Review of 1/72 Roden Plant

Tool-Making Plant Roden Ltd., 7a Nevska Str., off. 35, Kiev 03062, Ukraine

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Kit RO-008 - PKZ-2 WWI Helicopter PKZ-2 "Petrochy-Karman-Zurovec"

Roden/008/01.jpg Roden/008/02.jpg Roden/008/03.jpg

Finished model by Al Magnus

Roden/0083d.jpg Roden/pkz.jpg Roden/pkz-1.jpg Roden/pkz-2.jpg Roden/ramkapkz.gif

Roden 1/72 PKZ-2 - (Comments NKRModels)
This actually looks better than the 1/48 PKZ-2 Eduard did several years ago! There's just one sprue of 50 very finely moulded parts, a base on which to mount the finished model and a small decal sheet. Although there's not all that much to this trimotor WW1 helicopter (or 'flying garbage bin'), the detail is excellent, with the parts so fine they are probably to scale. Three rotary engines are included and the twin propellers are designed to turn but there's no 'pilot' ... a seat is supplied though.

Kit 701 - Russian Josef Stalin III Tank

Roden/701/01.jpg Roden/701/02.jpg Roden/701/03.jpg Roden/701/04.jpg Roden/701/05.jpg Roden/701/06.jpg Roden/701/07.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay

Roden/701/1/01.jpg Roden/701/1/02.jpg Roden/701/1/03.jpg Roden/701/1/04.jpg Roden/701/1/05.jpg

Roden 1/72 IS-3 - (Comments NKRModels)
Promised by Toko several years ago, this long awaited 'replacement' for the decidedly old Airfix kit, has finally been released...and for the price, it's very good (as good, if not better than PST 1/72 AFV kits)! There are two sprues of 127 crisp, flash free injection moulded parts, plus vinyl tracks and a small decal sheet (markings for two vehicles). Detail is good...all road wheels and suspension arms are separately moulded...the turret and main gun are moveable (there is also a turret mounted machine gun, supplied)...upper hull accessories include fuel tanks and spare tracks while each of the turret 'handles' is moulded separately (and very finely too).

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German 8-Wheelers

Kit 702 - SdKfz.231

Roden/702/01.jpg Roden/702/02.jpg Roden/702/03.jpg Roden/702/04.jpg Roden/702/05.jpg Roden/702/06.jpg Roden/702/07.jpg Roden/702/08.jpg Roden/702/09.jpg Roden/702/10.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

Roden/702/1/01.jpg Roden/702/1/02.jpg Roden/702/1/03.jpg Roden/702/1/04.jpg Roden/702/1/05.jpg

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Kit 703 - SdKfz.234/1

Roden/703/01.jpg Roden/703/02.jpg Roden/703/03.jpg Roden/703/04.jpg Roden/703/05.jpg

Roden/703/06.jpg Roden/703/07.jpg

Model built by W.L. Baars

Roden/703/1/01.jpg Roden/703/1/02.jpg Roden/703/1/03.jpg

Model converted into Sd.Kfz 234 with 2cm Schwebelafette, by Christian Weber

The 2cm Schwebelafette is From ModelLTrans kit MT72073 pt.1

Roden/703/2/01.jpg Roden/703/2/02.jpg Roden/703/2/03.jpg Roden/703/2/04.jpg Roden/703/2/05.jpg Roden/703/2/06.jpg Roden/703/2/07.jpg Roden/703/2/08.jpg Roden/703/2/09.jpg

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Kit 704 - SdKfz.232

Roden/704/01.jpg Roden/704/02.jpg Roden/704/03.jpg Roden/704/04.jpg Roden/704/05.jpg Roden/704/06.jpg Roden/704/07.jpg Roden/704/08.jpg Roden/704/09.jpg Roden/704/10.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Roden/704/1/01.jpg Roden/704/1/02.jpg

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Kit 705 - SdKfz.234/2 - "Puma"

Roden/705/01.jpg Roden/705/12.jpg Roden/705/02.jpg Roden/705/03.jpg Roden/705/04.jpg Roden/705/05.jpg Roden/705/10.jpg Roden/705/11.jpg Roden/705/08.jpg

Roden/705/06.jpg Roden/705/07.jpg Roden/705/09.jpg

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Kit 706 - SdKfz.233 "Stummel"

