Armada Hobby.

1/72 Armada Hobby from Hungary, with kits from the cold-war era.

HUNOR MODEL Ltd., Adres: 2471, Baracska, Temple Street 2 /Telefon: +36/20-362-2441, email: info@hunormodel.hu

Armada Hobby is part of Hunor Production & Hunor Figures, Hungary.
The vehicle line is splitt in the following series: East Block, Modern, Nato, Civilian and World.
The PE parts are from Hauler.

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hunor/new/show/01.jpg hunor/new/show/02.jpg hunor/new/show/03.jpg hunor/new/show/04.jpg

New 2024 - 3D Printed Kits

Kit N72013 - Dodge M880 with Shelter
Kit N72014 - Dodge Contact & Maintenance Truck
Kit N72076 - M551A1 Sheridan TTS
Kit N72077 - Sheridan OPFOR VISMOD "T-80"
Kit N72078 - Sheridan OPFOR VISMOD "Shilka"

armada/3D/N72013/01.jpg armada/3D/N72014/01.jpg armada/3D/N72076/01.jpg armada/3D/N72077/01.jpg armada/3D/N72078/01.jpg

Kit W72049 - TAM Shelter
Kit W72054 - Fap Truck
Kit W72078 - Volvo N10 Truck

armada/3D/W72049/01.jpg armada/3D/W72054/01.jpg armada/3D/W72078/01.jpg

East Block Series

Kit E72019 - Zil-157 wit SA-2 Sam Missile & Trailer

armada/72019/01.jpg armada/72019/05.jpg armada/72019/02.jpg armada/72019/03.jpg armada/72019/04.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

The Armada kit includes ZIL-157, trailer and rocket. The moderate quality of the kit requires a lot of rework, so I decided to take the ZIL-157 from ICM. The trailer, the rocket and the ZIL were supplemented with many details. So a satisfactory model for my collection was created - Udo Bauer

armada/72019/1/01.jpg armada/72019/1/02.jpg armada/72019/1/03.jpg armada/72019/1/04.jpg armada/72019/1/05.jpg armada/72019/1/06.jpg armada/72019/1/07.jpg armada/72019/1/08.jpg armada/72019/1/09.jpg

Kit E72020 - Zil-131 wit SA-2 Sam Missile & Trailer


Kit E72021 - Zil 135 Frog 7

armada/72021/01.jpg armada/72021/02.jpg armada/72021/03.jpg armada/72021/04.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

armada/72021/1/01.jpg armada/72021/1/02.jpg armada/72021/1/03.jpg armada/72021/1/04.jpg

Built model posted by Armada

armada/72021/2/01.jpg armada/72021/2/02.jpg armada/72021/2/03.jpg armada/72021/2/04.jpg armada/72021/2/05.jpg armada/72021/2/06.jpg

Kit E72022 - 9K57 Uragan

armada/72022/01.jpg armada/72022/02.jpg armada/72022/03.jpg armada/72022/04.jpg armada/72022/05.jpg

Built model posted by Armada

armada/72022/1/01.jpg armada/72022/1/02.jpg armada/72022/1/03.jpg armada/72022/1/04.jpg

Kit E72023 - Zil-135 9T452 Reloader Truck for Uragan

armada/72023/01.jpg armada/72023/02.jpg armada/72023/03.jpg armada/72023/04.jpg armada/72023/05.jpg armada/72023/06.jpg armada/72023/07.jpg

Kit E72024 - Zil-135 9T29 Frog/Luna Transporter

armada/72024/01.jpg armada/72024/02.jpg armada/72024/03.jpg armada/72024/04.jpg armada/72024/05.jpg armada/72024/06.jpg

Kit E72025 - Zil-135 variants


Kit E72050 - DOK-M Heavy Dozer

armada/72050/01.jpg armada/72050/02.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

DOK-M Heavy Dozer is ready. The abbreviation DOK means DOzer Kolejny (Czech), = Rad.Dozer. The vehicle was in service in the engineer units of the Czecho-Slovak Army (CSA) and in the NVA of the GDR. Some examples are still privately owned and are shown at meetings of military vehicle fans. It was produced in the CSSR and the technical design is very up-to-date - hybrid drive: a diesel engine drives a generator, the electric energy goes to the 4 traction motors in the wheel hubs and also drives the hydraulic pump for the implements and the articulated steering - Udo Bauer

armada/72050/1/01.jpg armada/72050/1/02.jpg armada/72050/1/03.jpg armada/72050/1/04.jpg armada/72050/1/05.jpg armada/72050/1/06.jpg armada/72050/1/07.jpg armada/72050/1/08.jpg armada/72050/1/09.jpg armada/72050/1/10.jpg armada/72050/1/11.jpg armada/72050/1/12.jpg

