"Custom Miniatures"

1/76 scale Military Vehicles Series

An (old) white metal kits manufacturer from England, that has released until end of 1990's a line of military vehicles kits of British Army. The kits were a good addition for those collecting soft skins and only used to Airfix conversions

Pictures are posted by Philip Best from the U.K.

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Kit CM-01 - Bedford QLT
Kit CM-02 - Bedford QL "Mobile Canteen"
Kit CM-03 - Bedford QLR "Wireless House Type J.145
Kit CM-04 - Austin K5 GS
Kit CM-05 - Austin K5 Westex Recorder - http://www.mondo72.com/Review-CM-AustinK5Westex.html

cm/CM-01.jpg cm/CM-02.jpg cm/CM-03.jpg cm/CM-04.jpg cm/CM-05.jpg

Kit CM-06 - Ford Wot 6 Cargo - http://www.mondo72.com/Review-CM-FordWOT6GS.html
Kit CM-07 - Ford Wot 6 Signals
Kit CM-08 - Ford Wot 8 30CWT
Kit CM-09 - Austin K30 30CWT
Kit CM-10 - Bedford OYD GS

cm/CM-06.jpg cm/CM-07.jpg cm/CM-08.jpg cm/CM-09.jpg cm/CM-10.jpg

Kit CM-11 - Bedford Scammell OCX 6-ton GS
Kit CM-12 - Fordson Wot 3A 30 CWT
Kit CM-13 - 4/5 ton GS Trailer

cm/CM-11.jpg cm/CM-12.jpg cm/CM-13.jpg

Comments: Philip Best

I have bought those white metal models of 1/76 vehicles in the very early 1990s from a company called "Custom Miniatures" which was originally in Surrey in England but moved to Yorkshire later on. I have never seen anyone else mention this company since and I have most of the models. I presume it stopped making the models towards the end of the 1990s, unless anyone knows differently? The models look good once made up, but probably suffer from small inaccuracies - for example they seem to share a common wheel pattern. Otherwise they were a good addition for those collecting soft skins and only used to Airfix conversions...

Who can tell me more about these kits and or company? Were are the moulds? Is there a re-release by another company???
The webmaster

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