Coopercraft, Dapol, KnightWing

British manufacturers in the - 4mm Scale ("00" Gauge) - 1/76 scale, with civilian vehicles railway and dioramaparts

All pictures are posted by Matthias Muth.

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Kit 2003 - GWR Station Sits

britishcivil/coopercraft/2003/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/2003/02.jpg

Kit 2005 - Toolkits

britishcivil/coopercraft/2005/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/2005/02.jpg

Kit 2006 - GWR Platform Trolly

britishcivil/coopercraft/2006/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/2006/02.jpg

Kit 2010 - Plate Layer Trolly

britishcivil/coopercraft/2010/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/2010/02.jpg

Kit 4001 - AEC Monarch Lorry with Flatbed Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4001/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4001/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4001/03.jpg

Kit 4002 - AEC Monarch Lorry with Dropside Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4002/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4002/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4002/03.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4002/04.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4002/05.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4002/06.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4002/07.jpg

Kit 4003 - AEC Monarch Lorry with High Sided Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4003/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4003/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4003/03.jpg

Kit 4004 - AEC Monarch Lorry with Oil Tanker Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4004/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4004/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4004/03.jpg

Kit 4010 - AEC Monarch Lorry Chassis & Cab Only - (no picture)

Kit 4012 - Lorry Trailer with Flatbed Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/03.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/04.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/05.jpg

Kit 4012 and 4014 built in combination with Airfix kits, by Mick Hill

britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/1/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/1/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/1/03.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4012/1/04.jpg

Kit 4013 - Lorry Trailer with Dropside Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4013/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4013/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4013/03.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4013/04.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4013/05.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4013/06.jpg

Kit 4014 - Lorry Trailer with High Sided Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4014/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4014/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4014/03.jpg

Kit 4015 - Lorry Trailer with Oil Tanker Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4015/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4015/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4015/03.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4015/04.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4015/05.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4015/06.jpg

Kit 4016 - Bedford ML Lorry Chassis & Cab Only

britishcivil/coopercraft/4016/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4016/02.jpg

Kit 4017 - Bedford ML Lorry with Flatbed Body

britishcivil/coopercraft/4017/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4017/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4017/03.jpg

Kit 4018 - Bedford ML Lorry with Dropside Body - (the cabin of the vehicle damaged by using wrong paint)

britishcivil/coopercraft/4018/01.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4018/02.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4018/03.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4018/04.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4018/05.jpg britishcivil/coopercraft/4018/06.jpg

For more information, other kits and ordering:

to Coopercraft Website of Coopercraft Railway Parts

For Dutch modellers visit:

to Godfather Models & Supply Website of Godfather Models & Supply


Kit C005 - Water Tower

britishcivil/dapol/c005/01.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c005/02.jpg

Kit C007 - Engine Shed - (ex-Airfix)

britishcivil/dapol/c007/01.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c007/02.jpg

Kit C030 - Dockside Crane

britishcivil/dapol/c030/01.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c030/02.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c030/02.jpg

Kit C33 - Scammel Scrab - (the cabin of the vehicle damaged by using wrong paint)p>

britishcivil/dapol/c33/01.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c33/02.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c33/03.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c33/04.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c33/05.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c33/06.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c33/07.jpg

Kit C90 - Class B 20T Tanker Regent

britishcivil/dapol/c90/01.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c90/02.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c90/03.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c90/04.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c90/05.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c90/06.jpg britishcivil/dapol/c90/07.jpg

For more information about Dapol products visit next links:

(Diorama accessoires etc. - (by Matthias Muth)

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Dockside Crane - (by Matthias Muth)

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Some Railway Cars - (by Matthias Muth)

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Engine Shed (ex-Airfix kit) - (by Matthias Muth)

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For more information, other kits and ordering:

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to Dapol Website of Dapol Model Railway

For Dutch modellers visit:

to Godfather Models & Supply Website of Godfather Models & Supply


Kit HO10 - Foden Haulmaster

britishcivil/knightwing/ho10/01.jpg britishcivil/knightwing/ho10/02.jpg

Kit HO13 - Thorneycroft Van

britishcivil/knightwing/ho13/01.jpg britishcivil/knightwing/ho13/02.jpg

Kit PM101 - Crates Barrels Sacks - accessoiries set.

britishcivil/knightwing/101/01.jpg britishcivil/knightwing/101/02.jpg britishcivil/knightwing/101/03.jpg

For more information, other kits and ordering:

to Knightwing Website of KnightWing National

They offer "modern" trucks and trailers, containers in 1/76 scale. In his line you found kits from the Danish company SCANKIT. During the eighties the company goes out of business and the moulds came to the british company KEILKRAFT. The have also these "old" kits in the programme. Now also KEILKRAFT is out of business and all moulds are in Knightwing hands.

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