Vickers and their T-26 based variants

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Released under UMMT Label

Kit 217 - T26 m1933

Model built by Stvyip

um/72217/01.jpg um/72217/2/01.jpg um/72217/2/02.jpg um/72217/2/03.jpg um/72217/2/04.jpg

Kit 218 - T26-1 m1939

Built model by Olaf Klein

um/72218/01.jpg um/72218/2/01.jpg um/72218/2/02.jpg um/72218/2/03.jpg

Kit 219 - OT-130 Flame Thrower

Model built by Mario Bentivoglio

um/72219/00.jpg um/72219/2/01.jpg um/72219/2/02.jpg um/72219/2/03.jpg um/72219/2/04.jpg um/72219/2/05.jpg

Kit 220 - OT-133 Flame Thrower

Built model by Andrei Makarov

um/72220/01.jpg um/72220/2/01.jpg um/72220/2/02.jpg

Kit um314 - T26 with turret A43

Model by Gulumik Blogspot

um/72314/01.jpg um/72314/2/01.jpg um/72314/2/02.jpg um/72314/2/03.jpg um/72314/2/04.jpg um/72314/2/05.jpg

Kit um315 - T26-4 Artillery Tank

Diorama by Kristian

um/72315/01.jpg um/72315/1/01.jpg um/72315/1/02.jpg um/72315/1/03.jpg um/72315/1/04.jpg um/72315/1/05.jpg um/72315/1/06.jpg

Kit um316 - T-26 'twin turret' 1931 version)

um/72316/01.jpg um/72316/1/01.jpg um/72316/1/02.jpg um/72316/1/03.jpg um/72316/1/04.jpg um/72316/1/05.jpg um/72316/1/06.jpg um/72316/1/07.jpg um/72316/1/08.jpg

T-26 'twin turret' 1931 version - (Command version)

t26/su/command/01.jpg t26/su/command/02.jpg um/72316/4/01.jpg um/72316/4/02.jpg um/72316/4/03.jpg um/72316/4/04.jpg um/72316/4/05.jpg um/72316/4/06.jpg um/72316/4/07.jpg um/72316/4/08.jpg

Kit um324 - XT-26 Chemical Tank

um/72324/01.jpg um/72324/2/01.jpg um/72324/2/02.jpg um/72324/2/03.jpg um/72324/2/04.jpg um/72324/2/05.jpg um/72324/2/06.jpg um/72324/2/07.jpg um/72324/2/08.jpg

Kit um361 - T26 with cylindrical turret

Built model by Marcin Mizielinski

um/72361/01.jpg um/72361/2/01.jpg um/72361/2/02.jpg um/72361/2/03.jpg um/72361/2/04.jpg um/72361/2/05.jpg

Kit um402 - Screened T26 Tank

Built model by NeilLyall

um/72402/01.jpg um/72402/1/01.jpg um/72402/1/02.jpg um/72402/1/03.jpg um/72402/1/04.jpg

Kit um404 - T26T Armoured transporter / T26N Reconnaissance Observation Tank

Built model by Andrei Makarov

um/72404/01.jpg um/72404/2/01.jpg um/72404/2/02.jpg um/72404/2/03.jpg um/72404/2/04.jpg

T26T-2 - transporter

t26/su/t26t/01.jpg t26/su/t26t/02.jpg t26/su/t26t/03.jpg t26/su/t26t/04.jpg t26/su/t26t/05.jpg t26/su/t26t/06.jpg t26/su/t26t/07.jpg

Kit um405 - T26 with BT2 turret

Built model by Andrei Makarov

um/72405/01.jpg um/72405/1/01.jpg um/72405/1/02.jpg um/72405/1/03.jpg

Kit um410 - Artillery set T26/45mm gun 53-K

Built model by Vojislav Jereb

um/72410/01.jpg um/72410/1/01.jpg um/72410/1/02.jpg um/72410/1/03.jpg

Kit um618 - 6 ton tank "VICKERS" model "e" optie A - (no decal sheet)

um/72618/01.jpg um/72618/1/01.jpg um/72618/1/02.jpg um/72618/1/03.jpg um/72618/1/04.jpg um/72618/1/05.jpg um/72618/1/06.jpg um/72618/1/07.jpg um/72618/1/08.jpg