Kit E72051 - Dana SPG

Part pictures from Michal Grzelak

armada/72051/01.jpg armada/72051/02.jpg armada/72051/03.jpg armada/72051/04.jpg armada/72051/05.jpg armada/72051/06.jpg armada/72051/07.jpg armada/72051/08.jpg armada/72051/09.jpg armada/72051/10.jpg armada/72051/11.jpg armada/72051/12.jpg armada/72051/13.jpg

For "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72051 - Dana SPG visit:

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Built model by LASZLO SOMOGYI

armada/72051/1/01.jpg armada/72051/1/02.jpg armada/72051/1/03.jpg armada/72051/1/04.jpg armada/72051/1/05.jpg

armada/72051/2/01.jpg armada/72051/2/02.jpg armada/72051/2/03.jpg armada/72051/2/04.jpg armada/72051/2/05.jpg armada/72051/2/06.jpg armada/72051/2/07.jpg

Kit E72052 - Suzana 152mm SPG


Kit E72055 - Tatra 813

armada/72055/01.jpg armada/72055/02.jpg armada/72055/03.jpg armada/72055/04.jpg armada/72055/05.jpg armada/72055/06.jpg

Kit E72056 - Tatra 813 with Canvas

armada/72056/01.jpg armada/72056/02.jpg armada/72056/03.jpg armada/72056/04.jpg armada/72056/05.jpg armada/72056/06.jpg

Kit E72059 - Tatra RM70


Built model posted by Armada

armada/72059/1/01.jpg armada/72059/1/02.jpg armada/72059/1/03.jpg armada/72059/1/04.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer - (with upgrading details)

armada/72059/2/01.jpg armada/72059/2/02.jpg armada/72059/2/03.jpg armada/72059/2/04.jpg armada/72059/2/05.jpg

armada/72059/2/06.jpg armada/72059/2/07.jpg armada/72059/2/08.jpg armada/72059/2/09.jpg armada/72059/2/10.jpg

Kit E72060 - Zis 150 Truck


Kit E72061 - Zis 150 APM Truck


Kit E72071 - ZIL-130 Early type

armada/72071/01.jpg armada/72071/02.jpg

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Kit E72072 - ZIL-130 Late type

armada/72072/01.jpg armada/72072/02.jpg armada/72072/03.jpg

Model built by Igor Delyanov

armada/72072/1/01.jpg armada/72072/1/02.jpg armada/72072/1/03.jpg

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Kit E72073 - Zil 130 Dumper


Model built by Igor Delyanov

armada/72073/1/01.jpg armada/72073/1/02.jpg armada/72073/1/03.jpg

Civil version built by Somogyi Laszlo

armada/72073/2/01.jpg armada/72073/2/02.jpg armada/72073/2/03.jpg armada/72073/2/04.jpg

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Kit E72074 - Zil 130 Tanker

armada/72074/01.jpg armada/72074/02.jpg

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Kit E72075 - Zil 130 Truck

armada/72075/01.jpg armada/72075/02.jpg

Kit E72076 - Zil 130 Airfield Control Truck


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Kit E72081 - BTT-1 ARV


Kit E72092 - MTU-12 (Bridgelayer on T-55 chassis) - (release July 2015)


Kit E72093 - MTU-55 (Bridgelayer on T-55 chassis) - (folded bridge) - (release July 2015)


Kit E72094 - Schulepanzer T-55 - (NVA FAP 500U)

The FAP-500U is based on the ZSU-57/2. After the ZSU had been phased out, 43 machines were converted into the FAP-500U and used to train drivers. This vehicle has nothing to do with the T-55, except some common elements / assemblies.
The FAP-500U was used to train drivers of the T-55. The driving characteristics were similar, the controls for the driver were identical to the T-54/55. The driver and another student in the cabin had a better overview and better comfort compared to the originals (T-54/55) - Udo Bauer

armada/72094/01.jpg armada/72094/02.jpg armada/72094/03.jpg armada/72094/04.jpg armada/72094/05.jpg armada/72094/06.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

armada/72094/1/01.jpg armada/72094/1/02.jpg armada/72094/1/03.jpg armada/72094/1/04.jpg armada/72094/1/05.jpg armada/72094/1/06.jpg armada/72094/1/07.jpg armada/72094/1/08.jpg armada/72094/1/09.jpg

Kit E72095 - ZSU-57-2


Model built by Udo Bauer

armada/72095/1/01.jpg armada/72095/1/02.jpg armada/72095/1/03.jpg armada/72095/1/04.jpg armada/72095/1/05.jpg

Built model built posted by Armada

armada/72095/2/01.jpg armada/72095/2/02.jpg armada/72095/2/03.jpg armada/72095/2/04.jpg armada/72095/2/05.jpg armada/72095/2/06.jpg

Kit E72096 - JVBT-55A


Kit E72097 - JVBT-55TK


Model built by Udo Bauer

armada/72097/1/01.jpg armada/72097/1/02.jpg armada/72097/1/03.jpg

Kit E72098 - T-55T

armada/72098/01.jpg armada/72098/02.jpg armada/72098/03.jpg armada/72098/04.jpg armada/72098/05.jpg

