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EasyModel 1/72 from China

Easy Model tanks are1/72 scale pre-built plastic tanks. They are made by Trumpeter and are distributed in the USA by MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation). The details and quality on these tanks is variable, but tends to be good to very good in detail. The tanks don't have metal parts and are 100% plastic. The weathering is fair to good. The detail can be quite fine and the model can be fragile. Overall, these are a nice complement to the models on the market today, especially for those types not currently produced by the other manufacturers.

Kit 736227 - "Elefant" 653rd Panzerjager Abt. 'Poland'

easymodel/736227/01.jpg easymodel/736227/02.jpg easymodel/736227/03.jpg easymodel/736227/04.jpg

Kit 736240 - Jagdpanther German Army 1945

easymodel/736240/01.jpg easymodel/736240/02.jpg easymodel/736240/03.jpg easymodel/736240/04.jpg easymodel/736240/05.jpg

The USSR JS-3/3M have four paint jobs

Kit 736244 - Odessa, November 7, 1948
Kit 736245 - Hungary, 1956
Kit 736246 - The Egyptian JS-3m.4th Tank Div.1967
Kit 736247 - Chinese border, 1972

easymodel/JS3-07.jpg easymodel/JS3-05.jpg easymodel/JS3-04.jpg easymodel/JS3-06.jpg

The M26 “Pershing” Heavy Tank has three paint jobs

Kit 736200 - Tank company A, 18th Tank Bttn, 8th Armored Div
Kit 736201 - Tank company E, 67th Armor Rgt,, 2nd Armored Div
Kit 736202 - M2GE2 U.S. ARMY

easymodel/pershing.jpg easymodel/pershing-4.jpg easymodel/pershing-2.jpg easymodel/pershing-1.jpg

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'Skynet Models - AOSHIMA' 1/72 from Japan

On the boxes are the web address http://www.aoshima-bk.co.jp. The kits were produced under licention from "Aoshima".
The boxes read "1/72 Scale Military Vehicle Panzer Division". The kits have mixed metal and plastic parts.
For more information visit Mikes's Diecast website

Kit 01 - King Tiger Henschel - summer camo - (no picture)
Kit 02 - King Tiger Henschel - winter camo

skynet/02.jpg skynet/02-1.jpg skynet/02-2.jpg skynet/02-3.jpg

Kit 03 - M4A3 Sherman - Winter Camo - (no picture)
Kit 04 - M4A3 Sherman - Summer Camo

skynet/03.jpg skynet/03-1.jpg skynet/03-2.jpg

Kit 05 - Sherman Firefly D-Day Markings

skynet/05.jpg skynet/05-1.jpg skynet/05-3.jpg skynet/05-4.jpg

Kit 06 - unknown - (no picture)

Kit 07 - King Tiger Porsche

skynet/07.jpg skynet/07-1.jpg skynet/07-2.jpg skynet/07-3.jpg

Matchbox Diecast

After C.D.C.Armour was stopped with production has Matchbox released the C.D.C. Diecast Tanks

Kit 3162 - Panther Ausf. A

diecast/3162-01.jpg diecast/3162-02.jpg diecast/3162-03.jpg

Cararama - Hongwell 1/72 from China

The Cararama Models are from China. On the box is the web address http://www.hongwell.com. The kits are are produced under licention from "Hongwell". Hongwell - Cararama is a producer from modelcars in the small scale.
The kits have mixed metal and plastic parts.

Jeep CJ 2A

hongwell/jeep-01.jpg hongwell/jeep-03.jpg hongwell/jeep-04.jpg

hongwell/jeep-05.jpg hongwell/jeep-06.jpg hongwell/jeep-07.jpg

The Cararama/Hongwell jeeps come in at least 6 different markings:
HW191Ej04 US Army Jeep [01] Dark Green (usa 20516267) 7A-814TD
HW191Ej04 US Army Jeep [02] Dark Green (usa 2049863s) 28-110-1
HW191Ej04 US Army Jeep [03] Dark Green (usa 20321727s) 2-38-1
HW191Ej04 US Army Jeep [04] Dark Green (usa 20220584) 5A-101P
HW191Ej04 US Army Jeep [05] Dark Green (usa 20122371)
HW191Ej04 US Army Jeep [06] Dark Green (usa 20532458-5) ASCZ-3886TC


hongwell/landrover-00.jpg hongwell/landrover-01.jpg hongwell/landrover-03.jpg hongwell/landrover-05.jpg hongwell/landrover-06.jpg

hongwell/landrover-07.jpg hongwell/landrover-08.jpg

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