Roden/706/01.jpg Roden/706/02.jpg Roden/706/03.jpg Roden/706/04.jpg Roden/706/05.jpg Roden/706/06.jpg Roden/706/07.jpg Roden/233-01.gif Roden/ramka231.gif Roden/233-02.gif

Model built by Andrei Makarov

Roden/706/1/01.jpg Roden/706/1/02.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill

Roden/706/2/01.jpg Roden/706/2/02.jpg Roden/706/2/03.jpg Roden/706/2/04.jpg

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Kit 707 - SdKfz.234/3

Roden/707/01.jpg Roden/707/02.jpg Roden/707/03.jpg Roden/707/04.jpg Roden/707/05.jpg Roden/707/06.jpg Roden/707/08.jpg Roden/707/10.jpg Roden/707/11.jpg Roden/707/09.jpg

Model built by Christian Weber - (with Modelltrans 2cm Schwebelafette)

Roden/707/1/01.jpg Roden/707/1/02.jpg Roden/707/1/03.jpg Roden/707/1/04.jpg Roden/707/1.05.jpg Roden/707/1/06.jpg Roden/707/1/07.jpg

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Kit 708 - SdKfz.263

Roden/708.jpg Roden/708/01.jpg Roden/708/02.jpg Roden/708/04.jpg Roden/708/05.jpg Roden/708/06.jpg Roden/708/07.jpg Roden/708/03.jpg Roden/708/08.jpg Roden/708/09.jpg Roden/708turret.jpg

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Kit 709 - SdKfz.234/4

Roden/709/01.jpg Roden/709/02.jpg Roden/709/03.jpg Roden/709/04.jpg Roden/709/05.jpg Roden/709/06.jpg Roden/709/07.jpg Roden/709/08.jpg Roden/709/09.jpg Roden/709/10.jpg Roden/709/11.jpg Roden/709/12.jpg Roden/709/13.jpg

Model built by Dave Showell

Roden/709/2/01.jpg Roden/709/2/02.jpg Roden/709/2/03.jpg Roden/709/2/04.jpg

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8 Wheelers Spreu Layout

Most of the parts from all 8-wheelers are the same as from the 231 or 234. The main hull sprue, as well as the wheel sprues are the same. For the different variants there are a new sprue. The lower hull is obviously designed to provide for many versions of this vehicle. The molding quality is excellent.

Kit 710 - Opel Blitz 3ton

Roden/710/01.jpg Roden/710/02.jpg Roden/710/03.jpg Roden/710/04.jpg Roden/710/05.jpg Roden/710/06.jpg Roden/710/07.jpg Roden/710/08.jpg Roden/710/09.jpg Roden/710/10.jpg Roden/710/11.jpg Roden/710/12.jpg Roden/710/13.jpg Roden/710/14.jpg

Model built by Alexander Matevski

Roden/710/2/01.jpg Roden/710/2/02.jpg Roden/710/2/03.jpg Roden/710/2/04.jpg Roden/710/2/05.jpg

Model built by Florin David

Roden/710/1/01.jpg Roden/710/1/02.jpg Roden/710/1/03.jpg Roden/710/1/04.jpg Roden/710/1/05.jpg Roden/710/1/06.jpg Roden/710/1/07.jpg Roden/710/1/08.jpg

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Kit 711 - Pak 40 - (sprue pictures from Glen Porter / Missing Lynx)

Roden/711/01.jpg Roden/711/02.jpg Roden/711/03.jpg Roden/711/04.jpg Roden/711/05.jpg Roden/711/06.jpg Roden/711/07.jpg Roden/711/08.jpg Roden/711/09.jpg

Kit 712 - Sd.Kfz. 4/1 Panzerwerfer 42 (early)
(pictures from www.acemodel.com.ua/forum/)

Roden/712/01.jpg Roden/712/02.jpg Roden/712/03.jpg Roden/712/04.jpg Roden/712/05.jpg Roden/712/06.jpg Roden/712/07.jpg Roden/712/08.jpg Roden/712/09.jpg Roden/712/10.jpg Roden/712/11.jpg Roden/712/12.jpg

Warning - wrong wheel Layout on instruction manual !

Roden/712/2/01.jpg Roden/712/2/02.jpg Roden/712/2/03.jpg

I have recently built a Roden Panzerwerfer 42 model in 1/72 (kit No. 712 and 714) and found that their instructions are wrong regarding the position of the bogies to be cemented on the vehicle's hull - the front bogie is drawn in the reverse position on all drawings regarding the construction of parts, while it is drawn OK on the painting instructions. - (by Vojislav Jereb)

Built model by Przemek Sobusik - (note: wrong wheel layout!!)

