Review of 1/72 Doc-Models from Italy

Doc-Models, normally a resin-manufacturer, has now released some injection moulded plastic kits. The kits are of a very high quality in casting and fine detailing.
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Info August 2017

Dear Henk, good morning.
Answering to your request about DOC Models kits, I can say their quality is good, molded in light yellow resin with very few flashes an bubbles, some little parts, maybe, too many lights need to be cut carefully.

On the other side, after the death of Claudio, the owner, last year, his son joined Black Star of Milan (a branch of Acme Trains), who act as wholesales dealer in the modelling sector, with many well known firms (ACE, Aoshima, IBG, among others), and for the moment all production is stopped.

I hope, next October after Novegro Expo, I can send you some more information.

For the moment, thanks, thanks for your work with the site, a true Bible for us modellers.

My best regards, Gabriel

Doc-Models 1/72 plastic kits

Kit 72001 - CV-33 Italian Light Tank

docmod/72001/01.jpg docmod/72001/02.jpg docmod/72001/03.jpg docmod/72001/04.jpg docmod/72001/05.jpg docmod/72001/06.jpg

docmod/72001/1/01.jpg docmod/72001/1/02.jpg docmod/72001/1/03.jpg

Model built by unknown

docmod/72001/2/01.jpg docmod/72001/2/02.jpg docmod/72001/2/03.jpg docmod/72001/2/04.jpg

For an "Florin David" review about kit 72001 - CV-33 Italian Light Tank visit:

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Kit 72002 - CV-35 Italian Light Tank

docmod/72002/01.jpg docmod/72002/02.jpg

Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

docmod/72002/03.jpg docmod/72002/04.jpg docmod/72002/05.jpg

Kit 72011 - AB-41

docmod/72011/01.jpg docmod/72011/02.jpg docmod/72011/03.jpg docmod/72011/04.jpg docmod/72011/05.jpg docmod/72011/06.jpg docmod/72011/07.jpg

Doc-Models 1/72 resin kits

Quality me unknown - Who can help me with pictures from built models?

Kit 72200 - Fiat 626 NML


Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

docmod/72200/1/01.jpg docmod/72200/1/02.jpg docmod/72200/1/03.jpg docmod/72200/1/04.jpg docmod/72200/1/05.jpg

Kit 72202 - Trailer
Kit 72204 - Closed sheet for Fiat 626 NML
Kit 72208 - Fiat 626 NML with closed sheet

docmod/72202.jpg docmod/72204.jpg docmod/72208.jpg

Kit 72212 - Fiat 626 Ambulance
Kit 72213 - Fiat 626 NML Tank+Trailer Tank Mu
Kit 72220 - Fiat 626 Oven/Cooken

docmod/72212.jpg docmod/72213.jpg docmod/72220.jpg

Kit 72230 - Fiat 626 "corriera" (bus)


Built model by Luciano Marcuzzi

docmod/72230/1/01.jpg docmod/72230/1/02.jpg docmod/72230/1/03.jpg docmod/72230/1/04.jpg

Kit 72260 - Fiat 626 NML with Italian Colonial Troops
Kit 72261 - Fiat 626 NML with Italian Troops and Fittings
Kit 72262 - Fiat 626 NML with Breda 20/65 AA and Italian Artillery men

docmod/72260.jpg docmod/72261.jpg docmod/72262.jpg

Kit 72300 - Lancia
Kit 72304 - tilt for Lancia
Kit 72308 - Lancia with closed sheet

docmod/72300/01.jpg docmod/72304/01.jpg docmod/72308/01.jpg

Kit 72312 - Lancia 3Ro with gun 90/53 in emplacement
Kit 72313 - Lancia 3Ro with gun 90/53 equipped for transport
Kit 72314 - Gun 90/53

docmod/72312/01.jpg docmod/72313/01.jpg docmod/72314/01.jpg

Kit 72320 - Lancia 3Ro Workshop truck


Kit 72400 - TL 37


For an "Stephen Brezinski" review about kit Ace 72282 vs Doc Models 72400 - Trattore Leggero TL-37 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72402 - TL 37 with Kitchen Trailer
Kit 72408 - TL 37 With Sheet

docmod/72400-1.jpg docmod/72402.jpg docmod/72408.jpg

Kit 72403 - Kitchen Trailer
Kit 72404 - Trailer with sheet
Kit 72405 - Trailer without sheet

docmod/72403.jpg docmod/72404.jpg docmod/72405.jpg

Kit 72410 - Tractor TM 40 with closed sheet
Kit 72411 - Tractor TM 40 with open sheet

docmod/72410/01.jpg docmod/72411/01.jpg

Kit 72500 - AS 37 "SAHARIANO"


For an "Stephen Brezinski" review about kit 72400 - AS 37 Sahariano visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72600 - DOVUNQUE 35

docmod/72600/01.jpg docmod/72600/02.jpg

Finished model by Luciano Marcuzzi

docmod/72600/1/01.jpg docmod/72600/1/02.jpg docmod/72600/1/03.jpg docmod/72600/1/04.jpg docmod/72600/1/05.jpg docmod/72600/1/06.jpg docmod/72600/1/07.jpg docmod/72600/1/08.jpg docmod/72600/1/09.jpg

Kit 72606 - DOVUNQUE Protected


For more information and other (new) kits, visit:

(Choose Militar Vehicles - Doc Military - 1/72)

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