Kit um619 - "VICKERS" model "e" optie B.

um/72619/01.jpg um/72619/1/01.jpg um/72619/1/02.jpg um/72619/1/03.jpg um/72619/1/04.jpg um/72619/1/05.jpg um/72619/1/06.jpg um/72619/1/07.jpg um/72619/1/08.jpg

Kit um620 - Light Tank "VICKERS" Model "E" versie F.

um/72620/01.jpg um/72620/1/01.jpg um/72620/1/02.jpg um/72620/1/03.jpg um/72620/1/04.jpg um/72620/1/05.jpg um/72620/1/06.jpg um/72620/1/07.jpg um/72620/1/08.jpg

Kit um630 - Light Tank T-26, versie 1933 (pre-production model)

um/72630/01.jpg um/72630/1/01.jpg um/72630/1/02.jpg um/72630/1/03.jpg um/72630/1/04.jpg um/72630/1/05.jpg um/72630/1/06.jpg um/72630/1/07.jpg um/72630/1/08.jpg

Kit um660 - Artillery self-propelled mount A-39 (T-26 chassis)


Released under Mirage Label

Kit 72601 - 7TP Polish light tank (single turret)

Models built by Brett Mahoney and Marcin Mizielinski

Mirage/72601/00.jpg Mirage/72601/01.jpg Mirage/72601/1/01.jpg Mirage/72601/3/01.jpg Mirage/72601/3/02.jpg

Kit 72602 - 7TP Polish light tank (twin turret)

Models built by Ruslan Veselov and Marcin Mizielinski

Mirage/72602/00.jpg Mirage/72602/01.jpg Mirage/72602/2/01.jpg Mirage/72602/2/02.jpg Mirage/72602/2/03.jpg Mirage/72602/3/01.jpg Mirage/72602/3/02.jpg

Kit 72603 - Vickers E Mk.A light tank (twin turret)

Model built by Karopka.ru

Mirage/72603/00.jpg Mirage/72603/01.jpg Mirage/72603/1/01.jpg Mirage/72603/1/02.jpg Mirage/72603/1/03.jpg Mirage/72603/1/04.jpg Mirage/72603/1/05.jpg Mirage/72603/1/06.jpg Mirage/72603/1/07.jpg Mirage/72603/1/08.jpg

Kit 72604 - Vickers E Mk.B light tank (single turret)

Built model by Karopka.ru

Mirage/72604/00.jpg Mirage/72604/01.jpg Mirage/72604/2/01.jpg Mirage/72604/2/02.jpg Mirage/72604/2/03.jpg Mirage/72604/2/04.jpg Mirage/72604/2/05.jpg

Kit 72605 - AT-1 Assult Gun

Model built by Gulumik Blogspot

Mirage/72605/01.jpg Mirage/72605/1/01.jpg Mirage/72605/1/02.jpg Mirage/72605/1/03.jpg Mirage/72605/1/04.jpg Mirage/72605/1/05.jpg

Kit 72606 - T-26TN Armoured Observation Post

Model built by Gulumik Blogspot

Mirage/72606/01.jpg Mirage/72606/1/01.jpg Mirage/72606/1/02.jpg Mirage/72606/1/03.jpg Mirage/72606/1/04.jpg Mirage/72606/1/05.jpg Mirage/72606/1/06.jpg Mirage/72606/1/07.jpg

Kit 72607 - T-26TB Ammunition Transporter

Model built by Gulumik Blogspot

Mirage/72607/01.jpg Mirage/72607/1/01.jpg Mirage/72607/1/02.jpg Mirage/72607/1/03.jpg Mirage/72607/1/04.jpg Mirage/72607/1/05.jpg

