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Review of 1/72 DetailS-72 A.G. Models, Romania

"Out of Production"

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06-2004 NOTE:
Due to partnership problems, the trade-mark "Detail 72" has been deleted. Mr. A. Giersch started with a new company with the name "DetailS 72 - A.G. Models".

detail72/72023.jpg detail72/vagon1.jpg detail72/vagon2.jpg

LIST FOR 1/72 MILITARY RESIN KITS - Warning this kits "runs out" until end of 2004!!!!

kit 72001 RUSSIAN 2 ax. Wagon -short chassis
kit 72002 GERMAN 2 ax. Flatbed Wagon
kit 72003 GERMAN 4 ax. SSYMS/PANTHER
kit 72004 GERMAN 6 ax. SSYMS/TIGER
kit 72005 Rail Section 162 mm
kit 72006 Rail End - wood and sand
kit 72008 SSYMS Loading Ramp
kit 72010 BR 55 German Steam Loco
kit 72015 RUSSIAN 2 ax. Wagon - med. chassis
kit 72016 RUSSIAN 2 ax. G Wagon
kit 72022 Rail Section Curve 162 mm
kit 72023 SSYMS Loading Ramp - Transport Version
kit 72024 RUSSIAN 2 ax. Wagon - maintenance
kit 72025 RUSSIAN 2 ax. Wagon - sacrifice Car

(06-2004) - New DS72 kits are:

A - Accessories (all resin)

001 to 012 Military Load Goods for 3 tons trailer or Opel Blitz from Esci/Italeri

detail72/05.jpg detail72/06.jpg detail72/07.jpg detail72/loads-1.jpg detail72/loads-2.jpg

detail72/loads-3.jpg detail72/loads-4.jpg detail72/loads-5.jpg detail72/loads-6.jpg detail72/loads-7.jpg

detail72/loads-8.jpg detail72/loads-9.jpg

014 to 017 Wooden Boxes
018 to 020 Metallic Boxes

detail72/01.jpg detail72/02.jpg detail72/03.jpg

021 Tents
022 Oil Barrels


023 German JerryCans
024 German JerryCans with Fittings
025 Wooden Barrels
026 88mm Wooden Boxes Open & Closed
027 88mm Projectiles & Shells
028 75mm Projectile & Shells

Tilts for Esci/Italeri Opel Blitz

detail72/tilt-1.jpg detail72/tilt-2.jpg



T - Trailers

T001 German 2,5 to GS Trailer
T002 German 3,0 to GS Trailer
T003 German Sd.Ah. 115 Trailer

detail72/08.jpg detail72/09.jpg detail72/10.jpg

V - Vehicles

V001 Sd.Kfz. 7 with 6 ton Billstein Crane

detail72/11.jpg detail72/12.jpg detail72/13.jpg

Kit 72108 - Russian BA-20 Armoured Car

detail72/72108-1.jpg detail72/72108-2.jpg detail72/72108-3.jpg detail72/72108-4.jpg

Some of the kits are available by Matthias Roth MR-Models, Germany

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