DIE-CAST - Part One

Military Die-Cast models in scale 1/72

The kits are high detailled, allready built and painted.

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DRAGON - Armor from Hong Kong - Part One

Kit 60001 - SdKfz.181 Tiger I Ausf.H1 - sSSPzAbt.101 Eastfront 1944 "Michael Wittman"

diecast/60001.jpg diecast/60001-01.jpg diecast/60001-02.jpg diecast/60001-03.jpg diecast/60001-04.jpg diecast/60001-05.jpg diecast/60001-06.jpg

Kit 60002 - SdKfz.181 Tiger I Ausf. H1 - sPzAbt.502 Summer 1943

diecast/60002.jpg diecast/60002-01.jpg diecast/60002-02.jpg diecast/60002-03.jpg diecast/60002-04.jpg diecast/60002-05.jpg diecast/60002-06.jpg

Kit 60003 - SdKfz.182 Tiger II "King Tiger" Henschel Turret sPzAbt.505 Late 1944

diecast/B60003.jpg diecast/60003-01.jpg diecast/60003-02.jpg diecast/60003-03.jpg diecast/60003-04.jpg diecast/60003-05.jpg diecast/60003-06.jpg

Kit 60004 - SdKfz.182 Tiger II "King Tiger" Henschel Turret sPzAbt.501 "Battle of Bulge" 1944

diecast/B60004.jpg diecast/60004-01.jpg diecast/60004-02.jpg Photo's Stuart Lee.

Kit 60005 - SdKfz.173 JagdPanther (Early Production) December 1944

diecast/B60005.jpg diecast/60005-01.jpg diecast/60005-02.jpg diecast/60005-03.jpg diecast/60005-04.jpg

Kit 60006 - SdKfz.173 JagdPanther Camo Scheme sPzAbt.559 Autumn 1944

diecast/B60006.jpg diecast/60006-01.jpg diecast/60006-02.jpg diecast/60006-03.jpg diecast/60006-04.jpg

Kit 60007 - SdKfz. 173 JagdPanther (Late), Panzer Lehr Division, Hungary spring 1945

diecast/B60007.jpg diecast/60007-01.jpg diecast/60007-02.jpg diecast/60007-03.jpg diecast/60007-04.jpg diecast/60007-05.jpg diecast/60007-07.jpg

Kit 60008 - SdKfz. 173 JagdPanther (Late), sPzJgAbt. 560 Ardennes 1944

diecast/B60008.jpg diecast/60008-01.jpg diecast/60008-02.jpg diecast/60008-03.jpg diecast/60008-04.jpg

Kit 60009 - SdKfz.171 Panther G Southern France 1944

diecast/B60009.jpg diecast/60009-01.jpg diecast/60009-02.jpg diecast/60009-03.jpg

Kit 60010 - SdKfz.171 Panther G PzRgt.35 Kurland September 1944

diecast/B60010.jpg diecast/60010-01.jpg diecast/60010-02.jpg diecast/60010-03.jpg diecast/60010-04.jpg diecast/60010-05.jpg diecast/60010-06.jpg

Kit 60011 - Sd.Kfz. 171 Panther G late production "Last Panther" Berlin Defense April 1945

diecast/B60011.jpg diecast/60011-01.jpg diecast/60011-02.jpg diecast/60011-03.jpg diecast/60011-04.jpg diecast/60011-05.jpg

Kit 60012 - Panther G, Late Production, Western Front, 1945

diecast/60012-01.jpg diecast/60012-02.jpg diecast/60012-03.jpg diecast/60012-04.jpg diecast/60012-05.jpg

Kit 60013 - Jagd-Tiger, sPzJgAbt. 512 - Germany 1945

diecast/B60013.jpg diecast/60013-01.jpg diecast/60013-04.jpg diecast/60013-05.jpg diecast/60013-02.jpg diecast/60013-03.jpg diecast/60013-06.jpg

Kit 60014 - Jagd-Tiger, sPzJgAbt. 653 - Alsace 1945

diecast/B60014.jpg diecast/60014-01.jpg diecast/60014-04.jpg diecast/60014-05.jpg diecast/60014-02.jpg diecast/60014-03.jpg diecast/60014-06.jpg diecast/60014-07.jpg

Kit 60015 - M1A1HA Abrams 1e Marine Tank Bataljon Bagdad 2003

diecast/B60015.jpg diecast/60015-01.jpg diecast/60015-04.jpg diecast/60015-05.jpg diecast/60015-02.jpg diecast/60015-03.jpg diecast/60015-06.jpg

Kit 60016 - M1A2 Abrams 4e Infantry Division Irac 2003

diecast/B60016.jpg diecast/60016-01.jpg diecast/60016-02.jpg diecast/60016-03.jpg diecast/60016-04.jpg diecast/60016-05.jpg diecast/60016-06.jpg

Kit 60017 - M1A1HA Abrams with Mine Plough, Apache-Troop, 1-1 CAV, Bosnia 1996


Kit 60018 - M1A2 Abrams with Mine-Plough 1e Platoon B-Coy USMC Tank Bat.

