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Resin manufacturer from Croatia, owner Mr. Oliver Stritar, email exyumodels@gmail.com, cell-phone +385 99 3618462

The company is named EYM - Ex Yu Models, refering it will deal mostly with vehicles used by the former Yugoslav Army, the Armies of the states formed with the dissintegradion of Yugoslavia in 1991, as well as newly developed/produced vehicles in these new states.

As for now, the resin production includes five versions of the Austrian Pinzgauer 710 4x4 light truck wich was in use in substantial numbers in the former Yugoslav Army and in the Armies of the newly formed states. Furthermore, a M-84 tank turret (Yugoslav version of the Soviet T-72 tank) and a 20" container is also in production

All the kits includes all parts needed to complete the models, some of which are already glued together, few of them of pre-formed wire, all the transparent parts and some kind of simple decal.

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eym/01.jpg eym/02.jpg eym/03.jpg eym/04.jpg eym/05.jpg

Kit OM72001 - Pinzgauer 710M (Croatian Army)

eym/om72001/01.jpg eym/om72001/02.jpg

Kit OM72001P - Pinzgauer 710M (Croatian civil Police)


Kit OM72001VP - Pinzgauer 710M (Croatian Military Police)

eym/om72001vp/01.jpg eym/om72001vp/02.jpg eym/om72001vp/03.jpg

Kit OM72002 - Pinzgauer 710K (Croatian Army)

eym/om72002/01.jpg eym/om72002/02.jpg eym/om72002/03.jpg

Kit OM72003 - Pinzgauer 710MS (Croatian Army ambulance)

eym/om72003/01.jpg eym/om72003/02.jpg eym/om72003/03.jpg eym/om72003/04.jpg eym/om72003/05.jpg

eym/om72003/1/01.jpg eym/om72003/1/02.jpg eym/om72003/1/03.jpg

Kit OM72901 - M-84 turret (conversion for Yugoslav T-72 based tank)

eym/om72901/01.jpg eym/om72901/02.jpg eym/om72901/03.jpg eym/om72901/04.jpg eym/om72901/05.jpg

Turret for the M-84 tank (Yugoslav version of the Soviet T72 built under licence in Yugoslavia up to 1992), which is of slightly different shape than the original T-72.
The turret have the wiring (for the smoke dischargers) and other smaller details so that several sub-versions of the M-84 can be modelled: the JNA (Yugoslav Army), Army of Kuwaiit, as well as the 'classic', A, AB, AB-1, Slovenian Army or Croatian Army (old and new) versions.
The turret is primary intended for the Revell kit No. 03149 (T72M1) but could be used also on the ACE kits 72120 (M84A) or 72119 (T72M1)

Impression kit om72902 > om72904 (alone conversion parts - trucks not included)

eym/all-2/01.jpg eym/all-2/02.jpg eym/all-2/03.jpg

Kit OM72902 - APA-5D Airfild Mobile Starter Unit- (conversion parts - truck not included)

eym/om72902/01.jpg eym/om72902/02.jpg eym/om72902/03.jpg eym/om72902/04.jpg

Kit OM72903 - VZ-20-350 Airfield Air Refueller - (conversion parts - truck not included)

eym/om72903/01.jpg eym/om72903/02.jpg eym/om72903/03.jpg eym/om72903/04.jpg eym/om72903/05.jpg

Kit OM72904 - AKZS-75M-131-P Airfield Oxygen Refueller - (conversion parts - truck not included )

eym/om72904/01.jpg eym/om72904/02.jpg eym/om72904/03.jpg eym/om72904/04.jpg

Kit OM72921 - 20" container

eym/om72921/01.jpg eym/om72921/02.jpg

Further announced models includes:

OM721.. Puch G (Austrian jeep, several variants: 2-door wagon convertible, 2-door SWB, 4-door, G Wagon Van, Ambulance, container ...)
OM72201 TAM-150 (Yugoslav 6x6 army truck, produced in large numbers up to 1991)
OM72301 BOV-86 (Yugoslav 4x4 APC, based on the TAM-110 truck)
OM72351 BOV-3 (Yugoslav 4x4 armored triple 20mm AA mounting, based on the TAM-110 truck)
OM72361 BOV-POLO (Yugoslav 4x4 armored mounting with six 9K11 'Maljutka' AT missiles, based on the TAM-110 truck)
OM72401 BVP M-80 (Yugoslav tracked combat APC, similar to the Soviet BMP-1, produced in large numbers up to 1991)
OM72501 TAM-110 (Yugoslav 4x4 1,5t truck, produced in huge numbers up to 1991)
OM72601 Torpedo-130 (Croatian 4x4 1,5t truck, produced after 1992, based on the TAM-110 truck)
OM72701 Torpedo-LOV (Croatian 4x4 APC, produced after 1992 in several variants, based on the Torpedo-130 truck)
OM72801 M-60 (Yugoslav tracked APC, similar to the American M113, produced in vast numbers in the sixties)
OM72911 Mil Mi-17Sh conversion parts (for the Mi-8 helicopter conversion)

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