Model built by Igor Delyanov

armada/72098/1/01.jpg armada/72098/1/02.jpg armada/72098/1/03.jpg

Kit E72099 - VT-55ARV

armada/72099/01.jpg armada/72099/02.jpg armada/72099/03.jpg armada/72099/04.jpg armada/72099/05.jpg

Model built by Armada

armada/72099/06.jpg armada/72099/07.jpg armada/72099/08.jpg armada/72099/09.jpg

Model built by Igor Delyanov

armada/72099/1/01.jpg armada/72099/1/02.jpg armada/72099/1/03.jpg

Kit E72101 - D944 PsZH

armada/72101/00.jpg armada/72101/01.jpg armada/72101/02.jpg armada/72101/03.jpg armada/72101/04.jpg armada/72101/05.jpg armada/72101/06.jpg

Pictures built model by Al Magnus

armada/72101/1/01.jpg armada/72101/1/02.jpg armada/72101/1/03.jpg armada/72101/1/04.jpg armada/72101/1/05.jpg armada/72101/1/06.jpg

For "Al Magnus'/ OTW" review about kit 72101 - D944 PsZH visit:

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Kit E72102 - SPW PSH Gem. APC


Kit E72103 - D422 FUG

armada/72103/01.jpg armada/72103/02.jpg armada/72103/03.jpg armada/72103/04.jpg armada/72103/05.jpg armada/72103/06.jpg

Kit E72104 - VS FUG Chemical APC


Kit E72105 - OT-65 Vydra

armada/72105/01.jpg armada/72105/02.jpg armada/72105/03.jpg armada/72105/04.jpg armada/72105/05.jpg armada/72105/06.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

armada/72105/1/01.jpg armada/72105/1/02.jpg armada/72105/1/03.jpg armada/72105/1/04.jpg armada/72105/1/05.jpg armada/72105/1/06.jpg

Kit E72106 - BTR-40 Rail


Kit E72108 - BTR-40

armada/72108/01.jpg armada/72108/02.jpg armada/72108/03.jpg armada/72108/04.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

armada/72108/1/01.jpg armada/72108/1/02.jpg armada/72108/1/03.jpg armada/72108/1/04.jpg

Model built by Gero Takacs

armada/72108/2/01.jpg armada/72108/2/02.jpg armada/72108/2/03.jpg

Kit E72110 - MAZ 537 Heavy Prime Mover

armada/72110/01.jpg armada/72110/02.jpg armada/72110/03.jpg armada/72110/04.jpg

Model built by Gero Takacs

armada/72110/1/01.jpg armada/72110/1/02.jpg armada/72110/1/03.jpg

Model built by Igor Sazonov

armada/72110/2/01.jpg armada/72110/2/02.jpg armada/72110/2/03.jpg armada/72110/2/04.jpg armada/72110/2/05.jpg

Model built by Yu Ke

armada/72110/3/01.jpg armada/72110/3/02.jpg armada/72110/3/03.jpg armada/72110/3/04.jpg armada/72110/3/05.jpg armada/72110/3/06.jpg armada/72110/3/07.jpg armada/72110/3/08.jpg

Kit E72111 - MAZ 537G Soviet Tanktransporter (Late version)

armada/72111/00.jpg armada/72111/01.jpg armada/72111/02.jpg armada/72111/03.jpg armada/72111/04.jpg armada/72111/05.jpg armada/72111/06.jpg armada/72111/07.jpg armada/72111/08.jpg armada/72111/09.jpg

Model built by Matyas Panczel

armada/72111/1/01.jpg armada/72111/1/02.jpg armada/72111/1/03.jpg

Model built by Yu Ke

armada/72111/3/01.jpg armada/72111/3/02.jpg armada/72111/3/03.jpg armada/72111/3/04.jpg armada/72111/3/05.jpg armada/72111/3/06.jpg

Model built by Paul Tian - Combination kit 72111, 72112 and Ace Models BMP2

armada/72111/2/01.jpg armada/72111/2/02.jpg armada/72111/2/03.jpg armada/72111/2/04.jpg armada/72111/2/05.jpg armada/72111/2/06.jpg armada/72111/2/07.jpg armada/72111/2/08.jpg armada/72111/2/09.jpg armada/72111/2/10.jpg

Kit E72112 - ChMZAP-9990 52/65 Trailer


Kit E72113 - IFA W50L

armada/72113/01.jpg armada/72113/02.jpg

Built model by Zoltan Nagy

armada/72113/1/01.jpg armada/72113/1/02.jpg armada/72113/1/03.jpg armada/72113/1/04.jpg armada/72113/1/05.jpg armada/72113/1/06.jpg armada/72113/1/07.jpg armada/72113/1/08.jpg armada/72113/1/09.jpg armada/72113/1/10.jpg

