First Air Models - 1/72 resin manufacturer from Japan.

http://go.to/firstair/, Tel/Fax 048-667-5564, E-Mail genji_firstair@nifty.com

The resin kits from First Air Model factory in Japan are of a very high quality. They show no air bubbles or casting problems. The parts look like they are cast in metal moulds using an injection method.

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German Panzer III Ausf. G.

arai/pz3-0.jpg arai/pz3-1.jpg arai/pz3-2.jpg arai/pz3-4.jpg arai/pz3-3.jpg arai/decals.jpg

For Rob Healterman's review of kit German Panzer III Ausf. G., visit:

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The German Panzer III s a conversion kit made for the Revell Panzer III. The slightly darker parts on the pictures are the Revell parts. The light yellow parts are the resin parts from First Air.

Some new Panzer III variants.

arai/pz3-5.jpg arai/pz3-6.jpg arai/pz3-7.jpg arai/pz3-8.jpg

arai/pz3-9.jpg arai/pz3-10.jpg arai/pz3-11.jpg

Italian M13/40 - The Italian M13/40 is a complete resin kit with very nicely casted parts.

arai/Parts01.jpg arai/Parts02.jpg arai/Parts03.jpg arai/Parts04.jpg arai/Parts05.jpg

For Rob Healterman's review of kit Italian M13/40, visit:

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Italian M13/40 assembled but unpainted.

arai/m13-40-01.jpg arai/m13-40-02.jpg arai/m13-40-03.jpg arai/m13-40-04.jpg arai/m13-40-05.jpg

Italian M13/40 assembled and painted.

arai/m13-40-06.jpg arai/m13-40-07.jpg arai/m13-40-08.jpg arai/m13-40-09.jpg arai/m13-40-10.jpg

arai/m13-40-11.jpg arai/m13-40-12.jpg arai/m13-40-13.jpg

Click here for the conversion of a M13/40 into the M40 command version.

The First Air collection features some vehicles used in the Israeli army.

M3A3E8 - M51 Sherman.

arai/m51-00.jpg arai/m51-01.jpg arai/m51-02.jpg arai/m51-03.jpg

The Israeli M51 Sherman is an complete kit.

Centurion 'Ben Gurion'.

arai/bengurion01.jpg arai/bengurion02.jpg arai/bengurion03.jpg arai/bengurion04.jpg arai/bengurion05.jpg

The Israeli Centurion 'Ben Gurion' is an conversion kit based on the Airfix Centurion.

For more information you can visit the website of the company - Japanese Language.

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