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A 1/72 scale manufacturer from Taiwan with Military Vehicles and Military Figures (produced by Miniknight)

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Military Vehicles

First Impression of the kits

The kits are as most of the kits packed in cardboard boxes of the folded type. The spreu's are in a sealed plastic bag. The sprue and the parts are sharp without casting flash or sinkholes. In some parts are pressing-pins on the wrong side and should be removed. In kit 7203 and 7204, the tyres of the wheels are from rubber, but in 7210 set the wheels are again from casted plastic. The instruction sheets are clearly and helpfull. All kits contains one or more figures and have a decal.
Regarding kit 7210, is it pity that the trackunits (wheels and tracks) are one-side casted and hollow on the inside of the units.
In my first opinion the quality of the "Ceasar Miniatures vehicle sets looks me good to very good and I agree with Tapir from China, that the quality is between UM / Roden and Dragon / Revell.(So I will saying, it's likes me value for money)

With my special thanks to manufacturer Miniknight.com and Allways Models from Taiwan for the help and for the examples ..... Webmaster

Kit 7201 - WWII 75mm le i18 German Gun

ceasar/7201/01.jpg ceasar/7201/02.jpg ceasar/7201/03.jpg

For "Cristian Florescu's / ww2germans" review of Kit 7201 - WWII 75mm le i18 German Gun visit:

logo "ww2germans.com website"

Kit 7202 - German Gun Sig33 with crew - (8 figures - on sprue with separate heads, arms, legs etc.)

ceasar/7202/01.jpg ceasar/7202/02.jpg ceasar/7202/03.jpg ceasar/7202/04.jpg ceasar/7202/05.jpg ceasar/7202/06.jpg ceasar/7202/07.jpg

Built Model

ceasar/7202/1/01.jpg ceasar/7202/1/02.jpg ceasar/7202/1/03.jpg ceasar/7202/1/04.jpg

For an "Al Magnus" review about kit 7202 - German Gun Sig33 with crew visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 7203 - German Truck Krupp Protz - (with 1 crew figure - on the sprue with separate arm and legs)

ceasar/7203/01.jpg ceasar/7203/02.jpg ceasar/7203/03.jpg ceasar/7203/04.jpg ceasar/7203/05.jpg ceasar/7203/06.jpg ceasar/7203/07.jpg ceasar/7203/08.jpg ceasar/7203/09.jpg ceasar/7203/10.jpg ceasar/7203/11.jpg ceasar/7203/12.jpg

Model built by Marcin Nowogrodski

ceasar/7203/1/01.jpg ceasar/7203/1/02.jpg ceasar/7203/1/03.jpg ceasar/7203/1/04.jpg

For an "Marcin Nowogrodski" review about kit 7203 - Krupp Protz visit his blog:

logo "Marcin Nowogrodski" blog

Kit 7204 - German Halftrack SdKfz.10 Demag D7 - (with 3 crew figures - separate packed)

ceasar/7204/01.jpg ceasar/7204/02.jpg ceasar/7204/03.jpg ceasar/7204/04.jpg ceasar/7204/05.jpg ceasar/7204/06.jpg ceasar/7204/07.jpg ceasar/7204/08.jpg ceasar/7204/09.jpg ceasar/7204/10.jpg ceasar/7204/11.jpg ceasar/7204/12.jpg ceasar/7204/13.jpg

Model built by Grzegorz

ceasar/7204/2/01.jpg ceasar/7204/2/02.jpg ceasar/7204/2/03.jpg

Model built by Marcin Nowogrodski

ceasar/7204/1/01.jpg ceasar/7204/1/02.jpg ceasar/7204/1/03.jpg ceasar/7204/1/04.jpg ceasar/7204/1/05.jpg ceasar/7204/1/06.jpg ceasar/7204/1/07.jpg ceasar/7204/1/08.jpg ceasar/7204/1/09.jpg

