Review of 1/72 RPM Models

Out of business

A manufacturer from Poland with WWI and WWII vehicles kits in an high quality - (Owner Andrzej Gomela passed away by Covid - 2020)
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Ford TC Truck Variants

Kit 72100 - Ford TFC armoured car

Rpm/72100/01.jpg Rpm/72100/02.jpg Rpm/72100/03.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview Kit 72100 - Ford TFC armoured car visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For an "Al Magnus" preview Kit 72100 - Ford TFC armoured car visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72101 - Ford model T - Ambulance

Rpm/72101/01.jpg Rpm/72101/02.jpg Rpm/72101/03.jpg

Ford T - Ambulance
Based on RPM's Ford Tc armoured car, this kit has just two sprues of 51 finely moulded parts, plus a small decal sheet with markings as per the box top. Detail israther good with separate chassis, wheels, axles, diff., drive shaft and exhaust...but no engine. There's no interior detail for the ambulance section, but the driver's compartment has a steering wheel and a bench seat. There are separate headlights and driving lights. Instructions are on the back of the box, while the front of the box is the only painting/decaling guide.

Built model by Alexandre Novellino

Rpm/72101/1/01.jpg Rpm/72101/1/02.jpg Rpm/72101/1/03.jpg Rpm/72101/1/04.jpg Rpm/72101/1/05.jpg Rpm/72101/1/06.jpg Rpm/72101/1/07.jpg Rpm/72101/1/08.jpg

Kit 72102 - Ford model T - M.M.G.S.

Rpm/72102/01.jpg Rpm/72102/02.jpg Rpm/72102/03.jpg

Ford T - M.M.G.S.
This was an early type of armoured personnel carrier...going by the dash mounted machine gun. Once again, based on the Ford Tc kit and sharing the same chassis etc. as the ambulance, this kit has just 48 finely moulded parts...but no figures (as per the box top). Besides the machine gun and mount, the only 'interior' detail are the driver's seat and a rear bench seat. A small set of decals has markings as per the box top (actually, they are the same decals as in the ambulance kit...both have markings for either vehicle). Back of the box instructions...box top painting/decaling guide!

Built Ford Model T - M.M.G.S.

Rpm/72102/1/01.jpg Rpm/72102/1/02.jpg Rpm/72102/1/03.jpg Rpm/72102/1/04.jpg Rpm/72102/1/05.jpg Rpm/72102/1/06.jpg Rpm/72102/1/07.jpg Rpm/72102/1/08.jpg Rpm/72102/1/09.jpg

Compliments to the builder!!! - (Pictures from internet)

French Renault FT-17 Light Tank Variants

RPM FT 17 series - tracks don`t take paint either acrylic or enamel- one of several problems with these kits.

Kit 72200 - Char Canon FT17 (Berliet Version)

Rpm/72200/01.jpg Rpm/72200/02.jpg Rpm/72200/03.jpg Rpm/72200/04.jpg Rpm/72200/05.jpg Rpm/72200/06.jpg

Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

Rpm/72200/1/01.jpg Rpm/72200/1/02.jpg Rpm/72200/1/03.jpg Rpm/72200/1/04.jpg

For an "Marko Makinen / OTW" review -Char Canon FT17 (Berliet Version)- visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72201 - Char Mitrailleur FT17 (Berliet Version)


Kit 72202 - Char Mitrailleur FT31 (German Version)

Rpm/72202/01.jpg Rpm/72202/02.jpg Rpm/72202/03.jpg Rpm/72202/04.jpg Rpm/72202/05.jpg

For an "Rob Haelterman / OTW" review Kit 72202 - Char Mitrailleur FT31 (German Version) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72203 - Type 97 "Ko-Gata" (Japanese Version)


Kit 72204 - Char Canon FT17 (Renault Version)


Kit 72205 - Char Mitrailleur FT17 (Renault Version)

Rpm/72205/01.jpg Rpm/72205/1/01.jpg Rpm/72205/1/02.jpg Rpm/72205/1/03.jpg Rpm/72205/1/04.jpg

For an "On The Way" review kit 72205 Char Mitrailleur FT17 (Renault Version) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72206 - Ruskij Reno (Russian Version)


Kit 72207 - American "Six-ton" M1917 (Late Version)


