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1/72 resin manufacturer from Russia, owner Alexander Gusev. - (figures are safely packed in foam)

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Kit 72A01 - Army of The Russian Federation 2014

alexminiatures/72A01/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A01/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A01/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A01/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A01/05.jpg

Kit 72A02 - Russian tank crews


Kit 72A03 - Belbek Airport 2014


Kit 72A04 - Russian tank battalion repair

alexminiatures/72A04/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A04/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A04/03.jpg

Kit 72A05 - Russian staff officers


Kit 72A06 - Russian soldiers in trucks


Kit 72A07 - ATGM "Metis" team


Kit 72A08 - FSB border troops


Kit 72A09 - World Midnight - The Settlers


Kit 72A10 - Russia aricraft preparation for the flight


Kit 72A11 - Russian aircraft maintenance work


Kit 72A12 - Russian aircraft carts for weapons


Kit 72A13 - Russian NBC troops


Kit 72A14 - Concrete Jungle - Bodyguards


Kit 72A15 - Concrete Jungle - Bikers


Kit 72A16 - Concrete Jungle - Police Force

Painted models by Viktor Sokolov

alexminiatures/72A16/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A16/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A16/03.jpg

Kit 72A17 - Concrete Jungle - Hooligans

alexminiatures/72A17/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A17/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A17/03.jpg

Kit 72A18 - Concrete Jungle - Street Protests


Kit 72A19 - World Midnight - The Scouts


Kit 72A20 - Concrete Jungle - Drivers


Kit 72A21 - Russian Spetsnaz GRU 90s


Kit 72A22 - Russian Aerospace Force 2015


Kit 72A23 - Concrete Jungle - Bandits


Kit 72A24 - AGS-17 (AGL) team


Kit 72A25 - Sailors in boat - 17th ct


Kit 72A26 - "The Treasure Island"


Kit 72A27 - Engineering sapper team "Bomb Squad"


Kit 72A37 - Fighting Robot Platform - M

alexminiatures/72A37/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A37/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A37/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A37/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A37/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A37/06.jpg

Kit 72A43 - D-30 122mm Houwitzer

alexminiatures/72A43/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A43/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A43/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A43/04.jpg

Kit 72A44 - Army Tent UST-56


Kit 72A45 - Vehicle Tilt for URAL 4320


Kit 72A46 - Army Tent USB-56


Kit 72A48 - Truck Tilt for Zil-131 (open)


Kit 72A49 - Truck Tilt for Zil-131 (closed)


Kit 72A51 - Truck Tilt for URAL


Kit 72A52 - Truck Tilt for URAL - early version - closed


Kit 72A54 - Armoured vehicle for escorting 4x4 "Dozor"

alexminiatures/72A54/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A54/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A54/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A54/04.jpg

Kit 72A56 - BPM-97 "Vistrel" - Armoured Personal Carrier

alexminiatures/72A56/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A56/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A56/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A56/04.jpg

Kit 72A57 - "Tachanka" - Civil War in Russia

alexminiatures/72A57/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A57/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A57/03.jpg

For "Simon Ashford's / OTW" article of Kit 72A57 - "Tachanka" - Civil War in Russia visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72A58 - Russian Equipment accessoires
Kit 72A59 - 20' Dry Freight Container
Kit 72A60 - Mortar 2b9 with crew
Kit 72A61 - Residental Module 1
Kit 72A62 - Residental Module 2

alexminiatures/72A58/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A59/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A60/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A61/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A62/01.jpg

Kit 72A63 - 4x4 Dozor-M with BTR turret - early
Kit 72A64 - 4x4 Dozor-M with Mb2 module

Built models by Sergey Vechniakov

alexminiatures/72A63/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A64/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A64/02.jpg

Kit 72A65 - Turret BTR 70 early
Kit 72A66 - Combat Module MB2 with canon 2A42
Kit 72A67 - Combat Module MB2 with canon 2A72

alexminiatures/72A65/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A66/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A67/01.jpg

Kit 72A68 - Passes-by Townfolk
Kit 72A69 - Engineering Detachment
Kit 72A70 - UAV Patrol-2 with Operator
Kit 72A71 - Motorized Infantry in attack
Kit 72A72 - Rocket Crew

alexminiatures/72A68/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A69/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A70/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A71/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A73/01.jpg

Kit 72A73 - Concrete Road Slab


Kit 72A74 - UAZ 3962 Medical Van


Model built by Igor Sazonov

alexminiatures/72A74/1/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A74/1/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A74/1/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A74/1/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A74/1/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A74/1/06.jpg

Kit 72A75 - UAZ 3962 Military Traffic Police


Kit 72A76 - Tractor D-75


Model built by Aleksey Sutyagin

alexminiatures/72A76/1/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/1/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/1/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/1/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/1/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/1/06.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/1/07.jpg

Model built by Sergey Vechniakov

alexminiatures/72A76/2/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/2/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/2/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/2/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/2/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/2/06.jpg alexminiatures/72A76/2/07.jpg

Kit 72A77 - UAZ 3909 Fire Command
Kit 72A78 - UAZ 3909 Police

alexminiatures/72A77/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A78/01.jpg