For an "Marcin Nowogrodski" review about kit 7204 - demag D7 visit his blog:

logo "Marcin Nowogrodski" blog

For a "HenkofHolland" sprue pictures comparison between MPK-72 Demag D7 and Ceasar Miniatures Demag D7 visit:

logo "Sprue comparison page" - (Note: this page contains "big sized" pictures)

Kit 7205 - WWII German 170mm K18 - announced (no picture)

Kit 7206 - WWII German 210mm K18 - announced (no picture)

Kit 7207 - WWII German Krupp Protze Kfz.70 Personnel Carrier Truck

ceasar/7207/01.jpg ceasar/7207/02.jpg ceasar/7207/03.jpg ceasar/7207/04.jpg ceasar/7207/05.jpg

ceasar/7207/1/01.jpg ceasar/7207/1/02.jpg ceasar/7207/1/03.jpg ceasar/7207/1/04.jpg ceasar/7207/1/05.jpg

Kit 7208 - WWII German Sd. Kfz.10/4 with 20mm Flak 30 - (in box is not the armored version!!!)

ceasar/7208/01.jpg ceasar/7208/02.gif ceasar/7208/03.gif ceasar/7208/04.gif ceasar/7208/05.gif

ceasar/7208/06.jpg ceasar/7208/07.jpg ceasar/7208/08.jpg ceasar/7208/09.jpg

Built model by Ivan Visek

ceasar/7208/1/01.jpg ceasar/7208/1/02.jpg ceasar/7208/1/03.jpg ceasar/7208/1/04.jpg

Kit 7209 - WWII German Sd. Kfz.10 with 50mm Pak 38

ceasar/7209/01.jpg ceasar/7209/02.jpg ceasar/7209/03.jpg ceasar/7209/04.jpg ceasar/7209/05.jpg ceasar/7209/06.jpg ceasar/7209/07.jpg ceasar/7209/08.jpg ceasar/7209/09.jpg ceasar/7209/11.jpg ceasar/7209/12.jpg ceasar/7209/14.jpg

ceasar/7209/1/01.jpg ceasar/7209/1/02.jpg ceasar/7209/1/03.jpg ceasar/7209/1/04.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill

ceasar/7209/2/01.jpg ceasar/7209/2/02.jpg ceasar/7209/2/03.jpg ceasar/7209/2/04.jpg

Built model by Ivan Visek

ceasar/7209/3/01.jpg ceasar/7209/3/02.jpg ceasar/7209/3/03.jpg ceasar/7209/3/04.jpg

For an "MiniAfv / Erhan Atalay" construction preview kit 7209 - WWII German Sd. Kfz.10 with 50mm Pak 38 visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot - part 1 logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot - part 2 logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot - part 3 - built model

Kit 7210 - WWII German SWS Halftrack - (with 1 crew figure - on the sprue with separate arms and legs)

ceasar/7210/01.jpg ceasar/7210/02.jpg ceasar/7210/03.jpg ceasar/7210/04.jpg ceasar/7210/05.jpg ceasar/7210/06.jpg ceasar/7210/07.jpg ceasar/7210/08.jpg ceasar/7210/09.jpg ceasar/7210/10.jpg

Built Model

ceasar/7210/1/01.jpg ceasar/7210/1/02.jpg ceasar/7210/1/03.jpg ceasar/7210/1/04.jpg

Model built by Grzegorz

ceasar/7210/3/01.jpg ceasar/7210/3/02.jpg ceasar/7210/3/03.jpg

Built Model by Eyton Parker

ceasar/7210/2/01.jpg ceasar/7210/2/02.jpg

Kit 7211 - WWII French Track - announced (no picture)

Kit 7212 - WWII German Half-Track - announced (no picture)

Kit 7213 - WWII UK Half-Track - announced (no picture)

Kit 7214 - WWII German Infantry - announced (no picture)

Kit 7215 - WWII German Panzer Infantry - announced (no picture)

For more information about available figures and vehicles visit:

logo Ceasar miniatures / Miniknight.com Website

The "Ceasar Miniatures" kits are available by some onlineshops but also by:

logo "Always Models" Website (online shop from Taiwan)

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