Kit E72114 - IFA W50L Police

armada/72114/01.jpg armada/72114/02.jpg armada/72114/03.jpg armada/72114/04.jpg

Kit E72115 - IFA W50 Container


Kit E72116 - Praga V3S Truck


Kit E72117 - Praga V3S PAD

armada/72117/01.jpg armada/72117/02.jpg armada/72117/03.jpg armada/72117/04.jpg

Built model by Somogyi László

armada/72117/1/01.jpg armada/72117/1/02.jpg armada/72117/1/03.jpg armada/72117/1/04.jpg armada/72117/1/05.jpg

Kit E72118 - Praga V3S 130mm RM VZ51 Rakete


Built model by Somogyi László

armada/72118/1/01.jpg armada/72118/1/02.jpg armada/72118/1/03.jpg armada/72118/1/04.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72118 - Praga V3S 130mm RM VZ51 Rakete visit:

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Kit E72119 - M53/59 Praga "Jesterka"


Built model by Somogyi László

armada/72119/1/01.jpg armada/72119/1/02.jpg armada/72119/1/03.jpg armada/72119/1/04.jpg armada/72119/1/05.jpg armada/72119/1/06.jpg armada/72119/1/07.jpg armada/72119/1/08.jpg armada/72119/1/09.jpg armada/72119/1/10.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72119 - M53/59 Praga "Jesterka" visit:

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Kit E72121 - IFA W50 LAK


For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72121 - IFA W50 LAK visit:

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Conversion ARMADA HOBBY 72121 into IFA W50 LAA with 25MM AA gun 2M3, by Udo Bauer

Umbau des Armada-Kits 72121 (IFA W50 LAK) in ein Fahrzeug, das ca. 1983 bei der Marine der NVA entwickelt, gebaut und in 6 Exemplaren zum Einsatz kam. Von ausgemusterten Torpedobooten wurden die AA guns abgebaut und auf W50 LA montiert. Dazu das Stromaggregat EL 380 und zusätzliche Munition. Mit diesen Fahrzeugen wurde eine zusätzliche Luftabwehrkomponente für Marinestützpunkte, rückwärtige Einrichtungen etc. geschaffen
Ich habe dazu den Kit 72121 genutzt, weil der Kofferaufbau des Original-Kits nicht zu verwenden ist (alles verzogen, viele Blasen, ...). Nur die Kabine und das Chassis des LKW IFA W50LAA sind nach umfangreichen Verbesserungen zu verwenden

Conversion of the Armada kit 72121 (IFA W50 LAK) into a vehicle, which was developed around 1983 in the Navy of the NVA, and was used in 6 copies. The AA guns were dismantled from worn-out torpedo bombs and mounted on W50 LA. For this purpose the EL 380 power unit and additional ammunition. With these vehicles, an additional air defense component for maritime support points, rear facilities etc. was created
I used the kit 72121, because some parts of the original kit is not to be used (everything warped, many air-bubbles, ...). Only the cabin and the chassis of the truck IFA W50LAA are to be used after extensive improvements

armada/72121/1/01.jpg armada/72121/1/02.jpg armada/72121/1/03.jpg armada/72121/1/04.jpg armada/72121/1/05.jpg armada/72121/1/06.jpg armada/72121/1/07.jpg armada/72121/1/08.jpg armada/72121/1/09.jpg armada/72121/1/10.jpg

Kit E72122 - IFA W50 with Container


Kit E72129 - IFA L60 Truck


Kit E72130 - IFA L60 LAK II


For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72130 - IFA L60 LAK II visit:

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Kit E72140 - IFA G5 SK2 "Arbeiterwasmachine"


Kit E72150 - Robur LO 1800 with canvas


Kit E72151 - Robur LO 2002 with canvas

armada/72151/01.jpg armada/72151/02.jpg armada/72151/03.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Conversion into Robur LO 2002 with FASTA 4 (Missile launcher for the Strela anti-aircraft missile) used by NVA. The light truck had a combat set of 8 missiles in 4 transport boxes and was operated by 2 men. The missiles were used to protect against low-flying air targets up to a distance of max. 4 - 5 kilometers - Udo Bauer

armada/72151/1/01.jpg armada/72151/1/02.jpg armada/72151/1/03.jpg armada/72151/1/04.jpg armada/72151/1/05.jpg armada/72151/1/06.jpg armada/72151/1/07.jpg armada/72151/1/08.jpg armada/72151/1/09.jpg armada/72151/1/10.jpg

