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Newsletter 1/2019


Kit BR72001 - TATRA 815 TP

brassica/BR72001/01.jpg brassica/BR72001/02.jpg brassica/BR72001/03.jpg brassica/BR72001/04.jpg brassica/BR72001/05.jpg brassica/BR72001/06.jpg brassica/BR72001/07.jpg brassica/BR72001/08.jpg brassica/BR72001/09.jpg brassica/BR72001/10.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Kit BR72001 & BR72005 - Both trucks were in the NVA the GDR in inventory. The Kolos was very much represented, which was 815 TP only a few copies in the last months of DDR delivered. The TATRA all versions were very popular, technically mature and reliable in DDR army.

brassica/BR72001/1/01.jpg brassica/BR72001/1/02.jpg brassica/BR72001/1/03.jpg

Kit BR72002 - TATRA 815 NTH

brassica/BR72002/01.jpg brassica/BR72002/02.jpg brassica/BR72002/03.jpg brassica/BR72002/04.jpg brassica/BR72002/05.jpg brassica/BR72002/06.jpg brassica/BR72002/07.jpg brassica/BR72002/08.jpg brassica/BR72002/09.jpg brassica/BR72002/10.jpg

Kit BR72003 - TATRA 815 VVN

brassica/BR72003/01.jpg brassica/BR72003/02.jpg brassica/BR72003/03.jpg brassica/BR72003/04.jpg brassica/BR72003/05.jpg brassica/BR72003/06.jpg brassica/BR72003/07.jpg brassica/BR72003/08.jpg brassica/BR72003/09.jpg

Kit BR72004 - TATRA 815 VT

brassica/BR72004/01.jpg brassica/BR72004/02.jpg brassica/BR72004/03.jpg brassica/BR72004/04.jpg brassica/BR72004/05.jpg brassica/BR72004/06.jpg brassica/BR72004/07.jpg brassica/BR72004/08.jpg brassica/BR72004/09.jpg brassica/BR72004/10.jpg

Pictures from Tim Neate / Missing Lynx Forum

brassica/BR72004/1/01.jpg brassica/BR72004/1/02.jpg brassica/BR72004/1/03.jpg brassica/BR72004/1/04.jpg brassica/BR72004/1/05.jpg brassica/BR72004/1/06.jpg brassica/BR72004/1/07.jpg brassica/BR72004/1/08.jpg

Kit BR72005 - Tatra 813 8x8 KOLOS

brassica/BR72005/01.jpg brassica/BR72005/02.jpg brassica/BR72005/03.jpg brassica/BR72005/04.jpg brassica/BR72005/05.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Kit BR72001 & BR72005 - Both trucks were in the NVA the GDR in inventory. The Kolos was very much represented, which was 815 TP only a few copies in the last months of DDR delivered. The TATRA all versions were very popular, technically mature and reliable in DDR army.

brassica/BR72005/1/01.jpg brassica/BR72005/1/02.jpg brassica/BR72005/1/03.jpg

Kit BR72006 - Tatra 148 VNM

brassica/BR72006/01.jpg brassica/BR72006/02.jpg brassica/BR72006/03.jpg brassica/BR72006/04.jpg brassica/BR72006/05.jpg

Scratchbuild / Converting to Dekontaminationsfahrzeug TZ-74, by Udo Bauer

brassica/BR72006/1/01.jpg brassica/BR72006/1/02.jpg brassica/BR72006/1/03.jpg brassica/BR72006/1/04.jpg

Kit BR72007 - Tatra 148 S1

brassica/BR72007/01.jpg brassica/BR72007/02.jpg brassica/BR72007/03.jpg brassica/BR72007/04.jpg

Kit BR72008 - Tatra 815 VVN 6x6

brassica/BR72008/01.jpg brassica/BR72008/02.jpg brassica/BR72008/03.jpg brassica/BR72008/04.jpg

Kit K72011 - Tatra 148 S3

brassica/k72011/01.jpg brassica/k72011/02.jpg brassica/k72011/03.jpg brassica/k72011/04.jpg

Kit K72012 - Tatra 148 CAPL-15

brassica/k72012/01.jpg brassica/k72012/02.jpg brassica/k72012/03.jpg brassica/k72012/04.jpg

Kit K72013 - UNC 060

brassica/k72013/01.jpg brassica/k72013/02.jpg

Kit K72014 - Zetor 8011

brassica/k72014/01.jpg brassica/k72014/02.jpg brassica/k72014/03.jpg

Kit K72020 - M25 S3 Multicar

brassica/k72020/01.jpg brassica/k72020/02.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

NVA vehicles: The Multicar M25 S3. This pickup truck was used a lot in the GDR. At the NVA for supply tasks within the barracks, airfields and naval bases. They even tried to build an armor carrier (antitank defense) on this basis. Then came the turnaround and the project fell into the water.
The plant has survived the turnaround as the only plant of the GDR vehicle industry. The vans have been modernized and the MUNGO of the Bundeswehr today drives as a successor through the crisis areas in which the Bundeswehr is active

brassica/k72020/1/01.jpg brassica/k72020/1/02.jpg brassica/k72020/1/03.jpg brassica/k72020/1/04.jpg brassica/k72020/1/05.jpg

Kit K72021 - M25 container

brassica/k72021/01.jpg brassica/k72021/02.jpg

Kit K72022 - Tatra 128

brassica/k72022/01.jpg brassica/k72022/02.jpg brassica/k72022/03.jpg brassica/k72022/04.jpg

Kit K72023 - Tatra 128 C

brassica/k72023/01.jpg brassica/k72023/02.jpg brassica/k72023/03.jpg brassica/k72023/04.jpg

Kit K72025 - Zetor 5011/5211

brassica/k72025/01.jpg brassica/k72025/02.jpg brassica/k72025/03.jpg brassica/k72025/04.jpg

Kit K72026 - BSS P93S

brassica/k72026/01.jpg brassica/k72026/02.jpg brassica/k72026/03.jpg

Decals, Photo Etching, resin parts & accessoiressets

Kit A72001 - decals set 1


Kit A72002 - TATRA Doors


Kit A72004 - TATRA 815 / DANA Tactic Wheel Set


Kit A72005 - TATRA 813 / RM70 Tactic Wheel Set


Other accessoires - (Triplex Lasercut)

Kit D72001 - Europatlets

brassica/D72001/01.jpg brassica/D72001/02.jpg

Kit D72002 - Wheel Barrow

brassica/D72002/01.jpg brassica/D72002/02.jpg brassica/D72002/03.jpg

Kit D72003 - Washtubbe

brassica/D72003/01.jpg brassica/D72003/02.jpg brassica/D72003/03.jpg

Kit D72004 - Table & Chairs

brassica/D72004/01.jpg brassica/D72004/02.jpg brassica/D72004/03.jpg

Vehicles in the 1/144 scale

Kit K144001 - Tatra 815 TPL Dual combo

brassica/K144001/01.jpg brassica/K144001/02.jpg brassica/K144001/03.jpg

Kit K144002 - Tatra 815 TPL Dual combo

brassica/K144002/01.jpg brassica/K144002/02.jpg

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