Roden/712/1/01.jpg Roden/712/1/02.jpg Roden/712/1/03.jpg Roden/712/1/04.jpg Roden/712/1/05.jpg

Built model by Ivan Visek - (note: correct wheel layout)

Roden/712/3/01.jpg Roden/712/3/02.jpg Roden/712/3/03.jpg Roden/712/3/04.jpg

Built model by Christian Weber - (note: correct wheel layout)

Roden/712/4/01.jpg Roden/712/4/02.jpg Roden/712/4/03.jpg Roden/712/4/04.jpg Roden/712/4/05.jpg Roden/712/4/06.jpg

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Kit 713 - FWD Model B 3-ton & BL 8-inch howitzer Mk. VI

Roden/713/01.jpg Roden/713/02.jpg Roden/713/09.jpg Roden/713/10.jpg Roden/713/11.jpg Roden/713/12.jpg Roden/713/13.jpg Roden/713/14.jpg Roden/713/15.jpg Roden/713/16.jpg Roden/713/17.jpg Roden/713/03.jpg Roden/713/04.jpg Roden/713/05.jpg Roden/713/06.jpg Roden/713/07.jpg Roden/713/08.jpg

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Kit 714 - Sd.Kfz. 4/1 8cm Panzerwerfer 42 (late) - (see note by kit 712 about wrong wheel layout on instruction manual!!!)

Roden/714/01.jpg Roden/714/02.jpg Roden/714/03.jpg Roden/714/04.jpg Roden/714/05.jpg Roden/714/06.jpg Roden/714/07.jpg

Model built by Christian Weber

Roden/714/2/01.jpg Roden/714/2/02.jpg Roden/714/2/03.jpg Roden/714/2/04.jpg Roden/714/2/05.jpg

Missing parts??


Important information about RODEN No 714 Sd.Kfz. 4/1 (8cm) Raketenvielfachwerfer auf Panzerwerfer 42: The parts C5 (rockets) are only 24 times in each kit, but you need 48 rockets. It is a problem of RODEN, because they describe in the part list only 24 C5, but in the building instruction they write 48 C5. problem is signed in red. - regards note by Albert Zrenner

Missing parts corrected - (September 2013)


Olav Hauke from Germany informed that Roden has corrected the problem. He wrote: "As I wrote you yesterday in the boxes of my two kits I found six complete sprues "C" (in each box), although four would be enough. But it is always good to have some spareparts ;-) Best regards, Olav Hauke

Kit 715 - SdKfz. 3 Opel Maultier

Roden/715/01.jpg Roden/715/02.jpg Roden/715/03.jpg Roden/715/04.jpg Roden/715/05.jpg Roden/715/06.jpg Roden/715/07.jpg Roden/715/08.jpg Roden/715/09.jpg Roden/715/10.jpg Roden/715/11.jpg Roden/715/12.jpg Roden/715/13.jpg Roden/715/14.jpg Roden/715/15.jpg Roden/715/16.jpg

Model built by Patrick Clarck

Roden/715/1/01.jpg Roden/715/1/02.jpg Roden/715/1/03.jpg Roden/715/1/04.jpg Roden/715/1/05.jpg Roden/715/1/06.jpg Roden/715/1/07.jpg Roden/715/1/08.jpg

Model built by Levscha

Roden/715/3/01.jpg Roden/715/3/02.jpg Roden/715/3/03.jpg Roden/715/3/04.jpg

Small misprint in scale - original 1/72 but printed 1/48 - Ilian Filipov


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Kit 716 - WWI BL 8in Howitzer MK VI

Roden/716/01.jpg Roden/716/02.jpg Roden/716/03.jpg Roden/716/04.jpg Roden/716/05.jpg Roden/716/06.jpg Roden/716/07.jpg

Built model by Francisco Fernandez de Miguel

Roden/716/1/01.jpg Roden/716/1/02.jpg Roden/716/1/03.jpg Roden/716/1/04.jpg Roden/716/1/05.jpg Roden/716/1/06.jpg

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Kit 717 - Vauxhall D-Type Ambulance

Roden/717/01.jpg Roden/717/02.jpg Roden/717/03.jpg Roden/717/04.jpg Roden/717/05.jpg Roden/717/06.jpg Roden/717/07.jpg Roden/717/08.jpg