Kit 72208 - FT17 "Smoke" Tank

Rpm/72208/01.jpg Rpm/72208/02.jpg Rpm/72208/03.jpg Rpm/72208/04.jpg Rpm/72208/05.jpg

Kit 72209 - Renault TSF Commander Tank

Rpm/72209/01.jpg Rpm/72209/02.jpg Rpm/72209/03.jpg Rpm/72209/04.jpg Rpm/72209/05.jpg Rpm/72209/06.jpg

Model built by Tomas HrdLicka - Renault TSF Commander tank (RPM) with Ft-17 Tracked Gear Set (RPM) (Modelltrans)

Rpm/72209/1/01.jpg Rpm/72209/1/02.jpg Rpm/72209/1/03.jpg Rpm/72209/1/04.jpg Rpm/72209/1/05.jpg Rpm/72209/1/06.jpg Rpm/72209/1/07.jpg

Kit 72210 - American "Six-ton" M1917


Kit 72211 - American "Signal" Tank (Early Version)


French Light Tanks - R35 Variants

Kit 72212 - light tank Renault R35 early ver. (Poland - 1939)

Rpm/72212/01.jpg Rpm/72212/02.jpg Rpm/72212/03.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

Rpm/72212/1/01.jpg Rpm/72212/1/02.jpg Rpm/72212/1/03.jpg Rpm/72212/1/04.jpg Rpm/72212/1/05.jpg

Kit 72213 - light tank Renault R35 late ver. (Sicily - 1943)

Rpm/72213/01.jpg Rpm/72213/1/01.jpg Rpm/72213/1/02.jpg Rpm/72213/1/03.jpg Rpm/72213/1/04.jpg

Built model by Luciano Marcuzzi

Rpm/72213/2/01.jpg Rpm/72213/2/02.jpg Rpm/72213/2/03.jpg Rpm/72213/2/04.jpg

Kit 72214 - light tank Renault R35 mod.1939 (France - 1940)


For an "Miro Baric / OTW" review kit 72214 light tank Renault R35 mod.1939 (France - 1940) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72215 - Bergeschlepper 731(f) (Soviet Union 1941)


Sprueparts with parts for all R35 versions

Rpm/r35/01.jpg Rpm/r35/02.jpg Rpm/r35/03.jpg

French Light Tanks - Hotchkiss H35 Variants

Kit 72216 - Hotchkiss H35

Rpm/72216/01.jpg Rpm/72216/02.jpg Rpm/72216/03.jpg

Rpm/72216/1/01.jpg Rpm/72216/1/02.jpg Rpm/72216/1/03.jpg Rpm/72216/1/04.jpg

Model built by Patric Dauga

Rpm/72216/2/01.jpg Rpm/72216/2/02.jpg Rpm/72216/2/03.jpg Rpm/72216/2/04.jpg

Sprue's are identical for H35, H38 and H39 variant - Sprue and decal pictures found on minitracks.forumpersos.com

Kit 72217 - Hotchkiss H35 model 1940

Rpm/72217/01.jpg Rpm/72217/02.jpg Rpm/72217/03.jpg Rpm/72217/04.jpg Rpm/72217/05.jpg Rpm/72217/06.jpg Rpm/72220/07.jpg Rpm/72220/08.jpg Rpm/72211/08.jpg

For an "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" review about kit 72216, 72217, 72218, 72219 - (French Hotchkiss H35, H38 and H39 variants) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

French Light Tanks - Hotchkiss H38 and H39 Variants

Kit 72218 - Hotchkiss H38 - serie D, Polska 1939

Rpm/72218/01.jpg Rpm/72218/02.jpg Rpm/72220/07.jpg Rpm/72220/08.jpg Rpm/72218/04.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

Rpm/72218/1/01.jpg Rpm/72218/1/02.jpg Rpm/72218/1/03.jpg Rpm/72218/1/04.jpg

Kit 72219 - Hotchkiss H39 - Israel 1948

Rpm/72219/01.jpg Rpm/72219/02.jpg Rpm/72220/07.jpg Rpm/72220/08.jpg Rpm/72219/04.jpg

Kit 72220 - PzKpfw 38H 735(f) - Hotchkiss in German Service

Rpm/72220/01.jpg Rpm/72220/02.jpg Rpm/72220/03.jpg Rpm/72220/04.jpg Rpm/72220/05.jpg Rpm/72220/06.jpg Rpm/72220/07.jpg Rpm/72220/08.jpg

