Russian Trucks Part Three

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"Russian Scale Models"

The next pictures are from "Russian Scale Models" and have copyright.
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"Russian Scale Models" is a Illustrated Online Catalog, from Metall Diecast Models Scale 1/43 and shows not alone "Military Models World War II", but also postwar and models in all other catagory's, so as airplanes, ambulances, cars, busses, Figures, Fire Fighting, ships etc. For more information visit the web-site!

Gaz - Trucks

Gaz-AA with Quadruple Maxim Machinegun
APC on Gaz 4 x 4 chassis
Gaz-67 Soviet 4 x 4 Jeep-type vehicle
Armoured Car on Gaz chassis
Gaz-AA (Ford-AA) with DShK Machinegun

Rtrucks/rsm/8.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/16.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/17.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/20.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/70.jpg

Gaz-AA (Ford-AA) with Maxime-4 Machinegun
Gaz-AA Ambulance
Gaz-AA Ambulance
Gaz-AAA (Ford-AAA) with DShK Machinegun

Rtrucks/rsm/71.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/72.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/30.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/32.jpg

Gaz-AAA (Ford-AAA) with Maxime-4 Machinegun
Gaz-AAA Tanker
Gaz-AAA with AA Machinegun
Gaz-AAA with two-barrel AA Machinegun

Rtrucks/rsm/33.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/34.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/35.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/36.jpg

German Armoured Car on Gaz-AA chassis
German Armoured Car on Gaz-AAA chassis
Gaz-AA Radiostation
Gaz-72 Staf car

Rtrucks/rsm/37.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/38.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/85.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/Gaz-72staf.jpg

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