Built model by Vojislav Jereb

Roden/717/1/01.jpg Roden/717/1/02.jpg Roden/717/1/03.jpg Roden/717/1/04.jpg

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Kit 719 - OPEL BLITZ (Daimler built, L701 Einheitsfahrerhaus)

Roden/719/01.jpg Roden/719/02.jpg Roden/719/03.jpg Roden/719/04.jpg Roden/719/05.jpg Roden/719/06.jpg Roden/719/07.jpg Roden/719/08.jpg Roden/719/09.jpg Roden/719/10.jpg Roden/719/11.jpg Roden/719/12.jpg Roden/719/13.jpg

Kit 720 - Opel Blitz Omnibus model W39

Picture 12 "roots of the boxtop", by Ilian Filipov

Roden/720/00.jpg Roden/720/01.jpg Roden/720/02.jpg Roden/720/03.jpg Roden/720/04.jpg Roden/720/05.jpg Roden/720/06.jpg Roden/720/07.jpg Roden/720/08.jpg Roden/720/09.jpg Roden/720/10.jpg Roden/720/11.jpg Roden/720/12.jpg

Photo Etching set from NH Model

Roden/720/3/01.jpg Roden/720/3/02.jpg Roden/720/3/03.jpg Roden/720/3/04.jpg

(pictures built model taken from www.acemodel.com.ua/forum/

Roden/720/1/01.jpg Roden/720/1/02.jpg Roden/720/1/03.jpg

Built model by Paul Tian

Roden/720/2/01.jpg Roden/720/2/02.jpg Roden/720/2/03.jpg Roden/720/2/04.jpg Roden/720/2/05.jpg

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Kit 721 - Opel Blitz Omnibus (model W.39 Ludewig-built, late)

Roden/721/01.jpg Roden/721/02.jpg Roden/721/03.jpg Roden/721/04.jpg Roden/721/05.jpg Roden/721/06.jpg

Kit 722 - Sd.Kfz. 4/2 Panzerwerfer 42

Roden/722/01.jpg Roden/722/02.jpg Roden/722/03.jpg Roden/722/04.jpg Roden/722/05.jpg Roden/722/06.jpg Roden/722/07.jpg Roden/722/08.jpg

Model built by Dirk Schenk

Roden/722/1/01.jpg Roden/722/1/02.jpg Roden/722/1/03.jpg Roden/722/1/04.jpg Roden/722/1/05.jpg Roden/722/1/06.jpg

In early 1943 a ten-tube multiple rocket firing system, the Nebelwerfer 41, designed by Rudolf Nebel, was mounted on the chassis of the well-known Opel Blitz Maultier half-track. The vehicle, later named the Sd.Kfz.4/1 Panzerwerfer 42, was completely covered with armor of varying thickness, and it offered its crews the potential of a responsive self-propelled artillery piece with significant advantages in case of firing, being able to quickly move away from the very visible smoke trails. The 158-mm rocket system designed by Nebel was a near-perfect development and quite different from its Soviet counterpart (the famous BM-13 Katyusha), with greater accuracy of shooting.
By 1943 the first production Panzerwerfers were sent to fighting units on the Eastern Front. Production of the self-propelled artillery was very slow, and so the use of these vehicles was quite limited.
The main drawback of the machine was the relatively small amount of ammunition available per vehicle - each Panzerwerfer 42 could transport only ten 34-kilogram rounds during combat operations in the launcher installation itself, above the armored body, and another ten within the hull. First, there was a plan to introduce the Sd.Kfz.250 half track for the transportation of additional ammunition into the organisation of combat units; however, the idea was later abandoned because of its ineffectiveness. It was decided to create an ammunition transporter on the exact same chassis and with the same design as the Panzerwerfer 42. The mobile launcher installation was removed for this purpose, and additional compartments for 10 rockets were installed inside the truck and a further container on the upper armor plate for another 10 rounds, so the transporter could carry thirty rockets.
The truck was designated the Munitionskraftwagen for Nebelwerfer (Sd.Kfz.4) and was incorporated into the combat units of tracked artillery. During 1944-45, in addition to 300 Panzerwerfer 42 rocket firing systems, they managed to build at least 287 Munitionskraftwagen ammunition transporters, which were in use until the last days of the war on both the Eastern and Western Fronts.

