Norman Buschmann, from Germany

Presentation of his 1/87 scale scratchbuilding Railway-guns

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German Railway Guns 1/87 Scale

It's nearly 10 years ago since I've build the gun. The first problem in building these model was, to get the right raw materials. I was very new in modelling, especialy in building models by my own. The most models I like were the railwayguns. But kit's oft he armes are very rare. So, I buy a lot of books, take some sketches, calculate different scales and find out, that the 1/87 scale will be the best, because a lot of component parts can be bought in model-shops.
Next, I find a Shop, who sold plastic sheets, especialy in PS (Polystyrol) a very common and usefull material for modelbuilders. I made some papermasks, to overdraw the parts on the plastic sheets. For the gun I used material from 0,25 - 1,00 mm. Fort he gunbarrel itself I used plastic tubes , which were cut in different length and glued. On the original guns, the barrels have the form of cones, I know. My model's gunbarrel is cylindric, but that was the second problem, during the planning and building of the model. I found these compromise, because the result was very funny and I like it very much! And it's a model, not out of the box, too!
The wheels were from different wagons, I found in my Part-Box. Buffers were build with 2 small plastic tubes and a little round part of sheet, glued. Clutches, reilings and other fine-parts were build from brass-wires, assembled with fast-glue or soldered. The wheels were glued, too, because I never pland to let the gun roll around.
At least, I painted the model in a mix of Revell and Humbrol Colors. I was 19, when I finished the gun, and I dont have all the tricks in my repertoire, to style the gun as authentic, as it shoulds. But, for my first scratchbuild model, I find the results okay.

Norman Buschmann, Bremen

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