Caesar Miniatures - Figuresets

1/72 Figuresets, produced by Miniknight Miniature, Taiwan

Miniknight Miniature, P.O. box 48 - 23, Tapei, Taiwan 105, China

The figuresets are made in soft-plastic

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Historical Series

The figures are packed in a plastic bag and are without instruction- or painting sheet

Kit 006 - WWII Underground Resisters (Partizanen)

ceasar/figures/006/01.jpg ceasar/figures/006/02.jpg

Kit 030 - US Army
Kit 031 - Modern Urban Resisters (Terrorists)
Kit 035 - WWI German Army
Kit 036 - WWII Chinese Army

ceasar/figures/030/01.jpg ceasar/figures/031/01.jpg ceasar/figures/035/01.jpg ceasar/figures/036/01.jpg

Kit 037 - WWII German Army - 37 figures

ceasar/figures/037/01.jpg ceasar/figures/037/02.jpg ceasar/figures/037/03.jpg ceasar/figures/037/04.jpg ceasar/figures/037/05.jpg

Kit 038 - WWII French Army
Kit 052 - WWII German Panzergrenadiers set 1
Kit 053 - WWII German Panzergrenadiers set 2
Kit 054 - WWII US Army
Kit 055 - WWII British Army
Kit 056 - WWII Partisans in Europe (France and Balkan)

ceasar/figures/038/01.jpg ceasar/figures/052/01.jpg ceasar/figures/053/01.jpg ceasar/figures/054/01.jpg ceasar/figures/055/01.jpg ceasar/figures/056/01.jpg

Kit 057 - Modern Israeli Defense Force


Kit 058 - Modern US Elite Force - 40 figures

ceasar/figures/058/01.jpg ceasar/figures/058/02.jpg ceasar/figures/048/03.jpg ceasar/figures/058/04.jpg ceasar/figures/058/05.jpg

Kit 059 - Modern French Army with Chinese PLA
Kit 060 - Modern British Army
Kit 061 - Modern Special Forces Worldwide (Elite Police, Frogman, Seal, Delta Force)
Kit 062 - Modern German Army (Bundeswehr)
Kit 063 - Modern Militia (Somalian and Asian Militia
Kit 067 - WWII German Mountain Troops (Gebirgsjager and handschar)
Kit 068 - WWII German Paratroopers
Kit 069 - WWII German Army with Field Greatcoat
Kit 070 - WWII German Afrika Korps

ceasar/figures/059/01.jpg ceasar/figures/060/01.jpg ceasar/figures/061/01.jpg ceasar/figures/062/01.jpg ceasar/figures/063/01.jpg ceasar/figures/067/01.jpg ceasar/figures/068/01.jpg ceasar/figures/069/01.jpg ceasar/figures/070/01.jpg

Kit 071 - Modern US Elite Force - 34 figures

ceasar/figures/071/01.jpg ceasar/figures/071/02.jpg ceasar/figures/071/03.jpg ceasar/figures/071/04.jpg ceasar/figures/071/05.jpg

Kit 072 - WWII Italian Infantry


Kit 073 - WWII British Commando's - 27 figures

ceasar/figures/073/01.jpg ceasar/figures/073/02.jpg ceasar/figures/073/03.jpg ceasar/figures/073/04.jpg ceasar/figures/073/05.jpg

Kit 074 - WWII Late War German Army

ceasar/figures/074/01.jpg ceasar/figures/074/02.jpg

Kit 075 - WWII Italian Paratroopers


Kit 076 - WWII US Paratroopers


Battelefield Series

Kit HB01 - Panzergrenadiers (Ardennes 1944) Battlefield Series


Kit HB02 - Panzergrenadiers (Ardennes 1944) Battlefield Series


Kit HB003 - German Panzer Crews Battlefield Series

ceasar/figures/HB03/01.jpg ceasar/figures/HB03/02.jpg ceasar/figures/HB03/03.jpg

For an "Rob Healterman" review about kit HB003 - German Panzer Crews visit:

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Kit HB004 - WWII German Army with Camouflage Cape


Kit HB005 - WWII German Panzer Crews (Set 2)

ceasar/figures/HB05/01.jpg ceasar/figures/HB05/02.jpg ceasar/figures/HB05/03.jpg

Kit HB006 - German Infantry - Army Combat Team 1


Kit HB007 - German Infantry - Army Combat Team 2

ceasar/figures/HB07/01.jpg ceasar/figures/HB07/02.jpg ceasar/figures/HB07/03.jpg ceasar/figures/HB07/04.jpg

Kit HB008 - German Infantry - Army Sturmpioniere Team


Kit HB009 - German Infantry - Army in Stalingrad


Kit HB011 - Modern US Soldiers in Action


Kit H034 - WWI French Infantry 1914

ceasar/figures/H034/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H034/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H034/03.jpg