Kit 723 - Opel Blitz Omnibus 3,6 47 Staffswagen

Roden/723/01.jpg Roden/723/02.jpg Roden/723/03.jpg Roden/723/1/01.jpg Roden/723/1/02.jpg Roden/723/1/03.jpg Roden/723/1/04.jpg

Roden/723/05.jpg Roden/723/06.jpg Roden/723/07.jpg Roden/723/08.jpg Roden/723/09.jpg Roden/723/10.jpg Roden/723/11.jpg Roden/723/12.jpg Roden/723/13.jpg Roden/723/14.jpg Roden/723/15.jpg Roden/723/16.jpg Roden/723/17.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Roden/723/2/01.jpg Roden/723/2/02.jpg

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Kit 724 - Opel Aero omnibus

Roden/724/01.jpg Roden/724/02.jpg Roden/724/03.jpg

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Kit 725 - Opel Blitz "Strassenzepp Essen" omnibus

Roden/725/01.jpg Roden/725/02.jpg Roden/725/03.jpg Roden/725/04.jpg Roden/725/05.jpg Roden/725/06.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

Roden/725/1/01.jpg Roden/725/1/02.jpg Roden/725/1/03.jpg Roden/725/1/04.jpg

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Kit 726 - Opel Blitz Omnibus W39 - (Late Service)

Note: The decals No. 11, 12 and 13 (for the captured Soviet vehicle) are not on the decal sheet. (missing decal sheet?)

Roden/726/01.jpg Roden/726/02.jpg Roden/726/03.jpg Roden/726/04.jpg Roden/726/05.jpg Roden/726/06.jpg Roden/726/07.jpg Roden/726/08.jpg Roden/726/09.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb


Built model by Mark Deliduka

Roden/726/2/01.jpg Roden/726/2/02.jpg

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Kit 727 - 8,8 cm Flak on the Sd.Kfz. Vomag

Roden/727/01.jpg Roden/727/02.jpg Roden/727/03.jpg Roden/727/04.jpg Roden/727/05.jpg Roden/727/06.jpg Roden/727/07.jpg Roden/727/08.jpg Roden/727/09.jpg Roden/727/10.jpg

Built model by Harvey Low

Roden/727/1/01.jpg Roden/727/1/02.jpg Roden/727/1/03.jpg Roden/727/1/04.jpg Roden/727/1/05.jpg

Built model by W.L. Baars

Roden/727/2/01.jpg Roden/727/2/02.jpg Roden/727/2/03.jpg Roden/727/2/04.jpg Roden/727/2/05.jpg

Built model by Vojislav Jereb

Roden/727/3/01.jpg Roden/727/3/02.jpg Roden/727/3/03.jpg Roden/727/3/04.jpg

Built model by Laszlo Somogyi

Roden/727/4/01.jpg Roden/727/4/02.jpg Roden/727/4/03.jpg Roden/727/4/04.jpg

Built model by Christian Weber

Roden/727/6/01.jpg Roden/727/6/02.jpg Roden/727/6/03.jpg Roden/727/6/04.jpg Roden/727/6/05.jpg

PE-parts from MRM - (ex MarsModels)


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Kit 728 - Opel Blitzbus Ludewig (WWII service)

Roden/728/1/01.jpg Roden/728/1/02.jpg Roden/728/1/03.jpg

Roden/728/01.jpg Roden/728/02.jpg Roden/728/03.jpg Roden/728/04.jpg Roden/728/05.jpg Roden/728/06.jpg Roden/728/07.jpg Roden/728/08.jpg Roden/728/09.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Roden/728/2/01.jpg Roden/728/2/02.jpg

Kit 729 - VOMAG 7 OR 660 Omnibus (WWII service)

Roden/729/01.jpg Roden/729/02.jpg Roden/729/03.jpg Roden/729/04.jpg Roden/729/05.jpg Roden/729/06.jpg Roden/729/07.jpg Roden/729/08.jpg Roden/729/09.jpg Roden/729/10.jpg Roden/729/11.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

Roden/729/1/01.jpg Roden/729/1/02.jpg

Kit 730 - Opel Blitz Kfz.385 Tankwagen

Roden/730/01.jpg Roden/730/02.jpg Roden/730/03.jpg Roden/730/04.jpg Roden/730/05.jpg Roden/730/06.jpg Roden/730/07.jpg Roden/730/08.jpg

Kit 731 - WWII British Armoured Car - (Pattern 1920 Mk.I)