Kit E72152 - Robur LO 2002 with cabine


Kit E72158 - Robur LO 2002 LAK


Kit E72180 - Soviet Heavy Trench Machine


Built model by Udo Bauer

Armada Hobby's TMK-2 (Soviet Heavy Trench Machine E 72180) is in the works. The TMK-2 (Russian: Tranchejnaja Maschina Koljosnaja = trench excavator wheel chassis) was used in the pioneer units of the NVA in the 1980s. By the end of the GDR, only 16 machines had been introduced into the engineering units for position building. They should replace most of the analog tracked machines. Some operational vehicles can currently be seen at the vehicle meetings of military vehicle collectors - Udo Bauer

armada/72180/1/01.jpg armada/72180/1/02.jpg armada/72180/1/03.jpg armada/72180/1/04.jpg armada/72180/1/05.jpg armada/72180/1/06.jpg armada/72180/1/07.jpg armada/72180/1/08.jpg armada/72180/1/09.jpg

Kit E72181 - KRAZ 255 Low Sidewall


Kit E72182 - KrAZ-255 high sidewall


Model built by Igor Sazonov

armada/72182/02.jpg armada/72182/03.jpg armada/72182/04.jpg armada/72182/05.jpg armada/72182/06.jpg armada/72182/07.jpg

Kit E72183 - Kraz 255 with Canvas


Kit E72184 - Kraz 255 PMP-3 River Part


Kit E72185 - Kraz 255 PMP-3 Coastal Part


Kit E72186 - Kraz 255 TMM3


Pictures built model by Igor Sazonov

armada/72186/1/01.jpg armada/72186/1/02.jpg armada/72186/1/03.jpg armada/72186/1/04.jpg armada/72186/1/05.jpg armada/72186/1/06.jpg

Kit E72188 - Kraz 255 with BMK-T


Model built by Udo Bauer

Das Modell habe ich umfangreich überarbeiten müssen. Besonders der KrAZ hatte viele Fehlteile und schlechte Qualität. Das Bugsierboot ist in Ordnung - Udo Bauer

armada/72188/1/01.jpg armada/72188/1/02.jpg armada/72188/1/03.jpg armada/72188/1/04.jpg armada/72188/1/05.jpg armada/72188/1/06.jpg armada/72188/1/07.jpg armada/72188/1/08.jpg armada/72188/1/09.jpg armada/72188/1/10.jpg armada/72188/1/11.jpg armada/72188/1/12.jpg

Kit E72189 - Kraz with Excavator


Kit E72201 - Type 653 ARV

armada/72201/01.jpg armada/72201/02.jpg armada/72201/03.jpg armada/72201/04.jpg armada/72201/05.jpg armada/72201/06.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

armada/72201/1/01.jpg armada/72201/1/02.jpg armada/72201/1/03.jpg armada/72201/1/04.jpg

Kit E72202 - Type 80

armada/72202/01.jpg armada/72202/02.jpg armada/72202/03.jpg armada/72202/04.jpg armada/72202/05.jpg armada/72202/06.jpg

Kit E72204 - Type 69-2 Tank with Turret Armour


Kit E72210 - Type 63-1 APC (WZ531A - PLA)


Model Built by Udo Bauer - (mediocre kit, poor casting)

armada/72210/1/01.jpg armada/72210/1/02.jpg armada/72210/1/03.jpg armada/72210/1/04.jpg armada/72210/1/05.jpg armada/72210/1/06.jpg armada/72210/1/07.jpg armada/72210/1/08.jpg

Kit E72211 - Type 63-2 APC (WZ531B - PLA)


Kit E72212 - YW-531C APC (Export Version)


Kit E72213 - Type 70 MRLS (WZ303 - PLA)


Kit E72214 - YW-701 Armoured Command & Control APC (WZ701 - PLA)


Kit E72215 - YW-721 Armoured Radio & Communications Relay APC (WZ721 - PLA)


Kit E72216 - YW 701 Armoured Command & Control APC (Export Version)


Kit E72217 - YW 750 Armoured Ambulance (WZ-750 PLA)


Kit E72218 - YW 750 Armoured Ambulance (Export Version)


Kit E72219 - Type 63 Amphibious (WZ303 - PLA)


Kit EK7201 or (EK72001) - MAZ 537G Soviet Tanktransporter with ChMZAP-9990 Trailer

armada/EK7201/01.jpg armada/EK7201/02.jpg

Model built by Igor Sazonov - (vehicle on trailer picture WModel kit WB28- Bat-2)

armada/EK7201/1/01.jpg armada/EK7201/1/02.jpg armada/EK7201/1/03.jpg armada/EK7201/1/04.jpg armada/EK7201/1/05.jpg armada/EK7201/1/06.jpg armada/EK7201/1/07.jpg armada/EK7201/1/08.jpg

