C.D.C. - Die-Cast from Italy

"Out of Production"

This label is out of production, but time by time available in shops, Ebay or other places.
Some of this kits are later re-released by Matchbox Diecast.

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High detailled 1/72 Diecast Kits

This kits are allready built and painted.

Click on the pictures

C.D.C. Armor from Italy - out of production

Kit 3100 - Pz.Kpfw IV Type F1 Desert

diecast/3100-01.jpg diecast/3100-02.jpg diecast/3100-03.jpg diecast/3100-04.jpg

Kit 3101 - Pz.Kpfw IV Type F1

diecast/3101-01.jpg diecast/3101-02.jpg diecast/3101-04.jpg diecast/3101-05.jpg

Kit 3103 - Pz.Kpfw IV Type G

diecast/3103-01.jpg diecast/3103-02.jpg diecast/3103-03.jpg diecast/3103-04.jpg

Kit 3105 - Pz.Kpfw IV Type G

diecast/3105-01.jpg diecast/3105-02.jpg

Kit 3111 - Hummer M966 Desert Tank Hunter

diecast/3111-01.jpg diecast/3112-02.jpg diecast/3113-03.jpg diecast/3114-04.jpg

Kit 3112 - Hummer M1025 Patrol

diecast/3112-01.jpg diecast/3112-02.jpg diecast/3112-03.jpg diecast/3112-04.jpg diecast/3112-05.jpg

Kit 3113 - Hummer M1025 Desert Patrol - Military Police

diecast/3113-01.jpg diecast/3113-02.jpg diecast/3113-03.jpg diecast/3113-04.jpg

Kit 3123 - LAV-25 Desert Tank Hunter

diecast/3123-01.jpg diecast/3123-02.jpg diecast/3123-03.jpg diecast/3123-04.jpg

Kit 3124 - LAV-25 90mm Assault Gun

diecast/3124-01.jpg diecast/3124-02.jpg diecast/3124-03.jpg diecast/3124-04.jpg diecast/3124-05.jpg

Kit 3126 - LAV-25 Piranha UN

diecast/3126-01.jpg diecast/3126-02.jpg diecast/3126-03.jpg diecast/3126-04.jpg

Kit 3131 - Sherman M4A3 - 75mm

diecast/3131-01.jpg diecast/3131-02.jpg diecast/3131-03.jpg

Kit 3132 - Sherman M4A2 - 76mm

diecast/3132-01.jpg diecast/3132-02.jpg diecast/3132-03.jpg

Kit 3140 - GMC Open Cargo Truck

diecast/3140-01.jpg diecast/3140-02.jpg diecast/3140-03.jpg

Kit 3141 - GMC Cargo Truck with MG

diecast/3141-01.jpg diecast/3141-02.jpg diecast/3141-03.jpg diecast/3141-03.jpg

Kit 3142 - GMC Cargo Truck - French version - (Photo from Stuart Lee (Aus)

diecast/3142-01.jpg diecast/3142-02.jpg

Kit 3143 - GMC Cargo Truck - GMC Cargo Truck with Tilt

diecast/3143-01.jpg diecast/3143-03.jpg diecast/3143-04.jpg diecast/3143-05.jpg

Kit 3144 - GMC Cargo Truck - Tanker

diecast/3144-02.jpg diecast/3144-03.jpg diecast/3144-04.jpg diecast/3144-05.jpg

Kit 3145 - GMC Air Force Tanker Truck

diecast/3145-01.jpg diecast/3145-02.jpg

Kit 3162 - Panther Ausf. A

diecast/3162-01.jpg diecast/3162-02.jpg diecast/3162-03.jpg

Kit 3201 - Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

diecast/3201-01.jpg diecast/3201-02.jpg diecast/3201-03.jpg diecast/3201-04.jpg diecast/3201-05.jpg

Kit 3202 - Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

diecast/3202-01.jpg diecast/3202-02.jpg diecast/3202-03.jpg diecast/3202-04.jpg diecast/3202-05.jpg

Kit 3210 - Panzer IV Ausf. H/J

diecast/3210-01.jpg diecast/3210-02.jpg diecast/3210-03.jpg diecast/3210-04.jpg

Kit 3211 - Panzer IV Ausf. H/J

diecast/3211-01.jpg diecast/3211-02.jpg diecast/3211-03.jpg diecast/3211-04.jpg

Kit 3214 - Panzer IV Ausf. H/J

diecast/3214-01.jpg diecast/3214-02.jpg diecast/3214-03.jpg diecast/3214-04.jpg diecast/3214-05.jpg

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