Kit 72608 - TP-26 Armoured personal Carrier

Model built by Gulumik Blogspot

Mirage/72608/01.jpg Mirage/72608/1/01.jpg Mirage/72608/1/02.jpg Mirage/72608/1/03.jpg Mirage/72608/1/04.jpg Mirage/72608/1/05.jpg Mirage/72608/1/06.jpg Mirage/72608/1/07.jpg

Kit 72609 - T-26 Model 1933 Light Tank

Model / diorama built by Patrick Lapula

Mirage/72609/01.jpg Mirage/72609/1/01.jpg Mirage/72609/1/02.jpg Mirage/72609/1/03.jpg Mirage/72609/1/05.jpg

Kit 72610 - T-26A 76.2 mm Support Tank

Model built by Kanagawa

Mirage/72610/01.jpg Mirage/72610/1/01.jpg Mirage/72610/1/02.jpg Mirage/72610/1/03.jpg Mirage/72610/1/04.jpg

Kit 72611 - T-26C model 1937 with 45mm Gun

Model built by Brett Mahoney

Mirage/72611/01.jpg Mirage/72611/1/01.jpg

Kit 72612 - T-26C model 1939 Light Tank

Built model by Luciano Marcuzzi

Mirage/72612/01.jpg Mirage/72612/1/03.jpg Mirage/72612/1/04.jpg Mirage/72612/1/05.jpg

Kit 72613 - T-26C Applique Armour


Kit 72614 - "Chemical Tank" OT-130/1

Model built by Brett Mahoney and by Gulumik Blogspot

Mirage/72614/01.jpg Mirage/72614/07.jpg Mirage/72614/1/01.jpg Mirage/72614/1/02.jpg Mirage/72614/1/03.jpg Mirage/72614/1/04.jpg Mirage/72614/1/05.jpg

Kit 72615 - "Chemical Tank" OT-130/2

Model built by Erhan Atalay

Mirage/72615/01.jpg Mirage/72615/1/01.jpg Mirage/72615/1/02.jpg Mirage/72615/1/03.jpg Mirage/72615/1/04.jpg

Kit 72616 - OT-133 Flame Thrower Tank


Kit 72617 - T-26LH/45 Light Tank

Model built by Kanagawa

Mirage/72617/01.jpg Mirage/72617/1/01.jpg Mirage/72617/1/02.jpg Mirage/72617/1/03.jpg Mirage/72617/1/04.jpg Mirage/72617/1/05.jpg

Kit 72618 - OT-134AA Flame Thrower Tank


Kit 72619 - C740 (r) German Tank


Kit 72620 - T-26 Light Tank "Finland-45"

Built model by Mika Vuolle and Gulumik Blogspot

Mirage/72620/01.jpg Mirage/72620/1/01.jpg Mirage/72620/1/02.jpg Mirage/72611/2/01.jpg Mirage/72611/2/02.jpg Mirage/72611/2/03.jpg Mirage/72611/2/04.jpg

Kit 72621 - Chinese Vickers E Mk.B

Second model built by Juan Contrerus

Mirage/72621/01.jpg Mirage/72621/07.jpg Mirage/72621/2/01.jpg Mirage/72621/2/02.jpg Mirage/72621/2/03.jpg

Kit 72627 - 76,2mm "Leningrad" SPG

Model built by Gulumik Blogspot

Mirage/72627/00.jpg Mirage/72627/01.jpg Mirage/72627/1/01.jpg Mirage/72627/1/02.jpg Mirage/72627/1/03.jpg Mirage/72627/1/04.jpg Mirage/72627/1/05.jpg Mirage/72627/1/06.jpg

Kit 72891 - C7P Heavy Artillery Tractor

Built model by Igor Delyanov

Mirage/72891/01.jpg Mirage/72891/1/01.jpg Mirage/72891/1/02.jpg Mirage/72891/1/03.jpg Mirage/72891/1/04.jpg Mirage/72891/1/05.jpg Mirage/72891/1/06.jpg

Kit 72892 - C7P(p) Recovery Vehicle 'Klara' (German Version)

