German railway guns WW-I and WW-II available in 1/72 scale.

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5MHobby resin.

Kit 72003 - German Panzerjaeger wagon with T34 hull and early T34 turret.

5mhobby/72003/01.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72003/2/05.jpg

Kit 72004 - German Panzerjeager railway car.

5mhobby/72004/01.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/04.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/05.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/06.jpg 5mhobby/72004/2/07.jpg

Kit 72016 - German Panzerjaeger wagon with T34 hull and mid Turret.

5mhobby/72016/01.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/01.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/02.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/03.jpg 5mhobby/72016/2/04.jpg

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5STAR resin

Kit 5S72001 - Panzerjaeger-Triebwagen 51.

5star/72001/01.jpg 5star/72001/02.jpg 5star/72001/03.jpg 5star/72001/04.jpg

Kit 5S72002 - Panzerjaeger-Triebwagen 16.

5star/72002/01.jpg 5star/72002/02.jpg 5star/72002/03.jpg 5star/72002/04.jpg

Kit 5S72003 - Zaamurets Russian armored train 1916.

5star/72003/01.jpg 5star/72003/02.jpg 5star/72003/03.jpg 5star/72003/04.jpg 5star/72003/05.jpg

Kit 5S72004 - Zaamurets Russian armored train 1917.

5star/72004/01.jpg 5star/72004/02.jpg 5star/72004/03.jpg 5star/72004/04.jpg

Kit 5S72005 - French 305mm railway gun 1906.

5star/72005/01.jpg 5star/72005/02.jpg 5star/72005/03.jpg 5star/72005/04.jpg

Kit 5S72006 - Panzerjaeger-Triebwagen 16 with AA guns.

5star/72006/01.jpg 5star/72006/02.jpg 5star/72006/03.jpg 5star/72006/04.jpg 5star/72006/05.jpg 5star/72006/06.jpg

Kit 5S72007 - German railroad gun 32cm M93(f) WWII.

5star/72007/01.jpg 5star/72007/02.jpg 5star/72007/03.jpg 5star/72007/04.jpg 5star/72007/05.jpg 5star/72007/06.jpg

Kit 5S72008 - Kurze Bruno - WW2 German 28cm railroad gun.

5star/72008/01.jpg 5star/72008/02.jpg 5star/72008/03.jpg 5star/72008/04.jpg

Kit 5S72009 - Voegele-Drehscheibe for railroad gun.

5star/72009/01.jpg 5star/72009/01.jpg 5star/72009/01.jpg 5star/72009/01.jpg

Kit 5S72010 - Kurze Bruno Auf Voegele-Drehscheibe.

5star/72010/01.jpg 5star/72010/02.jpg 5star/72010/03.jpg 5star/72010/04.jpg 5star/72010/05.jpg

Kit 5S72013 - 28cm railroad gun Lange Bruno.

5star/72013/01.jpg 5star/72013/02.jpg 5star/72013/03.jpg 5star/72013/04.jpg 5star/72013/05.jpg

Kit 5S72014 - Panzerjaeger Wagon T-34.

5star/72014/01.jpg 5star/72014/02.jpg 5star/72014/03.jpg 5star/72014/04.jpg 5star/72014/05.jpg

Kit 5S72015 - 24cm Railroad Gun Theodor Bruno.

5star/72015/01.jpg 5star/72015/01.jpg 5star/72015/01.jpg 5star/72015/01.jpg 5star/72015/01.jpg

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Ace Models.

Kit 72210 - BA-20 railway version - model built by Neil Lyall.

Ace/72210/01.jpg Ace/72210/2/01.jpg Ace/72210/2/02.jpg Ace/72210/2/03.jpg Ace/72210/2/04.jpg

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Kit arm02 - German Panzerzug BP-44.

Armageddon/2/00.jpg Armageddon/2/1/01.jpg Armageddon/2/1/02.jpg Armageddon/2/1/03.jpg Armageddon/2/1/04.jpg Armageddon/2/1/05.jpg Armageddon/2/1/06.jpg Armageddon/2/1/07.jpg Armageddon/2/1/08.jpg Armageddon/2/1/09.jpg

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Attack Resin.

Kit atre72311 - Schienenpanzer Steyer K2670.

Attack/72311.jpg Attack/72311-1.jpg Attack/72311-2.jpg Attack/72311-3.jpg

Kit atre72312 - Schienenpanzer Steyer K2670 - 1943.

Attack/72312.jpg Attack/72312-1.jpg Attack/72312-2.jpg Attack/72312-3.jpg

Kit atre72313 - Schienenpanzer artillery wagon.

Attack/72313.jpg Attack/72313-1.jpg Attack/72313-2.jpg Attack/72313-3.jpg

Kit atre72314 - Schienenpanzer commando wagon.

Attack/72314/01.jpg Attack/72314/05.jpg Attack/72314/06.jpg Attack/72314/07.jpg

Kit atre72315 - Schienenpanzer infantry wagon.

Attack/72315.jpg Attack/72315-1.jpg Attack/72315-2.jpg Attack/72315-3.jpg

Kit atre72316 - Panzertraeger wagon with 38T.

