B.U.M. (Barcelona Universal Models)

A Spanish company that released "combination" kits from different manufacturers under his own label - the kits are a mix from plastic or resin vehicles with plastic parts.

B.U.M. is collaborated with the Russian labels "Pobeda/Victory and Metch Sword". All the 3 labels have the same less quality!!

Warning: Be carefull with ordering!!

The boxtops pictures suggest that this company re-boxed kits from several know and unknown manufacturers under his own label. Pity enough is that not a warranty that the kit really is included. It's possible that you become a resin copy from a same vehicle . The quality of the resin copies is very different, from acceptable to poor.
There is no problem when the included kits is an original re-boxing from Fujimi, Esci, MilitaryWheels kits.

Pictures are taken with permission from "Plastic Soldier Review" website.

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1/72 B.U.M. (Barcelona Universal Models)
The sets contains resin and plastic kits and figures from different manufacturers about the Spanish Civil War period

Kit 5000 - La legion

bum/5000/01.jpg bum/5000/02.jpg bum/5000/03.jpg bum/5000/04.jpg

Kit 5001 - Republican Army

bum/5001/01.jpg bum/5001/02.jpg bum/5001/03.jpg bum/5001/04.jpg

Kit 5002 - PzKpfw. 1A


Kit 5003 - CTV Italiana

bum/5003/01.jpg bum/5003/02.jpg bum/5003/03.jpg bum/5003/04.jpg

Kit 5004 - Guerra Civil Espanola

bum/5004/01.jpg bum/5004/02.jpg bum/5004/03.jpg bum/5004/04.jpg

Kit 5005 - Guerra Civil Espanola

bum/5005/01.jpg bum/5005/02.jpg bum/5005/03.jpg bum/5005/04.jpg bum/5005/05.jpg

kit 5006 - T-26B from UM and four Tank Crew figures

bum/5006/01.jpg bum/5006/02.jpg bum/5006/03.jpg

Kit 5007 - Guerra de Invierno

bum/5007/01.jpg bum/5007/02.jpg bum/5007/03.jpg bum/5007/04.jpg

kit 5009 - BA-20

bum/5009/01.jpg bum/5009/02.jpg

kit 5010 - Guerra Civil Espanola

bum/5010/01.jpg bum/5010/02.jpg bum/5010/03.jpg

Kit 5012 - AC-2 truck from UM with Pilots and Ground Crew

bum/5012/01.jpg bum/5012/02.jpg bum/5012/03.jpg bum/5012/04.jpg bum/5012/05.jpg

Kit 5013 - A Las Barricadas II

bum/5013/01.jpg bum/5013/02.jpg bum/5013/03.jpg bum/5013/04.jpg

Kit 5014 - Spanish Cavalary


Kit 5015 - Armoured Truck with Figures

bum/5015/01.jpg bum/5015/02.jpg bum/5015/03.jpg

kit 5017 - "First Aid" Post

bum/5017/01.jpg bum/5017/02.jpg bum/5017/03.jpg bum/5017/04.jpg

Kit 5019 - Sin Refugio, damaged cars and dead animals

bum/5019/01.jpg bum/5019/02.jpg bum/5019/01.jpg

Kit 5020 - BT-5 from UM with tankfigures


Kit 5021 - armoured car "Bilbao" with crew


kit 5022 - BA-6 from UM with crew


Kit 5023 - Trubia Tank (resin) with figures

bum/5023/01.jpg bum/5023/02.jpg

Kit 5024 - Armoured car (resin) with figures

bum/5024/01.jpg bum/5024/02.jpg bum/5024/03.jpg

Kit 5026 - Schneider tank (resin)

bum/5026/01.jpg bum/5026/02.jpg

kit 5027 - Blindado 8tons truck (polystyreen) with figures


Kit 5028 - Gaz BZ-38 Fuel Truck from UM with hangar


Kit 5029 - Gaz truck with 75mm canon from UM with figures


Kit 5030 - Gaz AAA Truck from UM


kit 5032 - Artillery with crew


kit 5033 - CVT Italiana


kit 5034 - FT-17


kit 5035 - 75 mm Canon

bum/5035/01.jpg bum/5035/02.jpg bum/5035/03.jpg bum/5035/04.jpg

kit 5036 - FT-17


kit 5042 - Artillery Brigades

bum/5042/01.jpg bum/5042/02.jpg bum/5042/03.jpg bum/5042/04.jpg

kit 5043 - Horch 830 Radiocar


kit 5045 - 88mm Flak

bum/5045/01.jpg bum/5045/02.jpg

kit 5046 - 105mm Canon

bum/5046/01.jpg bum/5046/02.jpg bum/5046/03.jpg

kit 5047 - Tanko Blindada 8t 1921


kit 5050 - Alcazar du Toledo


kit 5051 - Alcazar du Toledo (2)


kit 5053 - Lanchester 1936

bum/5053/01.jpg bum/5053/02.jpg

kit 5063 - Lancia IZ M

bum/5063/01.jpg bum/5063/02.jpg

kit 5064 - Canon 75/27

bum/5064/01.jpg bum/5064/02.jpg

kit 5100 - Guerra Del Rif

bum/5100/01.jpg bum/5100/02.jpg bum/5100/03.jpg

The kits below are also released and available by the Manufacturer B.U.M.

Remember: ....Quality unknown!!!

Other BUM Kits

bum/historial/0128.jpg bum/historial/0129.jpg bum/historial/0128.jpg bum/historial/0257.jpg bum/historial/0259.jpg

bum/historial/0270.jpg bum/historial/0271.jpg bum/historial/0275.jpg bum/historial/0305.jpg

bum/historial/0311.jpg bum/historial/0313.jpg bum/historial/0401.jpg bum/historial/0611.jpg

Kit 7150 - Fujimi kit
Kit 7151 - Fujimi kit
Kit 7152 - MilitaryWheels kit

bum/historial/0614.jpg bum/historial/7150.jpg bum/historial/7151.jpg bum/historial/7152.jpg

Kit 7153 - MilitaryWheels kit
Kit 7180 - Tatra 111 Praga V38 Ponton Bridge
Kit 7181 - V38 Truck, generator and tents

bum/historial/7153.jpg bum/historial/7189.jpg bum/historial/7181.jpg

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