Finished model by Luciano Marcuzzi

The box title is PzKfw 38H 735(f), which is the short barrel version. The built version is the long barrelled 37mm 39H 735(f)

Rpm/72220/1/01.jpg Rpm/72220/1/02.jpg Rpm/72220/1/03.jpg Rpm/72220/1/04.jpg Rpm/72220/1/05.jpg Rpm/72220/1/06.jpg

French Panhard Armoured Car Variants

Kit 72300 - Panhard 178 - Built model by Al Magnus

Rpm/72300/01.jpg Rpm/72300/02.jpg Rpm/72300/03.jpg Rpm/72300/04.jpg Rpm/72300/05.jpg Rpm/72300/06.jpg Rpm/72300/07.jpg

For an "Al Magnus / OTW" review kit 72300, 72301, 72302,72303, 72304, 72305, 72306 Panhard (all variants) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72301 - Pz. Spahwagen P204(fr) - Built model by Al Magnus

Rpm/72301/01.jpg Rpm/72301/02.jpg Rpm/72301/03.jpg Rpm/72301/04.jpg Rpm/72301/05.jpg Rpm/72301/06.jpg

Kit 72302 - Auklarungsfarhzeug AMD35

Rpm/72302/01.jpg Rpm/72302/00.jpg Rpm/72302/02.jpg Rpm/72302/03.jpg Rpm/72302/04.jpg Rpm/72302/05.jpg

Kit 72303 - Pz. Spahwagen P204 with 5cm KwK

Rpm/72303/01.jpg Rpm/72303/00.jpg Rpm/72303/02.jpg Rpm/72303/03.jpg Rpm/72303/04.jpg

For an "Doug Chaltry / OTW" review kit 72303 Pz. Spahwagen P204 with 5cm KwK visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72304 - Panhard 178 model 1940 - Built model by Al Magnus

Rpm/72301/01.jpg Rpm/72304/05.jpg Rpm/72304/06.jpg Rpm/72304/07.jpg Rpm/72304/02.jpg Rpm/72304/03.jpg Rpm/72304/04.jpg

For an "On The Way" review kit 72304 Panhard 178 model 1940 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72305 - Pz. Spahwagen (Fu) P204(fr)

Rpm/72305/01.jpg Rpm/72305/02.jpg Rpm/72305/03.jpg Rpm/72305/04.jpg Rpm/72305/05.jpg Rpm/72305/06.jpg

Kit 72306 - Panhard 178B - Built model by Al Magnus

Rpm/72306/01.jpg Rpm/72306/00.jpg Rpm/72306/05.jpg Rpm/72306/06.jpg Rpm/72306/07.jpg Rpm/72306/02.jpg Rpm/72306/03.jpg Rpm/72306/04.jpg

Built model by Jaroslav Kotlaba

Rpm/72306/1/01.jpg Rpm/72306/1/02.jpg Rpm/72306/1/03.jpg Rpm/72306/1/04.jpg

Kit 72307 - Aufklungsfarhzeug P204 (fr) Railway Version

Rpm/72307/01.jpg Rpm/72307/02.jpg Rpm/72307/03.jpg Rpm/72307/04.jpg Rpm/72307/05.jpg Rpm/72307/06.jpg

For an "Bill Powers / OTW" review kit 72207 Aufklungsfarhzeug P204 (fr) Railway Version visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Staghound Variants

Kit 72308 - Staghound MK-I

Rpm/72308/01.jpg Rpm/72308/02.jpg Rpm/72308/03.jpg Rpm/72308/04.jpg Rpm/72308/05.jpg Rpm/72308/06.jpg Rpm/72308/07.jpg Rpm/72308/08.jpg Rpm/72308/09.jpg Rpm/72308/10.jpg Rpm/72308/11.jpg Rpm/72308/12.jpg Rpm/72308/13.jpg

Kit 72309 - Staghound MK-I (other version??)