Attack/72316.jpg Attack/72316-1.jpg Attack/72316-2.jpg Attack/72316-3.jpg

Kit atre72334 - Schwere Schienenpanzer 3cm Flak Kugelblitz.

Attack/72334.jpg Attack/72334-1.jpg

Kit atre72337 - Le Schienenpanzer - artillery wagen.

Attack/72337.jpg Attack/72337-1.jpg

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Kit MB028 - railway gun Leopold - model built by Thomas Hrdlicka.

Hasegawa/MB028.jpg Hasegawa/MB028/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/MB028/1/02.jpg Hasegawa/MB028/1/03.jpg Hasegawa/MB028/1/04.jpg Hasegawa/MB028/1/05.jpg Hasegawa/MB028/1/06.jpg

Kit MB032 - 60cm Moerser Karl 040 on railway carrier.

Hasegawa/MB032.jpg Hasegawa/31032.jpg

For more information visit Hasegawa page:

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Kit HB82901 - German Kriegslokomotive BR-52 - model built by Lo Baars - painted in the colours of the BR-52 on display in Sindheim Museum

hobbyboss/82901/01.jpg hobbyboss/82901/1/01.jpg hobbyboss/82901/1/02.jpg hobbyboss/82901/1/03.jpg

Kit HB82903 - German Railway Gun 280mm K5(E) Leopold - model built by Alexander Chalikas.

hobbyboss/82903/01.jpg hobbyboss/82903/03.jpg

Kit HB82906 - German rail transporter for Karl-Geraet.


Kit HB82911 - German 80cm K(E) Heavy railway gun Dora - model built by Mark Deliduka.

hobbyboss/82911/00.jpg hobbyboss/82911/2/01.jpg hobbyboss/82911/2/02.jpg hobbyboss/82911/2/03.jpg hobbyboss/82911/2/04.jpg hobbyboss/82911/2/05.jpg

Kit HB82913 - WR360 C12 locomotive - model built by Lo Baars.

hobbyboss/82913/01.jpg hobbyboss/82913/1/01.jpg hobbyboss/82913/1/02.jpg hobbyboss/82913/1/03.jpg hobbyboss/82913/1/04.jpg hobbyboss/82913/1/05.jpg

Kit HB82914 - BR-86 German locomotive.


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Planet - Resin.

Kit MV006 - Panzer Draisine

Planet/MV006/01.jpg Planet/MV006/02.jpg

Kit MV008 - Plate form syms 50ton.

Planet/MV008/01.jpg Planet/MV008/02.jpg Planet/MV008/03.jpg

Kit MV028 - Steyer K2670 armoured train.

Planet/MV028/01.jpg Planet/MV028/02.jpg Planet/MV028/03.jpg

Kit MV045 - railway transport for Maus,

Planet/MV045/01.jpg Planet/MV045/02.jpg Planet/MV045/03.jpg

Kit MV047 - railway transport - Vagon Gattungs Bezirk.

Planet/MV047/01.jpg Planet/MV047/02.jpg Planet/MV047/03.jpg

Kit MV048 - railway transport - Gattung.

Planet/MV048/01.jpg Planet/MV048/02.jpg Planet/MV048/03.jpg

Kit MV050 - Kriegslokomotive BR52.


Kit MV051 - Kriegslokomotive BR64.

Planet/MV051/01.jpg Planet/MV051/02.jpg Planet/MV051/03.jpg Planet/MV051/04.jpg Planet/MV051/05.jpg Planet/MV051/06.jpg

Kit MV052 - Kriegslokomotive BR86.


Kit MV053 - Diesellokomotive WR360 C14.

Planet/MV053/01.jpg Planet/MV053/02.jpg Planet/MV053/03.jpg

Kit MV073 - Lynz - carrier Me40 parts one.

Planet/MV073/01.jpg Planet/MV073/02.jpg Planet/MV073/03.jpg

Kit MV074 - Lynz - carrier Me40 parts two.

Planet/MV074/01.jpg Planet/MV074/02.jpg Planet/MV074/03.jpg

Kit MV075 - Lynz - carrier Me40 parts three.

Planet/MV075/01.jpg Planet/MV075/02.jpg Planet/MV075/03.jpg

Kit MV094 - Tender 2'2'32 Vanderbilt - for lokomotive BR-52.

Planet/MV094/01.jpg Planet/MV094/02.jpg Planet/MV094/03.jpg Planet/MV094/04.jpg Planet/MV094/05.jpg

For more information visit Planet - (CMK) page:

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Kit 255 - Heavy Armored ArtilleryCar type A - Panzer Draisine - (Model built by Al Magnus)

um/72255/01.jpg um/72255/4/01.jpg um/72255/4/02.jpg um/72255/4/03.jpg

Kit 256 - heavy armored artillery car type K - Panzer Draisine.


Kit 257 - heavy armored artillery car type Le SP - Panzer Draisine - model built by Al Magnus.

um/72257/01.jpg um/72257/2/01.jpg um/72257/2/02.jpg um/72257/2/03.jpg

Kit 258 - Heavy anti aircraft car S.Sp with quad 20mm AA.


Kit 259 - railway load carrier with 38T.


Kit 261 - reconnaissance armored tain Le.Sp - kit contains 10 railcars (big box).


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