Modern Series

Kit M72001 - Lynx APC - (Hungarian Version) - 3D Printed


Kit M72041 - M1078 LTas Cab


Kit M72042 - M1078 LTas Cab with Canvas


Kit M72046 - M1083 FMTV LTas Cab


Kit M72048 - M1083 LTas Cab with Shelter


Kit M72049 - M1090 LTas Cab Dump Truck


Kit M72050 - M1088 FMTV LTas Cab 5ton Tractor


Kit M72051 - KZKT 7428 Tractor


Model built by Yu Ke

armada/modern/72051/1/01.jpg armada/modern/72051/1/02.jpg armada/modern/72051/1/03.jpg armada/modern/72051/1/04.jpg armada/modern/72051/1/05.jpg armada/modern/72051/1/06.jpg

Kit M72152 - Mastiff Mrap


Kit M72191 - Gougar 4x4 Mrap - 3D Printed


Kit M72196 - MAXX Pro with Spark Mine Roller

armada/modern/72196/01.jpg armada/modern/72196/02.jpg armada/modern/72196/03.jpg armada/modern/72196/04.jpg armada/modern/72196/05.jpg armada/modern/72196/06.jpg armada/modern/72196/07.jpg

Kit M72197 - MAXX Pro with Mine Roller

armada/modern/72197/01.jpg armada/modern/72197/02.jpg armada/modern/72197/03.jpg armada/modern/72197/04.jpg armada/modern/72197/05.jpg armada/modern/72197/06.jpg

Kit M72198 - MAXX Pro Cat II Ambulance


Kit M72199 - MAXX Pro Cat. 1

armada/modern/72199/01.jpg armada/modern/72199/02.jpg armada/modern/72199/03.jpg armada/modern/72199/04.jpg armada/modern/72199/05.jpg armada/modern/72199/06.jpg armada/modern/72199/07.jpg armada/modern/72199/08.jpg armada/modern/72199/09.jpg

For "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about Kit M72199 - MAXX Pro Cat. 1 visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit M72200 - MAXX Pro

armada/modern/72200/01.jpg armada/modern/72200/02.jpg armada/modern/72200/03.jpg armada/modern/72200/04.jpg armada/modern/72200/05.jpg armada/modern/72200/06.jpg armada/modern/72200/07.jpg armada/modern/72200/08.jpg armada/modern/72200/09.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

armada/modern/72200/1/01.jpg armada/modern/72200/1/02.jpg armada/modern/72200/1/03.jpg armada/modern/72200/1/04.jpg

Kit M72201 - IVECO Lince


Kit M72202 - IVECO Panther


Kit M72203 - IVECO Medivic


Kit M72206 - M925 5 Tons Truck "Big Foot" - (kitnumber changed)

armada/modern/72206/01.jpg armada/modern/72206/02.jpg armada/modern/72206/03.jpg armada/modern/72206/04.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

armada/modern/72206/1/01.jpg armada/modern/72206/1/02.jpg armada/modern/72206/1/03.jpg armada/modern/72206/1/04.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72206 - M925 5 Tons Truck "Big Foot" visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit M72207 - M925 5 Tons Truck with Canvas - (kitnumber changed)

armada/modern/72207/01.jpg armada/modern/72207/02.jpg armada/modern/72207/03.jpg armada/modern/72207/04.jpg

Kit M72208 - M923 Truck with Shelter


For "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about Kit M72208 - M923 Truck with Shelter visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit M72209 - M929 Dump Truck


Kit M72210 - M931 Tractor


Model under construction by Alexandre Novellino

armada/modern/72210/1/01.jpg armada/modern/72210/1/02.jpg armada/modern/72210/1/03.jpg armada/modern/72210/1/04.jpg armada/modern/72210/1/05.jpg

Kit M72211 - M923 Armoured Cab

armada/modern/72211/01.jpg armada/modern/72211/02.jpg armada/modern/72211/03.jpg armada/modern/72211/04.jpg

Kit M72212 - M923 Tanker

armada/modern/72212/01.jpg armada/modern/72212/02.jpg armada/modern/72212/03.jpg armada/modern/72212/04.jpg

Kit M72213 - M923 Gun Truck


Kit M72214 - Big Foot with Spark Mineroller

armada/modern/72214/01.jpg armada/modern/72214/02.jpg armada/modern/72214/03.jpg armada/modern/72214/04.jpg armada/modern/72214/05.jpg armada/modern/72214/06.jpg

Kit M72221 - M1078 2,5ton LMTV US 4x4 truck


Kit M72222 - M1078 2,5ton LMTV US 4x4 truck w/canvas


Kit M72223 - M1078 2,5ton LMTV US 4x4 truck w/shelter

armada/modern/72223/01.jpg armada/modern/72223/02.jpg armada/modern/72223/03.jpg armada/modern/72223/04.jpg armada/modern/72223/05.jpg

Kit M72224 - LMTV & Mobile Gas Station

armada/modern/72224/01.jpg armada/modern/72224/02.jpg armada/modern/72224/03.jpg armada/modern/72224/04.jpg

