpg ostru/r74/06.jpg

Rebuilt and upgraded model by webmaster

ostru/r74/1/01.jpg ostru/r74/1/02.jpg ostru/r74/1/03.jpg ostru/r74/1/04.jpg ostru/r74/1/05.jpg

All three SU-14 variants in line!!

Rebuilt and upgraded model by webmaster

ostru/all/01.jpg ostru/all/02.jpg

Drawing table / Proposals or other vehicles

Kit 72009 - Soviet heavy tank Object 279 - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72016 - Soviet Heavy Tank IS-4 - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72025 - Soviet Heavy Tank IS-7 - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72028 - Soviet Heavy Tank T-10M - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72031 - Soviet Heavy Tank T-10MK - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72037 - Soviet SPG AT - (Object 704) - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72040 - Soviet Heavy Tank JS-6 (object 253) - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72041 - Soviet Heavy Tank JS-6 (object 252) - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72045 - SU-122-54 Soviet Self Propelled Anti-Tank Gun - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72048 - Soviet Heavy Tank IS-6 mod. 1944 - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72050 - Russian Heavy Tank KV-4 - (Tarapantin, Kuzmin & Tarotko's Proposal) - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72055 - T-100Z - Soviet Heavy Tank - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72056 - Russian Heavy Tank KV-4 - (Duhov's Proposal) - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72057 - T-100 with L-11 gun - Soviet Heavy Tank - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72059 - Russian Heavy Tank KV-4 - (Tseits's Proposal) - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72060 - Russian Heavy Tank KV-4 - (Kruchenykh's Proposal) - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72064 - Soviet Self Propelled Howitzer 2A3 Kondensator 2P - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72065 - Soviet Heavy Tank KV-4, Ermolaevís (proposal) - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72066 - Soviet Heavy Tank KV-13, early - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72067 - Soviet Heavy Tank KV-13, late - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72068 - Soviet Heavy Tank SMK-1, late - (OKBGrigorov)
Kit 72070 - Soviet Heavy Tank KV-3 - (OKBGrigorov)

okbgrigorov/72009/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72016/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72025/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72028/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72031/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72037/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72040/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72041/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72045/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72048/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72050/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72055/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72056/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72057/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72059/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72060/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72064/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72065/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72066/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72067/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72068/01.jpg okbgrigorov/72070/01.jpg

T-42 Polutankov Super Heavy Tank "Proposal TG-V German engineer Edward Grotte" - (Drawing Table Project)

Built model by Andrey Kovalchuk

zebrano/T-42/01.jpg zebrano/T-42/02.jpg zebrano/T-42/03.jpg zebrano/T-42/04.jpg zebrano/T-42/05.jpg zebrano/T-42/06.jpg zebrano/T-42/07.jpg zebrano/T-42/08.jpg zebrano/T-42/09.jpg zebrano/T-42/10.jpg zebrano/T-42/11.jpg

For www.wardrawings.be article about T-42 Russian Heavy tank visit:

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TG5 1000 Ton Proposal from German engineer Edward Grotte - (Drawing Table Project)

zebrano/TG5/01.jpg zebrano/TG5/02.jpg zebrano/TG5/03.jpg zebrano/TG5/04.jpg zebrano/TG5/05.jpg zebrano/TG5/06.jpg zebrano/TG5/07.jpg

For sketchfab.com 3DModels movie about TG5 Russian Super Heavy tank visit:

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