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Below the (still expanding) range of 1/72 - 1/76 scale military vehicle decals. Please keep in mind that these are scans only, compressed for quicker loading into your internet browser and therefore might not fully represent the sharpness of the actual decals

Scale 1/72 - 1/76

72001 - TIGER I on the EAST FRONT - with markings and instructions for 23 tanks

bisondecals/72001.gif bisondecals/72001/72001-1.gif bisondecals/72001/72001-2.gif bisondecals/72001/72001-3.gif bisondecals/72001/72001-4.gif bisondecals/72001/72001-5.gif

72002 - NEGRILLO - Tank markings of 'la Guerra Civil' - with markings and instructions for 19 tanks

bisondecals/72002/72002.gif bisondecals/72002/72002-1.gif bisondecals/72002/72002-2.gif bisondecals/72002/72002-3.gif bisondecals/72002/72002-4.gif bisondecals/72002/72002-5.gif

72003 - AFRIKAKORPS #1 - PzKpfw I and PzKpfw IV - with markings and instructions for 16 tanks

bisondecals/72003/72003.gif bisondecals/72003/72003-1.gif bisondecals/72003/72003-2.gif bisondecals/72003/72003-3.gif bisondecals/72003/72003-4.gif bisondecals/72003/72003-5.gif

72004 - CROMWELL, CENTAUR & COMET TANKS - with markings and instructions for 11 tanks

bisondecals/72004/72004.jpg bisondecals/72004/72004-1.gif bisondecals/72004/72004-2.gif bisondecals/72004/72004-3.gif bisondecals/72004/72004-4.gif bisondecals/72004/72004-5.gif


72006 - FIREFLY Vc. BRITISH M4 VARIANTS - with markings and instructions for 9 tanks

bisondecals/72006/72006.jpg bisondecals/72006/72006-1.gif bisondecals/72006/72006-2.gif bisondecals/72006/72006-3.gif bisondecals/72006/72006-4.gif bisondecals/72006/72006-5.gif

72007 - RECCE - BRITISH LIGHT TANKS & ARMOURED CARS - with markings and instructions for 9 tanks/vehicles

bisondecals/72007/72007.jpg bisondecals/72007/72007-1.gif bisondecals/72007/72007-2.gif bisondecals/72007/72007-3.gif bisondecals/72007/72007-4.gif bisondecals/72007/72007-5.gif

72008 - BALKAN ARMOUR - with markings and instructions for 34 tanks/vehicles

bisondecals/72008/72008.gif bisondecals/72008/72008-1.gif bisondecals/72008/72008-2.gif bisondecals/72008/72008-3.gif bisondecals/72008/72008-4.gif bisondecals/72008/72008-5.gif

72009 - US SHERMANS in NORMANDIE - with markings and instructions for 11 tanks/vehicles

bisondecals/72009/72009.gif bisondecals/72009/72009-2.gif bisondecals/72009/72009-3.gif bisondecals/72009/72009-4.gif bisondecals/72009/72009-5.gif bisondecals/72009/72009-6.gif bisondecals/72009/72009-7.gif bisondecals/72009/72009-9.gif

72010 - New Zealand Armour in Italy

bisondecals/72010/01.gif bisondecals/72010/02.gif bisondecals/72010/03.gif bisondecals/72010/04.gif bisondecals/72010/05.gif bisondecals/72010/06.gif

72011 - Tigers of s.SS-Pz.Abt. 101.

bisondecals/72011/01.gif bisondecals/72011/02.gif bisondecals/72011/03.gif bisondecals/72011/04.gif

72012 - StuG III Ausf G.

bisondecals/72012/01.gif bisondecals/72012/02.gif bisondecals/72012/03.gif

72013 - Hungarian Tanks in WW2. Part 1.

bisondecals/72013/01.gif bisondecals/72013/02.gif bisondecals/72013/03.gif

72014 - Iwo Jima.