Kit H079 - German Infantry Tank Riders -Winter Set.2/Greatcoat (WWII) x 30 figures

ceasar/figures/H079/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H079/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H079/03.jpg

Kit H081 - German Infantry Marching (WWII) x 36 figures

ceasar/figures/H081/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H081/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H081/03.jpg

Kit H083 - German Infantry wearing Winter Smocks (WWII) x 32 figures

ceasar/figures/H083/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H083/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H083/03.jpg ceasar/figures/H083/04.jpg ceasar/figures/H083/05.jpg

Kit H084 - German Artillery/Howitzer Crews (WWII) x 32 figures

ceasar/figures/H084/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H084/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H084/03.jpg

Kit H085 - German Panzer Unit in Combat (WWII) x 32 figures

ceasar/figures/H085/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H085/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H085/03.jpg ceasar/figures/H085/04.jpg ceasar/figures/H085/05.jpg

Kit H089 - German Anti-aircraft (AA) Crews (WWII) x 32 figures

ceasar/figures/H089/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H089/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H089/03.jpg ceasar/figures/H089/04.jpg ceasar/figures/H089/05.jpg

Kit H092 - WWII German Cavalry Division


Kit H093 - WWII German 21cm Nebelwerfer 42 - (Nebelwerfer in collaboration with sModel, but the puppchen seems to be from another manufacturer)

ceasar/figures/H093/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H093/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H093/03.jpg ceasar/figures/H093/04.jpg

Sprue's from sModel kits

ceasar/figures/H093/1/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H093/1/02.jpg

Kit H094 - Modern US Soldiers in Action (Set.2)


Kit H095 - WWII German Command Staff w/Kubelwagen - (kubelwagen in collaboration with sModel)

ceasar/figures/H095/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H095/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H095/03.jpg ceasar/figures/H095/04.jpg

SModel Sprue kubelwagen and PE

ceasar/figures/H095/1/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H095/1/02.jpg

Kit H096 - WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad with 8.8cm Raketenwerfer 43 Gun
(Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad in collaboration with sModel) - (8.8cm Raketenwerfer 43 Gun from unknown manufacturer)

ceasar/figures/H096/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H096/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H096/03.jpg ceasar/figures/H096/04.jpg ceasar/figures/H096/05.jpg

Kit H097 - WWII German Winter Unit with Pak-36 and crew - (Pak 36 in collaboration with sModel)

ceasar/figures/H097/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H097/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H097/03.jpg ceasar/figures/H097/04.jpg

Kit H098 - WWII German Fallschirmjager Heavy Weapons (7.5cm Leichtgeschutz 40 )

ceasar/figures/H098/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H098/02.jpg ceasar/figures/H098/03.jpg

Kit H099 - WWII German Tank Riders


Kit H100 - Moders Chinese & Russian Panzer Crews


Kit H101 - Middle Eastern Militia (Iraq & Syria)

ceasar/figures/H101/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H101/02.jpg

Kit H102 - Modern Western Tank Crews Set 1 (Germany & Israel)

ceasar/figures/H102/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H102/02.jpg

Kit H103 - Modern US Tank Crews with Armored Force

ceasar/figures/H103/01.jpg ceasar/figures/H103/02.jpg

New Series

Kit CMHPLA - Modern Chinese PLA

ceasar/figures/CMHPLA/01.jpg ceasar/figures/CMHPLA/02.jpg ceasar/figures/CMHPLA/03.jpg

Kit CMHUSN - US Navy


Kit CMHUKR1 - Ukraine-Russia Soldiers set 1 (10 figures. 10 poses)

ceasar/figures/CMHUKR1/01.jpg ceasar/figures/CMHUKR1/02.jpg

Kit CMHUKR2 - Ukraine-Russia Soldiers set 2 (10 figures. 10 poses)

ceasar/figures/CMHUKR2/01.jpg ceasar/figures/CMHUKR2/02.jpg

Multipart Series

7211 - German Infantry
7213 - German Africa Corps Infantry
7214 - World War II German Panzergrenadier (Winter Greatcoat East Front)
7215 - German Panzergrenadier (Kursk)
7216 - German Panzergrenadier (Normandy 1944)
7217 - German Panzergrenadiers in Capes

ceasar/figures/multi/7211/01.jpg ceasar/figures/multi/7213/01.jpg ceasar/figures/multi/7214/01.jpg ceasar/figures/multi/7215/01.jpg ceasar/figures/multi/7216/01.jpg ceasar/figures/multi/7217/01.jpg

For an "Jose Chasco/www.1-72depot.com" review about kit 7211, 7213, 7214, 7215, 7216 and 7217 - German Panzergrenadiers, Infantry and Africa Corps visit:

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