Kit 72310 - Staghound MK-II

Rpm/72310/01.jpg Rpm/72310/02.jpg Rpm/72310/03.jpg Rpm/72310/04.jpg Rpm/72310/05.jpg Rpm/72310/06.jpg Rpm/72310/07.jpg

Kit 72311 - Staghound MK-II

Rpm/72311/01.jpg Rpm/72311/02.jpg Rpm/72311/03.jpg Rpm/72311/04.jpg Rpm/72311/05.jpg Rpm/72311/06.jpg Rpm/72311/07.jpg Rpm/72311/08.jpg Rpm/72311/09.jpg

For an "Al Magnus / OTW" review kit 72311 Staghound MK-II - visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72314 - Staghound Mk I "Tulip"

Rpm/72314/01.jpg Rpm/72314/02.jpg Rpm/72314/03.jpg Rpm/72314/04.jpg Rpm/72314/05.jpg Rpm/72314/06.jpg Rpm/72314/07.jpg Rpm/72314/08.jpg Rpm/72314/09.jpg Rpm/72314/10.jpg Rpm/72314/11.jpg Rpm/72314/12.jpg Rpm/72314/13.jpg

For an "Rob Haelterman / OTW" preview kit 72314 - Staghound Mk I "Tulip" visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Model Conversion by Bill Powers - Staghound MK-III

Rpm/conv/01.jpg Rpm/conv/02.jpg Rpm/conv/03.jpg

For an "Bill Powers / OTW" - RPM Staghound III conversion visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Model Conversion by Joe Turchick - Staghound MK-III

Rpm/mk3/01.jpg Rpm/mk3/02.jpg Rpm/mk3/03.jpg

Model Conversion by Joe Turchick - Staghound AA

Rpm/mkaa/01.jpg Rpm/mkaa/02.jpg Rpm/mkaa/03.jpg

Kfz. Variants

Kit 72312 - Kfz. 13 Adler

Rpm/72312/01.jpg Rpm/72312/02.jpg Rpm/72312/03.jpg Rpm/72312/04.jpg Rpm/72312/05.jpg Rpm/72312/06.jpg

Kit 72313 - Kfz. 14 Bodenwanne

Rpm/72313/01.jpg Rpm/72313/02.jpg

MAC "Bulldog" Variants

Kit 72400 - MACK AC "Bulldog" Type EHC1

Rpm/72400/01.jpg Rpm/72400/02.jpg Rpm/72400/03.jpg Rpm/72400/04.jpg Rpm/72400/05.jpg Rpm/72400/06.jpg Rpm/72400/07.jpg Rpm/72400/08.jpg Rpm/72400/09.jpg

Kit 72401 - MACK AC "Bulldog" Type HC3

Rpm/72401/01.jpg Rpm/72401/02.jpg Rpm/72401/03.jpg Rpm/72401/04.jpg Rpm/72401/05.jpg Rpm/72401/06.jpg Rpm/72401/07.jpg Rpm/72401/08.jpg Rpm/72401/09.jpg

Kit 72402 - MACK AC "Bulldog" Type EHC

Rpm/72402/01.jpg Rpm/72402/02.jpg Rpm/72402/03.jpg Rpm/72402/04.jpg Rpm/72402/05.jpg Rpm/72402/06.jpg

Built model by Den Wailhorn

Rpm/72402/1/01.jpg Rpm/72402/1/02.jpg Rpm/72402/1/03.jpg Rpm/72402/1/04.jpg Rpm/72402/1/05.jpg Rpm/72402/1/06.jpg Rpm/72402/1/07.jpg Rpm/72402/1/08.jpg Rpm/72402/1/09.jpg Rpm/72402/1/10.jpg Rpm/72402/1/11.jpg Rpm/72402/1/12.jpg

Kit 72403 - MACK AC "Bulldog" Type EHT

Rpm/72403/01.jpg Rpm/72403/02.jpg Rpm/72403/03.jpg Rpm/72403/04.jpg Rpm/72403/05.jpg Rpm/72403/06.jpg

Kit 72404 - MACK AC "Bulldog" Type TK3

Rpm/72404/01.jpg Rpm/72404/02.jpg Rpm/72404/03.jpg Rpm/72404/04.jpg Rpm/72404/05.jpg Rpm/72404/06.jpg Rpm/72404/07.jpg Rpm/72404/08.jpg Rpm/72404/09.jpg Rpm/72404/10.jpg

Kit 72405 - MACK AC "Bulldog" Type TK3

Rpm/72405/01.jpg Rpm/72405/02.jpg

Polish Light Tanks - TKS Variants

Kit 72500 - Tankette TK-S 7.62 Hotchkiss wz25


Kit 72501 - TK-S 20mm FK wz38

Rpm/72501/01.jpg Rpm/72501/02.jpg Rpm/72501/03.jpg Rpm/72501/04.jpg

Model built by Ondrej Repka - (scratchbuild railway parts)

