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WWII Vehicle Crews & Infantry from Germany, British and USA,

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Info March 2016 - These are the first in a range of 20mm ( 1/72 scale) miniatures designed for the modeller and wargamer.
The first installment is tank crew figures for the Afrika Korps specifically, but are also siutable for those theatres where German troops wore the tropical issue dress.
Further releases will continue with tank crew figures for the later war in the west and east. We are working on a special range of figures depicting the Panzer Lehr in Normandy.

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Pictures of available figures

adlermin/samples/01.jpg adlermin/samples/02.jpg adlermin/samples/03.jpg adlermin/samples/04.jpg adlermin/samples/05.jpg adlermin/samples/06.jpg adlermin/samples/07.jpg adlermin/samples/08.jpg adlermin/samples/09.jpg adlermin/samples/10.jpg adlermin/samples/11.jpg adlermin/samples/12.jpg adlermin/samples/13.jpg adlermin/samples/14.jpg adlermin/samples/15.jpg adlermin/samples/16.jpg adlermin/samples/17.jpg adlermin/samples/18.jpg

Kit GAK-01 - Full body figures mixed dress


Kit GAK-02 - Half body figures in tunic mixed


Kit GAK-03 - Shirt sleeve order mixed dress


Kit GAK-04 - Half body figures with goggles mixed dress


Kit GAK-05 - Figures with dust mask and goggles mixed


For "Cristian Florescu / ww2germans" review about Kit GAK-05 - Figures with dust mask and goggles mixed visit:

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Kit GAK-06 - Quarter bodies mixed dress


Kit VSP01 - Conversion set for Vespid Panther G or other Panther variants

adlermin/vsp01/01.jpg adlermin/vsp01/02.jpg adlermin/vsp01/03.jpg

There are a lot other and new items (German, British & USA), for more information and / or ordering visit:

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