Review of 1/72 Eduard Photo Etching Sets from CZ

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Scale 1/72 "Photo Etching Parts"

For upgrading plastic or resin kits, you can use photo-etched parts. I show below a few typical examples, but there is much more. For full information visit the website from Eduard. There are also other companies with photo-etch sets in 1/72 and 1/76 scale such as Aber etc.

Kit 22030 - photo Etching parts for Cromwell

eduard/22030.jpg eduard/22030-1.jpg eduard/22030-2.jpg eduard/22030-3.jpg

Kit 22054 - photo Etching parts for Elephant

eduard/22054.jpg eduard/22054-1.jpg eduard/22054-2.jpg

Kit 22058 - photo Etching parts for Karl Railway Gun

eduard/22058.jpg eduard/22058-1.jpg eduard/22058-2.jpg eduard/22058-3.jpg

Kit 22059 - photo Etching parts for Karl on Tracks

eduard/22059.jpg eduard/22059-1.jpg eduard/22059-2.jpg eduard/22059-3.jpg

Kit 22070 - photo Etching parts for Tiger II (Porsche Type)

eduard/22070.jpg eduard/22070-1.jpg eduard/22070-2.jpg eduard/22070-3.jpg

Kit 22071 - photo Etching parts for Bergetiger

eduard/22071.jpg eduard/22071-1.jpg eduard/22071-2.jpg eduard/22071-3.jpg

Kit 22076 - photo Etching parts for Dukw

eduard/22076.jpg eduard/22076-1.jpg eduard/22076-2.jpg eduard/22076-3.jpg

Kit 22087 - photo Etching parts for GMC Truck

eduard/22087.jpg eduard/22087-1.jpg eduard/22087-2.jpg eduard/22087-3.jpg

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