Kit M72225 - M1083A1 FMTV 6 x 6 Truck


Kit M72226 - M1083A1 FMTV Truck With Canvas


Kit M72227 - M1083 FMTV Dump Truck


Kit M72228 - M1083 FMTV Tractor

armada/modern/72228/01.jpg armada/modern/72228/02.jpg armada/modern/72228/03.jpg armada/modern/72228/04.jpg

Kit M72231 - M1078 LMTV armored cab


Kit M72232 - M1078 LMTV armored cab w/canvas


Kit M72233 - FMTV 6x6 with Armoured Cab


Kit M72234 - LMTV Armoured Cab & Mobil Gas Station

armada/modern/72234/01.jpg armada/modern/72234/02.jpg armada/modern/72234/03.jpg armada/modern/72234/04.jpg armada/modern/72234/05.jpg

Kit M72235 - M1078 FMTV armored cab


Kit M72237 - M1078 FMTV armored cab tractor

armada/modern/72237/01.jpg armada/modern/72237/02.jpg armada/modern/72237/03.jpg armada/modern/72237/04.jpg

Kit M72299 - Bayraktar drone TB2


Nato Series

Kit N72001 - Lynx APC


Kit N72002 - M113 C&R

armada/nato/72002/01.jpg armada/nato/72002/02.jpg armada/nato/72002/03.jpg armada/nato/72002/04.jpg armada/nato/72002/05.jpg

Kit N72003 - M114 Command & Reconnaissance Carrier


Kit N72005 - M114 A1E1 - (with M139 20mm)


Kit N72006 - M114A2 - (With M60 Turret Cupola - Experimental)


Kit N72010 - Dodge M880 Light Truck


Kit N72041 - Humber Pig MKI APC


Kit N72042 - Humber Pig MKII APC


Kit N72043 - Humber "Flying Pig"


Kit N72045 - Humber Hornet


Kit N72050 - AT-105 Saxon APC


Kit N72051 - AT-105 Saxon Medevac


Model built by Paul Brant

armada/nato/72051/1/01.jpg armada/nato/72051/1/02.jpg armada/nato/72051/1/03.jpg armada/nato/72051/1/04.jpg armada/nato/72051/1/05.jpg armada/nato/72051/1/06.jpg

Kit N72052 - AT-105 "Flying" Saxon APC


Kit N72053 - AT-105 "Police" Saxon


Kit N72071 - MB Truck


Kit N72074 - MB Truck with Faltkoffer NVA


Kit N72076 - MB U 1300


Model built by Gero Takacs

armada/nato/72076/1/01.jpg armada/nato/72076/1/02.jpg

Kit N72077 - MB U1300 with Canvas


Kit N72078 - MB U1300 with Armoured Cab


Kit N72079 - MB U1300 Ambulance


Kit N72080 - MB U1300 Fire Truck


Kit N72090 - MAN 11.136 Military Truck


Kit N72091 - HS-30 mit 106mm rückstossfreiem Geschütz.


Kit N72092 - HS-30 Schützenpanzer lang mit smoke discharger.


Model built by Udo Bauer

The quality of the cast from the vehicle is satisfactory, few details but fit and dimensions are fine. I built the 106mm gun myself, the part out of the box is not good, as are the fog lights and the tool kit. As always: no decals and a high price. - Udo Bauer

armada/nato/72092/1/01.jpg armada/nato/72092/1/02.jpg armada/nato/72092/1/03.jpg armada/nato/72092/1/04.jpg armada/nato/72092/1/05.jpg armada/nato/72092/1/06.jpg armada/nato/72092/1/07.jpg armada/nato/72092/1/08.jpg armada/nato/72092/1/09.jpg

Kit N72093 - HS-30 Feuerleitpanzer Typ 81-3


Kit N72094 - HS-30 Raketenjagdpanzer 1 SS-11


Kit N72095 - HS-30 120 mm Mörser


Kit N72100 - M818 Tractor


Kit N72101 - M915A1 AM General


Kit N72148 - M37B1 Armoured Gun Truck


Kit N72157 - M107 175mm SPG


Kit N72158 - M110 210mm SPG


Kit N72159 - M110A2, 203mm SPG


Kit N72160 - Elvo Leonidas 1 APC


Kit N72161 - Elvo Leonidas 2 APC with 20mm autocanon


Kit N72200 - LVPT 5, Tracked Amphibious APC


Kit NK72201 - M52 with M349 Refrigeration Trailer


Civilian Vehicles Series

Kit C72001 - Russian IZS Pickup


For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit N72001 - Russian IZS Pickup visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit C72002 - Russian IZS Pickup


Built model by Zoltan Nagy

armada/civil/72002/1/01.jpg armada/civil/72002/1/02.jpg armada/civil/72002/1/03.jpg armada/civil/72002/1/04.jpg armada/civil/72002/1/05.jpg armada/civil/72002/1/06.jpg armada/civil/72002/1/07.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit N72002 - Russian IZS Pickup visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit C72003 - VAZ/LADA 2101/Zhiguli 1200