Roden/731/01.jpg Roden/731/02.jpg Roden/731/00.jpg Roden/731/03.jpg Roden/731/04.jpg Roden/731/05.jpg Roden/731/06.jpg Roden/731/07.jpg Roden/731/08.jpg Roden/731/09.jpg Roden/731/10.jpg Roden/731/11.jpg Roden/731/12.jpg Roden/731/13.jpg Roden/731/14.jpg Roden/731/15.jpg Roden/731/16.jpg Roden/731/17.jpg Roden/731/18.jpg Roden/731/19.jpg Roden/731/20.jpg Roden/731/21.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Roden/731/1/01.jpg Roden/731/1/02.jpg Roden/731/1/03.jpg Roden/731/1/04.jpg

For "Augusto Versiani's / IPMS Rio" preview of Kit 731 - WWII British Armoured Car - (Pattern 1920 Mk.I) visit:

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Kit 732 - WWI B Type Bus "Ole Bill"

Roden/732/01.jpg Roden/732/05.jpg Roden/732/06.jpg Roden/732/07.jpg Roden/732/08.jpg Roden/732/09.jpg Roden/732/10.jpg Roden/732/02.jpg Roden/732/03.jpg Roden/732/04.jpg

For "Volker Helms' / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 732 - WWI B Type Bus "Ole Bill" visit:

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Kit 733 - FWD Model B 3-ton Lorry (WWI service)

Roden/733/01.jpg Roden/733/02.jpg Roden/733/03.jpg Roden/733/04.jpg Roden/733/05.jpg Roden/733/06.jpg

spruepart pictures from Augusto Versiani / OTW

Roden/733/1/01.jpg Roden/733/1/02.jpg Roden/733/1/03.jpg Roden/733/1/04.jpg Roden/733/1/05.jpg Roden/733/1/06.jpg Roden/733/1/07.jpg Roden/733/1/08.jpg Roden/733/1/09.jpg Roden/733/1/10.jpg Roden/733/1/11.jpg

For "Al Magnus' / OTW" preview of Kit 733 - FWD Model B 3-ton Lorry visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 734 - Rolls-Royce Armoured Car Pattern 1920 Mk.II Modified with sand tyres (WWI service)

Roden/734/01.jpg Roden/734/04.jpg Roden/734/05.jpg Roden/734/06.jpg Roden/734/07.jpg Roden/734/02.jpg Roden/734/03.jpg

Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

Roden/734/1/01.jpg Roden/734/1/02.jpg Roden/734/1/03.jpg

Kit 735 - Vauxhall D-Type Staff - (WWI service)

Roden/735/01.jpg Roden/735/02.jpg Roden/735/03.jpg Roden/735/04.jpg Roden/735/05.jpg Roden/735/06.jpg Roden/735/07.jpg Roden/735/08.jpg

Kit 736 - FWD Model B 3-ton US Army Lorry (WWI service)

Roden/736/01.jpg Roden/736/02.jpg Roden/736/03.jpg Roden/736/04.jpg Roden/736/05.jpg Roden/736/06.jpg Roden/736/07.jpg Roden/736/08.jpg

Model built by Rostislav Sherstnev

Roden/736/1/01.jpg Roden/736/1/02.jpg Roden/736/1/03.jpg Roden/736/1/04.jpg Roden/736/1/05.jpg Roden/736/1/06.jpg

Kit 737 - Type B Bus "Pigeon Loft" (WWI service)

Roden/737/01.jpg Roden/737/02.jpg Roden/737/03.jpg Roden/737/04.jpg Roden/737/05.jpg

Kit 738 - Vomag 8 LR LKW

Roden/738/01.jpg Roden/738/02.jpg Roden/738/03.jpg Roden/738/04.jpg Roden/738/05.jpg Roden/738/06.jpg Roden/738/07.jpg Roden/738/08.jpg Roden/738/09.jpg Roden/738/10.jpg Roden/738/11.jpg

Model built by W.L. Baars

The trailer on picture 4 is from Wespe Models

Roden/738/1/01.jpg Roden/738/1/02.jpg Roden/738/1/03.jpg Roden/738/1/04.jpg

Kit 739 - LGOC B Type Bus

Roden/739/01.jpg Roden/739/02.jpg Roden/739/03.jpg Roden/739/04.jpg Roden/739/05.jpg Roden/739/06.jpg Roden/739/07.jpg Roden/739/08.jpg

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