diecast/B60018.jpg diecast/60018-01.jpg diecast/60018-02.jpg diecast/60018-03.jpg diecast/60018-04.jpg diecast/60018-05.jpg diecast/60018-06.jpg

Kit 60019 - Tiger I, Mid-Production, sPzAbt. 509, 1944


Kit 60020 - Tiger I, Mid-Production, sPzAbt. 509, March 1944

diecast/B60020.jpg diecast/60020-1.jpg diecast/60020-4.jpg diecast/60020-5.jpg diecast/60020-6.jpg

Kit 60021 - Tiger I with zimmeritt, Pz.Abt. 101 France 1944

diecast/B60021.jpg diecast/60021-01.jpg diecast/60021-02.jpg diecast/60021-03.jpg diecast/60021-04.jpg

Kit 60022 - Tiger I with zimmeritt, Pz.abt. 505 Orscha Sector, Eastern front 1944

diecast/B60022.jpg diecast/60022-01.jpg diecast/60022-03.jpg diecast/60022-08.jpg diecast/60022-09.jpg diecast/60022-10.jpg diecast/60022-11.jpg diecast/60022-12.jpg diecast/60022-13.jpg

Kit 60023 - Elefant 3e Kompanie sPzJgAbt. 653 - Russia 1944

diecast/B60023.jpg diecast/60023-01.jpg diecast/60023-02.jpg diecast/60023-03.jpg diecast/60023-04.jpg

kit 60024 - Ferdinand sPzJgAbt. 654 - Kursk 1943

diecast/B60024.jpg diecast/60024-01.jpg diecast/60024-02.jpg Photo's Stuart Lee

Kit 60025 - SturmTiger with 38cm RW61 - Winter 1944/45

diecast/B60025.jpg diecast/60025-01.jpg diecast/60025-02.jpg diecast/60025-03.jpg

Kit 60026 - SturmTiger with 38cm RW61 - 1001st Sturmmorser Kompanie, Germany 1945

diecast/B60026.jpg diecast/60026-01.jpg diecast/60026-02.jpg diecast/60026-03.jpg

Kit 60033 - M2A2 ODS Bradley 1-41 Infantry 1st Armored Division Baghdad 2003

diecast/B60033.jpg diecast/60033-01.jpg diecast/60033-02.jpg diecast/60033-03.jpg diecast/60033-04.jpg diecast/60033-05.jpg

Kit 60034 - M2A2 ODS Bradley, A-Coy, 3rd Squadron, 5th CAV, Bosnia 1996


Kit 60035 - Challenger II Royal Army Batus Canada

diecast/B60035.jpg diecast/60035-01.jpg diecast/60035-02.jpg diecast/60035-04.jpg diecast/60035-05.jpg diecast/60035-07.jpg diecast/60035-08.jpg

Kit 60036 - Challenger II Royal Scots Dragoon Guards KFOR

diecast/B60036.jpg diecast/60036-01.jpg diecast/60036-02.jpg diecast/60036-03.jpg diecast/60036-04.jpg diecast/60036-05.jpg

Kit 60037 - Jagdpanther SdKfz 173, Early Production with Zimmerit
Kit 60038 - Jagdpanther SdKfz 173, Early Production with Zimmerit

diecast/B60037.jpg diecast/60038.jpg

Kit 60039 - Bergepanzer Tiger I With Zimmerit

diecast/B60039.jpg diecast/60039-02.jpg diecast/60039-03.jpg diecast/60039-04.jpg diecast/60039-05.jpg diecast/60039-07.jpg diecast/60039-08.jpg

Kit 60041 - SdKfz. 182 King Tiger with Porsche Turret - 1 .sPzKp (FK1) PzLehrRgt 130 Kaisersteinbruch 1944

diecast/B60041.jpg diecast/60041-01.jpg diecast/60041-02.jpg

Photo's Stuart Lee

Kit 60042 - SdKfz. 182 King Tiger with Porsche Turret - France 1944


Model built by Stuart Lee

diecast/60042-01.jpg diecast/60042-02.jpg

Kit 60043 - Panther Ausf F

diecast/60043/01.jpg diecast/60043/02.jpg diecast/60043/03.jpg diecast/60043/04.jpg diecast/60043/05.jpg

Model and Diorama built by Patrice Dauga

diecast/60043/1/01.jpg diecast/60043/1/02.jpg

Kit 60044 - Challenger 2
Kit 60045 - Challenger 2

diecast/B60044.jpg diecast/60044.jpg diecast/60045.jpg

Kit 60047 - M2A2 Bradley, Woodland Camo


Kit 60048 - King Tiger (Henschel Turret), Andler 1944, with Zimmerit

diecast/B60048.jpg diecast/60048.jpg

Kit 60049 - King Tiger, (Henschel Turret), France, 1944, with Zimmerit

diecast/B60049.jpg diecast/60049.jpg

Dragon has announced for 2005 the next new 1/72 scale "Diecast" Kits


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