Company B Decals

Ever wonder how to paint those shoulder patches etc. in the uniforms in 1/72?
The manufacturer Company B have the decals for you in 1/72 scale.
Company B is from origine a 1/56 scale company.

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Below the (still expanding) range of 1/72 - 1/76 scale military decals. Please keep in mind that these are scans only,compressed for quicker loading into your internet browser, and therefore might not fully represent the sharpness of the actual decals

Scale 1/72 Uniform Decals

US 101 Airborne Infantry - Available 4/15/07
U.S. 1st Infantry Div - Available 4/15/07
US 28th Infantry - Available 4/15/07
US 82 Airborne Infantry BDMN004 - Available 4/15/07
British Airborne - Available 4/15/07
British Infantry - Available 4/15/07

compb/uniform/01.jpg compb/uniform/02.jpg compb/uniform/03.jpg compb/uniform/04.jpg compb/uniform/05.jpg compb/uniform/06.jpg

German Infantry - Available 4/15/07
German SS Infantry - Available 4/15/07
US 101 Helmet Insignia - Available 4/15/07
US Rank and Medic emblems - Available 4/15/07
Us Armored Infantry

compb/uniform/07.jpg compb/uniform/10.jpg compb/uniform/08.jpg compb/uniform/09.jpg compb/uniform/11.jpg

Scale 1/72 - 1/76 Vehicle Decals

US Turret numbers and Markings - Available 4/15/07
Generic German Black Numeral sets - Available 4/15/07
British 7th Armored - Available 4/15/07
German Cross Markings - Available 4/15/07
Generic German Red Numbers - Available 4/15/07
British Armored Guards - Available 4/15/07

compb/vehicle/01.jpg compb/vehicle/02.jpg compb/vehicle/03.jpg compb/vehicle/04.jpg compb/vehicle/05.jpg compb/vehicle/06.jpg

Generic German Red Letter sets - Available 4/15/07
US White Stars - Available 4/15/07
US Yellow Stars - Available 4/15/07
German Divisional Insignia - Available 4/15/07

compb/vehicle/07.jpg compb/vehicle/08.jpg compb/vehicle/09.jpg compb/vehicle/10.jpg

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