Model built by Ruslan Veselov and Igor Delyanov

Mirage/72892/01.jpg Mirage/72892/1/01.jpg Mirage/72892/1/02.jpg Mirage/72892/1/03.jpg Mirage/72892/2/01.jpg Mirage/72892/2/02.jpg Mirage/72892/2/03.jpg

Built model by unknown

Mirage/72892/3/01.jpg Mirage/72892/3/02.jpg Mirage/72892/3/03.jpg Mirage/72892/3/04.jpg Mirage/72892/3/05.jpg Mirage/72892/3/06.jpg Mirage/72892/3/07.jpg Mirage/72892/3/08.jpg

Kit 72893 - C7P Universal Transport Tractor (Russian Version)


Released under sModel Label

Kit 720032 - T26B model 1933

sModel/720032/01.jpg sModel/720032/1/01.jpg sModel/720032/1/02.jpg sModel/720032/1/03.jpg sModel/720032/1/04.jpg sModel/720032/1/05.jpg sModel/720032/1/06.jpg sModel/720032/1/07.jpg sModel/720032/1/08.jpg

Kit 720033 - T26B model 1933 with antenna

sModel/720033/01.jpg sModel/720033/1/08.jpg sModel/720033/1/09.jpg sModel/720033/1/10.jpg sModel/720033/1/11.jpg

Released under Pegasus Label

Kit 7671 - T-26 Light Tank

Model built by BlackWidowPilot

pegasus/7671/01.jpg pegasus/7671/1/01.jpg pegasus/7671/1/02.jpg pegasus/7671/1/03.jpg pegasus/7671/1/04.jpg

Released under Minairons Label

Kit 20GEV005 - T-26 versions A & B

minairons/GEV/20GEV005/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/05.jpg

Released under FirsttoFight Label

Kit 26 - 7TP (one turret)

firsttofight/26/01.jpg firsttofight/26/03.jpg firsttofight/26/04.jpg

Kit 28 - Polish Vickers E double turret

firsttofight/28/02.jpg firsttofight/28/1/01.jpg firsttofight/28/1/02.jpg

Kit 29 - Polish Vickers E single turret

firsttofight/29/01.jpg firsttofight/29/1/01.jpg firsttofight/29/1/02.jpg firsttofight/29/1/03.jpg firsttofight/29/1/04.jpg

Kit 28 - 7TP (double turret)

firsttofight/28/02.jpg firsttofight/28/1/03.jpg firsttofight/28/1/05.jpg

Released under Zebrano Label

Kit SEA028 - Soviet Light SPG SU-1

zebrano/sea028/00.jpg zebrano/sea028/01.jpg zebrano/sea028/10.jpg zebrano/sea028/11.jpg

Released under Modelkrak Label

Kit 7215 - 7,5cm PAK 97/98(f) Auf Pz.Kpfw.T-26(r)

Modelkrak/7215/00.jpg Modelkrak/7215/01.jpg Modelkrak/7215/02.jpg Modelkrak/7215/03.jpg Modelkrak/7215/04.jpg

Built model by Gulumik Blogspot

Modelkrak/7215/1/01.jpg Modelkrak/7215/1/02.jpg Modelkrak/7215/1/03.jpg Modelkrak/7215/1/04.jpg

Model by Panzer-Modell.de - (Uparmoured German version)

t26/su/t26r/1/01.jpg t26/su/t26r/1/02.jpg t26/su/t26r/1/03.jpg t26/su/t26r/1/04.jpg t26/su/t26r/1/05.jpg t26/su/t26r/1/06.jpg

Kit 7216 - T-26 Bridgelayer

Modelkrak/7216/01.jpg Modelkrak/7216/02.jpg Modelkrak/7216/03.jpg

Built model by Gulumik Blogspot

Modelkrak/7216/1/01.jpg Modelkrak/7216/1/02.jpg Modelkrak/7216/1/03.jpg Modelkrak/7216/1/04.jpg Modelkrak/7216/1/05.jpg Modelkrak/7216/1/06.jpg

