AMG - (Arsenal Model Group)

Airplane and Military Vehicle manufacturer from Ukraine with some military vehicles in 1/72 scale. Email info@amg-models.net

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Kit 72103 - BT-102 "Spheroid" - (WWII Russian Small AFV)

amg/72103/01.jpg amg/72103/02.jpg amg/72103/03.jpg amg/72103/04.jpg amg/72103/05.jpg amg/72103/06.jpg

Kit 72105 - BT-102 TU Command Vehicle

amg/72105/01.jpg amg/72105/02.jpg amg/72105/03.jpg amg/72105/04.jpg amg/72105/05.jpg

Kit 72106 - German Pz. Bef.777 (r) - (Armoured Command Vehicle)

amg/72106/01.jpg amg/72106/02.jpg amg/72106/03.jpg amg/72106/04.jpg amg/72106/05.jpg amg/72106/06.jpg amg/72106/07.jpg

Kit 72202 - Soviet Engine M-11 Kamov K-10M HAT - (Cold War Period)

amg/72202/01.jpg amg/72202/02.jpg amg/72202/03.jpg amg/72202/04.jpg amg/72202/05.jpg amg/72202/06.jpg amg/72202/07.jpg amg/72202/08.jpg

Kit 72304 - German "Max-Henschell" - WWII Aerosan

amg/72304/00.jpg amg/72304/01.jpg amg/72304/02.jpg amg/72304/03.jpg amg/72304/04.jpg amg/72304/05.jpg amg/72304/06.jpg amg/72304/07.jpg amg/72304/08.jpg amg/72304/09.jpg amg/72304/10.jpg amg/72304/11.jpg amg/72304/12.jpg amg/72304/13.jpg amg/72304/14.jpg

Kit 72306 - German "Max-Henschell" Ambulance - WWII Aerosan

amg/72306/01.jpg amg/72306/02.jpg amg/72306/03.jpg amg/72306/04.jpg

Kit 72321 - Russo-Balt Type "C" 1914

amg/72321/01.jpg amg/72321/02.jpg amg/72321/03.jpg amg/72321/04.jpg amg/72321/05.jpg amg/72321/06.jpg amg/72321/07.jpg

Kit 72510 - K-Wagen

amg/72510/01.jpg amg/72510/02.jpg amg/72510/03.jpg amg/72510/04.jpg amg/72510/05.jpg amg/72510/06.jpg amg/72510/07.jpg amg/72510/08.jpg amg/72510/09.jpg amg/72510/10.jpg amg/72510/11.jpg amg/72510/12.jpg amg/72510/13.jpg

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