bisondecals/72014/01.gif bisondecals/72014/02.gif bisondecals/72014/03.gif bisondecals/72014/04.gif

72015 - Jungle Armour British and Indian Army Shermans in the Far East.

bisondecals/72015/01.gif bisondecals/72015/02.gif bisondecals/72015/03.gif

72016 - German Tanks in Italy - 1943-44

bisondecals/72016/01.gif bisondecals/72016/02.gif bisondecals/72016/03.gif bisondecals/72016/04.gif

72017 - British Sherman Mk II in North Africa.

bisondecals/72017/01.gif bisondecals/72017/02.gif bisondecals/72017/03.gif

72018 - British Sherman Mk III in North Africa

bisondecals/72018/01.gif bisondecals/72018/02.gif bisondecals/72018/03.gif

72019 - British Tanks in North Africa.

bisondecals/72019/01.gif bisondecals/72019/02.gif bisondecals/72019/03.gif bisondecals/72019/04.gif

72020 - British Tanks in Italy.

bisondecals/72020/01.gif bisondecals/72020/02.gif bisondecals/72020/03.gif

72021 - British Sherman Firefly.

bisondecals/72021/01.gif bisondecals/72021/02.gif bisondecals/72021/03.gif bisondecals/72021/04.gif

72022 - French 2eme DB Shermans.

bisondecals/72022/01.gif bisondecals/72022/02.gif bisondecals/72022/03.gif

72023 - Opel Blitz + generic truck markings

bisondecals/72023/01.gif bisondecals/72023/02.gif bisondecals/72023/03.gif

72024 - Panzers in the Bocage.

bisondecals/72024/01.gif bisondecals/72024/02.gif bisondecals/72024/03.gif bisondecals/72024/04.gif bisondecals/72024/05.gif

72025 - US Sherman Tanks in NW Europe 1945

bisondecals/72025/01.gif bisondecals/72025/02.gif bisondecals/72025/03.gif

72026 - Cromwell and Centaur in WW2 (#1)

bisondecals/72026/01.gif bisondecals/72026/02.gif bisondecals/72026/03.jpg

72027 - Cromwell and Centaur in WW2 (#2). RMASG - Royal Marines Armoured Group.

bisondecals/72027/01.gif bisondecals/72027/02.gif

72028 - Hungarian Tanks in WW2 (#2)

bisondecals/72028/01.gif bisondecals/72028/02.gif bisondecals/72028/03.gif bisondecals/72028/04.gif bisondecals/72028/05.gif

72029 - Bulgaria 1939-44

bisondecals/72029/01.gif bisondecals/72029/02.gif bisondecals/72029/03.gif bisondecals/72029/04.gif bisondecals/72029/05.gif

72030 - East European Tanks in 1945

bisondecals/72030/01.gif bisondecals/72030/02.gif bisondecals/72030/03.gif bisondecals/72030/04.gif

72031 - Suez Crisis 1956 - British and French Armour

bisondecals/72031/01.gif bisondecals/72031/02.gif bisondecals/72031/03.gif bisondecals/72031/04.gif

72032 - To the Last Bullet (#1)

bisondecals/72032/01.gif bisondecals/72032/02.gif bisondecals/72032/03.gif

72033 - To the Last Bullet (#2)

bisondecals/72033/01.gif bisondecals/72033/02.gif bisondecals/72033/03.gif bisondecals/72033/04.gif

72034 - Czech Hetzers in Prague 1945

bisondecals/72034/01.gif bisondecals/72034/02.gif bisondecals/72034/03.gif

72097 - British NWE Special Pack #1

bisondecals/72097/01.gif bisondecals/72097/02.gif bisondecals/72097/03.gif

72098 - British NWE Special Pack #2

bisondecals/72098/01.gif bisondecals/72098/02.gif bisondecals/72098/03.gif

72099 - British NWE Special Pack #3

bisondecals/72099/01.gif bisondecals/72099/02.gif bisondecals/72099/03.gif

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