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The company is back on the market

The owner "Anthony Barton" wrote me the mail below on December 07, 2016

Dear Henk,

First , thanks for your ever useful website , and all the work you do to keep us all informed.

Just to let you know about the present status of AB Figures :

The whole range is now back in my personal control, and for the last three years the WW2 range , including all the tank figures, has been put back in production in Australia, by Eureka, and they are all obtainable either direct from Eureka , or Eureka USA in the US, and Fighting 15s in Europe.

Please go to the Links below. - (They are not now available anywhere else)

We have a wide selection of German, US, British ,Soviet, French and Italian tank crews , many of which have been revised ( and I hope improved ) in the last three years , since we have new moulds for the whole range. Thatís as well as the huge range of Infantry and gun crews. The figures are suitable for 1/72 and 1/76.

Best Regards, Anthony Barton

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A few pictures of the AB-figures to inform you about the quality

ab-figures/01.jpg ab-figures/02.jpg ab-figures/03.jpg ab-figures/04.jpg ab-figures/05.jpg ab-figures/06.jpg ab-figures/07.jpg ab-figures/08.jpg ab-figures/09.jpg ab-figures/10.jpg ab-figures/11.jpg ab-figures/12.jpg ab-figures/13.jpg ab-figures/14.jpg ab-figures/15.jpg ab-figures/16.jpg ab-figures/17.jpg ab-figures/18.jpg ab-figures/19.jpg

For more information, pictures and ordering use the links below:

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"Eureka" - UK

logo Eureka-Miniatures & ABfigures UK

The figurensets are also available by:

"Eureka" - USA

logo Eureka-Miniatures, section WWI logo Eureka-Miniatures, section WWII

"Fighting15sshop - UK / Europe"

logo Fighting15sshop, section WWI logo Fighting15sshop, section WWII

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