German Beute Panzer

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These Tanks were either captured by the combat forces in usable conditions, or were quickly made usable, in order to replace their own losses or strengthen their fighting power. There were tanks -quite a large number of them- used as invidual units in various units, even within infantry divisions. The most important condition was to find drivers and crew who could operate the weapons. Most of these tanks, however, had a very short life, since spare parts and/or ammunition were not available. In the latter case they were often used as tow vehicles.

Original Wartime photo's beutepanzer in Kummersdorf, Germany

buit/kum/01.jpg buit/kum/02.jpg buit/kum/03.jpg buit/kum/04.jpg buit/kum/05.jpg buit/kum/06.jpg

Captured Russian Vehicles

Pictures original vehicles

buit/R/t34/1/01.jpg buit/R/t34/1/02.jpg buit/R/t34/1/03.jpg buit/R/t34/1/04.jpg buit/R/t34/1/05.jpg buit/R/t34/1/06.jpg

Built models by Matthias Conrad from MC-Modellbau

buit/R/t34/2/02.jpg buit/R/t34/2/03.jpg buit/R/t34/2/04.jpg buit/R/t34/2/05.jpg buit/R/t34/2/06.jpg buit/R/t34/2/07.jpg

T34 recovery tank with triple 20mm AA gun - (scratch)
T34 with four 20mm Flak38 guns - (scratch)
T34 with 88mm Flak 36 - (scratch
T34/76 model 1940/41 with cast turret and F-34 gun - (Eastern-Express)
T34/76 model 1942 - (Dragon)
T34 - PzKpfw. 747r - (1/35)

buit/R/t34/01.jpg buit/R/t34/02.jpg buit/R/t34/03.jpg buit/R/t34/04.jpg buit/R/t34/05.jpg buit/R/t34/06.jpg

T34/76 m1943 (hardedge turret) with replaced Commander Cupola from PzIV - (Eastern-Express)
T34/85 with German 8.8cm gun - "Kurland Tiger" - (5MHobby)
T34 with 3.7cm Flak - (Scratch)
T34 - command or recovery?
T34 with Pz.III stowage bin

buit/R/t34/07.jpg buit/R/t34/08.jpg buit/R/t34/09.jpg buit/R/t34/10.jpg buit/R/t34/2/01.jpg

Pz.Kpfw. 1/1A 753(r) - (PST)
Pz.Kpfw. 753(r) with 7.5cm KwK 40 - (PST)
Pz.Kpfw. 754(r) - (PST)

buit/R/kv/01.jpg buit/R/kv/02.jpg buit/R/kv/03.jpg

Captured French Vehicles

Char B1 with flamethrower

buit/F/charb/01.jpg buit/F/charb/02.jpg

Char B1 with 10,5 cm FH 18 - 1/76 conversion Matchbox Char B1 and Wespe gun - (by Alfred van Netburg)

buit/F/charb/CharB1-105/01.jpg buit/F/charb/CharB1-105/02.jpg buit/F/charb/CharB1-105/03.jpg buit/F/charb/CharB1-105/04.jpg buit/F/charb/CharB1-105/05.jpg

Somua 35 with German modifications - (Ostmodels)


FCM36 with 7.5cm PaK40 L/48 - (ITA)


FCM36 with 10.5 cm LeFH 18 - (Wespe Models)

Model built by Alfred van Netburg

buit/F/fcm36/FCM-105/01.jpg buit/F/fcm36/FCM-105/02.jpg buit/F/fcm36/FCM-105/03.jpg buit/F/fcm36/FCM-105/04.jpg

Hotchkiss H39/40 with 7.5cm PaK40 L/48 - (ITA)
Hotchkiss H39/40 Command Version - (Milicast)

buit/F/h39/01.jpg buit/F/h39/03.jpg

Hotchkiss H39/40 with 10,5 cm FH 18 - 1/72 AlBy resin + rebuilt gun - (by Alfred van Netburg)

buit/F/Hotchkiss105/01.jpg buit/F/Hotchkiss105/02.jpg buit/F/Hotchkiss105/03.jpg buit/F/Hotchkiss105/04.jpg

