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Empress Miniatures is a white metal manufacturer from the UK, with vehicle crews, vehicles, artillery, bridging equipment & battlefield accessoiries

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Bridging equipment, by Daniele Ravenna

For this bridge the following kits were used: AB-Figures BB07 and BB08

empress/bridge/01.jpg empress/bridge/02.jpg empress/bridge/03.jpg empress/bridge/04.jpg empress/bridge/05.jpg

Folding boat equipment was widely used in WW2 by British, Canadian and New Zealander engineers to rapidly build either class 5 or class 9 ferries, or class 9 bridges. So, no tanks or heavy loads on such ferries and bridges!

AB figures BB7 and BB8 white metal kits are very well done and easy to build. The parts need only minimum cleaning and instruction sheet is very clear. At least one BB7 and two BB8 are needed to build a bridge. Attention: don't make the mistake I did when mounting trestles for shore sections: roadway should be level, not like the humpbacked one in my photos! So, before building the bridge, plan carefully your diorama.
Daniele Ravenna

Other available bridging parts

BB1 - 30 ft. Bailey bridge (single single) with single ramps.
BB2 - 40 ft. Bailey bridge (Double Single) with extended ramps.
BB3 - 10 ft. Bailey bridge Bay, DS or SS with roadway section which can be used to extend BB1 & BB2.
BB4 - 10 ft. Bailey bridge Bay, DS or SS with individual roadway chesses & kerbs, depicting a bay under construction.
BB5 - Bailey bridge footway set - contains sufficient parts for BB1 or BB2.
BB6 - Motor boat Mk 1a which is used by engineers in river crossings.
BB7 - Folding boat equipment Mk III - floating section contains 2 boats & road section.
BB8 - Folding boat equipment Mk III - shore section contains boat, roadway & trestle.
BB9 - Kapok foot bridge up to 60 feet as used by infantry units for river/canal crossings.

Bailey bridge

empress/bridge/1/01.jpg empress/bridge/1/02.jpg empress/bridge/1/03.jpg empress/bridge/1/04.jpg

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