Kit 72A80 - Cohort Officers
Kit 72A81 - Legionaries in Lorica Sigmentata
Kit 72A82 - Legionaries in Lorica Hamata
Kit 72A83 - Auxilary
Kit 72A84 - Bull-leaping Crete
Kit 72A85 - Roman Catapult "Onager" with crew

alexminiatures/72A80/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A81/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A82/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A83/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A84/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A85/01.jpg

Kit 72A90 - Uran 6, Remotely Controlled demining machine
Kit 72A91 - BMW 1200R
Kit 72A92 - 1,5 ton, Truck Plane

alexminiatures/72A90/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A91/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A92/01.jpg

Kit 72A93 - 1,5 ton truck Platform
Kit 72A94 - 1,5 ton Truck Van

alexminiatures/72A93/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A94/01.jpg

Kit 72A96 - Generator Diesel ESD-20

Model built by Igor Sazonov

alexminiatures/72A96/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A96/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A96/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A96/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A96/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A96/06.jpg alexminiatures/72A96/07.jpg alexminiatures/72A96/08.jpg alexminiatures/72A96/09.jpg

Kit 72A97 - 1,5 ton Truck With Short Platform
Kit 72A98 - 1,5 ton Truck With Long Platform

alexminiatures/72A97/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A98/01.jpg

Kit 72A99 - Tractor T-150K


Kit 72A100 - Regimental Digger PZM-2 - painted Sergey Demidov

alexminiatures/72A100/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/04.jpg

Model built by Igor Sazonov

alexminiatures/72A100/1/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/1/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/1/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/1/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/1/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/1/06.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/1/07.jpg alexminiatures/72A100/1/08.jpg

Kit 72A101 - Gun Crew SPG


Kit 72A103 - First Aid Car, Fire Department - painted Kirill Shubnikov

alexminiatures/72A103/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A103/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A103/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A103/04.jpg

Kit 72A104 - Tarp Covered T-72/T-90 MBT


Kit 72A105 - Off Road Truck - "Golovastik"


Built model by Igor Sazonov

alexminiatures/72A105/1/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A105/1/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A105/1/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A105/1/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A105/1/05.jpg

Kit 72A106 - BAZ-69531 Multi-Purpose Tractor


Kit 72A107 - 0K714 OKA SS23 Spider


Kit 72A109 - 152mm Long-Range Gun 2A36 "Hiacinth-B"


Kit 72A114 - Ambulance


Kit 72A115 - BAZ 5921 SS-21B SCARAB- B (9K79 Totchka-U)

alexminiatures/72A115/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/03.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

alexminiatures/72A115/1/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/06.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/07.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/08.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/09.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/10.jpg alexminiatures/72A115/1/11.jpg

Kit 72A116 - Gaz-66 Airborne Army Rover

alexminiatures/72A116/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A116/02.jpg

Built model by Igor Sazonov

alexminiatures/72A116/1/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A116/1/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A116/1/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A116/1/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A116/1/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A116/1/06.jpg

Kit 72A117 - Airborne MLRS 9P125


Kit 72A118 - Command Vehicle - Radio Station R-142N

Model built by Igor Sazonov

alexminiatures/72A118/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A118/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A118/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A118/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A118/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A118/06.jpg alexminiatures/72A118/07.jpg alexminiatures/72A118/08.jpg

Kit 72A119 - Airborne Army Rover 4x4


Kit 72A120 - Oil Supply Truck MZ-66


Kit 72A122 - Army Rover Universal House Body KUNG

Built model by Igor Sazonov

alexminiatures/72A122/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A122/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A122/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A122/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A122/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A122/06.jpg alexminiatures/72A122/07.jpg

Kit 72A123 - Refuelling Truck TZ-2 66D (Airborne)
Kit 72A123-2 - Refuelling Truck TZ-2 66
Kit 72A124 - Special Liquids Supply Truck ZSZh-66

alexminiatures/72A123/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A123-2/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A124/01.jpg

Kit 72A125 - Deck Tractor 9313

alexminiatures/72A125/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A125/02.jpg

Kit 72A126 - Airborne Self-Propelled Gun ASU-57

To build this model, I'll have to buy an electron microscope. Very many small details, very cleanly cast, many etched parts Brass barrel for the 57 mm cannon, decals. The tracks are included twice. The cast is accurate but very fine, very thin and flexible. as a reserve the second tracks. The packaging of the parts in foam, the assembly instructions are overall on a very high level - note Udo Bauer

alexminiatures/72A126/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/06.jpg

Built model, by Udo Bauer

alexminiatures/72A126/1/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/1/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/1/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/1/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/1/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/1/06.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/1/07.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/1/08.jpg alexminiatures/72A126/1/09.jpg

Kit 72A128 - Gaz-5937 SA-8 Gecko
Kit 72A130 - Tank Machine Gun DShKM-t

alexminiatures/72A128/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A130/01.jpg

Kit 72A139 - ASU-85 Airborne Self Propelled Artiller

alexminiatures/72A139/01.jpg alexminiatures/72A139/02.jpg alexminiatures/72A139/03.jpg alexminiatures/72A139/04.jpg alexminiatures/72A139/05.jpg alexminiatures/72A139/06.jpg

Kit 72A145 - ATV with Crew


Kit 72A148 - Anti Aircraft missile and gun system SA-19 GRISON (Tungaska)


Kit 72A151 - MT LB Multipurpose Armoured Vehicle


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