Rpm/72501/1/01.jpg Rpm/72501/1/02.jpg Rpm/72501/1/03.jpg Rpm/72501/1/04.jpg Rpm/72501/1/05.jpg Rpm/72501/1/06.jpg

TKS with 20 mm FK wz 38 anti tank gun - 1/72 RPM detailed with Archer decal resin rivets - Model built by Alfred van Netburg

Rpm/72501/2/01.jpg Rpm/72501/2/02.jpg Rpm/72501/2/03.jpg Rpm/72501/2/04.jpg Rpm/72501/2/05.jpg

Kit 72502 - TK-3 7.62 Hotchkis wz25


Kit 72503 - PanzerKampfwagen TKS(p) - German Service


Kit 72504 - Light Tank TKW I


Kit 72505 - PanzerKampfwagen TKS(p) with 47mm gun

Rpm/72505/01.jpg Rpm/72505/02.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

Rpm/72505/1/01.jpg Rpm/72505/1/02.jpg Rpm/72505/1/03.jpg

Kit 72510 - Light Tank TKW II


Kit 72511- TKS w 37mm SA138 gunLight Tank TKW II


Lorraine Schlepper variants

Kit 72506 - Tracteur blinde TRC Lorraine 37L - (France - 1940)

Rpm/72506/01.jpg Rpm/72506/02.jpg Rpm/72506/03.jpg Rpm/72506/04.jpg Rpm/72506/05.jpg Rpm/72506/06.jpg Rpm/72506/07.jpg

Model built by Jaroslav Kotlaba

Rpm/72506/1/01.jpg Rpm/72506/1/02.jpg Rpm/72506/1/03.jpg Rpm/72506/1/04.jpg

Kit 72507 - Artilery tractor Lorraine 37L - (Afrika - 1942)

Rpm/72507/01.jpg Rpm/72507/02.jpg Rpm/72507/03.jpg Rpm/72507/04.jpg Rpm/72506/05.jpg Rpm/72506/06.jpg Rpm/72507/07.jpg

Kit 72508 - Tracteur blinde Lorraine 38L VBCP - (France - 1940)

Rpm/72508/01.jpg Rpm/72508/02.jpg Rpm/72508/03.jpg Rpm/72508/04.jpg Rpm/72506/05.jpg Rpm/72506/06.jpg Rpm/72508/07.jpg

Kit 72509 - Armored tractor SdKfz 135 - (Normandy - 1944)

Rpm/72509/01.jpg Rpm/72509/02.jpg Rpm/72509/03.jpg Rpm/72509/04.jpg Rpm/72506/05.jpg Rpm/72506/06.jpg Rpm/72509/07.jpg

GPF 155mm variants

Kit 72600 - 155mm M1918 Armata Polowa - (towed gun)

Rpm/72600/01.jpg Rpm/72600/02.jpg

Kit 72601 - GPF 155mm M1918 Armata Polowa - K419(f) - (Pointe Du-Hoc)

Rpm/72601/01.jpg Rpm/72601/02.jpg

Kit 72602 - GPFT 155mm M1918 Armata Polowa - K419(f) - (Operation Crusader Africa)

Rpm/72602/01.jpg Rpm/72602/02.jpg Rpm/72602/03.jpg Rpm/72602/04.jpg Rpm/72602/05.jpg Rpm/72602/06.jpg

Built model by RPM

Rpm/72602/1/01.jpg Rpm/72602/1/02.jpg Rpm/72602/1/03.jpg Rpm/72602/1/04.jpg Rpm/72602/1/05.jpg Rpm/72602/1/06.jpg Rpm/72602/1/07.jpg Rpm/72602/1/08.jpg Rpm/72602/1/09.jpg Rpm/72602/1/10.jpg

Built model by Lo Baars

Rpm/72602/2/01.jpg Rpm/72602/2/02.jpg Rpm/72602/2/03.jpg Rpm/72602/2/04.jpg

For an "Al Magnus / OTW" preview Kit 72602 - GPFT 155mm M1918 Armata Polowa - K419(f) visit:

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Kit 72900 - Extra Railparts


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