Kit C72004 - VAZ/LADA 2101S/Zhiguli 1300


Kit C72005 - VAZ/LADA 2102/Zhiguli KOmbi


Kit C72006 - Fiat 124


Kit C72007 - VAZ/LADA 21029/Zhiguli Delivery Van


Kit C72008 - VAZ/LADA 2103/Zhiguli 1500


Kit C72009 - VAZ/LADA 2103S/Zhiguli 1600


Kit C72010 - Fiat 124 Speciale


Kit C72011 - Lada 2104 - Police

armada/civil/72011/01.jpg armada/civil/72011/02.jpg armada/civil/72011/03.jpg

Kit C72012 - Lada Vaz 2105 - Police

armada/civil/72012/01.jpg armada/civil/72012/02.jpg

Kit C72013 - Lada Vaz 2104

armada/civil/72013/01.jpg armada/civil/72013/02.jpg

Kit C72014 - Lada Vaz 2105

armada/civil/72014/01.jpg armada/civil/72014/02.jpg

World Vehicles Series

Kit W72001 - Pandur 6x6

armada/world/72001/01.jpg armada/world/72001/02.jpg armada/world/72001/03.jpg armada/world/72001/04.jpg

For "Marc Mercier's / OTW" review of Kit W72001 - Pandur 6x6 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit W72002 - Pandur San

armada/world/72002/01.jpg armada/world/72002/02.jpg armada/world/72002/03.jpg armada/world/72002/04.jpg armada/world/72002/05.jpg

Kit W72003 - Pandur MTGS Kuwait

armada/world/72003/01.jpg armada/world/72003/02.jpg armada/world/72003/03.jpg armada/world/72003/04.jpg armada/world/72003/05.jpg

Kit W72004 - Pandur ARFSV

armada/world/72004/01.jpg armada/world/72004/02.jpg armada/world/72004/03.jpg armada/world/72004/04.jpg armada/world/72004/05.jpg

Kit W72005 - EE-11 Urutu APC

armada/world/72005/01.jpg armada/world/72005/02.jpg

Kit W72006 - EE-11 URUTU

armada/world/72006/01.jpg armada/world/72006/02.jpg armada/world/72006/03.jpg armada/world/72006/04.jpg armada/world/72006/05.jpg

Kit W72007 - EE-11 URUTU with HMG Turret

armada/world/72007/01.jpg armada/world/72007/02.jpg armada/world/72007/03.jpg armada/world/72007/04.jpg armada/world/72007/05.jpg

Kit W72008 - E-11 with 90mm Cockerill

armada/world/72008/01.jpg armada/world/72008/02.jpg armada/world/72008/03.jpg armada/world/72008/04.jpg armada/world/72008/05.jpg

Kit W72009 - E-11 Urutu Ambulance

armada/world/72009/01.jpg armada/world/72009/02.jpg armada/world/72009/03.jpg armada/world/72009/04.jpg armada/world/72009/05.jpg

Kit W72010 - EE-11 URUTU ARV 003

armada/world/72010/01.jpg armada/world/72010/02.jpg armada/world/72010/03.jpg armada/world/72010/04.jpg armada/world/72010/05.jpg

Kit W72011 - EE-9 Cascavell I

armada/world/72011/01.jpg armada/world/72011/02.jpg armada/world/72011/03.jpg armada/world/72011/04.jpg armada/world/72011/05.jpg

Kit W72012 - EE-9 Cascavell II

armada/world/72012/01.jpg armada/world/72012/02.jpg

Kit W72013 - EE-9 Cascavell III

armada/world/72013/01.jpg armada/world/72013/02.jpg

Kit W72014 - EE-9 Cascavell IV / V

armada/world/72014/01.jpg armada/world/72014/02.jpg

Kit W72030 - OT M60 APC


Kit W72034 - BOV-VP APC


Kit W72035 - BOV-4 Police APC


Kit W72036 - BOV-SN Ambulance APC


Kit W72037 - BOV-3 Anti Aircraft Vehicle


Kit W72038 - BOV-1 Anti Tank Vehicle


Kit W72041 - M-80 APC


Kit W72042 - M-80A1 APC


Kit W72051 - FAHD 240 APC


Kit W72052 - FAHD 240 Armoured Car with Kader 280 Turret


Kit W72053 - FAHD 240/30 Armoured Car with 30mm Turret


Kit W72079 - Volvo BM Bulldozer

armada/world/72079/01.jpg armada/world/72079/02.jpg armada/world/72079/03.jpg

Kit W72091 - Rhino SPG

armada/world/72091/01.jpg armada/world/72091/02.jpg armada/world/72091/03.jpg armada/world/72091/04.jpg armada/world/72091/05.jpg armada/world/72091/06.jpg armada/world/72091/07.jpg armada/world/72091/08.jpg armada/world/72091/09.jpg

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