Renault H35 with 4.7(t) Pak- (Milicast)
Renault H35 Command Vehicle - (Milicast)
Renault H35 - (Milicast)

buit/F/h35/01.jpg buit/F/h35/02.jpg buit/F/h35/03.jpg

Lorraine Schlepper with 4.7cm PaK(t)
Model built by Alfred van Netburg

buit/F/Lorraine-47/01.jpg buit/F/Lorraine-47/02.jpg buit/F/Lorraine-47/03.jpg buit/F/Lorraine-47/04.jpg

Lorraine Schlepper with 7.5 PaK40 L/48


Lorraine Schlepper with 10,5 cm FH 18 - (Becker uitv)
Model built by Alfred van Netburg

buit/F/Lorraine-105/01.jpg buit/F/Lorraine-105/02.jpg buit/F/Lorraine-105/03.jpg buit/F/Lorraine-105/04.jpg

Lorraine Schlepper with 15cm sFH13


PANZERJAGER 7.5cm / SOMUA MCG - (Wespe Models R001) - by Alfred van Netburg

retrokit/retro/72001/1/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72001/1/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72001/1/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72001/1/04.jpg

Renault UE mit 3,7 cm PaK 36 - 1/72 AlBy Resin - by Alfred van Netburg

buit/F/ue/renaultUE37/01.jpg buit/F/ue/renaultUE37/02.jpg buit/F/ue/renaultUE37/03.jpg

Renault UE Funk und Beobachtungspanzer - 1/72 AlBy resin - by Alfred van Netburg

buit/F/ue/renaultUEbeob/01.jpg buit/F/ue/renaultUEbeob/02.jpg buit/F/ue/renaultUEbeob/03.jpg



Captured Polish Vehicles

TK 3 F Beutepanzer - 1/72 Martola resin - by Alfred van Netburg

buit/pol/tk3/01.jpg buit/pol/tk3/02.jpg

Captured US Vehicles

Sherman M4A2 - (Dragon)

buit/us/sh/01.jpg buit/us/sh/02.jpg

Sherman M4 Kangaroo

buit/us/kan/01.jpg buit/us/kan/02.jpg

US M3 Halftrack with wurfrahmen (Academy)- (model built by Rob Haelterman)

buit/us/ht/01.jpg buit/us/ht/02.jpg buit/us/ht/03.jpg buit/us/ht/04.jpg buit/us/ht/05.jpg

Captured British Vehicles



Vickers MKVI - Observation vehicle - (Airfix) - Model built by Brett Mahoney

buit/br/mk6/MKVI/01.jpg buit/br/mk6/MKVI/02.jpg buit/brmk6//MKVI/03.jpg

Geschutzwagen auf Light Tank Mk VI (e) mit 7,5 cm PaK 40 PROTOTYPE - 1/76 conversion JB models Light Tank Mk VI - by Alfred van Netburg

buit/br/mk6/MKVI-75/01.jpg buit/br/mk6/MKVI-75/02.jpg buit/br/mk6/MKVI-75/03.jpg buit/br/mk6/MKVI-75/04.jpg

Geschutzwagen auf Light Tank Mk VI (e) mit FH 16 - 1/76 Scratchbuilt with Airfix Brencarier suspension parts - by Alfred van Netburg

buit/br/mk6/MKVI-FH16/01.jpg buit/br/mk6/MKVI-FH16/02.jpg buit/br/mk6/MKVI-FH16/03.jpg buit/br/mk6/MKVI-FH16/04.jpg

Bren Carrier with 3.7 Pak - Airfix - (Scratch)


Matilda with ??

buit/br/mat/01.jpg buit/br/mat/02.jpg


buit/br/val/01.jpg buit/br/val/02.jpg

Morris Truck

buit/br/mor/01.jpg buit/br/mor/02.jpg

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