Diorama by Juan Contreras

Modelkrak/7216/2/01.jpg Modelkrak/7216/2/02.jpg Modelkrak/7216/2/03.jpg Modelkrak/7216/2/04.jpg Modelkrak/7216/2/05.jpg

Kit 7231 - SU-5-3 152mm

Built model by Gulumik Blogspot

Modelkrak/7231/01.jpg Modelkrak/7231/1/01.jpg Modelkrak/7231/1/02.jpg Modelkrak/7231/1/03.jpg Modelkrak/7231/1/04.jpg Modelkrak/7231/1/05.jpg

Kit 7249 - T-26A Medium Tank

Modelkrak/7249/01.jpg Modelkrak/7249/02.jpg Modelkrak/7249/03.jpg Modelkrak/7249/04.jpg

Kit 7250 - OT-130 Soviet Flame-Thrower Tank

Model built by Michel Bajer

Modelkrak/7250/01.jpg Modelkrak/7250/02.jpg Modelkrak/7250/03.jpg Modelkrak/7250/04.jpg Modelkrak/7250/05.jpg

Other Vickers / T-26 related vehicles

SU-5 variants


SU-5-1 with 76.2mm gun

t26/su/su5-1/01.jpg t26/su/su5-1/02.jpg t26/su/su5-1/03.jpg t26/su/su5-1/04.jpg

Built model by Steve Puccio

t26/su/su5-1/1/01.jpg t26/su/su5-1/1/02.jpg t26/su/su5-1/1/03.jpg

Built model by Erich Rauthe - 1/35 Modellversium website

t26/su/su5-1/2/01.jpg t26/su/su5-1/2/02.jpg t26/su/su5-1/2/03.jpg t26/su/su5-1/2/04.jpg

SU-5-2 with 122mm howitzer

t26/su/su5-2/01.jpg t26/su/su5-2/02.jpg t26/su/su5-2/03.jpg t26/su/su5-2/04.jpg t26/su/su5-2/05.jpg t26/su/su5-2/06.jpg t26/su/su5-2/07.jpg t26/su/su5-2/08.jpg

Built model by Steve Puccio

t26/su/su5-2/1/01.jpg t26/su/su5-2/1/02.jpg t26/su/su5-2/1/03.jpg

Pictures from World of Tanks

t26/su/su5-2/2/01.jpg t26/su/su5-2/2/02.jpg t26/su/su5-2/2/03.jpg t26/su/su5-2/2/04.jpg t26/su/su5-2/2/05.jpg

SU-5-3 with 152mm mortar

t26/su/su5-3/01.jpg t26/su/su5-3/02.jpg t26/su/su5-3/03.jpg t26/su/su5-3/04.jpg

T-26 with 76 mm divisional gun M1942 (ZiS-3) Model by rafhart.manifo.com

t26/su/t26r/2/01.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/02.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/03.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/04.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/05.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/06.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/07.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/08.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/09.jpg t26/su/t26r/2/10.jpg

SU-6 - 76.2mm SPG - 3K anti-aircraft gun

A 76.2mm AA gun mounted on a the hull of a lengthened T-26. (One extra wheel in the mid) If you notice in the pictures, one picture has a little more hull than the other, this are side wall's that were able to be raised or lowered as needed.

t26/su/su6/01.jpg t26/su/su6/02.jpg t26/su/su6/03.jpg t26/su/su6/04.jpg t26/su/su6/05.jpg t26/su/su6/06.jpg t26/su/su6/07.jpg

TR-26C-1 & TR-26C-2 - Refeulling tanks with 2000 litre feul

t26/su/tr26c/01.jpg t26/su/tr26c/02.jpg t26/su/tr26c/03.jpg t26/su/tr26c/04.jpg t26/su/tr26c/05.jpg t26/su/tr26c/06.jpg

Built models by Steve Puccio

t26/su/tr26c/1/01.jpg t26/su/tr26c/1/02.jpg t26/su/tr26c/1/03.jpg t26/su/tr26c/1/04.jpg


t26/su/tr4/01.jpg t26/su/tr4/02.jpg t26/su/tr4/03.jpg

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